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  1. Thanks Eric! From the Gorhambury History Thread
  2. There is description (I meant to paste this above and note what I have bolded): FIRST EDITION OF THE FIRST WORK TO USE THE TERM 'BRYTISH IMPIRE'. This is the only part published of Dee's proposed great project 'The British Monarchie'. Stemming from his strong antiquarian interests, 'Dee was a firm believer in the historicity of ... "British history"' (ODNB). This led to his interest in the legendary voyage of Madog ab Owain Gwynedd to North America, and to his claiming large parts of the new world for Queen Elizabeth. The large allegorical woodcut on the title shows the Queen at the helm of the Christian ship of Europe, while the Greek motto translates as 'the guardian of safety is an armed fleet'. The context thus set, in this work Dee calls for the creation of a 'Pety-Navy-Royall' to secure England's fledging colonial interests. It is also the first work to discuss the law of the sea; he proposes the taxation of foreign fishermen in British waters as a way of securing the fisheries. The dedicatee, Christopher Hatton, one of Elizabeth's closest advisors and confidants, invested in the dream of Empire by co-funding Drake's circumnavigation voyage of 1577-1580. Dee himself invested in the voyages of Martin Frobisher in 1576-1577; later he was actively involved with advocating North-East and North-West Passages. Fittingly for man known for astrology and esoteric leanings, although Dee's name is explicitly stated in the third person in the dedication, it is also encoded in the signatures of the first three quires ('?ee'), in the letter inset on e3r, as well as in other places. EXTREMELY RARE: a statement on p.79 says that only 100 copies were printed of this work, although in the Huntington copy this has been amended in manuscript in a contemporary hand to 50 copies. ONLY 5 COPIES CAN BE TRACED AS SELLING AT AUCTION, NONE OF THEM COLOURED (ABPC/AE-online).
  3. Here's a color version with a description from a previous thread in 2022: [DEE, John (1527-1608).] General and Rare Memorials Pertayning to the Perfect Arte of Navigation. London: John Daye, 1577.
  4. We see Elizabeth's ship and 84 pointing to 18, 81 and that is where it is heading. Eternity, by design. Lately I see 99 pop up with 81. I know 180 - 81 is 99, duh, but somehow I feel I should know more about 99. It is April 9, the day Bacon "died", and Sonnet 99 has an "extra" line in it, so it is not unfamiliar to me.
  5. That's a valid thought. I believe Dee gave at least two tables to Bacon with some instructions on how to create the Sonnets. That's my thought. 😉
  6. Notice the name "Elizabeth" spelled out in the upper right and the 84 below the 1881s. ELIZABETH is 84 Simple cipher. All these years wondering about the number 1881 and its relation to Dee, and Eternity, are in this artwork from 1577? Dee's goal was to make Elizabeth Eternal. Maybe she paid him to do so. 😉
  7. For as long as I have learned much about Dee (25 years +), the number 188 has been part of him. 1881 became a number for me that was a connection to Dee. It's almost like a magic number I learned that connects past and future. It's like a time machine, for me anyway. <-- 1881 --> So right now with what you are sharing, and what I am seeing on Dee's Navigation cover page is freaking me out a little. And it takes a LOT to freak me out! 😉
  8. Well, you know me, I'll suggest the Sonnets with its "sets of tables" might be part of a compass. The first line of Day 287 in the Sonnets: TThy guift,,thy tables,are within my braine EDIT: Adding three more lines: TThy guift,,thy tables,are within my braine Full characterd with lasting memory, Which shall aboue that idle rancke remaine Beyond all date euen to eternity.
  9. I find this 100% fascinating and want to know more. Where does this idea come from?? In a way it is how I have known Dee even before I knew anything about him.😉
  10. Chill! Don't delete anything! 🙂 We have a Scared Geometry forum here. Let's do something there. I believe it is important and to me it is a wide open field waiting to be picked of easy to find arrowheads...
  11. I can certainly feel that lure into another realm, as if I feel myself slipping into a void. Its very similar to my past experiences with Dee. It was just a few minutes ago I realized there were two 18s outside the two sets of three 24s. Here we have another portal into Eternity. Dee knew what he was doing. <-- 18 24 24 24 24 24 24 18 --> That said, this geometric conversation can be never-ending and we are in a thread about Gorhambury, so I am going to pause my posts about it, maybe not my tinkering with the new toy though. I am sure anybody who is not obsessed with numbers might get tired of this quickly. It's MATH! LOL
  12. I'll show you. 😉 EDIT: For anyone just seeing this topic, it was split from another thread. It just seemed it should be on its own. golden-triangle-easy.mp4
  13. OK, see the red arrows below. First I used the four corners of the lower frame to explore and test, then I tinkered with the placement of the top of the triangle resting on the point at the bottom of that top center design. You can see the page is distorted from the scan, so my interpretation is an approximate at best. To be 100% certain of any intention, we'd need to have a true scaled in proportion scan. What I did is not perfect with the scan, as you can see. But it is close enough to pay attention to. Do you not see what I see? Why does this look "random" to you? It was the result of some time playing around, based on your prompt, I was looking for the number 24 which is hinted in the design, as you mentioned. With a 72 degree angle on both bottom sides of the 36 degree top I knew there would be three 24 degree angles on each side (72/3 is 24). I thought that is what you were sending me off to find, figuring I was missing more. But of course the design is infinite, so it goes on and on forever... Yes, of course, I split the 36 in half to create two Triangulum triangles as well during my playtime. I am sure you wondered if I noticed. 😉 EDIT: None of the points were random. I used the bisecting tool and other geometric tools to make them all.
  14. Random attribution? I suspect you are playing with me now full aware of my reasoning. LOL As with seeking ciphers, and doing my daily work as a programmer and software developer, I "test and measure" as a rule. One has to narrow down all the possibilities filtering out fluff get to a few potential serious paths. Then look closer to see what might be the best results given the data at hand. How else would I troubleshoot a problem? If I have a theory or thought, I test it. If it does not work, I'll try the next idea. With ciphers it may be word counts or page numbers that sync with words or concepts. Or maybe nothing works and then I move into the next thing. With geometry which is really new to me, using that incredible GeoGebra tool that is fun as anything I have come across in several years, I can try different points. You might think they are random, but they are results of a process working out in my pea brain. In the example you question I used the bottom corners and the bottom tip of the top center design. Remember I am also a graphic designer by trade, so I am trained to look for balance, composition, proximity, positioning, alignment, etc. With GeoGebra one can set three points and then move them around to try different positions and measure angles. That's what I did. Is that cheating? I've been told by old-school photographers that using Photoshop to enhance photos is cheating. But at the end of the day whoever has the best photos wins. Is using GeoGebra to seek out the possible intent of the original artists cheating? My favorite geometric discovery in the past week is this one: That process started with this one design element: Call me silly, but is this NOT a clue?
  15. I spent time yesterday morning researching the Swan Tavern in Jamestown. It was named after a guy named Swan, and was a few decades into the 1600's after Jamestown started to do OK. BTW, I don't think Nathaniel Bacon was related to our Francis Bacon, but he may be in my family tree, or so I've heard but yet to validate. 😉 Because Col. Swann, nicknamed “ye greate toad,” advised the rebel Nathaniel Bacon, his Swann’s Point plantation remained undamaged during Bacon’s Rebellion. Charred timbers here, however, suggest that his tavern burned during the sack of Jamestown. Repaired by 1679, the tavern reopened to operate along with the dozen others in the town.
  16. Too late. But don't worry, I have adjusted to still appear sane in my day to day world. 😉
  17. How beautiful! On my! Gorgeous! Funny, over here in Bacon's New Atlantis (North America) we usually don't consider sheep and horses as 'wildlife", except there are wild horses I've enjoyed seeing in Wyoming (FB D?). LOL Hey! Do I recognize these pillars from a Bacon cover page????
  18. 44.4 and 66.6? Funny coincidence with an old 1970's map of Busch Gardens "The Old Country". I spent a good hour earlier measuring angles and looking at lines and connections in their promotional map but not seeing anything that looked important or intended. I decided that it was created by very good graphic designers but they were not using any Sacred Geometry. It represents an old woodcut design, but it is art without any secret stuff. The last triangle I looked at is below after giving up on all the star and compass designs and looking only at the thin lines in the map: I have not changed my mind, but I enjoy a good coincidence anyway.
  19. OK, if I start at Busch Gardens Amusement Park in Williamsburg which is a few miles south of William and Mary, and they call this Busch Gardens "The Old Country", it goes right through Mahone Bay. Now I wonder who placed and designed "The Old Country." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Busch_Gardens_Williamsburg Look, they have a Globe Theater. When I was a kid in the mid '70s we'd always go to Busch Gardens on my birthday. Banbury Cross (England) 2014 Street View of Banbury Cross, England Banbury Cross is fashioned after old England, with phone booths and classic Tudor English architecture. Guest Services windows are located next to the turnstiles of the main entrance gate. A simulacrum of the famous Elizabeth Tower (known colloquially as Big Ben) is the central element of this area. Banbury Cross also includes The Squire's Grill, serving breakfast and lunch, as well as a funnel cake shop, ice cream shop and candy store. The Globe Theatre, a double-sized replica of William Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, is the most prominent attraction in the hamlet. In 2014, the theatre was renovated to once again hold live performances. For many years preceding 2014, the Globe Theatre's entertainment lineup consisted of 4-D films, including Haunts of the Old Country, Pirates 4-D and R.L. Stine's Haunted Lighthouse. Prior to the 4-D films, the theater hosted a variety of live shows including Mark Wilson's World's Greatest Illusions, America on Ice, Hot Ice, Celebrate America and the People's Choice. It currently features an American music show, “American Jukebox: Summer Remix”, showcasing American hits through the decades. Maybe I'll run a line from the Globe Theater in Williamsburg to Bacon's Mound... EDIT: Starting with the Globe Theatre in Busch Gardens to Bacon's Mount misses Hobsen's Island but goes through Inchcape Rock. 😉
  20. I started with Williamsburg, especially William and Mary College that was designed by Christopher Wren who admired Bacon. Typically lines that begin with Jamestown go through Williamsburg on the way to Bacon's Mount. But they miss Mahone Bay and Oak Island by a few miles or so. They are still close. I still have everything in Google Earth so could recreate the line from the center of the Star in William and Mary College to Bacon's Mount. Using Google Earth is a powerful tool, great fun. But I honestly have no clue if Dee, Bacon, and friends could calculate lines like I was doing today. If so, they couldn't have been as accurate as Google Earth just because maps were still being perfected. It is exciting though that likely there was some idea of where to plant a seed and what designs work best. To me it is very exciting! I think we can see it plainly enough. William and Mary is a Star. Washington DC is a Star. Geometry is obvious all over North America. Sacred Geometry. And at the same time as Jamestown, the cover pages of Bacon's works were examples of Sacred Geometry. I've spent over 25 years seeking ciphers. I've become very good at it. On any day if determined, I would be able to come across something in Shakespeare. Read random pages, see if anything cool is going on. A single phrase may trigger an idea of a second meaning. Then I poke around, check the page number, count the words maybe, check the words surrounding the phrase, so on. Yann would find the middle-way and discover the words that tell us a Truth. Right now, learning to use a new tool, for me, GeoGebra, I am learning to do with software that I have done a little in my imagination, but not to this level. Thank you to CJ for helping prod me along to learn. It is great fun, and eye opening to say the least. I believe there are discoveries to be made connecting Bacon and his circle with Sacred Geometry everywhere. That includes Shakespeare and maybe the KJV. Certainly the founding on the United States was the same circle's Geometry, and Gematria, so on. I mean we already know many examples, and a lot of work has already been done, yet I see a wide open field of arrowheads ready to be discovered. There is a line that starts at Bacon's Mount and goes to the entire world. 😉 EDIT: The center of the Star in William and Mary to Bacon's Mount:
  21. OK, playing with Google Earth now looking at Bacon's Mount, Jamestown, and Hog Island (1608). https://dwr.virginia.gov/marsh-cam/history-of-hog-island/ I made a line from Hog Point which is the tip of Hog Island to Bacon's Mount. That line goes through Mahone Harbour.
  22. I just read what Peter Dawkins says about Bacon's Mount (page 14 and 15) which is very interesting. https://www.fbrt.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/The_Mystery_of_Oak_Island_Pt-3_Swan_Secrets.pdf
  23. Yes, but what's with the 99's? 😉 GeoGebra is a most wonderful tool. Dee would be blown away! Oh, the point on Bacon's Mount is here:
  24. I was playing with it, but this right triangle caught my attention. But I don't know if 70, 90, 20 triangle is anything of interest.
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