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  1. Kenneth C. Jack is not square enough for my taste. He brings up the subject of Bacon's bribery without acknowledging that Bacon was innocent despite having claimed he was guilty. We know Bacon pleaded guilty only to save James from further political problems and James promised to pardon Bacon which he didn't do because that was the type of guy James was. So this tells me he has not read deeply enough in his research. If he admires Bacon as he seems to he should get this right without passing on the false narrative that so many others have and still continue to do. Reading Alfred Dodd's The Martyrdom of Francis Bacon and Nieves Mathews (Francis Bacon : History of a Character Assassination)https://www.google.com/books/edition/Francis_Bacon/ZYDv5C6th2kC?hl=en a thorough vindication of Bacon's innocence. The Bribery charges against Bacon and not receiving his pardon may have been another reason for him to remain anonymous to the 1623 First Folio. Jack writes "Whether Francis Bacon was a so-called Rosicrucian or Freemason may never be known, and the question will probably remain forever within the domain of the “Speculators”. Speculation runs rife, as many also believe that Francis Bacon was the true author of the works attributed to William Shakespeare – and moreover; many see Masonic symbolism in the Bard’s works." If Jack was familiar with the brethren Alfred Dodd a journalist and Freemason and his work especially, "Shakespeare Creator of Freemasonry" and George Tudhope's "Bacon Masonry" he would have a deeper and more enlightened understanding than that of "Speculator."
  2. Thank you AP for sharing this dialogue with William Rubinstein. It is of great service to all by illustrating how many shallow authorship researchers get so caught up in their zealousness that it causes them to be compelled to think they can get away with an unresearched opinion while allowing themselves permission to spread their dogma as fact. It's equally embarrassing and pitiful that he is or was a Professor and that he relies on wikipedia as his source for Bacon research. People like this use the Authorship controversy for personal aggrandizement and if the historical truth doesn't fit into their mind set, then cognitive dissonance will set in and protect their fragility from an advancement of learning. Rubinstein should go to this room and read about Bacon's The Four Idols which he predictably will not do.
  3. Photo taken after some tourist removed the glass plaque over it. I just happened to be there when it happened. Dodd says Robert Cecil had people inside that intercepted the Essex ring. If it wasn't for Robert Cecil, falsely poisoning Elizabeth's mind that Bacon was power hungry, Essex would have lived and James wouldn't have become king, England would have advanced a better future without enduring a Civil war, with Bacon as the Rightful King.
  4. The Beefeater guards at the Tower of London (1992) when asked about the Tidir scrawl, look into their book of all historical markings that exist in the Tower and told me there is nothing about it and they claim they don't know either. So it's still a State maintained secret. Whether Essex carved it or not, its a red flag for British History being out of joint. Alfred Dodd, wrote that Robart Tidir is the Welsh spelling of Robert Tudor
  5. You are invited to an online Zoom webinar. When: Oct 24, 2023 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) Topic: The Man From Stratford: Questioning the Identity of “William Shakespeare” Please click the link below to join the webinar: https://nypl.zoom.us/j/88163092894?pwd=WllSYVYvd2phSDBrQVQ0c0cvcEhZQT09 Passcode: Strat1
  6. Stanley Wells and Paul "Velvet Gloves" Edmundson promoted to "Research & Knowledge" at the Stratford Birthplace Trust ( See Jono Freeman's video ) Also See : https://sirbacon.org/wells.htm null
  7. The Spearshaker project is uplifting and compelling with Jono and A.Phoenix at the helm. We all know this will bring home the Bacon and eclipse the eclipse. Very proud of you all for bringing it forth........💜
  8. https://www.bbc.com/mediacentre/2023/shakespeare-first-folio-400-anniversary-pan-bbc-season#latestfromthemediacentre BBC celebrates 400th anniversary of the publication of Shakespeare’s ‘First Folio’ with ambitious pan-BBC season
  9. another episode : Robert Frederick: Francis Bacon, from Shakespeare to the Dead https://monicasdeepdives.com/robert-frederick-francis-bacon-from-shakespeare-to-the-dead/
  10. They touch on the Northumberland Manuscript (aka The Bacon Shakespeare Manuscript), The Promus, Bacon's Royal Birth, William Smedley, Nigel Cockburn
  11. Peter Dawkins nSdoproste4g3035ac1lmuc14fh5cy102m39g2i9a2 7tc2g41tJf34ulc4m · Sunday 24 September 2023 - 'The Silver Key to the Rosicrucian Mysteries & Labour of Love' - Talk given on Zoom by Peter Dawkins about the Shakespeare First Folio, twin to the 'De Dignitate et Augmentis Scientiarum', which constitute the hierophantic golden and silver keys to the Rosicrucian Mysteries and were deliberately published in 1623, the year of a Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, so as to act out the “As above, so below” Hermetic teachings. += https://www.fbrt.org.uk/.../the-rosicrucian-mysteries.../
  12. "When ideas are controversial they are discussed. When they're revolutionary, they are ignored." Terence McKenna
  13. https://lithub.com/james-shapiro-on-shakespeare-and-america/?fbclid=IwAR1XXG6WFi2A0ImFmVFzIz0WB66u3_eBlXC2nvZUgkCp1Gid8O-tYSsEnRU
  14. Jimmy B was a History major and hung out in Bolinas, CA, a hippie haven and noted area for various outlaw operations in the 1970's and probably heard the Francis Drake stories from the "pirateheads."
  15. I have just caught up on this. I’m not happy with the tone of your posts RC. Good to have you as a ‘counterbalance’ as Kate said and happy for all points of view, but in a polite and respectful manner please. LG
  16. Jimmy Buffett wrote a song, "Love in the Library." Hear him mention two famous Elizabethans in this short audio excerpt. He is also on record for saying that Mark Twain was his favorite writer. God bless Jimmy Buffett and all the peace, joy and love he shared with the world. BBubbles Up Buffett Love in the Library Audio.mp3
  17. https://www.shakespeare.org.uk/visit/whats-on/what-was-shakespeare-really-like/ Boteswain! Please share some nausea pills with the crew as I booked for the Stanley Wells launch this Wednesday. Tune in and enjoy the possible Mutiny!
  18. "To conclude this study I would say to the Oxfordians, you have been too close to your case for too long. Stand back a moment while your olfactory nerves return to normal, then approach your case again, you will find it does not pass the smell test."- Jerome Harner
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