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  1. See Nieves Matthews thorough Investigation of Bacon's Innocence Francis Bacon History of a Character Assassination https://www.google.com/books/edition/Francis_Bacon/ZYDv5C6th2kC?hl=en&gbpv=1&dq=francis+bacon&pg=PP1&printsec=frontcover Alfred Dodd's The Martyrdom of Francis Bacon https://sirbacon.org/downloads/Dodd_Martyrdom of Francis Bacon7.pdf
  2. Written and Produced by Stephanie Petersen: Bacon's pound of flesh It takes Stephanie Petersen less than 5 minutes in “Bacon’s Pound of Flesh” video to demolish the Shakespeare Authorship controversy in one fell swoop using economic philosophy. Having Francis Bacon as narrator and pointing out his own opinions on merchandise and money are one which is consistent with ideas found in The Essays, The New Atlantis, The Advancement of Learning and The Merchant of Venice. In the process Bacon refutes Edward Coke for his ego centric mercantilism philosophy by paraphrasing the famous Shakespeare line, “What Fools these mercantilists be.” 
 And the video wouldn’t be so joyously complete without Bacon quoting from Brittannica that chastises Edward de Vere, for his “lack of financial sense.”
  3. I like these two observations by educator and Baconian Researcher, Stephanie Petersen. @StephanieMcPeakPetersen 2 weeks ago posted in comments section @Sir Francis Bacon, Shakespeare, & The Francis Bacon Society- Jono Freeman Interview "Two things stand out for me that point to Bacon's authorship of Shakespeare (at least partial authorship): the encoding of Ptolemy's tense tetrachord into Hamlet (Bacon did a lot of empirical work with sound and music) and an anti-mercantilist economic argument in The Merchant of Venice (Bacon made the same economic argument in New Atlantis)." Also check out Stepanie's videos "Bacon, Shakespeare & Tartarian Economics" and "Bacon's Pound of Flesh" https://www.youtube.com/@StephanieMcPeakPetersen
  4. One of the distortions is predicated on having the publication of the plays to fit DeVere's living timeline. So that means all the plays have to be written before 1604. Despite the reality that revisions were made clearly past the 1604 timeline we are dealing with an adversary that has no regard to historical truth.
  5. When it comes to the year of Oxford's death in 1604, intellectually challenged Oxfordians bypass this fact by resorting to their Imagination and make up theories they believe are facts. Reality Distortionists.
  6. no, they won't leave comments up that go against their belief system. I don't see your comment Christie and of course my comment was deleted instantly. Nothing truer than censorship.
  7. I had to follow up in their comments section with : Its embarrassing and how shallow Oxfordians pretend to know so little about Francis Bacon. Here's a page that directly contrasts Devere and Bacon https://sirbacon.org/harneroxford.htm
  8. I was going to comment that at least the Oxies who made this grumpy and inaccurate video about Bacon back on May 22nd were smart enough not to post it on youtube, but now all bets are off as they couldn't help themselves and posted it on June 20th. I thought the comments made in the comments section during their broadcast would have provided them with something to think about and reconsider how little they know about Bacon. But of course I underestimated how some Oxies prefer to regale in their ignorance then actually have an advancement of learning. Send in some comments on their youtube page if inclined.......
  9. It was clear that their shallow understanding of Bacon and Elizabethan history was based on Alan Stewart & Lisa Jardine's hack job, "Hostage to Fortune." aka Hostile to Truth. See Mather Walker's Book Review https://sirbacon.org/jardine.htm
  10. "There have been only two geniuses in the world, Willie Mays and Willie Shakespeare. But, darling, I think you'd better put Shakespeare first." Tallulah Bankhead
  11. Jono: " Once I found Bacon , Oxford (Eddie DeVere) was gonski."
  12. p.95 From the Book by A. Phoenix : The Six So-Called Signatures of William Shakspere of Stratford and 'Hand D' in the Manuscript of the Shakespeare Play Sir Thomas More Written by Francis Bacon. THE ALLEGED HANDS/SCRIBES/COPYISTS IN THE SIR THOMAS MORE MANUSCRIPT "These writings can be classified into four categories: first, texts that Bacon wrote but not for public consumption; second, texts Bacon wrote to be circulated with his name; third, texts Bacon intended to circulate anonymously; and fourth, texts that were intended to circulate under another’s name." [Alan Stewart with Harriet Knight, eds., The Oxford Francis Bacon: Early Writings 1584- 1596 (Oxford Clarendon Press, 2012), p. xxviii] "So desiring you to be good to concealed poets." [Letter from Bacon to Sir John Davies dated 1603; Spedding, Letters and Life, III, p. 65] "As for my Essays, and some other particulars of that nature, I count them but as the recreations of my other studies, and in that sort purpose to continue them; though I am not ignorant that those kind of writings would, with less pains and embracement (perhaps), yield more lustre and reputation to my name, than those which I have in hand." [A letter from Bacon to Lancelot Andrewes, 1622; Spedding, Letters and Life, VII, p. 374] "For myself…I may truly say that both in this present work, and in those I intended to publish hereafter, I often advisedly and deliberately throw aside the dignity of my name and wit (if such a thing be) in my endeavour to advance human interests." [Francis Bacon, De Augmentis Scientiarum, 1623; Spedding, Works, V, p. 4]
  13. A NEW BOOK FROM A PHOENIX The Six So-Called Signatures of William Shakspere of Stratford and ‘Hand D’ in the Manuscript of the Shakespeare Play Sir Thomas More Written by Francis Bacon It's now time for Stratford and all Stratfordians to raise the white flag and surrender thanks to this explosive expose by the A. P. Team.
  14. Steve Fuller, "The Prophetic Bacon: Response to Garber," Epistemology & Philosophy of Science, Volume 58, Issue 3, 2021. DOI https://doi.org/10.5840/eps202158345 "A mark of Bacon's long-term influence is that his conception of knowledge makes more sense now than it did to his contemporaries," he said. "Most of Bacon's contemporaries regarded knowledge as a state of mind, namely, one aligned with reality, which typically bore some clear relationship to God as the creator. A secular version of this idea is still taken for granted by philosophers." "In contrast, Bacon believed that knowledge was basically something produced--say, in a laboratory as the result of an experiment," he added. "In this conception, the scientist does not possess knowledge as a state of his or her own mind, but as something external to the scientist's mind. Words like 'finding', 'discovery,' and 'invention' capture this rather objectified conception of knowledge." "Moreover, unlike the authority granted to ancient and holy books, which are also arguably 'objectified knowledge,' Bacon stressed that one should be able to produce the knowledge for oneself," Fuller said. "Hence the great stress he placed on the idea of a 'scientific method.'" Fuller concludes with his argument for Bacon as a prophet. "
  15. A. Phoenix, The 1623 Shakespeare First Folio: A Baconian-Rosicrucian-Freemasonic Illusion (2023), pp. 306-8 & 399n. 834. https://www.academia.edu/103102421/The_1623_Shakespeare_First_Folio_A_Baconian_Rosicrucian_Freemasonic_Illusion 403 pages of Meticulous Bliss!
  16. Good Call AP! You probably would have to show up in a Hazmat suit
  17. Thanks to Kate for giving me the heads up on this very informative video by Aleix Galvany who has used sirbacon.org as a resource referring to Dodd's Masonic Alpha-Bet Code and Francis Carr's book, Who Wrote Don Quixote? See : Also Aleix mentions a book Masonic Symbolism in Shakespeare by Robert Clegg and William McDaniel Anyone familiar with this book?
  18. https://www.folger.edu/research/use-the-library/#preparing-for-your-visit If you were to do research at the Folger Library in Washington D.C. which books would you request to call up?
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