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  1. Bacon would be 84 in 1645 and conceivably directing the use of the engraving while living in Germany. All Good References
  2. I just read an article by James North who I believe may have been the managing editor & Webmaster for The FBSociety in the 2010 time period https://www.academia.edu/35452164/Francis_Bacons_Alphabet_of_Nature_and_The_Triple_Tau?email_work_card=view-paper He argues that Bacon was not a Freemason and that Alfred Dodd cannot be trusted because he is over enthusiastic that Bacon wrote Shakespeare.
  3. Barred from Avon, not Bard from Avon. This is the first time seeing this extended version of this particular episode. What fun! Thanks for linking and posting it.
  4. https://global.oup.com/academic/product/the-oxford-francis-bacon-i-9780198183136?q=oxford francis bacon&lang=en&cc=us Mather Walker once reviewed a book that Stewart co authored with the dreadful Lisa Jardine https://sirbacon.org/jardine.htm
  5. WOW!!!!! Great Job Rob!!! Funny as Hell which is what Stratford is, a town without Pity
  6. I was driving on my way to Photograph a Wedding when I saw this truck go by. Later I enhanced it and will share it after 5 more entries. Anyone want to "Baconize" this truck, & share it here?
  7. Having a Non-Sequitor Moment, Please Forgive
  8. As we see in the Manes Verulamani eulogies by Bacon's contemporaries who knew that Bacon was not just a philosopher but praised him for his great dramatic and poetic abilities. Same goes for Ben Jonson's testimonies of Bacon's writing and speaking abilities. The critics of today and their opinions are meaningless compared to the "Good Pens" that knew Bacon personally and all of his voices. The link above is another example of a person who not only has no idea of Bacon's polymathic nature but won't even consider it or do the actual research of what Bacon's contemporaries said of him.
  9. https://arsnotoria.com/2022/02/06/in-defence-of-the-upstart-crow/?fbclid=IwAR2u0bxrOpQx8-rRyFBolI6u33A3X5eG6NEeNPSM_jYioTaBcI3FxrBo1-E
  10. Secret Codes In Shakespeare Plays - Cracking The Shakespeare Code 101
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