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  1. I'm supposed to be working today. Oooops. See this, and Yann I need your help finding TUDOR. πŸ˜‰ Another thing that makes me curious is this: Now I might have to go back and read all the stuff that has been said on the B'Hive regarding Bacon's poem about the Life of Man being a Bubble. πŸ˜‰
  2. Curious page with "hang" in the first line which to me is many times a clue that Bacon is to be found. Look at the total word count up to and including "name": https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/doc/AWW_F1/page/14/index.html His name I pray you? The Count, 287, know you such a one? But by the eare that heares most nobly of him. From the first Count (not counting Countriman) to the third Count we have 100 words which is the Simple cipher for FRANCIS BACON: From the first Count (not counting Countriman) to the fourth and final Count in that column we have 174 words, which is the Simple cipher for FRANCIS BACON TUDOR. We have "hang" in the very first line as a visual hint and we have "His name I pray you?" and both CAB and Allisnum2er have demonstrated "BACON" is represented. Then between the first occurrence of "Count" and the third we have 100 (FRANCIS BACON) words and between the second and third "Count" the line, "What's his name" is contained. Immediately below the third occurrence of "Count" we see the words "her name" contained in between the first "Count" and fourth and final "Count" which is 174 (FRANCIS BACON TUDOR). https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/SLNSW_F1/261/index.html%3Fzoom=850.html Of the great Count (100) himselfe, she is too meane To haue her name repeated (174) Yea, I know, a lot of coincidences and just because hang, name, and Count are obvious that does not mean we should Count to find Bacon's name hanging. Right? LOL
  3. You may be a Crazy Kid, at the very least quite Unique. LOL Bright colored bow ties and goggles, no wonder they almost kicked you out of school. LOL Plus you were probably smarter than all of the teaching and administrative staff which had to have created some issues. Have you considered attending the University of Amsterdam in their Western Esotericism program? https://www.uva.nl/en/discipline/religious-studies/western-esotericism/article.html?cb The UvA is the only university to offer a specialisation in Western esotericism. A series of courses at the Bachelor’s level are offered as part of the Religiewetenschappen programme. This cluster can also be taken in the form of a minor. At the Master’s level, a specialisation in Western esotericism is possible within the one-year programme Spirituality and Religion and the two-year research master’s Religious Studies. Due to its interdisciplinary approach, the Research Master’s forms the perfect starting point for eventual PhD research within virtually all humanities disciplines.
  4. No, what I said was that if I was around back then helping solidity the English language that is how I would have spelled CENTURY to add up to 100. You help my sharing the it comes from the Latin "centuria", so all I would have had to do is replace the "ia" with a "y". It may be a coincidence, I'll go along with that. I'm not as rigid as you are in thinking I know something for a fact that is impossible to know. You appear to know for a fact it is a coincidence when really you can't know. You may believe that, but we know all about beliefs (thanks to you). πŸ˜‰ That is true. I do prefer to see the world as interconnected synchrononicities. It helps me live a more fulfilling and rewarding life. (Think about what Alan Watts teaches about our interconnectivity with the Universe.) But nobody sold me on the idea. It began when I was a little child on my own. I think maybe having dreams that were followed by amazing coincidences during the following day even in my preteens had my viewpoint of how time works a little thrown off the standard tic-toc clock idea. It is possible the first time I ever heard the word "synchonicity" I was already in my 20's when The Police released their song. I learned of Carl Jung sometime later than that, I'm pretty sure. Now, CJ, I'm not arguing whether or not there are messages bombarding us with the intention to control us. I agree that the masses are like sheep, following whatever leader, church, media channel, advertisements, or whatever they tune their attention to. That is going on. What's been so funny for me is how you project your fears into me as trying to convince a cult following or whatever. Hey, I am just being me as an individual sharing what I personally believe and sometimes why for me it works in my tiny little bubble of a life. That's all. I'm having fun while doing my very best to function in a crazy world. As for CENTURY adding up to 100 Simple cipher, A. Phoenix just posted a FBS quote from Bacon in another active thread that is from page 108 of an old Baconinia: 1897_Vol V New Series_No 17 – 20.pdf We may, in passing, draw the attention of some who may not be well acquainted with the greater works of Bacon to the passage from the De Augmentis whence the allusion in Bacon’s speech is taken. β€œThe noblest species of grammar, as I think, would be this: if some one well seen in a great number of tongues, learned as well as vulgar, would handle the various properties of languages; showing in what points each excelled, in what it failed. For so, not only may languages be enriched by mutual exchanges, but the several beauties of each may be combined, as in the Venus of Appelles, into a most beautiful model and excellent speech itself, for the right expressing of the meanings of the mind.” There was an effort to "perfect" the English language in many ways during Bacon's time. I can't imagine why you would be so opposed to the idea that various counts could be included in their efforts when you say how much they knew about the Hebrew gematria. If Bacon was serious about language expressing meanings in the mind, then CENTURY adding up to 100 is an easy thing to solidify for the English language which he was so involved with, even if it was an accident. But I also know you, CJ, really like to debate. πŸ˜‰ Curious about the word play and trickery you decided on for the handle "RoyalCraftiness". Obvious RC has suggestions, and you have mentioned RC Cola before. "Royal Pain in Ass" kind of rhymes, but "RP" doesn't carry the same suggestions as RC. LOL
  5. Hope we enjoy your presence when you have time. πŸ™‚
  6. ALL of the credit goes to Peter Dawkins who first mentioned this manuscript to me some years ago. He has actually seen it in person.
  7. I also offer many Thanks to A. Phoenix for doing this critical work. How many years have I wondered how the translations came about when sometimes I'd see a couple that were not perfect matches. I had no idea that might be four or more! Maybe it was Jono's video when it hit me that these were mostly written by Bacon's friends who were well aware he was still living. I hope they had a super secret meeting after Bacon "died" when he was in the center of the stage as each of his friends read their eulogies to him. πŸ™‚ Yann, I had my earbuds in listening to an old Grateful Dead show when I watched your video and at least three times I read words that you highlighted when Bobby or Jerry was singing them. Pure magic, Bacon was enjoying even if he had no idea what he was feeling or hearing. LOL
  8. Does the Colman Manuscript fit into this discussion?
  9. Obviously this is your obsession, CJ. Almost every post you suggest me, or any of we Baconians are recruiting into a "cult" of Bacon. I laugh it off as a paranoid obsession by a super genius overthinking a few things. But today I had a Eureka moment! You are the salesman of the cult you warn against! And very sly doing so. Hey, whatever. If I were in my teens or 20's with a life ahead of me I might join. Western Esoteric studies are fascinating indeed! But in my 60's already in the B'Hive Baconian cult, I am very happy where I am. LOL CJ, I am kidding, but serious too. Did I pull back a veil? Oops, sorry if I did. πŸ™‚
  10. CENTURY is 100 Simple cipher. Sure, it could be a coincidence. LOL Hey if I were around when the English language was being solidified, which took quite a while to do and with Bacon as one the solidifiers, I'd spell CENTURY as such. But likely in those days there was nobody as smart as me, and gematria was a forgotten language. πŸ™‚
  11. I'm behind the curve today just now jumping while still working. But to clarify for everyone as ignorant as me with little time, was Bacon as "Francis Bacon" by Nicholas Bacon descended from Henry VII??
  12. I love these old book with images! So number 33 is curious. I don't speak or know Latin. The guy with the hat and cape is not Bacon, but a man with a hat and cape. He appears to be trying to comfort or help the other guy who has no hat or cape, in fact wearing tattered cloth. But can anyone tell me what is going on where I point an arrow?? https://archive.org/details/EvangelicaeHistoriaeImagines/page/n42/mode/1up
  13. I brought up that CENTURY is 100 Simple cipher wondering if that was designed. I can see it. The technique was known during the time when the spelling of that word that means 100 years was solidified. You, CJ, have even brought up that long before letters were summed to be a word with meaning. Is it is a coincidence that CENTURY = 100? If it was by design, how would we know? I suggest the answer to the above question would be revealed using the same 24 letter gematria. πŸ˜‰
  14. RC is the antagonist playing a role to make us speak up which leads to more dialog. Americans are seasoned to a duality of ideas, it is part of the New Atlantis political concept. A two party system, etc. I grew up with sitcoms where arguing was fun and educational. It is a way we learn. All in the Family was a hit because it was weekly funny argument of ideas. I was always "Meathead"! I fear all of our British members have clicked the "Ignore" button for anything CJ says. You can too, Pee, if you want. Click Ignore for CJ (RoyalCraftiness) and you won't see his posts or my responses I think. My only and younger brother married a British lady when he was in the army in Germany during the '80s. Whenever me or my Dad goes to visit them in Vermont he reminds us that she is a Brit and "very proper", so our typical obnoxious American silly behavior needs to be in check! LOL Peethagoras, I'd suggest listen to CJ and definitely check out his links and references. He may come off as brutal, but he asks questions that Strats and Oxies wish they had the nerve to ask. And he is tough enough for me to be as brutal as he is back to him. For those who shy away from conflict the two of us may be a nightmare, but I do believe the unfolding and evolving discussions are valuable. One sided presentations tend to be weak as far as leaving an impact. Having discussed CJ with our totally fearless leader who has been the subject of Strat and Oxie abuse for over 25 years, Lawrence Gerald who is the sole owner of SirBacon.org, I am confident he is fine with opposing ideas on the forum. And no matter what, CJ is packed with education and knowledge. Does that make sense? CJ stands up for what Bacon left in his serious overt works that does conflict at times with his esoteric works that we believe to be true. I can enjoy and appreciate learning both sides. So we who live in Bacon's shadowy side benefit from being questioned on its substance by someone who knows Bacon's in public legacy. I have yet to feel threatened by anything CJ has ever said, in fact he empowers me to share my belief more often than not. I suspect he is faking his position for the sake of argument, especially when he posts a link to Alan Watts and other amazing resources he has shared. Now that I spent too much time defending his right to be here, I hope I have time to challenge so many things he has said I want to address! LOL πŸ™‚
  15. I watched the Alan Watts video last night and enjoyed every second. I may have been 33+ years or more since I heard that presentation. He is a fellow psychonaut, a true Buddhist brother in the path towards Knowledge and Enlightenment, with real experience with entheogens. πŸ™‚ During some of my "Shaman" years living in rural Colorado during the mid to late 80's where I only had two radio stations available, one was a public radio station (KUNC) 183 miles away in Ft. Collins and Alan Watts was a regular feature. The interviews with Joseph Campbell were also enjoyable and food for my Shamanic mind! πŸ™‚ It is truly a shame we both write such very long replies that have been too much for some B'Hive members as I believe we are actually doing some good. LOL But Google is listening. πŸ˜‰ You said, "I'm prickly, you are gooey." Alan Watts says we are all wriggly. And I'm not as gooey as you think I am. LOL
  16. LOL! No offense CJ, but you are asking for it. πŸ™‚ This is not out of any disrespect, CJ, you have earned plenty of respect from me. It is your "delivery" where you come off as highly paranoid and very fearful of real discussion by we who are not afraid of you. LOL πŸ™‚ I feel like we should be in a comic book...
  17. ME: Is gematria a cipher system? ChatGPT: Gematria can be considered a type of cipher system, but it is distinct in its purpose and application from what we typically classify as ciphers in the context of cryptography. A cipher system is a method of transforming a message to conceal its meaning, usually to secure it against unauthorized interception or to maintain privacy. The primary goal of a cipher is to encode and decode messages so that they can be read only by the intended recipient who knows the decoding method. Gematria, on the other hand, is more of a numerological system that assigns numerical values to letters, words, and phrases based on a set of predetermined rules. The purpose of gematria is not to encrypt messages for privacy or security but to find hidden meanings, spiritual connections, or mystical insights within the texts. It is used for interpretative purposes, often within a religious, mystical, or esoteric context. Gematria seeks to reveal deeper connections between concepts that are believed to be inherently linked through their numerical equivalence. While both gematria and cipher systems involve a transformation of textual content based on a set of rules, their goals and uses are quite different: - **Cipher Systems:** Aimed at securing communication from unauthorized access through encryption. The focus is on confidentiality and the ability to revert the encrypted message back to its original form through decryption. - **Gematria:** Aimed at uncovering hidden meanings, spiritual insights, or esoteric connections based on numerical equivalence of words or phrases. The focus is on interpretation and finding underlying connections rather than on privacy or message security. In summary, while gematria operates similarly to a cipher by transforming text according to a rule-based system, its intent and application are oriented towards mysticism and interpretation rather than the cryptographic objectives of confidentiality, integrity, and authentication. Curious, no suggestion one could actually do gematria to plant hidden meaning or insights. πŸ˜‰ By the way, CJ, I loved listening to Alan Watts decades ago and might watch the video before I go to bed. Thanks!
  18. Gematria. You, CJ, have studied it more than me. I am a tinkerer as best. Intrigued for sure. Oh this elephant in the room. OK, I'll be the one to bring it up. To do that I'll share a very quick memory. In think it was in 2002 that one day an old Jewish guy approached me and asked me why I was playing with the Kabbalah, or Cabala, or whatever. I had seen him around as he worked in the same area. Obviously someone I know knew him. I had an interesting couple hours listening to his words and what he told me. First he went into the sounds of the Hebrew letters. They were sounds I had never heard before, and I certainly could not try to repeat. I told him it was the numbers and how they work out that had my attention. But he really stressed that the pronunciation and in combinations of letters rearranged had not only meaning, but power. Like a magic, something we do not understand. OK, wow! I think I had heard something like that before, but never from someone who seemed to know what they were talking about. What I was doing with the Tree of Life was as much art and doodling as real Cabala work, in a way. Gematria was part of that discussion. The guy was eager to share. Maybe nobody ever had any interest to hear him before, I don't know. The time was when I was just first starting to recognize characteristics of how numbers seem to work, and in the midst of my first real Bacon/Shakespeare lessons about letters and numbers. So you triggered me to remember what I once learned about gematria. It is a method for leaving signatures, and hinting at this and that, as reliable or unreliable that may be. But from what I believe Bacon and Dee teach us in so many examples and lessons, especially in Shakespeare's works, letters and numbers and how they combine have some powerful magic. Whatever it is, I believe it is Universal and is part of the very vibration of matter and life. We as humans today do not have any explanations that even address it. But to me, there is something about it that we are supposed to learn and in my opinion, Bacon left us easy to follow lessons. That must be part of what his life was devoted to. What is gematria?
  19. I tried and apparently am not able to move a topic to another topic. You could copy and paste your new topic post into the original topic and delete this one, if you want. No pressure from me. So many posts are lost in the B'Hive sea of threads. But something to consider is that a future seeker on Google might land on something you shared and keeping a discussion easy to follow could change someone's life. πŸ™‚
  20. Of course we know Dee as OO7. Or if the symbol we are familiar is actually his, then lower case o's, oo7. O is 14, so two Os is 28 (2 x 14), then tack on a 7 to make what I believe to be a clever way for Dee to include that number as a Seal, 287. πŸ˜‰
  21. Well done, Yann!! Anyone who would read your reply who was not in the circle would read it as it merely plain text. But I bet CJ had to suspect you were toying with the dialog. LOL FREE is a keyword we know and it is contained in the first line of the Sonnets Dedication poem printed in 1609. It has a long history of use for we in that secret circle that Bacon certainly shares with us. πŸ˜‰ So the starting word "Free" was a key for me, a powerful suggestion that I should be aware of possible treasures to seek. Especially when written by a genius like Yann who is Allisnum2er. Does everybody know that the word "free" is a signal? They do now if they read this reply! LOL Let your Indulgence set me free. Exit. Even "Fr..." can be a wink. "FRom fairest creatures..." FROM FAIREST CREATURES is 103 Short cipher which is the Simple cipher for SHAKESPEARE. So Shakespeare leaves his gematria signature in the first three words of the Sonnets. Cool. But... ONE HUNDRED THREE is 157 Simple and 365 Kaye cipher that sets the stage for the rest of the Sonnets. But, might be just yet another coincidence. πŸ˜‰ Gematria? If not a cipher method, what is it? Hmmm...
  22. Hmmmm... "Free..." Of course even CJ must recognize the word "Free" as FREE which is 33 Simple cipher the same as BACON. Obviously Bacon knew that 400 years ago as he was not an idiot during a time when Cabala was being enjoyed. "Free we are to try." FREE WE ARE TO TRY is 174 Simple cipher which is the same as FRANCIS BACON TUDOR. Count the words: 05 - Free we are to try. 10 - But in order to succeed, patience and perseverance are needed, 09 - As well as good knowledge of the hermetic language. 02 - "Corde incipite " 07 - Never forget ! Apply thy heart unto Wisdome. 5 + 10 + 9 + 2 + 7 = 33 which is the Simple cipher of BACON. Can't miss the acrostic: F B A Co N Add up all the uppercase letters, F B A C N A W and we have 177 Kaye cipher which I would expect in this series of coincidences as 177 is the Simple cipher for WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. A few hours ago CJ said, "177 does not tell you anything." See now is the time for Allisnum2er to tell us all that he never intended any hidden meaning and everything is all merely coincidences. And then I would agree. We might all say we support what CJ says that 177 means nothing and that gematria is something Bacon would ever even consider using for any purpose. Nor would we. Don't chop off our heads in the town square! Yea, perfect! πŸ™‚ Now I hope I can poke around for more coincidences. πŸ˜‰
  23. OMG! You offer me the most perfect suggestions to development my thoughts! I'll take the following statements one by one. πŸ™‚ "Used for what?" I'll return with an answer in a moment... "You cannot reliably use gematria to code a message." I'll agree there is much truth in what you say. Maybe not total truth, but much. On the other hand among a few who are on the same page, gematria can tell secrets and share messages that nobody else would even consider. "Despite what you say it is NOT a ciphering method per se. He [Bacon] knew that by virtue of understanding basic logic. " Interesting as I cannot say myself by definition what gematria is. Maybe it is not a cipher system? Then what is it? There is no doubt that it is a way of communicating names and ideas by using numbers and number counts among whoever knows the formula over space and time. That is a fact you are well aware of. "He knew well that it was one of the tools that had been used in the process of word creation in Hebrew (where its point of being lies)." OK, we agree on that Bacon knew and understood gematria and what it is possible of accomplishing. We might also agree Bacon knew and understood the Hebrew and English variations of gematria. You say the purpose word creation in Hebrew had the point of being a lie. I think we might agree that the purpose was not to lie, the purpose was about control. Who lies for no reason? Well, some do as a pathology! LOL So Bacon had a purpose to help us out of lies and deception on our past manipulations. And we can agree he realized the power of the mighty pyramid of what gematria had helped built before his time. So as Bacon, since you know what drove him crazy, would he decide that as powerful gematria had always been used for controlling the people of whatever and wherever, and even whenever, he'd not be tempted to play with it for his purpose? Others were actively using gematria. Dee, Elizabeth, and authors leaving their silly gematria signatures in their own works. Bacon who was aware that was 33 Simple cipher would be so turned away from gematria because of what he said in his life work, would just "not, ever use it" because he was so uptight? "Used for what?" What if Bacon, knowing what we both agree he knew, wanted to give it a "fifteen minute" attempt to share some Truth instead of lies? Thank you, CJ, making me feel like I know Bacon even better now than I did last night! πŸ™‚
  24. Plus being in Vegas during June or July can be brutal anyway when it is like 120 degrees even at night. πŸ˜‰ Usually after a Dead show I like to just sit and watch the venue clear out before I even start to move. And I like being way in the back, even the very back row is good for me. LOL We have tickets for Bob Dylan in a few weeks who neither one of us has seen. We have wheelchair/companion seating on the back row which is nice. And we know from experience to let the crowd exit before we attempt to get in line for the elevator. πŸ™‚ We'd still love to see Dead and Company one more time and experiencing the Sphere would be a treat if we had accessible seating.
  25. Dead and Company will be playing in the Sphere for several weeks this year, even on my birthday which will be Day 188 this year (leap year). I tried to get wheelchair seats so Theresa and I could attend but they sold out right away to our disappointment. And there is no way she can deal with regular seats. It sure would be a very cool trip though if we had found tickets! πŸ™‚ spherical.mp4
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