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  1. Maybe in our Western world defined as such. But four is a number that can work before language had words for it, and circles are concepts easy to grasp without words. ChatGPT helped me on this: Neolithic and Megalithic Cultures: Circles were prominent in Neolithic and Megalithic cultures, evident in structures like Stonehenge in England and the stone circles scattered across Europe and the British Isles. These structures date back to as early as 3000 BC to 2000 BC, predating the Mycenaean civilization (which began around 1600 BC). While the exact symbolic meanings of these circles to their builders are still debated, they clearly held significant importance. Ancient Mesopotamia: The civilizations of Ancient Mesopotamia, such as the Sumerians, who are credited with the creation of one of the world's earliest civilizations around 4500 BC to 1900 BC, used circular designs in their art and architecture. The wheel, one of humanity's most important inventions, originated in Mesopotamia around 3500 BC. While primarily a practical tool, its circular shape could also carry symbolic meanings of movement, progression, and the heavens. Indigenous Petroglyphs and Rock Art: Various indigenous cultures around the world have created petroglyphs (rock carvings) and rock paintings that include circular motifs, some of which date back to periods well before the emergence of Greek civilization. For example, the rock art in places like Australia, which includes circular motifs, can date back tens of thousands of years.
  2. Another clue on this page where Bacon is about to die that makes me emotional is from the word "name" to "tell my story" are 33 words skipping the ones in parenthesis. 33 is simple cipher for BACON. (You know this below is classic Bacon/Shakespeare word count technique as introduced in 1916 by F.R.C.) πŸ˜‰
  3. So this is Hamlet's final speech. I have tears in my eyes reading this page. Yea, I've been reading the B'Hive when I can, but until today have not really looked myself. Is this not Bacon leaving a message for us? In the same column I am pasting below, he says things like: Ham. As th'art a man, giue me the Cup. Let go, by Heauen Ile haue't. Oh good Horatio, what a wounded name, (Things standing thus vnknowne) shall liue behind me. If thou did'st euer hold me in thy heart, Absent thee from felicitie awhile, And in this harsh world draw thy breath in paine, To tell my Storie. And from the top of that same column just as Hamlet (Bacon) dies, we can count 287 words excluding an italics. Just a coincidence? Anybody?? A 287 word count then a big O with three to follow at his death. It is approaching 4 centuries after he died. Right? https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/doc/Ham_F1/page/30/index.html
  4. I have a professional history with Drum Circle Facilitators and the 4/4 beat is part of their business plan. LOL 4 is an important number. I think learning Tarot many years before learning of Bacon taught me that. And of course our Native American teachings here in the New Atlantis the number 4 and all circles are to be respected whether separate or together. "Squaring the circle"? I'm sure you can share some math which is always fun. For a couple days with no time to poke around the Shakespeare "o,o,o,o" hint has been nagging at me. I am behind the curve as far as the conversation, but I have a hunch there is a lesson by Bacon (and Dee) in the Shakespeare works. No CJ, I am not trying to recruit anybody in to my hippy cult of Bacon and Love, I am just trying to entertain myself which I need so bad! πŸ˜‰ Four circles have been used by many powerful entities; tribes, religions, governments, corporations, artists and musicians world wide for centuries, or more. Shakespeare did not accidentally write this line, "The rest is silence. O, o, o, o. Dyes". I hope to be back in a bit...
  5. Amphibalum is interesting to Google with several directions to pursue. This image stopped me for a moment: Martyrdom of Amphibalus from the Trinity College Life of St Alban Obviously above his cloak has been removed.
  6. I could use some direction. I have Googled of course, but am lost. Please expand for we on the outside of this veil. πŸ˜‰ I do see this and can smile at "Fr. Bacon her W. Shakespeare" from Elizabeth, if that is your thinking. πŸ˜‰ https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/es Middle English Etymology 1 Determiner es Alternative form of his (β€œhis”) Pronoun es Alternative form of his (β€œhis”) Etymology 2 Pronoun es Alternative form of his (β€œher”) Etymology 3 Verb es Alternative form of is (β€œis”)
  7. I’m on my phone in the field working, but will hopefully have time soon to kick around ideas. But even on my phone will share that the number 1881 is a number about time that I believe the Dee/Bacon team left us plenty of lessons to learn. I see four circles between two pillars pointing to past and future into eternity both directions into all yet discovered dimensions. <β€”1881β€”>
  8. There is music also. https://www.newworldrecords.org/products/salvatore-martirano-o-o-o-o-that-shakespeherian-rag Salvatore Martirano (1927-1995) was one of the key members of the circle of composers who, during the sixties and early seventies, were well-known for their wild eclecticism. Serialism, jazz, electronics, popular music, and theater were incorporated into their music in fresh and exciting combinations. O,O,O,O, That Shakespeherian Rag collects six of the most important compositions from his relatively small body of work. By the late 50s Martirano had begun to freely incorporate elements of jazz and popular music. O,O,O,O, That Shakespeherian Rag (1959), one of his two magnum opuses, is a prime example of this musical synthesis-a serialist choral setting of passages from three Shakespeare plays, accompanied by a chamber orchestra that includes a jazz ensemble. Schoenberg meets bebop in a wild, intricate and richly allusive mix of words and music. Domenico Scarlatti + Art Tatum = Cocktail Music (1962)-a short virtuosic solo piano concoction. Octet (1963) is a delicately orchestrated canvas of pungent sonorities and airy textures. Chansons Innocentes (1957), are short settings for voice and piano of three e.e. cummings poems.
  9. Let's keep those revolutions a comin'! LOL https://archive.org/details/collectionofembl00withe/page/157/mode/1up?view=theater
  10. I agree, thank you Yann for another amazing book I would never know about! Thank you, Eric for digging deeper! Curious the 9 x 9 grid with 81 squares. Any two rows will have 18 squares whether horizontal, vertical, and even diagonal when the cross the center square.
  11. We are happy you are here! What is your blog? Is it still up? I can't image Lawrence and I have not come across. Have we linked to it on SirBacon? There was a time when SirBacon.org and even my own Light-of-Truth.com did very well on Google. SirBacon.org and Peter's FBRT.org.uk were always in the top authorship sites for some years from the late '90s until maybe the mid 2010's or so when Google began to bury what they considered "conspiracy" websites and Sir Francis Bacon as candidate for Shakespeare Authorship appeared to be in that conspiracy purge they warned against. It is a shame and unfair, especially when they seemed to embrace the gassy candidate. But it is what it is. Even a search for "Sir Francis Bacon" had SirBacon.org on the 13th page until we built this forum 3 years ago. In fact this B'Hive Forum was announced on SirBacon.org 3 years ago today on Feb 3, 2021. SirBacon.org now comes up at about number 5 in the search results on the first page for a search on "Sir Francis Bacon" for most people. Whew! Finally! It took a lot of time and effort to get it back. Anyway, welcome to the B' Hive and enjoy being one of us. πŸ™‚ Rob
  12. I am eager to learn more about you. I am sure I am not alone. πŸ™‚ Funny I have a client who goes by CAB as her email and such. She is a math teacher, born on 3-14, Pi Day. LOL And yes, she is well aware of Bacon from my rants with her and she asked me for more info after watching Oak Island on TV. πŸ˜‰ Cockburn's book The Bacon Shakespeare Question was one of the first , if not one of the original suggestions and pages on SirBacon.org. https://sirbacon.org/cockburn.htm
  13. Thank you!! 400 years ago I think Bacon knew his biliteral/binary code would enlighten the world. πŸ™‚ And occasionally we like to throw back a "Thank you!" to Sir Francis Bacon himself over time. Thank you, Lord Bacon, we are here working for your vision, your due, and appreciate all you have done for the positive Reformation of the While Wide World.
  14. As the W. Mr. H that is at the end of the Sonnets dedication poem in one way to read it, Worshipful Master H, or F + B = H. https://www.light-of-truth.com/Royal_Arch_Jewel/solution_old.htm T. T. SETTING FORTH IN THE ADVENTURER BY WISHING WELL WISHETH LIVING EVER. OUR POET PROMISED THESE SONNETS TO THE ONLIE AND INSVING ETERNITIE THAT BEGETTER OF ALL HAPPINESSE. W.Mr. H
  15. Yup, wool-guy was not a writer, even when they gave him a feather! LOL I am no bible scholar, that's for sure. But is it the blood from the lamb or whatever is in the chalice? Or both? Just guessing. πŸ˜‰
  16. I just read a part of an article that was interesting. My eyes are shot, but good points at least in the first part of the article. Can't say about how it ends... https://shakespeareoxfordfellowship.org/stratford-bust-monumental-fraud/
  17. Or was the woolsack part of the Bacon and RC design? "How now Woolsacke, what mntter you?" We know the page this Shakespeare quote lives: https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/Bran_F1/376/index.html%3Fzoom=800.html
  18. Hey Jon (John), I'm not sure you can use a video in your signature. Usually most members use a sentence or two at most, but links are encouraged. We try to keep bandwidth down for viewers on mobile devices or slower internet speeds. Thanks! Rob
  19. Why does he have six toes? It is like an AI image from 1611. LOL https://archive.org/details/1611TheAuthorizedKingJamesBible/page/n1/mode/2up
  20. In your account settings, look for Signature:
  21. I'll suggest you are plenty Baconian enough to promote whatever you do! I'd be interested in being a beta reader, but I swear I can not read very well anymore. I read backwards, up and down, barely reading a few sentences at a time forward. πŸ™‚
  22. I have a hunch it is, of course, Her book is in print, and in amazing quality. It is one for any library and also one to have in your hands a lot. I bought two and already passed one on to someone a little curious about the subject matter. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CLDKDPY8 If you paid for the online version and did not download it, I am sure you can still get it. But the print is really awesome. Every one of us needs to own and hold a copy.
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