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  1. Hmmmm... "Free..." Of course even CJ must recognize the word "Free" as FREE which is 33 Simple cipher the same as BACON. Obviously Bacon knew that 400 years ago as he was not an idiot during a time when Cabala was being enjoyed. "Free we are to try." FREE WE ARE TO TRY is 174 Simple cipher which is the same as FRANCIS BACON TUDOR. Count the words: 05 - Free we are to try. 10 - But in order to succeed, patience and perseverance are needed, 09 - As well as good knowledge of the hermetic language. 02 - "Corde incipite " 07 - Never forget ! Apply thy heart unto Wisdome. 5 + 10 + 9 + 2 + 7 = 33 which is the Simple cipher of BACON. Can't miss the acrostic: F B A Co N Add up all the uppercase letters, F B A C N A W and we have 177 Kaye cipher which I would expect in this series of coincidences as 177 is the Simple cipher for WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. A few hours ago CJ said, "177 does not tell you anything." See now is the time for Allisnum2er to tell us all that he never intended any hidden meaning and everything is all merely coincidences. And then I would agree. We might all say we support what CJ says that 177 means nothing and that gematria is something Bacon would ever even consider using for any purpose. Nor would we. Don't chop off our heads in the town square! Yea, perfect! 🙂 Now I hope I can poke around for more coincidences. 😉
  2. OMG! You offer me the most perfect suggestions to development my thoughts! I'll take the following statements one by one. 🙂 "Used for what?" I'll return with an answer in a moment... "You cannot reliably use gematria to code a message." I'll agree there is much truth in what you say. Maybe not total truth, but much. On the other hand among a few who are on the same page, gematria can tell secrets and share messages that nobody else would even consider. "Despite what you say it is NOT a ciphering method per se. He [Bacon] knew that by virtue of understanding basic logic. " Interesting as I cannot say myself by definition what gematria is. Maybe it is not a cipher system? Then what is it? There is no doubt that it is a way of communicating names and ideas by using numbers and number counts among whoever knows the formula over space and time. That is a fact you are well aware of. "He knew well that it was one of the tools that had been used in the process of word creation in Hebrew (where its point of being lies)." OK, we agree on that Bacon knew and understood gematria and what it is possible of accomplishing. We might also agree Bacon knew and understood the Hebrew and English variations of gematria. You say the purpose word creation in Hebrew had the point of being a lie. I think we might agree that the purpose was not to lie, the purpose was about control. Who lies for no reason? Well, some do as a pathology! LOL So Bacon had a purpose to help us out of lies and deception on our past manipulations. And we can agree he realized the power of the mighty pyramid of what gematria had helped built before his time. So as Bacon, since you know what drove him crazy, would he decide that as powerful gematria had always been used for controlling the people of whatever and wherever, and even whenever, he'd not be tempted to play with it for his purpose? Others were actively using gematria. Dee, Elizabeth, and authors leaving their silly gematria signatures in their own works. Bacon who was aware that was 33 Simple cipher would be so turned away from gematria because of what he said in his life work, would just "not, ever use it" because he was so uptight? "Used for what?" What if Bacon, knowing what we both agree he knew, wanted to give it a "fifteen minute" attempt to share some Truth instead of lies? Thank you, CJ, making me feel like I know Bacon even better now than I did last night! 🙂
  3. Plus being in Vegas during June or July can be brutal anyway when it is like 120 degrees even at night. 😉 Usually after a Dead show I like to just sit and watch the venue clear out before I even start to move. And I like being way in the back, even the very back row is good for me. LOL We have tickets for Bob Dylan in a few weeks who neither one of us has seen. We have wheelchair/companion seating on the back row which is nice. And we know from experience to let the crowd exit before we attempt to get in line for the elevator. 🙂 We'd still love to see Dead and Company one more time and experiencing the Sphere would be a treat if we had accessible seating.
  4. Dead and Company will be playing in the Sphere for several weeks this year, even on my birthday which will be Day 188 this year (leap year). I tried to get wheelchair seats so Theresa and I could attend but they sold out right away to our disappointment. And there is no way she can deal with regular seats. It sure would be a very cool trip though if we had found tickets! 🙂 spherical.mp4
  5. Imagine the SpearShaker Premier in a totally immersive 3D and holographic experience in the Sphere. 🙂
  6. I am reasonably sure Bacon suggested a perfect cipher could not be proved. I know we who have used ciphers totally get that concept. "You think I said what? Never! You can try to prove it, but you will never be able to!" Yet entire conversations can be shared by those who understand the language. So yes, Bacon and others left examples describing ciphers that have rigid rules. The biliteral is a perfect example. Gematria, acrostics, anagrams, visual symbology and subtle hints in plain text can and sometimes do tell secrets yet have the quality of being denied when needed. 😉
  7. The big shiny red Amanita mushroom does resemble an apple and has a very long history. 😉 https://medium.com/the-collector/illustrations-of-magic-mushrooms-in-early-christian-iconography-c92b5afa13b0
  8. Oh that Apple that changed everything! 🙂 ME: Are you familiar with the theory that the forbidden apple was indeed a mushroom? ChatGPT: Yes, the theory that the "forbidden fruit" mentioned in the biblical account of Adam and Eve in the Book of Genesis might have been a psychedelic mushroom is a speculative interpretation that has been discussed within various circles, particularly those interested in entheogens (substances, often of plant origin, that are used in religious, shamanic, or spiritual contexts to induce altered states of consciousness). One of the proponents of this theory was Terence McKenna, an ethnobotanist, mystic, and advocate for the use of psychedelic substances. McKenna proposed the "Stoned Ape" hypothesis, which suggests that the consumption of psychedelic mushrooms played a critical role in the evolution of human consciousness, language, and culture. Although McKenna didn't explicitly argue that the forbidden fruit was a mushroom in the context of the Stoned Ape theory, his broader body of work includes discussions about the role of psychedelics in human history and spirituality that align with such interpretations. The idea that the forbidden fruit could be a mushroom rather than an apple is not supported by mainstream theological or historical scholarship. The Bible does not specify what the forbidden fruit was, and the depiction of it as an apple comes from later interpretations and artistic representations. The mushroom theory is more of a speculative, symbolic interpretation than a claim based on historical or textual evidence. It fits within a larger discourse that considers the role of entheogens in ancient religious and spiritual practices, suggesting that these substances might have been used to induce states of consciousness considered to be encounters with the divine.
  9. Oh, you knew him and we did not! LOL In another post you state, "If the job came down to you to write Bacon's biography it would be such a story. You'd have no choice because you never knew the man. You'd struggle to know how he should be presented. " But you, a self-proclaimed Debater (a Master in my book), you are guilty of what you say I am. LOL I LOVE IT! When I read your post on my phone at a small restaurant earlier having lunch I laughed out loud. I got a few looks from strangers, but couldn't help myself. 🙂 But neither one of us actually knew Bacon in person. I may know him better because I am not contained in the rigid reality bubble that you have never had (or taken) the opportunity travel outside of. Some who did know Francis Bacon have said he lived in a visionary state. Eric posted a contemporary description describing a collection of substances, potions, fermenting mixtures, metals, and such in Bacon's home or office, or whatever. To me, I cannot imagine a collection of mixtures where a few do not have properties for a man see beyond our typical view of reality. Ergot extractions, mushroom teas, Syrian Rue, maybe even powerful DMT ayahausca from Peru. Of course marijuana was and has always been medicine in human history. Not to mention how plain old alcohol can induce ecstatic states of mind sometimes. But you, CJ, have a huge handicap never experiencing any of these, except maybe alcohol? The term "non-ordinary reality" comes to mind. You tend to firmly state we are "impaired" no matter what substance or level of heightened reality we experience, we look at you all and sadly see how you are "handicapped." 😉 Fact is CJ, your Bacon Cult has the possibility of being as far off base as you imply mine in. Likely if Bacon was reading this he'd be laughing his ass off at both of us. I do hear what you are saying, but one can definitely encode and decode with gematria. How do I know? How can I say so with confidence? Because I have and sometimes will do just that for fun. Granted few will ever recognize, but I try to leave hints just like I believe Bacon did. And sometimes I hit the bullseye of a target. And I am not as clever as Bacon or Dee. If you 100% believe Bacon never used gematria, then that 100% places you in the group of those we might label as "profane" if he did. Maybe the profane should never pierce the veil. But I know you to be a Prankster and you help define how we see by stimulating dialog. 🙂 I don't think of you as profane, but I do feel you are missing a few keys.
  10. I may move this post into your previous thread. Unless you want two different discussions on the same topic? I am just now catching up being on the road much of today...
  11. Funny thing is I do entertain an idea in my pea brain that Elizabeth's advisor might have created all of Bacon's names and his potential "Virgin Birth" story even as the young Queen was in turmoil about her unexpected and likely unwanted pregnancy. I admit it is a story imagined in my mind from my studies and research based on the numbers I see and the word clues left in Shakespeare's works, mostly in the Sonnets. To answer your question, inDeed perhaps Bacon's parents may have been well aware of the Christ figure potential for Bacon's legacy even before he was born. Bacon might have been Elizabeth's "Will" run amuck without restraints a bit too early in her life. Just me, though. Send donations and join my Bacon is the modern Day Virgin Born world changer cult with me as the cult leader. I especially would love to have a lot of beautiful scantily clothed women pamper me and feed me the finest sushi, cheese, and the very coldest beer. 😉
  12. NO Friggen's way! LOL Seriously this below is a copy/paste from that link! Famous sci-fi character Spock gets an artistic makeover with these Star Trek Spock bacon paintings. Known as the 'Spock and Bacon' series, these acrylic paintings show the Trekki ponding over crispy slices of bacon.
  13. And you did not mention, which I know you knew, that VOVV is 74 Simple and Kaye, 26 Reverse, and 11 Short cipher? LOL
  14. Hey CJ, and you are feeding us all with totally fertile fuel for this word fire, we are more amazing than Star Trek and Star Wars in studying fables, stories, and truth! LOL
  15. What is this O T O T skip the C and F B then skip the N and find T T? And beyond. 😉 A Louers Complaint might be a great 2024 treasure hunt for me, and in the very same book I have spent much of my life already studying. 🙂
  16. Is this not an amazingly enjoyable dialog! 🙂
  17. As I was having lunch and a beer(s) yesterday an older couple (older than me which is pretty old) walked by me in the restaurant and the guy was wearing an old worn Kent State t-shirt. I wanted to say something but my vocal verbal skills are not as fast as my slow typing skills! LOL But I went to sleep last night wondering if he was a student at Kent State when the killings happened. I remember it as 1970, but being 8 in 1968 I remember a lot from that year as well. We lived in Selma when MLK marched over the bridge as my Dad was stationed there for some kind of USAF pilot training, so when he was killed a few years later we were horrified. Woodstock in '69 is implanted in my brain even though my Mom made me and my brother hide behind the couch and cover our eyes when they talked about it on the Walter Cronkite news. Funny how imagination outperforms reality! But I knew then that naked women bathing in a creek, rock music, and LSD were a much more pleasant alternative than killing, pain, suffering, napalm, and war. 😉
  18. Just playing now, but we keep coming back to 53 in this thread. Sonnet 52 ends and Sonnet 53 begins in Day 123. (We did this exploration approaching New Years which was 12-31-23 (123123) in New Atlantis date style. LOL Sonnets 52 and 53 are one of my favorite places to spend cipher time in the Sonnets as SO much is stated and demonstrated. Not to mentioned the amazing connections and fabric woven with these lines and numbers. https://www.light-of-truth.com/pyramid-GMT.php#Sonnet052
  19. "Thus, lest Archimedes should soar beyond the crystal sphere, he fell by the sword of a legionary. And you, O Francis, have therefore met your doom, lest the work, which should not have been essayed, should be completed." All versions touch on this. Their translations seem to agree that Bacon's work is "unfinished." Why does that sound so familiar to me. And "New Atlantis" was not in print yet, not even registered until 4th of July, 1626. 🙂 Or was it in print when the eulogies were written?
  20. This is what I am wrestling with: The final utterances from Hamlet's breaths were "O,o,o,o." Then he died. And I am somewhat educated that Hamlet was a play Bacon wrote about himself. I see it, get it. Whether fact or not, I am on that page. I just learned that about the O's. Thank you, Kate!! Now PEEthagorus shares how 5 of the final seven lines of "A Louers compliant" start with a big O. I did not know that and have actually searched Shakespeare looking for such a series with no success. Those lines are in the 1609 Sonnets that I know better than any other Shakespeare. I know the 154 Sonnets better than the back on of my hands. Some years I studied every line every day. Even now I still look and explore. BUT, how in the world did I never, not even once, move to see what was next in the 1609 Sonnets book? What was (is) wrong with me to be so blind, so nearsighted, short-visioned. How many times I pondered the number 155, trying to understand what was next. But never looked on the next page of the PDF I have nor the printed book I bought. A door opened to explore. The first 74 words lead up to "the Sunne". 74 is the Simple cipher of WILLIAM and TUDOR. So much more to explore! But I need to go to sleep soon...
  21. I can't help but laugh right now! My week has been very busy, and one of my very favorite clients is in my cue and taking a bunch of time. The owner of the company is one of the very nicest and most intelligent people I know. Even though he is not a Baconian, he is brilliant. And he is aware of my Bacon thing. He is a Star Trek guy, almost as old as I am. He may have watched some originals when he was a kid, I know I did because my Dad loved the show. I get in trouble with my client when I confuse Star Trek to Star Wars as I am a fringe fan at best for either. Yes, I Iove them both, but my path went more another direction. If he says something from S Trek, and my lame connection is from S Wars, he looks at me like I am an idiot! 😉 He built this big ol' Leggo thing and sent me the frames that I put up for him on YouTube. (S Trek, right?) So, CJ, are saying Star Trek is an esoteric book, so to speak?
  22. There would be no life on Earth without the fungi mat under our feet. 😉 They say some spores can survive the radiation from outer space and can be dormant for very long periods of time which makes them great space travelers.
  23. I bet if we look back, hogs are as historically connected to us as cats, dogs, cattle, and elephants. Of course mushrooms were first, they taught us how to speak. 😉
  24. An elephant in my living room? No way! LOL Yet we all know about being in a room with one! 😉 Human/Elephant connections go way back. You might know more than me, CJ. I know beautifully decorated tame elephants have been around a while, doing work for us. Were there elephants in Egypt when they built the pyramids? Cats were Gods, did they have elephants? Cats were not dragging any weight behind them. ChatGPT: Elephants have been working alongside humans for thousands of years, with the earliest records dating back to around 4,000 years ago in the Indus Valley Civilization. However, it is in ancient India, around 2000 BCE, that we find more detailed evidence of elephants being used for various purposes, including warfare, work, and ceremonial roles.
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