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  1. Hi and apologies for the delay in response! Lovely words and feeling the support and I will reply to the questions posted asap, for sure! There is no one Bacon guy - it's a combined power of the fans! Take care everyone and thanks for continuing to support, connect and show kindness! Tom
  2. '...but any crumbs of support you can offer are always gratefully received.' I do not mean financial!!!! I meant support on social media or within Baconian circles! I have been in contact with the chair of the Sir Francis Bacon Society, and they are keen to lend support! Tom
  3. Hello and thanks for having me! I feel honoured to be invited. As Bacon would want, let us be kind, compassionate and accepting in our dialogue. I am happy to be the mouthpiece for the Rosy Cross team, so best to keep communications and comments to me as a central figure. This is why I joined the forum. I believe that not enough TV or film creators engage directly with fanbase and so I always wanted to be available for those who are so passionate about Bacon and his world. I hope this shows willing to the group and Bacon fans that they are being listened to, engaged with and part of this journey. First off, I am a Baconian. My background is history and English Literature and I am a huge believer in research and accuracy informing these types of projects. This will be a show based on evidence, with Sir Francis Bacon as the main character. I have been researching for a long time on this and where I haven't read absolutely everything, I have a strong grip on the life and works of Bacon. His is a story I have wanted to bring to the screen for some time - but only with the caveat that it has to be faithful to what we know about him, his works and beliefs. I cannot share story or script materials, but the action will be based upon significant timeline events in his life which are factual and accurate. I have written feature scripts on Kit Marlowe, and know this world deeply on story telling level. You don't have to look far to find great, true stories in this era. As regards 'conspiracy' or 'Shakespeare' concerns, I would say that in every single press release or coverage, the words 'SIR FRANCIS BACON' appear, which is precisely what I wanted - to present this project through that angle. I don't write the headlines or content for media, so they choose the output and headlines, but what I have been delighted about is that when you read the stories, you can see what the angle is - FB behind the plays. I think this sets out the stall very clearly - so as Kate says, we can be pleased that Bacon is a name now in the press realms and has generated much interest in the great work done to show his clear hand behind the plays. I have not seen the Oak Island series. But - I am not a Twitter powerhouse but if we can share and promote, and keep the momentum going, we will energise the fanbase. To be clear, I am not after money - raising TV finance doesn't work quite like a film project - but any crumbs of support you can offer are always gratefully received. You never know who knows who, and this project has acquired a divine life of its own. I was in NYC last year, in a bar in Jersey, sat with a very non talkative ex marine. When I volunteered that I was working on this project, his eyes lit up and he pulled out a Latin copy of the first Rosicrucian Manifesto - he took it everywhere, including to 'Desert Storm'. He reads it everyday. He was thrilled someone was making a show that he could relate to and engage with. So Rosicruciansim ideal drive not just storyline, but this story. There have been amazing signs everywhere. Bacon is having some fun with me, for sure! I can't guarantee you will all agree with everything I do, but one of Bacon's legacies is that we have the right to agree or disagree, kindly and with understanding. I can say we have an absolutely ENORMOUS acting name still to be revealed ( I cannot say who, for a plethora of legal reasons) ut it will make sense when you see who. The actor was the first to sign on; the script was sent on the Friday, they signed on by the Monday. So top people are responding. Much love and respect to all of you and your work. I will post when I can so don't be despondent if I am not immediately back on. Tom
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