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  1. Plus you opened a door for me at the right moment. I've been thinking about 155 lately. You've seen some of it at least. Day 365 has a place in tables I work with, and 155 shares the space with 365. You posted the facsimile of those O lines at the end of "A Louers complaint." VERY cool! You snagged my immediate attention. Recently I actually spent some time in Shakespeare looking for such a series of Os' Honestly, I examined every big O in the 1609 Sonnets and might still have some thoughts to share. πŸ™‚ But for whatever reason, "A Louers complaint" has never brought me in. In fact, sometimes does not show up in Shakespeare searches. At least for me anyway. I went online to examine the page screenshot you posted. Right away I found out my regular online resources have lost the last two pages of this work from 1609! Oh no! (O! NO!) Page 74 is the last page they display then next has a 404 error. Page 75: Oh well, I know how to dig around the web. i am really good at it. LOL But those pages did not pop up within 10 or 15 minutes of digging! Wow! But A CONspriracy?? LOL Then I remembered I have a full PDF of the 1609 facsimile, and a printed book I bought some years ago! Whew! Yay!! But do they have "A Louers complaint" contained and included with them? I never looked before. To my delight, and also my surprise the entire poem is in both. I am a little embarrassed. It's not like that poem does not come up in Baconian discussions and all throughout the Baconiania collection. LOL What hit me today just now is what is right after the 154 Sonnets that at my 63 years old I have spent a third of life studying and living in, the next page which would maybe be thought of as 155 which I have been connecting to 365 lately is below. The image below points out that is page 66. That may not matter. https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/UC_Q1_Son/66/index.html%3Fzoom=500.html All I can say with my mouth wide open is, "From fairest creatures..." LOL Keep in mind this is what follows the 154 Sonnets in this 1609 presentation. Why have I never looked ot see what was next? Makes me laugh how stupid I can be! LOL How many times the fruit (Bacon) has been hanging, and to be honest I did not even know this was in my PDF that I keep on my PC desktop for easy open, nor in the print book I bought for when I am not on my PC! So what do I do, first thing is look for a clue. Of course, even though blind as a bat for twenty some years. A Louver complaint = 183 Simple cipher. And it is Short cipher 66, which as far as the online facsimile is the page it appears on. ONE EIGHTY THREE is 157 Simple and 365 Kaye cipher. LOL But this has to be merely another instance of an intricate web of synchronilities in the 1609 Quarto that seem to be everlasting revolutions. πŸ™‚ https://www.light-of-truth.com/ciphers.html
  2. CJ, I think you have proven to be the Scholarly Western Esoteric expert on the B'Hive. Maybe you have a PHD in Western Esoteric Wisdom? But we both know the "Christian" religion in human history is very new, as are all (or most of) of the current religions we typically think of. I do remember meeting a few fascinating Pagans at a mushroom conference in Telluride, CO a few months before hearing of Bacon. I always thought the unconnected events might have been connected somehow. LOL Last night I was too exhausted to Baconate and turned on TV and watched a nice documentary about the Mind's of Cats. I think I have even seen it before, but I love cats. Someone (a paleontologist?) shared that evidence is discovered that the human and cat relationship goes back 10,000 years ago. Makes sense to me. I would imagine dogs were in the mix as well. Here's my question, did at any point during this end of the ice-age paleo point of time in our evolution did a successful tribe of mammoth hunters on whatever continent adopt a baby mammoth after they killed the mother? And if so, would they have had the brains to nurture, breed, and tame them? I can't imagine they did not. Ten thousand years is like a tiny fraction of an instance in evolutionary time.
  3. I have a lot to learn, and am making some level of an attempt! πŸ˜‰ First thing I see is that 27 is the first "Kaye" cipher A (1 + 26). But the next one is 53. Probably no relation, but that's what I see immediately. Showing the early columns of the 14x26 table with all of the A's in the A row: Side note: The other night I was using AO as the place in this table and as a cipher for Day 365. When I looked back on my March 2022 post I reread what Yann said something about A O being the Alpha and Omega. The next day poking around I was re-introduced to the A.O., Alpha et Omega of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn which was a path I was on before I learned about Bacon when learning Tarot as a beginner in the early to mid '90s. LOL Funny how life has so many twists and turns, hopefully making some kind of progress even if slow as a snail!
  4. I can't wait to explore myself!! The O's have been a fascinating journey for me. Thank you, Kate! FINIS is 55 Simple cipher. Or we might call EE in plain text as 55 if we desire. πŸ˜‰ Thank you for sharing this PEE (PEETHAGORAS = 110 Simple cipher, or 55 x 2). By the way, Line 1555 (PEE) is the last Line of Sonnet 111 and one I have studied. πŸ˜‰ https://www.light-of-truth.com/pyramid-GMT.php#Line1555
  5. Yann, you are not alone, and you know it. πŸ™‚ It is "our" path, whoever we are. Our numbers may be small, but our scope is Infinite. πŸ˜‰
  6. I get 155, but maybe you have a different meaning? There is a story about that number I might share if I get time later. πŸ˜‰ https://www.light-of-truth.com/ciphers.html
  7. Standing Ovation from me! Clapping, cheering, and laughing! πŸ™‚ EDIT: I agree, "There is no shame in loathing the Stratfordian Establishment!"
  8. 13 x 28, 26 x 14, 52 x 7 all are 364. You brought up the 154 table which I have been holding back on describing. The extra number is 155 with the 11 x 14 table. So in a way, 155 and 365 are in the same place in the Sonnets design. 155 is the Simple cipher of WILL SHAKESPEARE. You said 14 x 154 is 2,156 which is a twelfth of the 25,960 year cycle. A big clock. I remember Kate mentioning this number, or one very close. I don't remember it being divided into 12. But I forget moment to moment. The Sonnets have 2,155 lines of text. So being one number off the 2,156, makes them moot. LOL Or not... I suppose we could take that extra 155 in the table and it would begin with Line 2,156. Can we? A few days ago I rediscovered a discovery I have made many times and forget. FIFTY TWO and FIFTY THREE both add up to 117 Simple cipher. No big deal, right? Strange that 117 kept coming up for me the day I rediscovered that 52 and 53 had the same Simple cipher. But there is a thing about that. Strange that FIFTY does it, but it is half of 100. ONE HUNDRED TWO and ONE HUNDRED THREE both add up to 157 Simple cipher. ONE HUNDRED TWO is 157 Simple and 287 Kaye. ONE HUNDRED THREE is 157 Simple and 365 Kaye. ONE THOUSAND TWO and ONE THOUSAND THREE both add up to 183 Simple cipher. ONE THOUSAND TWO adds up to 183 Simple and 287 Kaye. ONE THOUSAND THREE adds up to 183 Simple and 365 Kaye. 183 is the "Middle" day of the year. There are 182 days before and 182 days after. ONE EIGHTY THREE adds up to 183 Simple and 365 Kaye cipher. ONE EIGHTY TWO adds up to 157 Simple and 287 Kaye cipher. CJ, try to explain this as being a strategic manipulation in my mind to build my sheep cult following. LOL There is more and more with these numbers, count on that. I just want to know who made the words fit the numbers! CENTURY adds up to 100 Simple cipher. Who did that? Was it Dee? https://www.light-of-truth.com/ciphers.html This is like super secret stuff I think. Please look away if the Light is too bright. You might go blind if you are not supposed to see this. LOL πŸ™‚
  9. I have also treated every line as a year. Line 2001 which is the last line of the first 13 Tiers has powerful significance and is Sealed in several directions. Of course looking at each Line as a Day is very important. Line 365 begins Sonnet 27. Line 364 is the last Line of Sonnet 26. https://www.light-of-truth.com/pyramid-GMT.php#Line0360 Don't know that you have gone to the next Wither's emblem on page 158: https://archive.org/details/collectionofembl00withe/page/158/mode/1up?view=theater
  10. I have no clue, but have not dug in. I feel like a little kid hanging out with grownups! (As usual!)
  11. In the first years working with this design I learned to accept that Day 365 was also Day 0. It was the last day or the year, it was the first day of the year. Noon on December 31 was Day 0 hour 12. January 1 began as Day 1 at 12:00:01 AM. It was some years after I came to this conclusion that I first saw the Wither's emblem I love to share so much and recognizing how the words relate to the Sonnets design. https://archive.org/details/collectionofembl00withe/page/157/mode/1up?view=theater Below is copied and pasted from a post I made a couple years ago: Read the words with this emblem: Old Sages by the Figure of the Snake (Encircled thus) did oft expression make Of Annuall-Revolutions; and of things, Which wheele about in everlasting-rings; There ending, where they first of all begun, And, there beginning, where the Round was done. The Snake, the ouroboros, 365, annual revolutions, and of things? Wheel about. The Sonnets design cycles repeat, on many levels, one ends and another begins, in so many places so many times! By minutes, and by hours, the Spring steales in, The Sonnets design is to the seconds, with minutes and hours, and days, weeks, seasons, etc. Skip down a bit… These Roundells, helpe to shew a Mystery Of the immense and blest Eternitie, From whence the CREATURE sprung, and, into whom It shall, againe, with full perfection come, When those Additions, it hath fully had, Which all the sev’rall Orbes of Time can add. First line of the Sonnets, β€œFrom fairest creatures we desire increase” These Roundels, the cycles, help to show a Mystery? About Eternity? Wilkins is hinting at something, any idea? I have my thoughts. It is a full, and fairly written Scrowle, Which up into it selfe, it selfe doth rowle ; And, by Vnfolding, and Infolding, showes A Round, which neither End, nor entrance knowes. And (by this Emblem) you may partly see, Tis that which I S , but, cannot uttred be. Wilkin’s Emblem is an overt reference to Shakespeare’s Sonnets, and by claiming it is a "fairley written Scrowle" he is suggesting it was written by Royalty with the "Scrowle" being the Sonnets. "A Round, which neither End, nor entrance knowes." Because it has so many spheres that it never ends, every end eats it tail and begins new, on many levels. And, by the Emblem, one may only β€œpartly” see, "Tis that which is, but cannot uttered be." Wilkin's "365" Emblem hints, but does not explain. Yet, he is referring to the Sonnets design, and it's purely mathematical Time structure. Being on page 157 reinforces that connection.
  12. I might suggest that "pursuade" be replaced with "introduce." It's quite a challenge to persuade anybody of anything. Introductions, however, can take on a life of their own. Fact is there are Baconians who were introduced to Bacon by the ciphers. Myself being one. I had been interested in secret writing for a few years before learning who Bacon was. During the mid 1990's discussing shamanic plants and potions online required a level of hidden meaning as the legality of some of them were questionable. So we had our own secret language and methods of sharing ideas among ourselves while we spoke in plain view of everybody else who did not understand our meaning. When I was introduced to Bacon for the first time, ciphers came up and I was immediately intrigued because I "got it." Nobody had to persuade me that he had a reason to encode his messages. To me the very real possibility of having one's head cut off in public seemed like a powerful motivator to have a secret way of writing, especially if what you have to say is important. I know some people have become Baconians who started out as actors in Shakespeare plays and at some point heard of the Authorship debate. They were already cultivating a love of Shakespeare and were curious about his life. There are Baconians who are architects and engineers who learned of Bacon long before ever hearing that he might have been Shakespeare. And of course some Freemasons and/or Rosicrucians learned about Bacon through tradition or secret teachings. And now we might even have a few Baconians in the group who watch Oak Island or other shows on TV that bring up Bacon. I am interested how the numbers breakdown. Maybe the FBS could do a survey and we might learn where we all started on the path. πŸ™‚
  13. I had come up with several combining odd and even numbers (13x28, 7x52, 4x91, etc.). Only 14x26 (or 26x14) I knew of with even and even rows and columns which makes the center between numbers. But yes, 2x182 is even and even and is perfect as well! πŸ™‚
  14. Thank you for keeping an eye out. The 14 x 26 table is still mostly unknown. I don't understand why, it is a good one. Centuries ago magic tables were the rage. Even then this one was not in print, but surely known even if a secret. 26 rows, 14 columns, and 365 alone in column O. Even without the sonnets it is an amazing design. But even now a Google search has zero results for anything about this table. Is it magic as far as math? Well, Row A and Col A is 001, add that to Row Z and Col N which is 364 you have 365. Also Row Z Col A is 026 and add to Row A Col N, 339 to get 365. In fact any lines crossing the center with equal rows/cols add up to 365. AG (157) + ZH (208) = AO (365) AH (183) + ZG (182) = AO GA (007) + TN (358) = AO So on, even the lines inside the table that cross the center: ME (117) + NJ (248) = AO I suppose this kind of mathematical table is very common, but this is the only one that adds up to 365. Right?
  15. Aye, sir, must pierce the veil! https://transcripts.foreverdreaming.org/viewtopic.php?t=97076
  16. Hint is there, no "sick bacon" but there is "sickbay can". . πŸ™‚ https://tvshowtranscripts.ourboard.org/viewtopic.php?f=1328&t=52884 Scientist: What? His neck! His... It is fortunate their musculature was responsive. It's fortunate that you can finally take a hint. Enterprise can fabricate replicas of their clothes and security badges to match our retinal scans. What do you suggest we do with these two? Beam them up. Beam them up where? Well, sickbay can sedate them. You're suggesting we leave these people unconscious on a Federation starship while we complete our mission? They'd experience no pain, have no memory, just some lost time. They're both under low-level sedation. Let's see how this works on them. Scientist: What? His neck! His... It is fortunate their musculature was responsive. It's fortunate that you can finally take a hint. Enterprise can fabricate replicas of their clothes and security badges to match our retinal scans. What do you suggest we do with these two? Beam them up. Beam them up where? Well, sickbay can sedate them. You're suggesting we leave these people unconscious on a Federation starship while we complete our mission? They'd experience no pain, have no memory, just some lost time. They're both under low-level sedation. Let's see how this works on them. Read more at: https://tvshowtranscripts.ourboard.org/viewtopic.php?f=1328&t=52884
  17. I'll suggest that AI which has its digital random generators was a tiny bit influenced by your Universally connected mind, Yann. If not for your thoughts, AI might have not said "hint" or "Bacon'! πŸ™‚
  18. I would ask, "Accepted by who?" There are numerous groups of words and numbers that bear claim to Bacon's authorship that are already widely accepted by some of we Baconians, his "choir" so to speak. Will the general public or those with their own authorship passions or agenda ever accept Baconian cipher evidence for who wrote Shakespeare? Doubtful that will happen. Even solid evidence is ignored by the masses who mostly could care or less. A. Phoenix's works provide some of the most powerful documented evidence ever discovered and described and still change is slow to take root. Anagrams are valid clues, and when in context or with supporting ciphers help build a case. But anagrams by themselves are not strong. There is an old story of a popular Baconian anagram that either strats or oxies rearranged to make it their own as a demonstration. There are nearly 120,000 possibilities with FRBACONESWSHAKESPEARE. πŸ˜‰ https://new.wordsmith.org/anagram/anagram.cgi?anagram=FRBACONESWSHAKESPEARE&language=english&t=5000&d=&include=&exclude=&n=&m=&a=n&l=n&q=n&k=1&source=adv
  19. If I were on the receiving side on my thought I might think the suggestion is by a lunatic. (Lunatic Fringe playin on my speakers, so thus my choice of term.) Yet being who I am, the 287 word count leading up to the four O's does matter to me and the solidifying of my mush of wet sand pyramid, I am well aware I am NOT convincing anybody. CJ, you seem so obsessed with "convincing" and I am at a loss as to why. I do love to share my visions and ideas if for no other reason that to release them from the bubble of my mind. I am piercing my own veils! πŸ™‚ The 3,6,5, anagram acrostic I presented above (I F Bacon, I Tudor) is something that when it appeared it gave me a little thrill. I live for that. Most days lately it is Yann who offers me a visionary cipher thrill now and then. A. Phoenix feeds my brain and intellect daily with Baconian substance that is a thrill as well. So do you CJ leaking out some deeply secret esoteric knowledge tidbits which makes me wonder if it is time for it to be revealed. And of course Kate, Eric, and everybody else feeds my little world in my brain. Pee has a collection of learning with him and I am in awe eager for what he has to share. As far as the four O's it is where they live that has my attention. How many years have I been reading, hearing, listening, and accepting that Hamlet is Bacon's autobiography. Seriously, "Hamlet"? Even the name smells like Bacon. All these years, Hamlet has been in my belief reality. I have studied a few places, am familiar with countless suggestions made by other Baconians over so many years. And it is possible I have heard of these four O's in something A. Phoenix, Kate, or Alfred Dodd has written but until this week they never landed and took root in my memory. Bacon's autobiography in Shakespeare is Hamlet. As he dies he talks about telling his story, his name is present by synchronicity or on purpose in letters and numbers, and the very final four syllables that Hamlet utters is "O,o,o,o." Then he dies. To me that is kind of a big moment. If it is true that Hamlet is Bacon's autobiography in the First Folio, then what he says as he dies is important. And everything i would expect him to say is right there. I am not exaggerating when I said I had tears in my eyes reading this page closely for the first time ever. How does Hamlet begin? "Enter Ba....... and Francis.. two Centinels" Then, "WHo's there" followed soon by "I am". https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/bookplay/Bran_F1/ham/index.html The first dialog sets the stage being pretty reckless and overt hinting at Francis Bacon and "Tis now strook twelve" being midnight when the beginning begins. Bar. Fran. Bar. Fran. Imaginary conversation between Ben and Francis about the beginning of Hamlet. Bacon: Hell no! This would get our heads cut off! Its way too obvious! We need to hide this Truth for a few hundred years! Jonson: Relax, I have real a fear our blatant clues for future ages might never be noticed. Once our circle of friends pass on your story may never be rediscovered. Bacon: I don't know, but I'll allow it if we are sure those in our circle will enjoy the hints while keeping their mouths shut. Jonson: They are well aware of the consequences for being loose lipped. Poor Willy, a foolish fool. I have definitely played with the 4s and 14s. What about this coincidence: FOURTEEN-FOURTEEN-FOURTEEN-FOURTEEN is 144 Short cipher. https://www.light-of-truth.com/ciphers.html 144 is the Simple cipher of SIR FRANCIS BACON. So I have just made a demonstration of how the four O's, "O,o,o,o" could be a cipher signature for SIR FRANCIS BACON which are the very final four noises Hamlet makes at the end of Bacon's autobiography immediately following, "The rest is silence." THE REST IS SILENCE is 182 Simple cipher. And I have shared too many times that ONE EIGHTY TWO is 157 Simple and 287 Kaye ciphers. So even Hamlet's final sentence before his ecphonesic O's (which is a rhetorical device) Sealed Bacon's life in Hamlet with the 157 and 287 Seal numbers that all of Shakespeare's works are Sealed with. Does the last coherent sentence refer to WILLIAM TUDOR I that is 157 Simple and 287 Kaye cipher? Do the final four O's refer to SIR FRANCIS BACON which is 144 Simple cipher? Bar. Fran. Bar. Fran. Hamlet begins with Francis Bacon and ends with William Tudor I and Sir Francis Bacon. OK, yes, this is where Kate wishes again she never brought up Hamlet's four O's because I am going so far out in my Baconian reality. But, CJ, even you see that I am not sharing what it not present. The numbers are there. It is my "interpretation" that you (and Kate) have a hard time with. πŸ™‚ ............. My wife? She knows who I am, has tried to accept all that I share with her, but she already believes I am a nutcase even without Bacon. If I can't convince her of much, then I am not expecting to convince a following! LOL I love sharing and learning among friends here. And I so much enjoy doing this even if I am the only one who experiences my discoveries. (I bet I can count on half a hand how many people will read this far in my long post.) CJ, you must be aware of a state of mind that A. P. (Pike) describes that resonated with me when I read it about how a seeker spends a certain amount of concentrating or focusing on a subject and "something" starts to happen when connections from deeper levels of consciousness start to emerge into our awareness. There is indeed some kind of veil that can be pierced after some work for we lucky few who take the time to do it. Yann is an example of a true visionary who can see beyond our normal reality and bring back amazing nuggets of solid Gold. Does Yann find what Bacon left, or does he find the real results of Bacon's work that the Universe wove together. That is the bigger lesson right? Its not merely learning what bacon did, it is how he did it so we can do it. The secret messages are not the purpose, they are examples, it is the skill to work with Eternity that we need to learn. What I presented above to me about how I see the beginning and ending of Hamlet is real in my Bacon world. But if you ask me if Bacon and his team designed it, I am not as sure. I'll say it is possible. If I can find it, then someone could have placed it there. I follow a set of rules that allows my imagination to create. I have and am able to encode the same type of ciphers easily enough into my posts and professional work. I also consider that the lessons that Bacon and Dee left for us about encoding are not only in print, but in some kind of Fabrick of the Universe. The number 1881 as a Time tool is not something they came up with. It is a something that works. The numbers 157 and 287 as well. Their purpose appears to be for Permanence and Strength. An important lesson is about one's "Will." Using your Will has results. Used recklessly you can destroy your entire world and yourself, and everyone in it. Used with careful purpose, one could create the Shakespeare works. As a society we can kill life on our planet or build a beautiful Utopia. Bacon was Elizabeth's "Will" as described in the Sonnets. Did she succeed? Not yet, she made a big mess. We are still waiting to see how it vnfolds. I need to go to bed, so please ignore my typos. If something seems weird, feel free to fill in or correct my mistakes. LOL
  20. Here is the Lady MacBeth quote from above, but "Oh, oh, oh.": https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/SLNSW_F1/756/?work=mac&zoom=850
  21. Remember those four o's are Hamlet's final words as he dies. Myself, I am very happy you pointed them out, Kate. πŸ™‚
  22. The number 188 became known to me years before I even heard of Bacon or Dee. I've shared the story here before. In the mid-1980's my typewriter/cash register business address, PO Box, phone number had the number 188 in them. PO Box 188, phone number 468-8188, so on. I was buying then and lived in a house that was recorded in Leadville in 1888. That was the year when the courthouse burnt down, so every building standing then was assigned 1888. I suspect my house was built in 1881. Just a hunch... So on my birthday in 1988, which being a leap year made my birthday be Day 188, I went out looking for arrowheads early in the morning. I didn't know my birthday was Day 188 until decades later when studying the number 188 and 1881 as a Baconian. But it was my birthday and my favorite thing to do back then was looking for treasures alone in the wilderness in Colorado. Those were were my "Shaman" years. πŸ˜‰ After a few hours roaming the wide open high country hills I stopped to take a break. I looked across the valley, taking in everything visually. A beautiful day. I decided to do one of my things I'd do sometimes and send my thoughts back into time. I wasn't going back 400 years, I was sending my visions back maybe 10 or 20 thousand years. I was modern Shaman sending my thoughts back to prehistoric Shaman. And I was feeling it, as I usually did. I was alone, me and nature, miles from another human. I can still feel it remembering back. I saw an eroded cut across the bottom of a foothill that was once where the railroad tracks went during the gold rush and I sent it back. I saw an airline high in the sky with a contrail and sent the image back. Mostly though I was just sharing a beautiful day with a Shaman who may have been wearing mammoth skin. When I was done, I looked between my feet and found the only paleo mammoth hunter spear point I ever found. I had it verified later and it was definitely a paleo point. But I already knew as that is one of the rare finds surface collectors look for. I was already satisfied but kept poking around finding a few scrapers or other primitive tools. But then a purple light caught my eye and I walked over to it. I picked up an old chunk of glass that the sun had turned purple. It was the bottom of a rectangle bottle that said Heinz, 1881. Of course the 188 coincidence hit me, but then I did not know it was Day 188. And the idea of time and numbers had never been a thought. When I got back to my home a friend was there waiting for me remembering it was my birthday. I was anxious to show him the paleo point I found. Then he told me he had been watching some show on my TV that said Heinz was around in the 1800's with the gold rush and railroad! So I showed him the purple piece of glass that said Heinz and 1881. We laughed so hard! Until I started to study Bacon and Shakespeare all those memories were amazing coincidences in my mind, even when I was sending my thoughts back in time. But then I started to see how that same number is related to Time in Shakespeare, especially the Sonnets. For example, Sonnet 18 which is the most "Eternal" of all the Sonnets has 18 instances where S and H appear together. S=18, H=8, so 18 times 188 appears in the most Eternal of all Sonnets. When I started to count the lines of the Sonnets, I expected to see a 188 at Line 1881, but was confused when Line 1882 was the one that started with and S and H, 188, "Shall will in others seem right gracious". (SHA is 1881) But that made me see the linear arrangement that started to open more doors for me. 1881-1881 which after more Shakespeare lessons became: <--1881--> Maybe it is the four circles between two pillars, I don't know. But on Day 188 in 1988 I was a SHAman SHAring a moment with a SHAman maybe even 18,881 years prior and about an hour later found a broken Heinz bottle turned purple by the sun stamped with the year 1881 while my friend was watching a story about Heinz during the gold rush on the TV waiting for me at my house. One of the lessons left for us is about that number and how it has special properties. There are lessons about other numbers as well. But the numbers 18, 188, and 1881 appear to be related to Eternity and Time. If a number can be a Time portal, that number is 1881. I'm not going to convince you or anybody what I believe, but I can share how I got here. And the Bacon/Dee Time and 188 connections are even better recognized being in print. I've shared many here on the B'Hive and yet still discover more πŸ™‚
  23. Funny this week I have played with numbers 52 and 53. 53 was in a conversation on the B'Hive and new things always come up. Coincidence that after I looked and learned that both FIFTY TWO and FIFTY THREE add up to 117 Simple cipher the number 117 kept jumping out at me. But that is how it goes, maybe my hyper-perception for that number. 117 might always be popping up everywhere every day and I never knew. BTW, in the outer circle there are 4 positions for the squares; white, back/white, black, white/back, and then white again. There are 18 squares in every quarter circle or 90 degrees. Looks like 72 squares per circle which is 5 degrees for every square.
  24. 7 words and 14 characters have the letters, "I F Bacon, I Tudor". 3 letters on the first line, 6 on the second, and 5 on the third, or 365, another Circle. I never realized that 3+6+5 is 14. 365 is a year, a big circle, and 14 is the letter O in Bacon's 24 letter alphabet used in the First Folio and another circle. Are all these O's in Hamlet's dying speech, his final words while dying, all symbolic circles within circles, a verbal illusion creating confusion yet speaking Truth?
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