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    On 2/13/2022 at 12:29 PM, Light-of-Truth said:

    I skimmed the paper quickly. I didn't see Dodd mentioned. It is in the paper he makes the statement about Dodd?

    5.4 After the Fall – The Baconian  Enlightenment  Postponed 
    For the more adventurous  and  patient  reader  there  is  a  mine  of  supplementary information  i n  the writings  of  Alfred Dodd, but be warned that Dodd was a fanatical believer in the claim that Bacon wrote the Shakespeare plays. If one can sift out the credulity and hero worship from Dodd's writings, there is a useful quantity of historical information that can be separated from Dodd's thesis.)
  2. I just read an article by James North who I believe may have been the managing editor & Webmaster for The FBSociety in the 2010 time period
    He argues that Bacon was not  a Freemason and that Alfred Dodd cannot be trusted because he is over
    enthusiastic that Bacon wrote Shakespeare.
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  3. As we see in the Manes Verulamani  eulogies by Bacon's contemporaries who knew that Bacon was not just a philosopher but praised him for his great dramatic and poetic abilities. Same goes for Ben Jonson's testimonies of Bacon's writing and speaking abilities.  The critics of today and their opinions are meaningless compared to the  "Good Pens" that knew Bacon personally and all of his voices. The link above is another example of a person who not only has no idea of Bacon's polymathic nature but won't even consider it or do the actual research of what Bacon's contemporaries said of him.

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