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  1. CAB wrote : The Oxfordians have stayed pretty active but they really just care about being chosen the winners, as opposed to discovering the truth wherever it may lie. I've been to several of their conferences and have not always been treated well once they find I'm a Baconian. Once I was told by one of their leaders that I "better get my head right" on the topic."

    So telling about Oxfordians that winning is more important to them then truth and for one of them to say "better get my head right  on the topic," illustrates their lack of tolerance and that fear is their motivating factor. Oxfordians are desperate for evidence of truth and  in so doing want to make sure that remaining dumb to the truth about Bacon is the only  way for them to survive in their delusions of grandeur.

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  2. 17 minutes ago, A Phoenix said:

    A New Book from A Phoenix

    The Secret Links Between the Rosicrucian-Freemasonic Memoriae (1626) Containing Thirty-Two Verses Dedicated To Francis Bacon Our Shakespeare, The First Folio of the Shakespeare Works (1623), and the Stratford Monument

    1 Minute Trailer:   https://youtu.be/UeIqR-bA6cE  

    Full Video:  https://youtu.be/n3UL4MfyAZc  

    Book:    https://www.academia.edu/113883645/The_Secret_Links_Between_the_Rosicrucian_Freemasonic_Memoriae_1626_Containing_Thirty_Two_Verses_Dedicated_To_Francis_Bacon_Our_Shakespeare_The_First_Folio_of_the_Shakespeare_Works_1623_and_the_Stratford_Monument


    The Secret Links Between the Rosicrucian-Freemasonic Memoriae (1626) Containing Thirty-Two Verses Dedicated To Francis Bacon Our Shakespeare, The First Folio of the Shakespeare Works (1623), and the Stratford Monument


    "The monuments of wit survive the monuments of power."

    This is Magistar Ludi level of  a weave by the A.P Team.

    A. Phoenix team has produced another truly outstanding and important book and videos (viewed the two videos, read the book & now wearing the Tee-Shirt) that cross references the mythic level references by  Bacon's loyal peers  to Bacon and his extraordinary literary skills and  prodigious mind as seen in the crucial 1626 Book of Eulogies (Memoria) with the Stratford  Monument Statue, to the 1623 First Folio  revealing the Rosicross brotherhood's work in action.

    This book connects the dots between the same people behind these planned intentions just as in the previous A.Phoenix work that connects Bacon's fingerprints behind his 1587 copy of Holinshed's Chronicles and the Bacon Shakespeare Manuscript formerly known as the "Northumberland Manuscript."

    The secrets that are revealed and the progressions of Speculative Freemasonry all illustrate what some Freemasons of today were not taught. A  historical gap  exists for them in  not knowing their lineage or  conveniently ignoring  James Anderson's Book that references Freemasonry was alive and well in the 17th century. The apex of light that existed during the 17th century with Francis Bacon being front and center and at the same time behind the scenes.

     As usual this well researched book  backs up the secret history with reliable citations, illustrations, title pages, and sources.

    Enjoyable read and Compounds have dissolved.

    Screen Shot 2024-01-22 at 1.42.08 PM.png

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  3. On 10/9/2022 at 12:05 AM, A Phoenix said:

    Statue at South Square Gray's Inn

    I’m sure we are all aware of the beautiful Francis Bacon statue in bronze by sculptor Frederick William Pomeroy unveiled 27th June 1912 at South Square Gray’s Inn.

    In Francis Bacon The Commemoration of his Tercentenary at Gray’s Inn (London: Printed at the Chiswick Press by order of the Masters of the Bench For Private Circulation, 1913) is a wonderful image of this statue that seems to be in marble? Is this another version or blueprint of what now stands at Gray’s Inn.? It is very similar in many ways although facially it does appear to be a little different.

    This version also appears in 1911 Pall Mall Magazine (so prior to a version being unveiled at Gray’s Inn)


    FB GRAYS INN.jpg

    Grays Inn.jpg

    Pomeroy's statue of FB was hit during the Blitz, so another one had to be created after the war. Rumors circulated years ago by Oxfordians that DeVere was reburied under the current Gray's Inn statue so he could become one with Shake-Speare.


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  4. 14 hours ago, A Phoenix said:

    The Smoking Gun of the True Authorship of the Shakespeare Works - Francis Bacon and his Unique Copy of the 1587 edition of Holinshed’s Chronicles with Marginal Annotations in his own hand alongside passages used for his Shakespeare Plays 

    Here's Dr Longworth de Chambrun thanking people who gave her expert advice including The Folger Shakespeare Library.

    Chambrun Folger.jpg


    Trailer video link: https://youtu.be/7ylDy8tFiRY

    Full video link: https://youtu.be/RPMwkcxLjXo

    Paper: https://www.academia.edu/112668316/Francis_Bacon_and_his_Unique_Copy_of_the_1587_edition_of_Holinshed_s_Chronicles_with_Marginal_Annotations_in_his_own_hand_alongside_passages_used_for_his_Shakespeare_Plays_The_Smoking_Gun_of_the_True_Authorship_of_the_Shakespeare_Works


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  5. When the clever donkeys of the British Library authorized that Shake-Speare's "handwriting" matched the handwriting in the Sir Thomas Moore manuscript


    all bets were off they can be trusted with anything Authorship related as they played their hand that they have an agenda to abide to.
    That's why it would not surprise me if the Skippwith 1587 Copy of Holinshed’s Chronicles is being held  there as a hostage to fortune.

    If the Folger had it would they go on record to say they would make it available for researchers?


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  6. The Smoking Gun of the True Authorship of the Shakespeare Works - Francis Bacon and his Unique Copy of the 1587 edition of Holinshed’s Chronicles with Marginal Annotations in his own hand alongside passages used for his Shakespeare Plays 


    Tremendous Work AP Team. Just finished viewing the youtube  video. Amazing story that  has gone unnoticed till now and one that I myself was not fully aware of. Thank You to the AP Team for bringing this front and center to everyone's attention which it truly deserves. My bet is that the British Library has done their best to keep this "marginalized."  It's not just not a smoking gun as you rightly point out but an arsenal for changing the Authorship landscape forever. Maybe this will lead to a shake up and rediscovery of  the 1587 edition of Holinshed’s Chronicles

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  7. 3 hours ago, Eric Roberts said:

    Hi A Phoenix


    Overwhelmed by the clarity and force of your response to my semi-literate remarks. Your powerful argument suggests an idea for a contemporary film dealing with the destruction of the Idol we know as "Shakespeare". A dogged, academic researcher in the Midlands sues the Department of Education, the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and a long list of famous universities over their deceptive practice of perpetuating the Shakespeare myth and corrupting the minds of generations of students. A David and Goliath court case ensues in which all the damning evidence is clearly set out for all to see. The Jury is unanimous. 










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  8. yes that is one of two  phone cards that were made in collaboration with my friend Dan TUDOR. Yep he was my neighbor who was in the business at the time of making telephone cards with time on it.  Before Dan met me didn't know a thing about Bacon and yes that was his last name. That is not me who is selling the card. The other card is Bacon on a motorcycle.

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  9. I remember when Dennis McCarthy's book on North came out, because of it's novelty and publisher publicity  it had it's 15 minutes on the stage. But it's not sticking, no one talks about it. Little impact. But you knew there was something rotten in Denmark with his research. Now thanks to this  A.Phoenix posting we can see the obvious flaws in both McCarthy's and Blanding's books.

    Excellent rebuttal with historical truth and Book Review A.P. Thank You. People like "Bland ing" are born to be mild as demonstrated by their pontificating based on  regurgitation of other people's inaccurate opinions revealing they have not read deeply on Bacon's life. Bacon was "insanely busy" is one of the many false narratives that is still passed on from generation to generation. We know that it wasn't until  Elizabeth passed and James  I came in  that Bacon around the age of 46 started to move up the winding stair of public life. In many ways we can be thankful that Elizabeth held Bacon back  as he was able to spend more time with his scriveners  generating plays.

    Glad to see you use Pierre Amboise the first Bacon biographer (1631) as a source that mentions Bacon going to Italy. This reference and biography is continuously and conveniently overlooked by our overzealous adversaries because it doesn't fit into their false narrative.
    Excellent use of quotes by other writers demonstrating Bacon's varied writing style and remarkable likeness to the works of Shakespeare.
    We do know that the Earl of Leicester as a patron of the theater. Not enough has been said about his influence on his son Francis who must have been introduced and influenced by Leicester's family connections and the Sydneys and Wilton house where Bacon was exposed to their  vibrant and creative social gatherings.

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  10. Thanking you A.P. for Spear-Shaking  at another snake in the grass.

    Nothing truer than truth when a relative to Eddie de Vere, Charles Beauclerk, Earl of Burford, can only obfuscate the Baconian position with ignorance while conveniently pushing for the nepotism of his family tree. And what a freaky tale that tree beholds.

    An Amazon reader review of "Shakespeare's Lost Kingdom : The  True History of Shakespeare and Elizabeth" stated it best :

    "At a time when Edward de Vere needs carefully composed support, Lost Kingdom is an entertaining and annoying concoction of scholarship and flimflam."

    The flimflam may be referring to the evidence free conjecture that  Oxford is Elizabeth's son from an affair she had  around the age of 16 and  besides being Elizabeth's illegitimate son, her lover and father of a joint child, the Earl of Southampton. Personally I can't tell if  this is the 'annoying concoction' or the 'flimflam?'  Somebody please pass the salt and help me out here !

    Well I guess that 'carefully composed' support flies  out the proverbial yonder window  quicker than you can say Nothing truer than truth. The irony remains that this cult is still bound to a man named Looney. That's all folks.

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  11. Thank You  A. P. for drawing out the historical distinctions that Looney's book failed to observe. It's like the old game of "telephone" where one person starts off with a message, passes it on to the next person and so on till it reaches the last person when  it becomes far from the original message. This is what Looney has done, passing on disinformation and therefore his followers blindly accept his historical blunders and continue to fail by not updating or correcting Looney's book for its historical  inaccuracies. And now we see all they can do is Glorify this book because it's been 100 years! LOL!

    And there are several reasons why they still stand by this delusional book. It's considered the founding of their Oxfordian theory and they don't want to draw any attention that their founding father could possibly be mistaken. After all these years it would be of great embarrassment to admit that Thomas J. Looney's book is  a case of Shakespeare MISIDENTIFIED. Oxfordians have a powerful mindset of Cognitive Dissonance when it comes to Francis Bacon. After all the Bacon material from evidence and historical record  is a direct threat to their demise and their 100 years of research can only go so far as to justify that the Stratford man cannot be an author and the futility of replacing him with a man with the weakest of character and less capability than  the true Spear Shaker Sir Francis Bacon.

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  12. contemporaries1.jpg


    I have been induced to think, that if there were a Beam of Knowledge derived from God upon any man in these modern times, it was upon him (Bacon): for though he was a great reader of books, yet he had not his knowledge from books, but from some grounds and notions within himself. --Dr. William Rawley , Bacon's Chaplain, Secretary & Confidant


    8   N   O   V    E    M    B   E    R          2   0  2   3 

    8+13+14+20+5+12+2+5+17   + 2+0+2+3 =   103 SHAKESPEARE IN SIMPLE CIPHER  


    We are all proud of the Plus Ultra A. Phoenix Spear-Shaker Team for this great achievement and completing their vision on this day the 400th anniversary of Francis Bacon's Shakespeare First Folio. You have brought honor to Francis Bacon and Ben Jonson and all their Knights of the Helmet that masterminded the Greatest Literary Mystery of All time.

     More so for the last 3 years the A.Phoenix team has been dedicated to  righting wrongs, dropping truth revelations while  exposing the conventional memes of  tyranny from the Shakespeare Industrial Complex influencers tha manipulate and collude with the media, academia and publishers whose sole interest is to make $ off their deceptions while relegating truth irrelevant and blasphemous. 

    However there is a cure for the Shakespeare dementia  and cognitive dissonance that exists. Despite all this and all our confused adversaries from other camps, we've been  long standing in making a difference as  hundreds of newcomers and students visit  sirbacon.org daily  with a passion for historical truth  seeing through the many distinctions that have been brought to light by the A. Phoenix team and all the other insightful Baconian contributors for the last 150 years.

    I raise my glass in appreciation and gratitude to their tremendous and ongoing contributions and to the Francis Bacon Society for making this very special issue of Baconiana available to the public.

    Lawrence Gerald

    November 8th, 2023


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  13. Oh my God, the Irony ! Mind blowing the diagonal anagram in Bates' book! Super observant A.P. This is similar to the Fraudelent Friedmans.

    Great line :

    The truth as Bacon said, is the daughter of time not authority, and the hidden truth (as stated on the title page of New Atlantis; Land of the Rosicrucians) will be revealed after some time has passed, tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow and Bacon knew more than anyone, as do his Rosicrucian Brotherhood, that ‘All the world’s a stage’; some of whom masquerade as authoritative Shakespeare or Stratfordian scholars.


    Sad that "smart" people who have studied Shakespeare all their lives don't have a clue who wrote the works.  Maybe there should be a book entitled, The Genius of Sir Francis Bacon the Original Shake-Speare instead that includes this rebuttal

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  14. Stratford is a town without pity living a lie.  Souless. Long history of corruption and merchants peddling fake history and trinkets to unsuspecting tourists. The Shakespeare Authorship was never about truth for Stratfordians. Since they hold on to their theory as fact they can only ignore, ridicule, spin and obfuscate.  A tale repeated by generations of  idiots signifying nothing.  In  a sane world Stanley Wells would be arrested and  sent to the tower with a chisel so he can scrawl his  name onto the wall above his  cell  door.

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