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  1. Are you again trying to front-run me to defame me, lol...On Christmas day, no less. CJ should decode too, because those are letter symbols after all. They will most certainly decode to my name, but you will not know it successfully in all the world's time unless I confirm it for you. We've been over this sort of possible guessing game before. When we lack a method we are stuck feeling our way in the dark, and what we feel can be anything. For you it's very often suspicion of malevolent actors and bad intent. Does this tell us anything about how you are given to us by time? You are much too hard on pranksters. They are the ones who lead us through history to self realizations. So said the Buddha who was a great prankster too. The Dalai Lama goes out of his way to exude this type of character. It is one of the things that identified him when they looked for him early on in this alleged reincarnation. What you should fear are those who seriously think they know when they don't. These people will lead you to ruin by setting you on uncertain paths (call them labyrinths or mazes) where there are no satisfactory answers. There was a time when Bacon wasn't born. You could ask: "what was Bacon like then?" The answer would have to be that he was still just numbers expressing a possibility. A final day did dawn (an end) for a time when that possibility was no more and the numbers became a physically expressed reality. When it comes to knowing things 123 and their cousins are all we have to express the probabilities. An empiricist would know that. It would make a lot of sense that Sonnet 123 would touch on something as basic as the concept of time. Before 123 there is zero (nothing is twice emphasized) on the positive real number line. After it there is only a timeless infinity of numbers (call it eternal life if you like). Being born, living and breathing is as easy as 123. No effort is needed to come in and participate. And procreating is said to be as easy as riding a bike...123 followed by 123...And so on, and so on. This is an early use of the expression of the idea of "the pyramids of time". Is it the first? The AI-bot cannot confirm this for me. It does suggest that it refers to the monumental and enduring nature of time. On this point we could argue. Unfortunately, time is not as solid as it was believed back then. For us it is now something much more elastic and without definite shape or structure. Time routinely deforms while pyramids just erode into sand like a not so far fetched hour glass. Perhaps that's all they really are--monuments to the erosion of ideas. They are but dressings of a former sight? Cyclical rehappenings then...This person is telling us a lot about his thinking. Not looking to the present or the past...To the future then? A grand planner? Doing things in continuous haste...a very busy man then. NO! There are four Tees starting the lines after and around the interjection. 40? 52 you said, as in weeks in a year? 40 weeks? As in the human gestation period (3x3 months) which comes to an end with the birth of a new cycle of man. Shrewd is the crafter of this narrative if it is not me. Shall we call the child Tiny Tim? 123 is divisible by 3 a grand total of 41 times. Count 3 forty times then count and additional 1...2...3 and you will have 41 x3=123. Surely such patterns must mean something. Nope...they just reflect our way of numbering that involves mimicking our reflected digits (why the strange spatial games in fingers and toes?). Should we perhaps have 20 digits? We see the results of our choices which are informed by a pattern in the formation of physical human bodies said to reflect a divine proportion which we do not know exists. It does make us think about why we do have these Arabic numbers. Where did I see that word coded before? And for crying out loud, why was the Good Lord of the Earth symbolized by 40 and why did his name evolve to be An which became the word for year. Are we really talking about father time here? Should we represent him as Chronos and have everyone believe that he has all the Tuths? Does time always conquer? If so then Time is Truth and we are stuck wondering if this is not a new way of thinking of T T since VV would confirm it. There so many possibilities that we can quantity in number form if we could only count to infinity.
  2. Howdy Sir, You're following ideas that have been expounded upon in many posts here. However, they are not always easy to find, because they are often only side comments in threads. I would suggest that the idea of symmetry and cyclicity are the more scientific (empiric) ideas that would have appealed to Bacon. Assuming rigidity in cycles and seeing circular motion everywhere was part of the error that the early scientific minds of the time displayed (Robert Fludd, i.e). Too much of a reliance of Euclidian geometry existed. It was long that men like Kepler had pushed circles aside in cosmology. More important than the idea of absolute time is the repeating nature of our clocking. We've obviously not decided to use linear time that would never repeat in the same way, for example. You would eventually reach day 123123123 in that sort of scheme because we do number using cycles of 10 digits (but don't have to). The infinity of numbers would allow for it. By using cyclical time, we've infused the possibility of many more repeating patterns per unit of time. This is not an intrinsic property of reality. As far as the grand scheme of things goes, we do not know what time it is now. Our clocks exist by harmonious agreement (not a bad thing). We do need standards after all. Same thing with latitude and longitude. We needed reference line in Paris or Greenwich. In the Biblical tradition Jerusalem was ground zero. We use the polar star to set our celestial bearings when it suits us to do so, but that changes too. On the time you point out I would suggest we all take note of the fact that our choices have made that coincidence possible. There are some here who would allege that there was no accident in us choosing what we have. This is the idea that there are no coincidences or free will. That's simply not true. We'd have produced similar coincidences had we used any other type of cyclical time keeping referenced to a particular starting day. The beginning of the CE is arbitrary. It was worked back by using literary "clues" in the Bible, such as 33 years before the death of JC, the fall of Jerusalem (pinned to 70 AD)... This sort of Biblical inspired time keeping also served to try and work out the End Times date from prophecy. I can't stress how certain we are that this has no real meaning. It only serves to produce meaning for those who believe in the certainty of what they are given. The "Shakespeare Code" is a euphemism that has been used by those who have not appreciated the way the Biblical TT mystery has been involved in the production of the main work, imo. TWO is certainly central, Two Ts are very important. It's all about the 2:1 symmetry (the life here and the life after death for Christians). So is it about 3:1 (trinities), and so is it with 3:2 (harmonies). Those are the 3 fundamental proportions said to have been used to structure reality. We can call that building from the most basic units 1,2 and 3. The material creation is in 6 days (1+2+3=1x2x3=3!=6) and it is the first that introduces the rigidity of 4 into the equation. That's essentially Iamblichus' very ancient theology of number which is found in Western and even Eastern religions (Indus Valley civilization which gave us the Vedas). The commonality is not proof of validity. It is evidence that both the Western cultures and the relevant Eastern ones had a common ancestor in the Proto Indo European culture where the fundamental duality was central to the cosmological world view. It is the battle of good versus evil to Christians, or of light and dark (day and night) for early observers. It is what there was a daughter name Dawn or Eve and twin sons who fought to the death for the creation of the human lineage. Whenever we see a pattern in nature we tend to assume it is timeless. Almost nothing is. It is best to think of these things as chaotic attractors only (stable states in complex dynamic systems of variables that allow for it). Chaos ultimately rules. Numerology that isn't anchored in anything that is set in stone, so to speak, is arbitrary. It can serve to create cognitive biases which can become ingrained in traditions. People should study Shakespeare for the use of the various symbolisms used. It's one of the arguments that we aren't really dealing with the production of one man. There's an awful lot of depth to it that isn't really easy to ascribe to one poorly educated fellow from Stratford. That doesn't mean Bacon wrote Shakespeare. There is a certain likelihood that Bacon may have contributed some work to the body. It's not likely going to be a simple explanation that ties up all of history with a bow. A tradition of ascribing Shakespeare to Bacon already existed before modern times. What Amundsen has produced is not exactly new. He has gone off the deep end trying to use it to suggest various things that "prove" his faith in the power of religious relics. That's why he'll guide you to Oak Island, or lobby the government there, and tell us the Ark of the Covenant is there. It isn't. The story is ultimately very figurative, and it is meant to be a guiding story for the betterment of mankind. The vault with the treasure is unattainable, and you are not meant to dig in the dirt for it. You can, however, approach it by focusing on your death and what comes after (staying on the intended path). That's the sort of thing that Bacon hoped would be sufficient to guide men to self police, because there is no way to force people to be good. You have to trick them into believing they are fundamentally good and in line for some massive inheritance if they do not piss off the father. The prize for us humans is harmony while we are living. I've personally looked into the guides stones because they were intended to be geo markers involving symbolic Great Circle alignments. To play the Rosicrucian game is to do that sort of thing. It is always about finding your moral bearings. Merry Christmas.
  3. Very Cool object. Make a good scan of it and maybe produce a poster sized image on some hand made "antique" paper that you can apply an edge perf. to Amazon.com : Blank Vintage Handmade Deckled Edge Paper | 75 Sheets of Recycled Cotton Papers, Perfect Sheet for Any Medium, Blank Watercolor Paper Cards, 150 GSM Thick & Acid-Free Antique Paper : Arts, Crafts & Sewing Tonight the wife and I sat down and once again watched George C. Scott's version of Dickens' "Christmas Carrol" as we always like to before X-mas. I love me some George C. Scott acting (a favorite of mine). For the first time it dawned on me that this was also a story dealing with the TT mystery. The three Tees do feel more about the TRI-nit-TEE than any Masonic call-out to 33, though. It is heavily about the three spirits which one can easily draw a parallel to with the Father (Father CR.), the son (Tiny Tim) and the Holy Spirit (of the Christmas message). The character Tiny Tim is perhaps the most direct allusion to the use of T.T. I went back to the original work and did a word search out of curiosity. "Tiny Tim" appears 21 times in the book (3x7). The word three appears 63 times. 63/21=3. There's more, but that may have to be for another time. The last chapter's title is "The End of it". That made me chuckle, mainly because the work was published in 1843, the forecasted date for the End Times that everyone and their dog was preparing for in North America. The failure of this event to transpire caused the Adventist (7th day variety) movement to sprout in the US. It as the alleged "revelations" experienced by E.B. White that explained away the errors committed in the analyzing of the Biblical prophecies by the Rev. Miller and his Millerite disciples. At nay rate, keep the Christmas spirit my friend. It really is about how we treat each other and the pleasures we can derive from it.
  4. Hi Heather. The philosophy is what Bacon makes him stand apart. He's the modern father of Western Empiricism and part of the reason why we have a better defined line between what is useful and what is not. I wonder a lot about how he thought too. His politics often rub me the wrong way, but he seems to have sacrificed a lot, in principle, to try and achieve things which he saw as progress. So much of it is related to the concept of harmony.
  5. Tau has the value of 300, which one could allude to for possible significance. Not sure it mattered, but the idea of a tricentennial is obviously special enough to these trinity loving men to get excited. I'm assuming the Morse code is relating to the combinations of dot and dash decorations in the scrolls treated as pillars. Why not just call it Tau and RC? 6-6=0, 6+6=12, 6x6=36, 6/6=1 Which one do we favor? 6^6=46656. Those digits add up to 27. 6!=720, a reverse way of giving 27. 66 can be seen as its reciprocal and it's inverse reflection, 0.66 or 99. 0.66 may be an expression for 2/3 (the reciprocal of the Pythagorean harmonic which is central to the Holy Royal Arch numerology and the Tetractys). 33 can be seen to be related to 1/3, 66 to 2/3 and 99 to 3/3 in terms of units of 33. It works well with 33.333, 66.667 and 100. 66.6 is the longitude (from Paris) of the Mahone Bay point (the juncture of two important symbolic Great Circles). Keep counting the the letters below and you will see that there are 44 of them. 44 and 66 are 2:3 in relation to 22 which is 1:3 in relation to 66. They are 110 in sum. 66.6 and 44.4 are the coordinates of the Mahone Bay Point. Those are 111 in sum. 110 and 111 are the twin Biblical Psalms that are tied to this mystery. We can slice the globe into longitudinal wedges and find that there are 100 degrees of longitude between Jerusalem and the MB point. 33.3W degrees get to Paris and another 66.6W got to the MB point. The MB point is on the Great Circle alignment that characterizes the Newfoundland colony and the colony in Virginia. Thee MB point is on a Mercator point alignment to Alexandria through the Pillars of Hercules (threads the needle, so to speak). That makes it a triple point of coincidence in terms of alignments that exploit map projections. The z is flipped and rotated in accounting for the Maltese Cross. This to emulate what is done with the T in the Triple tau emblem... With 36 and 64 you get two numbers that sum to 100 which are the squares of 6 and 8. 100 is also the square of 10. 6,8,10 is in the family of triplets related to the 3:4:5 triangle. It represents the doubling of it. That is typical of the 2:1 proportion's importance to the Holy Royal Arch. 33 and 66 are in that ratio. The 3:1 is the third ratio that completes the trio (2:1, 3:1, 3:2). This all comes out of the fact 1+2+3=1x2x3=6 which is why I suspect BAcon is on the 6 cents stamp. In the biblical stories the 6 are the 6 days of creation. The world's construction is seen to be related to 6 and the 6 pointed star (of David).
  6. There's a series of hops and steps that gets one into the oceanic circulatory patterns. A lot of the Spanish voyages back homed involved following the current North to Florida and up the coast. Drake is known to have used this route, making stops in NS and Newfoundland while waiting for the Fall Westerlies associated with the Jet stream. Going W was helped by starting off at lower latitudes. England may not have wanted to do so if it was at war with Spain. Doesn't hurt that it's warmer near the equator. Travelling the North Atlantic must have been shitty cold weather in the Fall.
  7. That's only ever true for a period of time in the Milankovitch cycles - Wikipedia. We' re at 23.44 now. This puts us near midway through the astronomical seasons in that astronomical year. The values range from 22.1 to 24.5 degrees. In our unspectacular life times we'll know this value to be about 23.5. This turns out to be a number which is closely related to the side length ratio in triangles that are equal to 40/100. Sin (0.40)=23.58. For construction purposes you may want to keep an eye out for lengths of 144 and 360. 144/360=0.40. That set-up appears atop what is called Nolan's Cross in the OI Masonic "mystery" where you have the arm of the cross being 360 feet in length and the top of the stem being 144 feet from the crossing point. People have preferred using 144 on account of it being 12 squared, but this 144 distance is actually one which the story details claims is anywhere between 144 and a surveyed 149 feet. This, for whatever reason, turns out to give us a way to maybe suggest 23.5 and 24.5 degrees as "solstice" values for this axial tilt (midway and end point). Mind you that Cross symbol is given to us in 8x5 proportions (8x5=40) in a clever way that makes it represent 1/9 of a 9 pointed star of hard angle 40 degrees. If you see it as a representation of the Northern Cross you'll be invoking it's 40 degree celestial declination. If you are into digging for treasure you'll be prodded to dig from a spot 33 feet above see level to 100 feet in depth where a half ashlar sized stone will tell you to go 40 feet beyond in a chase for a vault that ultimately collapses into the abyss. Keep your eye open for 4T in the myths/stories. Understanding why this number has associations with the Good Lord of the Earth is a way into the human crafted mystery based in pattern recognition. To work it back from the Bible into the Hebrew stories and further back you will not fail to see that it was recognized as an important natural cyclical number. 24.5 is half of 49. 1949 was the year the Newfoundland joined Canada. 19/49=0.39. Close but no cigar! The State of Israel came into being artificially in 1948, where 19/48=0.40. That's a fun suggestion for people dabbling in pointless numerology. 47, if it has any obvious interest is 53's compliment in it's relation to 100 musical cents. You could see that as 53/47 being roughly approximated 1+1/8 or 9/8. 9/8 is the halfway point between the perfect 4th, 4:3, and the perfect fifth, 3:2, intervals known as a major 2nd interval (whole tone or a whole step) in the Pythagorean scale.
  8. This I actually find somewhat interesting, because I'm familiar with it from somewhere else. It's something that occurs in the demo I've previously made to show how 4 Taus expressed as the sum of the letter values of the Tudor alphabet (=300 in sum) treated as an object that one rotates and mirrors (to mimic how the Tau is treated in the Triple Tau emblem). I mentioned before that the Z manipulated this way can be used to suggest the Maltese Cross (the same one the appears so prominently on the Virginia Map). Around the middle (tomb/vault suggestion): V V is Veritas Vincit--Truth Triumphs (TT). V rotated and mirrored gives a 4 pointed star shape (the cardinal points in the Compass Rose. The Zs can be made to yield the Maltese Cross by the same manipulation. The 4 Tees are the emblem of the Holy Royal Arch when treated this way. Around the hole are 4 occasions of VST, and I have found this to be suspiciously close to the DUST (D=4?) we are not meant to dig up, as read on the Shakespeare tomb epitaph. The point may have been to get you spatially thinking about the Z. Applying it the Y produces the 9 pointed star (hard angle 40). In the epitaph there are also three Ys that appear to be forming a "3 wise man" suggestion. This is potentially a 3 x 9=27 hint. 3^3., or another T.T. meaning. Someone may be playing with characters and their spatial relationships in the spirit of how it is done with the Tees. The Holy Royal Arch is really nothing but an affirmation that the early Acception groups identified with the solidity of the Operative Masonry's well planned organizational structure which they likened to a vey solid arch. Their project may very well have taken on the meaning of a Holy Royal Arch if they had it in their minds they were executing God's plan in colonization and in advancing the human condition. The Great Circle to the New World ports appears to us as a Great Arch on a globe seen face-on where the equator is seen as a Great Circle alignment.
  9. The numbering could just as easily be expressed as 6 +1 + 6 +1 +6=20 and 20 + 1 +9 +10=40 I posted before why I thought it was possible the 6 cents denomination was used for Bacon for geometric reasons (6 pointed star). 6 cents is 6 x 100=600. That's two Taus. TT or Twin T (twenty), if you like. 72 total words is the familiar call out to 9x8 (from the Sonnets dedication) and the five pointed star. 53 words on the bottom is the value of the top angle of the compass and square. 72 is found at the shoulder of where the compass meets the square.
  10. We don't know that he did. The most obvious reason why having a port in Newfoundland is advantageous is this one: It's the closest land point in NA for voyages to and from Cornwall where many of the voyages of discovery set off. That line is part of a Great Circle that yields the same information as a the shortest distance between two points on a flat plane. You wouldn't want to go just South of there and have to continue on to Virginia without making landfall, for example. The time it took to cross in Tudor times was about a month. You can just imagine how eager everyone would have been to resupply. Everyone didn't just converge to St John's because it's a nice place. It's pretty desolate for a significant part of the year. The temperature there is far from nice. France tried setting up a major port on Isle Royale (Cape Breton) post 1713 at Louisbourg (also in line) and it turned out to be a miserab;e place to try and establish a colony due to the weather. You can contrast that to Port Royal (Annapolis Royal), NS, settled in 1605 on the edge of the Annapolis Valley where the climate was much milder and the lands so much richer. Many tried Newfoundland, but who'd want to live there if they had a choice? Fishermen maybe. The practicality of the location for the voyages West was probably enough to justify the initial attempts. It's also why (shortest route) the Titanic went down South of NF on its way to New York. We typically don't think of that when we look at a spherical globe that is not reoriented to display great circle alignments.
  11. It's worth reading the paper I linked to. It's inciteful. He's much more Machiavellian than Christian. It's hard to know a man from a front that he puts up for all to see. I'm surprised that Bacon had no desire to have churches or clergymen in his colonies. He preferred not to favor religion, and to then allow freedom of religion. That is what makes the fewest enemies and for the easiest conquests. Bacon considered North Americas to be empty even if it wasn't. Conquest is what conferred to England its right to do what it wanted to the conquered. Once conquered there is not even a question of what is appropriate. This is not how we think of things today. What the monarch decided was your fate was his generous gift to you. He was there in his throne seat because his long line of ancestors had paved the way for you, presumably. You owed them everything. For the natives the gift was ultimately very little. I have a many times great grandfather on my grandmother's side who was an adopted native boy. He was given a French name and surname. His mother was native and had been taken into marriage by the commander of the French fort at Pentagouet (now Maine). He took his name. It's part of my story. It's all part of our evolution. We will not end up being anything like what we started off as. I could not tell you what I truly am. I don't really identify with any faction. I do recognize a long lost relationship to my pre fungal ancestors in the primordial sludge.
  12. The representation of the celestial sphere is showing an equator as if we are seeing it head on in perspective and one as if we are seeing it from an angle above. The GC alignment shown is a latitude line, surprisingly. It doesn't look like that when we see the image head on. It is shown passing through Cassiopeia, the sitting queen. If we are to estimate the right ascension suggested it might be somewhere around 17 degrees E of Greenwich. That would make it abound 20 degrees from Paris, but I doubt this value is important. One of the ideas about the Novas coming and going is that it was evidence of Elizabeth rising and taking her place in the stars. The first occasion of the Nova in the 1570s was in Cassiopeia. Elizabeth died in 1603, allowing some to suggest that she had ascended when the final Nova appeared in 1604. It's the sort of this you'd tell a populace who was susceptible to accepting such stories. There's ample evidence that Bacon thought it was useful to use these sort of beliefs in the esoteric, and religion, to rally the masses and place the monarchy in the best light possible.
  13. What a neat symbolic image. The text under it is interesting since it does reveal some things about Bacon's politics. A "swaine" is a peasant man. The etymology of the word comes from the old English "swan" (not pronounced swan). The text speaks of cutting the serpent in "twaine", that is to say, in two. If we look at the night sky one can cut the serpent (Draco) in two from the position of the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) and find that it points to the swan. That's an interesting parallel. "With hysope caught" has Biblical connotations. Hysop is a plant that is symbolic of purification of the soul. "Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean" In Psalm 51-7. The peasant is awestruck by the fact that God has placed a poison in the serpent that has the powers of healing (a scientific observation). Of course, the act requires one kills the serpent to get the God given essence. This is compared to the cunning of the King who can make noble laws out of what seems like barbarous actions. The infection spoken of is likely internal rebellion. We know this from the expression "to cut the head of the snake" when we are speaking of neutering something. Bacon wrote quite a bit about how to suppress rebellion. One of the things he suggested was imperative is that the "swaine" be offered new territory in which they could better themselves rather than sit back home and eye all that the wealthy ruling class had amassed while plotting to better their lot. Bacon's ideas about colonization suggest that he was using this angle to convince the King that he needed to have expansionary ambitions or else eventually face mobs of discontented peasants with no ability to own house or home. In a way we are kind of right back there hoping to expand into space these days.
  14. One looks like Pan, the other like a "lutin" where that type of hat worn looks like the one worn by our old friend "Oui-Oui" or a "Smurf" lol. Fools is fine. I think the two may represent a cross section of people who believe in such rumored things. Stark contrast with the empiricist who measures everything according to God's plan. I like the image because of the suggestion of Geo-metry which relates to the celestial sphere.
  15. Nice. A celestial sphere and Globe showing the tropics. If you look closely at the celestial sphere there's a Great Circle alignment being depicted on it going through the bear (Ursa Major), Draco, Cassiopeia and adjacent to Triangulum (Miter of St Peter). I'll have a look at what that might be about. Who are the people depicted as being trampled on by the surveyor? It's apparent they're being portrayed as goblins with pointed ears. Is that Pan with the head band? Is this the familiar lament of these esoteric times which proclaimed that "Pan is dead" to speak to the fact that the age of myths and legends has been supplanted with empiricism and science? Do you see the surveying device there which is rotating on a metered planisphere? That's the development that allowed for the measuring of angles in degrees of 360. One had to be able to construct it by engraving geometrically produced 1 degree gradations on steel/plates. This, I mentioned before, could only be done with a construction method for drawing a 40 degree angle. 40 is the key that unlocks one degree of arc by compass and rule construction. This is a nice segue into what I was looking into last night. The hunch I had about Sagittarius being the archer is very strongly supported by what we see here in the night sky. Sagittarius is the astronomical archer. It has, since Antiquity, been easily identifiable by the fact that the arrow in its bow is pointing to Antares, the brightest star in Scorpius and one of the brightest in the sky. I've drawn that line here atop the image. It intersects the alignment of the three Novas (1572, 1600 and 1604) shown in thicker white dashes at the position of Kepler's Nova (1604) in the tail of Ophiuccus. This "holy" alignment was understood to be roughly pointed to in the night sky by the body of the swan (the stem of the Northern Cross) which sits at declination 40 degrees. Where we get even more evidence that we are encountering this is by noting that the alignment of Nova positions is 23.5 degrees from the body (the square body) in the constellation of Ursa Minor which is home to the North star. This is the inclination of the line from square center through the center of the page on our map. The square center is thus the square body part of Ursa Minor represented in the chart's "hidden" composition alignments. We even have a possible cultural link to the image of the archer because he was Nanboujou to the woodlands Indians of Southern Canada and the Northern USA. This was their name for the larger constellation of Scorpius which our more familiar archer happens to point to. Quite coincidental, really. This may have been known by the Virgina Company from their efforts to colonize from Canada down to Virginia. It is linked to the expansive Ojibwe family of nations. Their language was rudimentarily learned by Europeans quite early on. The Nova of 1604 was a major event of the early 17th century. Like the Nova event of 1600 in Cygnus it drew all sorts of attention, causing many to interpret various prophetic consequences. When the map was drawn it would have been fresh in the minds of the people who were dabbling in navigation techniques. This necessarily includes all scientific minds of the time. As with the Blaeu celestial globe, some mapmakers and globe makers went out of their way to signal the placement of the Novas. It was considered to be a feather in one's cap to be able to show these things. Not everyone knew how to relate their positions.
  16. Francis Bacon on Imperial and Colonial Warfare | The Review of Politics | Cambridge Core
  17. A possible explanation for the A in the center is found the Greek way to depict the cardinal points. A is in the position of North and stands for Aparctias to the Greeks, the deity associated with the North Winds. The A giving that line tilted by 23.5 degrees from the center of the square thus points to North. The square is the symbol of the solid/material world in 4 dimensions so we can associate it with the spatial world. A circle drawn within the square would represent the Earth. The line through it pointing N is the Earths axis of rotation. Not really what one would call secret knowledge today. We can understand this as "evidence" these Christians had for their beliefs. They were convinced they were uncovering and acting out God's plan. Truth conquers. The native heathens never had a chance.
  18. Yes, very nice. I've found another Maltese Cross, lol. This one is probably the original one behind the entire composition. You discover it by considering the line through the center of the square at B1 and the center of the page at A. It's 23.5 degrees from horizontal. That's just scrumptious, because it is the axial tilt plane angle, or the angle at which the Earth is tilted that makes it point to Polaris at N. It gives us the shifting polar stars as this axis wobbles around in its 25920 year cycle. You ought to know this by now because that was given to you in the Sonnets dedication by 81 x 64 for the average length of each of the five "stops" upon a major star in the precession cycle. These five stops are represented by the five pointed star. This was imagined to be part of the geometric architecture of the cosmos (only for a short period at the end of the 16 th century and the beginning of the 17th century when geometry was being obssessed about). When we reflect this angle around the page we discover more juicy relationships of high coincidence. S1 becomes a point on the left edge which gives a horizontal that goes through the center of the shield in the garter., G1. R1 is a point on the top edge where that line coincides with the left side of the N in Virginia. P1 catches the edge of the scale of leagues. B1 and A reveal their relationship to the globe. When the lines are emphasized in red we see: Now we are once again left wondering what the meaning of the Cross is. The legend keeps telling us to explore the relationships. This is where it pays us to examine that symbol and its relations in Christendom. We are perhaps curious to know if the Knights of Malta have anything to do with the English history of Christendom. This is beginning to look eerily close the traditional backstory of Freemasonry.
  19. I agree with this. I don't think Smith produced what we are considering. One of the really curious features is the fact that the point A has the correct latitude for Washington D.C. if we accept the latitudes given on the top edge of the map. If we rely on physical features we see that it is off by a bit more than 0.3 degrees in latitude. Anyone with seamanship skills would not make that scale of error. Whoever produced the map was given something crudely drawn and they placed it about where they wanted things to be, perhaps to highlight some point with symbolic coordinates. Things are not quite right on that map. If we shift the Archer 0.3+ degrees he's at 40N which is the northern most limit of his visibility as Sagittarius. I have no problem with saying this map was likely based on observations made by Smith only. I think that makes a lot of sense. And it also begins to tell us that the cross placements could very well also be fictitious in heir exact positioning. So, who are the prime suspect within the Virginia Company who could have produced this?
  20. It's graven by Hole, but I'd be curious to know who produced it for the engraver to pass on to the printer. This does not strike me as something that a ship's captain would make. It is far too elaborate. Nothing is really added by arbitrarily rotating the cardinal points. All it really does is present us with a different view with may be more desirable. For all we know, Smith may have drawn a crude map which had this orientation. He may have preferred it. We must also remember that Jerusalem was first portrayed as being atop the world in what we would call North. Before standardization it may have been deemed desirable to have North point East for religious reasons.
  21. Based on the fact that the legend itself seems to invite us to consider the relationships I've looked deeper into the composition of this image with an eye on seeing how the placement of the design elements relate to each other. The starting point must be the center of the Compass Rose (I), because it is by definition the center of all bearings. What I have done is simply project circles outwardly from that point in the same manner that it was imagined the cosmology of the Universe was structured (and in the way that Bacon imagined the Mundus Intellectuallis as being one sphere of influence of man's ideas upon the globe). The CR (compass rose), I, is related to the A in the of the center of page by setting point U, which is the center of the rectangle showing the illustration in the top left. This circle also defines the center of the compass arms above the scale of leagues, R. By giving U, the rectangle QPLO is given in relation to the edge of the map. This gives the lines that intersect at O which work to define the square in this image O-C1-W-A1 with the vertical of the other compass in the image and the horizontal from I. The square has a center B1 which is on the main square diagonal that extends to Z, the tip of the A. The CR center also can be used to make a circle that gives us the Maltese Cross in the middle of the crown atop the garter and the shield. This circle captures the top edge of the page at V (the center vertical) and the center of the chevron in the Smith coat of arms, S. CR also can be the center for a circle that catches the right edge of the page at D1, giving us the position of the top of the bow at E1. It occurred to me that perhaps point B1 (the center of the square) was also the center of concentric circles (it is by definition one using the square corners). If we make it be a center for a circle that goes through the CR center, I, we discover that this gives the center of the shield in the garter. How about the A itself in the center of the page. As a center it also relates to the corner of the square at A1 by giving G1 (I've drawn that circle in blue). As I mentioned before the center B1 provides a vertical which bisects the Virginia scroll. There's a clear relationship between the design elements. This is a great way to suggest that there may in fact also be a relationship with the cross placements that one can discover. The legend seems to say this cryptically by saying that the meaning is the relation. One question that I would ask is: was this in any way consistent with John Smith's abilities to draw maps and charts? I feel we can probably say yes based on the fact that celestial navigation (the standard of the time) requires this exact same exercise in the drawing of circles. In many ways it is exactly how one manages to position himself on the globe and how one draws a Compass Rose to begin with. We'd be forced to conclude Smith was a very capable mind, which is possible. It's also possible that the map was produced by the Virginia Company showing Smith's charting in a more artistic way.
  22. Try drawing a line from the cross on the legend to the one on the compass.
  23. That's one way to draw attention to 40. "What (is) beyond is by relation" would mean you need to consider the relationship of the crosses. Pretty much what the exercise here has been about. This must have confused many readers over the years.
  24. Latitude for this point on the map doesn't match the Google Earth coordinates. Washington is at 38.91N. Looking around at some of the other landmarks we can see that the mouth of the rivers are all off too. The latitudes are off by approximately 0.3 degrees. That makes the bend you show very close to 39N (as it should).
  25. Based on what the prof. says, we can conclude that Smith knew something about a convention of using a fleur-de-Lys to indicate N and not so much about any that would require N to be up the page. Why he chose to portray the map that way speaks to a preference, probably a visual one. He wrote in "Chesapeake Bay" in big bold characters in the body of water. It is easier to read from West to East on the page because that is how we write. That would force N to point E for the reader to quickly identify the major body of water by reading without having to twist himself to read up the page. There is also the fact that the triangle in question is symmetrical and that the equal base angles benefit from being on a horizontal line. That makes the 90 degree top angle point directly up the page which he has neatly shown going through the A in the middle of the page. It is as if he clearly intended the region between the three rivers to have the best possible visible orientation. Was he signaling an A? Are an A and a V in the banner being signaled by the alignments within the page? There are symbolic reasons why this might have been done. A is alpha, and it is the first (or the beginning). A and V are many possible things. It could be seen by Shakespearean buffs as Venus and Adonis which is also a first. It could be a visual representation of oriented triangles within the Vesica Piscis where we encounter the idea of the birth of something...If is the latter then the center of the square at Swan's point could have a meaning related to the appearance of the Nova of 1600 which was believe to foretell a Great New Age by some who were also in the exploration and colonization business. If you like pursuing the A-A idea there is the fact that an A was added to the Latinized name of the native tribe there to form the word Anacostia for the river on which Washington will later be founded. This is true of Alexandria, home of Euclid, which is on both ends of the Great Circle that appears to have mattered to Bacon and company (who were guiding themselves around using Great Circles and planar geometry on Mercator map projections). I did notice that Annapolis (first Capital of Maryland) is a name shared by the place in Nova Scotia where Freemasonry originated. This was to mean "Queen Anne's city". The Fortification at Annapolis, NS, is called Fort Anne. Smith's time predates Queen Anne's. It's unclear to me if Anacostia was an attempt at suggesting Anne.
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