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  1. I was not sure where to put this topic, so for now it shall rest here :D Anyways In some books about Shakespeare I found some definite ways how to read Shakespeare that help to truly `feel` what He wanted to present. One thing that strikes me immediately, when I think about his works, his writings seem like a direct, fresh outflow of nature. Like the most high form of communication, Truth and Beauty. His Genius that I only can dream to understand (for now), that slowly unfolds inside me. For, apparently, one can only understand Shakespeare, if he `becomes` Shakespeare? As for myself, it is much about overcoming misconceptions and prejudice to glimpse a little further into the mind of the Genius. So I always try to read much more with my heart than my mind and see what the Heart of Shakespeare might have felt and which ideas arise through this feeling. Am I on the right path here? And if I do not feel the connection to a certain piece of art, i read it again and again and again till i feel more the spirit of Bacon. Another thing that may find fit here or as another topic are the Themes He presents in his stories which may or may not describe his psychological picture. To truly understand his writings is to understand the psychology he describes? So when I read the Sonnets for example, every Sonnet talks about certain themes intentionally used to paint the picture, and convey ideas of this psychological Building. One major theme may be continual conversion of opposites, male and female or lets say the Idea of fatherhood, or a widow( which is a woman who lost her husband through death, or even murder). These themes acts as individual "idea-bricks" of this psychological building and interacts with certain other idea-bricks so the Pyramid/Temple may be rebuild again. Or at least these are the ideas that arise of my heart at this point in space-time :D (In my mind of organization I already think about a list of every Sonnet and its themes) Anyways thanks for any answer/guidance, I truly appreciate any help, and if my words spark ideas and different perspectives in others I am even the more happy! <3 Also obviously if a am anywhere wrong in my thinking I am happy to be pointed out, for any idea just fulfills its purpose of connecting itself to the big picture, and if it does not: throw it away!
  2. Okay there are definitely some new recourses I can look into. Thanks, Rob, for sharing your insights. Wow yeah this seems as if you got always little puzzle pieces that do not make sense alone but together they give the picture. I have a question to you about numerology. Which Ciphers died Bacon mainly use? and additionally: -Do you think it is worth it to look through the Sonnets with Ciphers using the 26 letter alphabet or only 24? I mean the first Key Table you give us is with 26 Letters. So it must have some significance. -Have you ever heard of the 369 St. Germain Cipher where A=6, B=12, C=18,and so on? Do you think it plays any significance in the Sonnets? So yes I guess the essence of this Post is which Ciphers to use to uncover the Secrets. Though I am sure there must hints from Bacon which Ciphers to use. You brought a good example in your articles on light-of-truth.org where you demonstrated correspondences of the Simple, Short, Reverse and Kaye. Are these the only ciphers you used? Treasure Hunt !!
  3. I would propose to start a topic where we all list the major and minor discoveries of the Sonnet Pyramid(s). Because we all know how crafty the good old Bacon was. I dare to say, many Secrets he has hidden! Together we can find them all and form something like a "collective B`hive-Mind" of the Mystery of the Sonnets which is available for all serious Mystery-Seekers. I can only imagine how beautifully we could discover more secrets together, when one seeker finds one clue, and another has the follow up which explains more about it. Also for Beginners who work with the Pyramid, it would be very helpful to see through all these Discoveries the Methods with which we can uncover the secret numbers and messages. Maybe it would be also more "tidy" to present the Methods by example here and a concise list of the discoveries somewhere in another topic. I have to say about myself: I am not an experienced decryption/decipher master. But I am a passionate Mystery-Lover, holistic Thinker and Mathematician. So I definitely would be full of joy to discover what our good Forefather has found and hidden. Good Day and Blessings to all of you!
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