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  1. My name is Marvin Haines, and I'm new to sirbacon.net. I have read Mr. Richard Wagner's articles on Sarah Winchester and her Baconian connection, and recently posted a comment on the Winchester Mystery House (WMH) official Facebook page, only to have it deleted before my eyes by the page moderator. The comment goes as follows: For starters, Sarah Winchester was a Freemason, a Rosicrucian, a Baconian, and a Theosophist. Mr. Richard Wagner has written an incredibly illuminating article on the subject, which, as strange as it may sound, is backed with amazingly solid evidence. She filled her house with beautiful Masonic symbolism, such as the "switchback staircase," which is actually a clever representation of the 2nd Degree Winding Staircase. Her "séance room" is a Rosicrucian Sanctum, where she studied and prayed. If you really do your research, the Masonic explanation leaves any bogus notions of hauntings and seances in the dust. I highly recommend checking out Mr. Wagner's article, "The Truth about Sarah Winchester." Furthermore, the spooky myth is a vile stain on Sarah's beautiful legacy. She created an incredible poem told in brick, mortar, love, and dedication, and it became a tourist enterprise. Do your research, kids! There is absolutely no evidence that Mrs. Winchester was ever a spiritualist or insane. The story arose out of gossip, hearsay, and probably some fabrication. However, there is much reason to believe that she was deeply partial to the Masonic/Rosicrucian/Baconian tradition, and was simply expressing her knowledge through symbols in architecture. She wanted to share that beautiful knowledge with others. Please read Mr. Wagner's article. It is the only source on the web that does her name any justice. Needless to say, I was disheartened. I sent the following email to various WMH staff: Dear Sirs – It has come to my attention that Llanada Villa, my Santa Clara home, has, by some unfortunate twist of fate, become what you millennials call a “tourist trap.” Needless to say, I am very disappointed and saddened by this. I built the House, my brick-and-mortar legacy, to be forever preserved and hallowed as the architectural poem it so rightfully is. The House has become an embarrassment to this legacy, a stain on my heritage. Such misinterpretation of my life’s work causes me great dismay. I feel hurt and misunderstood. I understand that this myth of haunting spirits and seances most likely arose out of gossip, hearsay, and probably some fabrication. I now realize that all of this is inevitable, given my reclusiveness, but still I find it surprising that very few have studied my work and interpreted the clues I left behind. I suppose that for some people the myth is more entertaining – at least more accessible. Whatever the reason, it has endured long enough. And so, I call on you, the future of my beautiful Llanada, to undo the harm and make things right again. I encourage you to do your research and learn the symbols of the House, so that it may be preserved as a center of sacred knowledge and a memorial to my dearest late William and Annie. Fiat Lux! S. L. W. The only person to respond was WMH's marketing director, David Devoe. And he responded with just two words: "good grief" No one else had a thing to say.
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