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  1. The Shake-Sphere Research Center of Viva Las Vegas
  2. Mather Walker had a deep passion about all things Francis Bacon and gave me permission to host his many essays and digital books. He was on a mission with his knowledge & inimitable writing style along with a great sense of humor. My condolences to his son Wayne and to all that cherished Mather. He will be truly missed. Lawrence Gerald Special Thanks to Travis Dodge for letting Rob and I know about Mather's passing If anyone would like to share about Mather in the Forum please do and or write a message of sympathy can go here https://www.gamblefuneralservice.com/obituaries/Mather-Walker/#!/TributeWall https://www.echovita.com/us/obituaries/ga/savannah/mather-walker-17653077
  3. You are right Christie, Eisley really gets FB. One of my first excursions into Bacon was through Loren Eisley's insightful and easy to read book, FB and the Modern Dilemma : The Man Who Saw Through Time "Bacon himself was seeking the road by which the human mind might be opened to the full image of the world, not reduced to the little compass of a state machine." ******** "The world without Shakespeare's insights is a lesser world, our griefs shut more in- articulately in upon themselves. We grow mute at the thought just as an element seems to disappear from sunlight without Van Gogh. Yet these creations we might call particle episodes in the human universe acts without precedent, a kind of disobedience of normality, unprophesiable by science, unduplicable by other individuals on demand." https://sirbacon.org/the-man-who-saw-through-time/
  4. Christie, if you do a Newest First on the Sort by logo your comment is still there. @cgwaldmanauthorfrancisbaco5320 3 days ago Even "fair, open-minded and judicious scholars" may have blind spots. Reasonable minds can differ on matters of opinion. What British barrister N. B. Cockburn's book does in his 740-page book is try to set out fully the strongest points in the case for Bacon, as he saw them, 26 years ago. Cockburn considered only 4 of the 32 elegies in his appendix. I am surprised you were able to find a copy of Cockburn's book; it is so rare. @alexanderwaugh7036
  5. Thank You Eric but credit should all be given to AP who I asked for support and he delivered the turkeys for christmas! Does this mean we can still go bowling sir?
  6. One of Marvin's list of likes : Dr. Strangelove; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Hi Marvin, One of our generous contributors to sirbacon.org has been the writer, Harvey Wheeler, a life long admirer of the political philosophy and Constitutional law writings of Francis Bacon. Harvey also co wrote a very successful novel, "Fail Safe" which was adapted to make the screenplay for Dr. Strangeglove. Fail-Safe (1962) Eugene Burdick & Harvey Wheeler, McGraw Hill; Re-published, 1999, by Ecco Press, now part of Harper-Collins. https://sirbacon.org/wheelerbooks.html
  7. Tremendous AP. Thank You! The pugnacious bull in the china shop will have his rejoinder soon.
  8. CAB wrote : The Oxfordians have stayed pretty active but they really just care about being chosen the winners, as opposed to discovering the truth wherever it may lie. I've been to several of their conferences and have not always been treated well once they find I'm a Baconian. Once I was told by one of their leaders that I "better get my head right" on the topic." So telling about Oxfordians that winning is more important to them then truth and for one of them to say "better get my head right on the topic," illustrates their lack of tolerance and that fear is their motivating factor. Oxfordians are desperate for evidence of truth and in so doing want to make sure that remaining dumb to the truth about Bacon is the only way for them to survive in their delusions of grandeur.
  9. The Secret Links Between the Rosicrucian-Freemasonic Memoriae (1626) Containing Thirty-Two Verses Dedicated To Francis Bacon Our Shakespeare, The First Folio of the Shakespeare Works (1623), and the Stratford Monument "The monuments of wit survive the monuments of power." This is Magistar Ludi level of a weave by the A.P Team. A. Phoenix team has produced another truly outstanding and important book and videos (viewed the two videos, read the book & now wearing the Tee-Shirt) that cross references the mythic level references by Bacon's loyal peers to Bacon and his extraordinary literary skills and prodigious mind as seen in the crucial 1626 Book of Eulogies (Memoria) with the Stratford Monument Statue, to the 1623 First Folio revealing the Rosicross brotherhood's work in action. This book connects the dots between the same people behind these planned intentions just as in the previous A.Phoenix work that connects Bacon's fingerprints behind his 1587 copy of Holinshed's Chronicles and the Bacon Shakespeare Manuscript formerly known as the "Northumberland Manuscript." The secrets that are revealed and the progressions of Speculative Freemasonry all illustrate what some Freemasons of today were not taught. A historical gap exists for them in not knowing their lineage or conveniently ignoring James Anderson's Book that references Freemasonry was alive and well in the 17th century. The apex of light that existed during the 17th century with Francis Bacon being front and center and at the same time behind the scenes. As usual this well researched book backs up the secret history with reliable citations, illustrations, title pages, and sources. Enjoyable read and Compounds have dissolved. LG
  10. https://www.google.com/books/edition/The_Letters_of_Lady_Anne_Bacon/PUilBAAAQBAJ?hl=en&gbpv=1 ANNE, LADY BACON: A LIFE IN LETTERS https://core.ac.uk/reader/159077213 Katherine Alice Mair Thesis submitted for the degree of PhD Queen Mary, University of London 2009
  11. Pomeroy's statue of FB was hit during the Blitz, so another one had to be created after the war. Rumors circulated years ago by Oxfordians that DeVere was reburied under the current Gray's Inn statue so he could become one with Shake-Speare.
  12. When the clever donkeys of the British Library authorized that Shake-Speare's "handwriting" matched the handwriting in the Sir Thomas Moore manuscript https://blogs.bl.uk/digitisedmanuscripts/2020/07/shakespeares-only-surviving-playscript-now-online.html all bets were off they can be trusted with anything Authorship related as they played their hand that they have an agenda to abide to. That's why it would not surprise me if the Skippwith 1587 Copy of Holinshed’s Chronicles is being held there as a hostage to fortune. If the Folger had it would they go on record to say they would make it available for researchers?
  13. The Smoking Gun of the True Authorship of the Shakespeare Works - Francis Bacon and his Unique Copy of the 1587 edition of Holinshed’s Chronicles with Marginal Annotations in his own hand alongside passages used for his Shakespeare Plays https://youtu.be/RPMwkcxLjXo Tremendous Work AP Team. Just finished viewing the youtube video. Amazing story that has gone unnoticed till now and one that I myself was not fully aware of. Thank You to the AP Team for bringing this front and center to everyone's attention which it truly deserves. My bet is that the British Library has done their best to keep this "marginalized." It's not just not a smoking gun as you rightly point out but an arsenal for changing the Authorship landscape forever. Maybe this will lead to a shake up and rediscovery of the 1587 edition of Holinshed’s Chronicles
  14. yes that is one of two phone cards that were made in collaboration with my friend Dan TUDOR. Yep he was my neighbor who was in the business at the time of making telephone cards with time on it. Before Dan met me didn't know a thing about Bacon and yes that was his last name. That is not me who is selling the card. The other card is Bacon on a motorcycle.
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