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  1. In case anyone missed it, the March Newsletter of The FBS posted my Tribute to the Late and Great Mather Walker. Here's a direct link to it : https://sirbacon.org/downloads/Tribute-to-Mather-Walker.pdf
  2. i didn't know that there is no Cervantes Portrait from the Life. Huge! False Authentic-Like that term.
  3. https://sirbacon.org/ResearchMaterial/Barnham2.htm ......Mr. Harry Paintin, of Oxford, who has most kindly put his great knowledge of family records at our service, points out that in the 16th Century a branch of the Underhills kept the Golden Cross and the Crown Tavern in Oxford, and that they subsequently sold their interest in the latter to the D'Avenant family, who entertained Shakespeare. One of the daughters married the first librarian of the Bodleian Library. Another of the family, John Underhill, became Rector of Lincoln College, 1577, and Bishop of Oxford, 1589, and died in 1592, and was buried at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford. It will be noticed that, in one way or another, the name Underhill is mixed up with Shakespeare's, of Stratford-on-Avon, and also with Sir Francis Bacon's wife and family, for Sir John Underhill, who married Lady Bacon, was born at Eatington, in Warwickshire, and was closely related to the family who arranged to sell "New Place" to William Shakespeare in 1597-8. Anyone come across this before and think there is something to explore between John Underhill, Bacon, and WS New Place?
  4. The_History_of_the_Valorous_and_Wittie_K.pdfAP Add this 1612 Thomas Shelton Trans As Below to your As Above List
  5. If anyone needs to share the Bacon-Shakespeare-Cervantes book here's another link for it https://sirbacon.org/ebenhoffbook.htm
  6. AA In the 1612 translation by Thomas Shelton , Cervantes tells us "yet in truth but a stepfather to Don-Quixote." https://sirbacon.org/donquixoteaa1612.htm AA
  7. https://sirbacon.org/overheard.htm This exchange appeared in Francis Carr's Fortnighly News Sheet between Professor Jonathan Bate, a British scholar of Shakespeare and Romanticism and Barry Ide, Cervantes Professor of Spanish at Stratford University : Jonathan Bate : What do you think of Francis Carr's book, Who Wrote Don Quixote? Barry Ide : I'd rather not say anything at the moment. Bate : I've been asked by the Daily Telegraph to review it. Can you tell me if you think it's ridiculous? Ide : I'd rather not comment, as you can understand. Bate : If I don't write this review, they will think that Carr is right. Have they got in touch with you? Ide : Yes, I told them I couldn't say anything now. But you don't want Bacon to get any publicity, do you? Bate : No. But I don't think we can do nothing. Ide : Why not? Bate : Too many questions are being asked. That damned Internet! Is Carr right? Tell me, are you 100% certain that Cervantes wrote Don Quixote? Ide : No. Can you wait before putting pen to paper? Bate : Sooner or later we will have to come clean. Ide : I'll write to you next week about this. A week later ..... Bate : I am still waiting for your letter about Francis Carr's Who Wrote Don Quixote? Ide : I'm sorry I have not got around to writing it. Bate : The Telegraph rang me yesterday. They want to put my review in a special feature next month. Ide : About what? Bate : The Novel. They want to start with Don Quixote. Ide : Oh dear! Bate : They are suprised I have not said anything about Carr's book. I have asked them to postpone this feature. The press have been told not to review this book, and there has been very little advertising. But more and more of my students are asking me what I think of it. Ide : What is your reply? Bate : I would like to be able to tell them what you think. We have known about Cervantes, of course, for a long time. But we never encourage students to study Cervantes himself. When can you write to me? Ide : Give me another week...... Jonathan Bate was educated at Sevenoaks School and the University of Cambridge. He teaches at Warwick University.His publications include Shakespeare and Ovid (1993), the Arden edition of Titus Andronicus (1995), The Genius of Shakespeare (1997), and he is currently editing a new edition of Shakespeare's Complete Works for the Royal Shakespeare Company. Winning and Losing Competition creates losers. The losers naturally resent the winner, who deprives them of victory. In the race to win the real Shakespeare prize, all the contenders are----for the time being enjoying the challenge. The one event that they fear is defeat, when the winning post is reached. So it is natural that they refrain from giving their rivals any publicity. They would not review a book which supports someone who is not their favourite---unless, of course, they can rubbish it. The Stratfordians, Oxfordians and Marlovians have all been struck dumb by Francis Carr's Who Wrote Don Quixote. It clearly demonstrates Bacon's authorship of the Spanish novel and the Shakespeare plays. Attacks on Bacon's authorship claim are more difficult, so the professors prefer to keep their mouths shut. They have agreed with their Spanish counterparts perhaps that they will not uncover Bacon's authorship of Don Quixote, as that will also uncover his creation of the Shakespeare plays. With the publication of Carr's book the case for Bacon becomes even more difficult to refute. It is in fact impossible.
  8. Thomas Jefferson commissioned a Bacon Portrait that can be seen in his estate in Moticello, VA Why would Jefferson have Bacon's Chancellor Robes painted in purple?
  9. The Proof is in the Pudding and the Pudding is on it's way...
  10. There's a Twist to the DNA Double-Helix origins. Seems that there is another "authorship " controversy surrounding the discovery. Check out who Rosalind Franklin is. https://www.forbes.com/sites/johncumbers/2019/11/21/the-woman-who-first-showed-us-the-double-helix-a-personal-look-at-rosalind-franklin/?sh=43f9b6f4856c
  11. Great work CAB! Greatly appreciate it. Mather's favorite play was The Tempest. He wrote about having a peak experience revelation once while viewing the play. His discovery of the Tobey-Bacon Fun Pun Acrostic deserves more attention while William Friedman deserves more attention for MISSING IT! Two A Like : TObey or not TObey can be answered as TWO BE as One.
  12. I miss DWC self taught on quantum physics, an all around esoteric kind of guy, good for having great convos Glad you got to meet with him Rob and have memories.
  13. http://joyhancox.co.uk/ Joy Hancox is a History researcher that touches on esoteric topics and Francis Bacon and John Dee & Freemasonry, Elizabethan Playhouses. and more. She has been interviewed by Jamie Theakston Series 1 , Episode 6, on the Yesterday Channel. https://www.justwatch.com/us/tv-show/forbidden-history/season-1 Years ago Mather Walker wrote a great Review of one of Joy's books "Kingdom For A Stage : Magicians & Aristocrats in the Elizabethan Theatre" See : https://sirbacon.org/mkingdomstagereview.htm http://joyhancox.co.uk/the-hidden-chapter/ Possible burial at St.Michaels, Tintern, examined in recent book "The Hidden Chapter." See : http://joyhancox.co.uk/references/
  14. The Shake-Sphere Research Center of Viva Las Vegas
  15. Mather Walker had a deep passion about all things Francis Bacon and gave me permission to host his many essays and digital books. He was on a mission with his knowledge & inimitable writing style along with a great sense of humor. My condolences to his son Wayne and to all that cherished Mather. He will be truly missed. Lawrence Gerald Special Thanks to Travis Dodge for letting Rob and I know about Mather's passing If anyone would like to share about Mather in the Forum please do and or write a message of sympathy can go here https://www.gamblefuneralservice.com/obituaries/Mather-Walker/#!/TributeWall https://www.echovita.com/us/obituaries/ga/savannah/mather-walker-17653077
  16. You are right Christie, Eisley really gets FB. One of my first excursions into Bacon was through Loren Eisley's insightful and easy to read book, FB and the Modern Dilemma : The Man Who Saw Through Time "Bacon himself was seeking the road by which the human mind might be opened to the full image of the world, not reduced to the little compass of a state machine." ******** "The world without Shakespeare's insights is a lesser world, our griefs shut more in- articulately in upon themselves. We grow mute at the thought just as an element seems to disappear from sunlight without Van Gogh. Yet these creations we might call particle episodes in the human universe acts without precedent, a kind of disobedience of normality, unprophesiable by science, unduplicable by other individuals on demand." https://sirbacon.org/the-man-who-saw-through-time/
  17. Christie, if you do a Newest First on the Sort by logo your comment is still there. @cgwaldmanauthorfrancisbaco5320 3 days ago Even "fair, open-minded and judicious scholars" may have blind spots. Reasonable minds can differ on matters of opinion. What British barrister N. B. Cockburn's book does in his 740-page book is try to set out fully the strongest points in the case for Bacon, as he saw them, 26 years ago. Cockburn considered only 4 of the 32 elegies in his appendix. I am surprised you were able to find a copy of Cockburn's book; it is so rare. @alexanderwaugh7036
  18. Thank You Eric but credit should all be given to AP who I asked for support and he delivered the turkeys for christmas! Does this mean we can still go bowling sir?
  19. One of Marvin's list of likes : Dr. Strangelove; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Hi Marvin, One of our generous contributors to sirbacon.org has been the writer, Harvey Wheeler, a life long admirer of the political philosophy and Constitutional law writings of Francis Bacon. Harvey also co wrote a very successful novel, "Fail Safe" which was adapted to make the screenplay for Dr. Strangeglove. Fail-Safe (1962) Eugene Burdick & Harvey Wheeler, McGraw Hill; Re-published, 1999, by Ecco Press, now part of Harper-Collins. https://sirbacon.org/wheelerbooks.html
  20. Tremendous AP. Thank You! The pugnacious bull in the china shop will have his rejoinder soon.
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