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  1. anyone want to join in and support A.P who is showing up the Stratfordian group known as "Oxfraud" after posting The 6 Primary Documents confirming Bacon is Shakespeare https://www.facebook.com/groups/oxfraud/posts/2702486646599490/?comment_id=2702730733241748&reply_comment_id=2702785026569652&notif_id=1713457125565350&notif_t=group_threaded_comment_reply
  2. London Library accused of hosting ‘anti-intellectual conspiracy theory’ that Shakespeare was a woman The institution is running a panel discussion with Elizabeth Winkler, the author of ‘Shakespeare Was a Woman and Other Heresies’ By Ewan Somerville ( has taken the uneducated hubris slant on the authorship) https://archive.ph/2024.04.13-150153/https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2024/04/13/london-library-accused-hosting-anti-intellectual-conspiracy/
  3. https://www.townandcountrymag.com/leisure/arts-and-culture/a60441053/william-shakespeare-document-discovered-mystery/ A Remarkable Discovery of a Document Shatters One of Shakespeare's Biggest Mysteries A secret parchment has resurfaced, rewriting the Bard’s sketchy family history. By Tim Newcomb Published: Apr 09, 2024 9:21 AM EST LG comments : This article does not contain a digital copy of the document alleged to have been written by Shaksper's sister Joan Hart. Professor Matthew Steggle (ms17027@bristol.ac.uk) the source of this story does not verify if the 1757 document is in Joan's own hand or is it just has her signature? If Joan was literate its surprising she didn't find time to educate her nieces (Shaksper's daughters) to being able to read and write. The author of this article, Tim Newcomb, states, "Yet, the scarcity of Shakespeare’s personal artifacts does little to dim the luster of his legacy, which stands in stark contrast to his modest, mysterious origins." This personal opinion of Mr. Newomb is blinded by the luster and downplays a more significant question. The scarcity of personal artifacts especially when it comes to having a literary legacy shines a very bright light as to why we have an Authorship question.
  4. Beware the tides of March. During the last 2 weeks of March attendance has doubled for each day. Sirbacon.org exceeded over 10,000 visitors worldwide for the month of March, mostly new visitors landing on all subject manner. Outside of our Forum clicks, pages that have to do with Bacon's "The Four Idols" and the King James Bible leads the way which indicate school related interests. We are Everywhere!
  5. Why would Essex not give the ring to Francis Bacon to deliver to Elizabeth?
  6. Joy Hancox has sent me early today a new video she has made to be shared with the readers of www.sirbacon.org "A Story for Easter." It is a weave that relates to an Allegorical Painting that symbolizes the nativity of Jesus' birth, Francis Bacon's birth and his manufactured death day, April 9th, Bacon's connection to being a main shareholder of Brass works in Wales & how it leads to Nuremberg Germany, The 1623 First Folio & The Incomparable Pair of Brethren, Numerology, Crop Circles, Baconians Alfred Dodd, and Edward Johnson and more. Joy Hancox , author of "The Messenger", "The Hidden Chapter : An Investigation into the Custody of Lost Knowledge", Kingdom for a Stage : Magicians & Aristocrats in the Elizabethan Theatre", "The Byrom Collection and the Globe Theatre Mystery. See http://joyhancox.co.uk/
  7. To be perfectly fair, it's Shocking what the Friedmans had done or not done as it is.
  8. Just found this. Robert Anton Wilson was a most interesting personality and prolific writer living in Berkeley CA when I first met him in 1975. We were not college roommates but maybe in a parallel universe next door. Wilson was writing books and offering Exo-Psychology courses which I participated in. I shared with him some info which he used in his soon to be published book, "Cosmic Trigger."
  9. Good one Eric : "There's more to this than meets the eye." LOL! The essence of Jean Overton Fuller's research on Bacon's eye color https://sirbacon.org/downloads/fuller-chapter2.pdf
  10. "Jonathan Bate should change the spelling of his last name to Bait. Jonathan Bait The only thing Jonathan Bate catches with his worms is the drift of mediocrity." - Antonine Lakosh bait /bāt/ noun Food or other lure placed on a hook or in a trap and used in the taking of fish, birds, or other animals. Something, such as a worm, used for this purpose. An enticement, temptation, or provocation. "He did not take the bait by responding to the taunt and getting drawn into an argument."
  11. would be great if we can get Maria's opinion on Ebenhof or Carr's books... Maria's book some of the contents https://brill.com/display/title/60900?language=en
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