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  1. Unfortunately I just found out should be read as I need to secure the source. The records state the stars represent a new constellation and there is no direct mention of Orpheus in the records. There is a war ship named Orpheus but the story about the stars being in honor of the lyre of Orpheus is not. There is another book on the flag written in 1853 that illustrated a flag with a lyre surrounded by thirteen stars associated with the writings and description of John Adams and a passport he designed after 1820. I need to do more research Thank you for asking for documentation.
  2. I just found a great reference to Orpheus in the 1777 Congressional records concerning the symbolism of the stars on the flag.
  3. The connection to Shakespeare and Bacon and NH is my research over several decades. I was only interested in doing research on the early colonizers of NH and connections to Shakespeare circle become apparent and of course Bacon was involved before 1623 in colonizing. Darby Field mentioned in Winthrops journal for climbing Mt. Washington is related to Nathan Field who took Shakespeare place on stage and wrote an actors remonstrance. Capt. John Underhill who signed indian treaties with Field is related to Hercules Underhill who was awarded settlement as for sale of New Place to Shakespeare. Both are related to Bishops. Francis Williams has many connections. He was the publisher for The Golden Fleece and held the rights to rape of lucrece from 1625-1630. I believe the Francis Williams who wrote a letter to Winthrop declining an invitation to continue his position of authority. The letter has a quote from King Lear and many phrases from owen Feltham book on morals. I notice you use the eye of providence and triangle found on our Currency. I am giving a presentation on us currency 1776-1785. The eye of providence and definition is found in History of the world by Sir Walter Raleigh. The triangle is from John Dee . But what I discovered is the fugio paper denominational dollar designed by Franklin is a triangle (sun dial) in a circle in a square. It echoes Atalanta Fugiens' emblems by Michael Mair . Franklin goes to France and becomes master warden for the nine sisters lodge. I show a medal owned by the American philosophical society dated 1829 a tribute to Franklin showing a triangle of Jehovah in a circle in a square. I am working on PowerPoint presentation now and just got permission from American philosophical society to use image. The 1783 Triumpho and Nova Constellatio carry on the tribute to the lodge of nine sisters credited with helping finance revolution. The 1776 Fugio was of little value because of being undermined by British counterfeit. The presentation is August 10 at the Conway library in Conway NH. Would appreciate any feedback. Thank you
  4. As Orpheus in the woods and Arion on the dolphin From Bacon advancement of learning and from Virgil ?.
  5. Thank you for your informed response. I was under the impression that Florio also supplied translation of Bruno slings and arrows speech that inspired Shakespeare's Hamlet soliloquy. The publisher of the Golden Fleece Francis Williams held the rights to Shakespeare's Rape of Lucrece. The early NH colonizers have connections to Shakespeare and Bacon. Thank you again
  6. There is a lot going on in the headpiece. My interest is in the 1653 book printed during the Cromwell republic in honor of the minister, Christopher Goad is if the use of the headpiece similar to Shakespeare, Bacon and others has or had significance. The secret Chamber' title that is below the headpiece uses the term lifting the veil in association with a sacred marriage between Christ and man. It is not a wedding between a man and a woman Roger Williams printed a letter by Goad and William Penn uses a quote from the book on lifting the veil. Is the headpiece just a decorative device used by the minister to Cromwell and the new but shortlived republic ? The Golden Fleece by Orpheus Jr published in 1626 is associated with the early colonizers of Newfoundland and NH and it is filled with Rosicrucian references. They were I believe the legacy of Bacon and his colonization plans. The Golden Fleece was a plan to fight inflation by raising sheep that would compete with Spanish wool. It was dedicated to the new King Charles and the book ends with the King declining their plans instead he would use the colonies as a place to transport the bothersome Puritans and he did. It was called Massachusetts. Thanks for all the help in understanding the image.
  7. I was under impression that John Florio did the translation from Italian to English before 1625 when it is referred to in the Golden Fleece published in 1625. The Golden Fleece is a first hand account of the settling of the new world by pilgrims associated with Bacon when he was secretary of state Google golden fleece by William Vaughan. The publisher of Golden Fleece Francis Williams held publishing rights for Shakespeare's Rape of lucrece.
  8. The Dolphins are similar to Greek mosaics of the Story of Dionysus when the pirates are turned into Dolphins. Are the headpieces a tribute to Greek orphic Pythagorean mythology? Any other suggestions? Thanks for previous comments.
  9. The book published by Prince society is 1876 the book published with the headpiece with rabbits is the double headed eagle, during the interregnum in 1653.
  10. Thank you to the informed responses. The headpiece of Dolphins rabbits and other forms is headpiece from a very rare should have been burned 1653 first edition of Scorching Viles'. A tribute from the New Republic with the sign of the double eagle I have it. Also a similar headpiece is in another book in my library. ( Which consists of less than ten books.) It was published by the Prince society 18?? in a book of the works of Rev. Wheelwright . I believe the book I have from estate auction many years ago from a nine generation NH Greek family was once owned by rev Wheelwright obtained on his return from serving Cromwell in 1662. First published 1876. The 1653 tribute edition by Cromwell and his followers is a testimony to the Magna Carta and the author staying at Broughton castle associated with the Cromwell Republic and the Magna Carta
  11. This is headpiece from 1753 published during Cromwell Republic The author is Christopher Goad Title Refreshing Drops scorching Viles'. Is this a Pythagorean Orphic tradition P.O.T.? I post this because of similarities to Shakespeare sonnet's headpiece and comments made about it and Bacon by this informative community. I believe the headpieces are of a Pythagorean Orphic tradition that connects Bacon and Shakespeare to Ben Franklin , and emblems used in colonial currency circa 1776
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