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  1. A 400 year old wall is coming down. The year 2023 is the Year of A. Phoenix and the elucidation of the 1623 Shakespeare Folio in all of its aspects. We have the Highest Gratitude for your unwavering commitment and expertise in unmasking truth.
  2. Best Wishes and A Happy Birthday Rob. And With Gratitude for All That You Do in Causing Our Community to Thrive. Onward With Love and Numbers 💜
  3. EYE EYE Stephanie, Great Video. Thank you! The Next Octave: a Sustainable Economy Encoded in Music5.0 out of 5 stars7 by Stephanie McPeak Petersen et al. https://www.amazon.com/Next-Octave-Sustainable-Economy-Encoded/dp/B09BC8MNRP/?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_w=DFbSt&content-id=amzn1.sym.ed85217c-14c9-4aa0-b248-e47393e2ce12&pf_rd_p=ed85217c-14c9-4aa0-b248-e47393e2ce12&pf_rd_r=139-7372157-4588558&pd_rd_wg=vP1ga&pd_rd_r=7dc7541a-d3f4-4c9b-b388-d309ddf04510&ref_=aufs_ap_sc_dsk&asin=B09BC8MNRP&revisionId=&format=4&depth=1 "Music and money share an immutable connection. Both systems, encoded with mathematical ratios of creative tension, have the power to produce both harmony and dissonance. Over the centuries, governing philosophies tempering both music and money have created two systems of fiat notes, the values of which have been noticeably distorted. Musical regulations temper our monetary system, while a correlating theory of systemic debt tempers musical pitch. At the center of this controversy sit two powerful philosophers: Plato and Bacon. Plato lured us in with encoded musical ratios built into the political structures of his city-states; can Bacon lead us out with a ciphered trail of breadcrumbs revealing the musical conspiracy of the tritone? If we read between Bacon's lines, we find that tuning music and money with just intervals seems to hold the key to dismantling these debt-based systems and creating a more harmonious and economically sustainable world."
  4. Hamlet to Horatio : "‘.....More honoured in the breach than the observance.’" Hamlet Act 1 Scene 4 "Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places when you look at it right." Robert Hunter A.P.---"Why is their {Francis Bacon & Ben Jonson} relationship almost completely unknown outside of Baconian circles? " Francis Bacon and his Rosicrucian Brother Ben Jonson was instrumental in bringing to fruition the monumental 1623 Shakespeare First Folio, a relationship illuminated here with new and little known documentation, evidence and information, which exposes and DEMOLISHES the Stratfordian falsehood that Ben Jonson was the key figure in validating the Stratford man as Shakespeare. Thank You to the A.Phoenix juggernaut for succinctly revealing the game plan, the unspoken motivation and many deceptive falsehoods and obfuscations of the Stratfordian Industrial Complex and THEIR outrageous Fantasy that a William Shakespeare could be a playwright when he couldn't even read or write, was a grain merchant that hoarded during a drought, could possibly be responsible for the greatest literature in western civilization. Their Fantasy theory has been more of a manipulative spell over generations that requires continuous cover up by their well published stooges that do their bidding in the timid academic world where the game plan rewards suppression sans the threat of losing tenure, scorn, ridicule by questioning the Emperor Wears No Clothes. And this Emperor has been bare for all to see all along. The Humpty Dumpty Stratfordians are in the middle of an identity crisis and on their way to extinction. Tremendous Thanks to The A. Phoenix team for once again polishing the mirror with historical truth that has been suppressed and bringing it to see the light of day. And a Salute to Ben Jonson and Francis Bacon's Mightier Game Plan; may all compounds dissolve.
  5. They've been making new installments at the Folger Library to coincide with the 400th Anniversary of the 1623 Shakespeare First Folio. I requested a Preview and this is what they sent...
  6. Been going to Moe's bookstore in Berkeley, CA for over 30 years. For the first time they moved the Shakespeare Section right next to the Critical Thinking Philosophy section which includes books about Francis Bacon.
  7. I agree with Eric we have to question everything and examine our assumptions and theories so they are not relied upon as historical facts. That's what Oxfordians have to do as well as fall into their own cognitive dissonance trance of obfuscation because they are so threatened by Bacon's candidacy. Between Alfred Dodd, George Tudhope's "Bacon Masonry," Richard Wagner, Peter Dawkins and Manly P. Hall that's pretty much all I can go on regarding Freemasonry, Bacon and the Elizabethan- James era. There's no question in my mind that there are "Craft" references in the Plays and whether it's called Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Knights of the Helmet, there existed a noble impulse for the benefit and relief of man's estate and the greater good of mankind that is now a lost intention of many contemporary watered down so called Freemasons.
  8. From the latest Francis Bacon Society newsletter Chairwoman Susan McIlroy brilliantly suggests for the talented actor, comic Jono Freeman to interview Tom Keenan producer of the Bacon TV Series, "The Rosy Cross." View the pdf transcript of the interview below Jono Freeman interviews Tom Keenan.pdf
  9. https://www.shakespeare.org.uk/visit/whats-on/what-plays-arent-in-the-first-folio-and-why/ Wednesday 14 June, 5-6pm The 1623 First Folio consists of 36 Shakespeare plays, around half of which were not published in individual editions prior to the Folio’s publication. Dr Darren Freebury-Jones surveys plays which we believe Shakespeare had a hand in but weren’t included in the First Folio, and explores what the omission tells us about the presentation of Shakespeare's genius by the Folio's compilers, and the ways in which his dramatic identity was shaped by those he collaborated most.
  10. Thou Standeth before a ReSolved 400 Year Mystery...... November 1623 Shakespeare First Folio- June 2023 A. Phoenix Team
  11. Where else can you get Brilliant and Revelatory research Breaking down historical illusions combined with wonderful Humor (The London Weekly Playbil) than the A. Phoenix team ? Tremendous Drop of Fresh Material that all Baconians can be proud of. Today is a Great Day!
  12. FRAN tastic work Rob. Enjoyed it. Plus Ultra!
  13. my paternal family heritage has British roots and my surname was spelt Gerroll. I've seen Gerald interpreted as "spear wielder" gerald | Etymology, origin and meaning of the name gerald by etymonline Gerald masc. proper name, introduced into England by the Normans, from Old French Giralt, from Old High German Gerwald, "spear-wielder," from Proto-Germanic *girald, from *ger "spear" (see gar) + base of waltan "to rule" (cognate with Old English wealdan; from PIE root *wal- "to be strong"). The name often was confused with Gerard. https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Gerald Gerald Gerald is a male Germanic given name meaning "rule of the spear" from the prefix ger-("spear") and suffix -wald ("rule"). Variants include the English given name Jerrold, the feminine nickname Jeri and the Welsh language Gerallt and Irish language Gearalt. Gerald is less common as a surname.The name is also found in French as Gérald. Geraldine is the feminine equivalent.
  14. Video from Grays Inn to Gorhambury made 30 years ago
  15. https://www.lewrockwell.com/lrc-blog/bacon-newton-locke-and-the-origins-of-the-modern-age-a-personalized-bibliographic-overview/
  16. William Stone Booth, “Some Acrostic Signatures of Francis Bacon” 1909 Bacon was ahead, not only of his own time but also of the present, when he wrote {De Augmentis, book vi, Spedding's translation) of the methods of teaching and of the transmission of knowledge. He styles the first difference of method Magistral, or Initiative. ' The magistral method teaches; the initiative intimates. The magistral requires that what is told should be believed; the initiative that it should be examined. The one transmits knowledge to the crowd of learners; the other to the sons, as it were, of science. The end of the one is the use of knowledges, as they are now; of the other the continuation and further progression of them. Of these methods the latter seems to be like a road abandoned and stopped up; for as knowledges have hitherto been delivered, there is a kind of contract of error be- tween the deliverer and the receiver; for he who delivers knowledge desires to deliver it in such form as may be best believed, and not as may be most conveniently examined; and he who receives know- ledge desires present satisfaction, without waiting for due enquiry and so rather not to doubt, than not to err; glory making the deliverer careful not to lay open his weakness, and sloth making the receiver unwilling to try his strength.' Scientifically speaking, there can be no such thing as orthodox or unorthodox scholarship. Such phrases belong to the bygone age of the ecclesiastical pedagogue. The man who allows his inferences to crystallize into an ' orthodox opinion ' is on the highroad to oblivion, or is courting the ridicule of posterity. Literary history is a science. It is a matter of facts, No lasting history can be built on opinion, and no scholarship which is afraid of enquiry can retain respect. A Shout Out that basically says : Master Boteswain ! (Bacon) A boatswain, bo's'n, bos'n, or bosun, also known as a deck boss, or a qualified member of the deck department, is the most senior rate of the deck department and is responsible for the components of a ship's hull. The boatswain supervises the other members of the ship's deck department, and typically is not a watchstander, except on vessels with small crews. Additional duties vary depending upon ship, crew, and circumstances.Wikipedia Thanks to the A. Phoenix team for The Tempest Graphics below
  17. Petter Amundsen using a sirbacon.org graphic. No biggie. How come he wasn't included in Kate's Big Adventure?
  18. The Full English translation of Bacon Shakespeare and Cervantes by Alfred Von Weber Ebenhof, 1917 translated by Arthur B. Cornwall , 1935 was the first book published (in German) that challenged the authorship of Don Quioxte, The book will be made available for the readers of sirbacon.org sometime this year. Francis Carr is the author of the second book that challenged Cervantes' authorship , Who Wrote Don Quixote? https://sirbacon.org/carrbook.htm
  19. PREFACE TO : Bacon Shakespeare and Cervantes by Alfred Von Weber-Ebenhof The Shakespeare and Cervantes celebrations of the year 1916 have furnished the proof that with regard to the true significance of both of these world-famous names, doubt and fog exist in public opinion, to clear away which is the important task of the present time. When it is considered that the world-renowned works as­sociated with both names are compositions of first rank which possess the highest value for the spiritual uplift of mankind, it can be with confidence asserted that here without doubt we have the greatest literary-historical question of to-day, which must lay claim to the liveliest Interest of every cultured person. To a desire to make the result of studies to that end useful to widest circles, to spur to broader inquiry those who are of similar mind and to break a path for the formation of a group aiming at this, the foregoing sug­gestions owe their origin. In this sense, without prejudice, critically and bene­volently, may they be received. THE AUTHOR.
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