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  1. Hi , Thanks for the links everyone. I will have a good time wathing them. Of course you can use my find 🙂 Great idea to also use Rob's zoom in. My name is Rune S(from Norway).
  2. Thanks. No Twitter here 😞 . Just an old man from Norway - barely a pc 🙂 If any of u have made some interesting youtube videos - please post links.
  3. Thank you all for the nice words of my findings 🙂 I'm not an expert at all. I was very facinated by the tv seies Sweet Swan Of Avon and the movie Cracking The Shakespeare code by Petter Amundsen some 8-10 years ago. Specially the hunt for the treasure hooked me. I was never in doubt that Bacon and his friends wrote Shakespeare. A friend of mine and I discussed Shakespeare/Bacon/treasure 8 years ago, and we found out that there had to be a sign in the picture of Shakespeare - a gateway to all the ather codes. I startet to look for abnormal things in the picture - took me about 15 minutes to find the F - and I could not really beleive it . I remember I was almost shaking when turning my eyes towards the other shoulder - could it realle be..... That was really a wow moment for me - It was actually hard to believe noone had seen this over the years. I posted the picture on Petter Amundsen's Shakespear Page on FB a long time ago, and he thougt it was amazing. I have not thought about it since 2014, but watched D.B Cooper on Netflix the other day. They where discussing som codes in the last episode, and I suddenly remembered what I found years ago.
  4. In my opinion, the image of "Shakespeare" in the 1.folio tells us who the writer really is. Found this after not knowing what I searched for - just a gut feeling that there was a code or message in the picture. You will see the F best upside down, and the B from the side.
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