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  1. A. Phoenix wrote  "Although for some reason Sir Roy Strong did not wish to draw to the attention of his readers the outer-cover and original contents of the Northumberland MSS, or Bacon’s collection of MSS, not least the Shakespeare plays Richard II and Richard III, at least we are now more able to appreciate fully its relation to the Pregnancy Portrait of Queen Elizabeth. "


    This makes Sir Roy weak.

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  2. I met Charles Hamilton in Berkeley, CA at some event a few months before he passed away in 1996. I found him to be quite full of himself and certainly knew very little about William Shakespeare and even less about Francis Bacon as do all  biased Stratfordian leaning writers.  As you state Eric, "trying to make his data fit his Stratfordian theory, "   which compromises his reputation as any kind of respected authority.   Bacon would have described Hamilton as the embodiment of The Four Idols of the Marketplace.

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  3. The look on Stanley Wells face when confronted with absurdity is priceless, and its full circle as he is a master of obfuscation while abusing his position as an "expert Shakespearean" by writing seemingly knowledgeable history that is overwhelmingly flawed and why the Authorship fires can't be put out by Wells and his ilk. And I agree Kate, there was pointless profanity in the mockumentary. She was a bit more rude than Sasha Cohen's delightful put on character Ali G.

    Meanwhile I just found this quote in a book I'm reading about JFK : "Mary's Mosaic : The CIA conspiracy to murder JFK, Mary Pinchot Meyer and their Vision for World Peace." by Peter Janney, that   parallels the  Shakespeare Authorship issue (and  certainly some Shakespeare Tragedies too!) and how it persists with  gatekeepers of the Shakespeare Industrial Complex like Stanley Wells  :


    "For the Greatest enemy of the truth is very often not the lie---deliberate, contrived and dishonest,--but the Myth--persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic."
    JFK, Yale University, June 11, 1962
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  4. 19 hours ago, A Phoenix said:

    The Premier of The Comedy of Errors

    #TheBacon-ShakespeareManuscript #ShakespeareAuthorship #FrancisBacon #Shakespeare #LovesLaboursLost #NorthumberlandManuscript #RichardII #RichardIII #RomeoandJuliet #NorthumberlandHouse #ConferenceofPleasure #JamesSpedding #JohnBruce #NorthumberlandManuscript #Rosicrucians #EdwinDurningLawrence #JeanOvertonFuller #AnthonyBacon #RobertDevereux #ElizabethI #PhilipSidney #RobertDudley #LeicestersCommonwealth #ComedyofErrors #GraysInn


    Beautifully Done AP!

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  5. Friends, Romans and Baconians Rejoice!

    In the Part II Video  of the Bacon-Shakespeare Manuscript Video the A. Phoenix team   has  provided a comprehensive and thorough  history lesson that connects all the dots of the Contents of the Bacon Shakespeare Manuscript  previously known as the Northumberland Manuscript.  Thank You for  elegantly presenting this important research in a new light.

    There is no doubt that the remains of this Manuscript is clear evidence  that testifies  to Francis Bacon's role as the secret  Shakespeare playwright and Poet.

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  6. Pure Greatness by the A. Phoenix team in illustration and  delivery  of the history and facts surrounding The Bacon-Shakespeare Manuscript (formerly known as The Northumberland Manuscript)

    The authorship issue was over  the day this manuscript was discovered in August of 1867, but the outcome was not the desired outcome for those in the marketplace where tradition, greed, distortion and cognitive dissonance show up as a priority over truth.  Not knowing the truth makes you ignorant, not wanting to know the truth  is what makes you stupid.

    Anyone who loves Shakespeare should  enjoy the trailer, the video, and the meticulous  Bacon-Shakespeare Manuscript PDF essay with over 500 footnotes of references. Another tremendous achievement by the A.Phoenix team in bringing Light to Truth.   With Gratitude, THANK YOU

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  7. Thanks Eric for the demolition job! The media tends to trot out speculations that could be factual when they are just that speculations just to grab your attention. This has been the general approach to all things related to the Authorship. They prefer to keep the "Controversy" on going giving life to the Four Idol speculators of the market place instead of getting it.

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  8. I wrote to the publisher today to inquire about a PDF of Brian's Book. Will substitute in the biblio the 38page pdf link that we have. Best we can do for now. Archive.org only goes so far with the Irish Times link which I just checked. Thanks Christie for the heads up. We all have eternal appreciation for Brian and his writings.

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