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About Me

My friends call me CJ.

I'm a native of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

My ancestry is a mix of French, English an Scottish.

My professional training is in the Sciences.

My interests are: the history of Science and Philosophy, Art, Music, Astronomy, Geology, Celestial Navigation, Maps, Mathematics, Mythology of the Holy Royal Arch tradition, Plato/Solon, the belief systems of the Proto Indo European group cultures, linguistics,  Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry, Pythagoreanism, Lewis Carrol and George Remi (Herge, of Tintin fame). I hope I haven't missed any.

I've been led to study Bacon because he shows up mentioned over and over as an influence in the places I look. I'm interested in trying to understand how he got to the idea of inductive reasoning and how he could square the circle of that with a belief in God (an impierceable mystery). It's the contradictions in Bacon that appeal to me. He seems to understand that myths and legends are of little empirical value, yet he employs them to great effect to pull in an audience in the style of a prankster. I am a fan, like he was, of Plato's Atlantean myth. I like to read the stories that make allusion to them.

I would describe myself as insatiably curious.  I like to give various theories a critical look.

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