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  1. Hello. I am wondering more and more why both these highly symbolic creatures seem to be speared in the Baconian spectre - eg at the feet of Athena and with St George on his horse? The serpent being held as representing "ignorance" and the dragon being a bloodline related to the 'messiah' kingly ritual where crocodile fat as the coronating unguent blessing for the pharoah. Why is this so when Kundalini rising as the Spirito-Biological Energy (prana, vrill, chi, tarot sex) emanating from the Root Chakra and weaving complementarily up the Channel towards the Crown Chakra is known, long so, to be part of the highest mortal spiritual repertoire? Francis et al were deeply informed about long ancient wisdom and consciousness known personally on all levels of our Being how and where am i confused about this symbology? In so many images i see the serpent on the ground and/or at someone's feet is this really to imply it's the Root Chakra and not the root of evil? Is the dragon/crocodile being similarly implied? I'm fascinated by Anthropology and related disciplines (incl Art History) and am absorbed by Lawrence Gardner, Zecharia Sitchen among others immersed and learned in the field of the origins of human history and what the meaning of Humanity may mean and require. For this reason i am keen in my own novice and limited way to bridge Francis through Medieval/Classical Studies to the deepest emerging pre-history of Humankind relating to genetics and cultural histories. Holding as i do that Francis did not physically die in 1626, but in December 1647 aged c 86yoa and with a leg ulcer that i wonder might have become infected and a symptom of diabetes. I doubt he would have lived beyond that in spite of the Rosicrucian 'life-extension' practices purported. He also had worked himself a long time and i wonder if he would have wanted to live longer than his great friends/Brothers Duke Augustus II, The Younger of Lower Saxony or Johann Valentin Andreae. Both of these two excellent humanists long known to each other and Francis had many years of close or intimate association - initially in England and Germany overtly then latterly after Francis escaped England to reside in Germany under the auspices of Augustus initially then Johannes in Stuttgart. I'm Australian, 73 and became interested in the life of this Great Exemplar, Francis Bacon a closet Tudor Prince following reading a book by Brisbane psychiatrist/psychotherapist, Dr George Blair-West - 'The Way of the Quest'. That book engaged me emotionally - the rejection and fierce worldly contempt which Francis had to contend with hooked me into the injustice that riddled his life. Yet of course such set his Course beyond mere lower level satisfactions of mundane political life. I'd be delighted by further elucidation! Kindly, Julie.
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