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  1. I see a "V" shape on both the front and back. V V Or 5 and 5, 55. Also VV or W. W for William Tudor and William Shakespeare?
  2. Front cover Bacon is facing the right, on the back cover facing left. Janus? His medal is hid which is curious. https://digital.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/objects/17bb6fc3-3d6f-4ed2-a525-198f7b26ac9d/surfaces/c24911b8-77b1-404f-ab6b-aba3f47f70e9/ Rights Copyright holder Photo: © Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford Terms of Use Terms of use: CC-BY-NC 4.0. For more information, please see https://digital.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/terms/ Digitization information Date added to Digital Bodleian 01/08/2018 Project Medieval and Renaissance Manuscript Illumination (from 35mm) Permitted use of the content The Bodleian Libraries wish to encourage wide engagement and reuse of collections for the purposes of private study, research, teaching, and educational instruction. This means that, unless indicated otherwise in an individual item's terms of use, users can reuse Digital Bodleian images in the following ways: Academic and research-orientated websites (including institutional/subject repositories and pre-print servers), apps, blogs and social media channels that are not linked to the promotion of any commercial activity
  3. I'd love to know who owned that book. Maybe a special copy made for Bacon? Very interesting!!
  4. I just came across this image I've never noticed before: https://www.mutualart.com/Artwork/Portrait-of-Sir-Francis-Bacon/A0F088017B1698ED92D3FFCB35B4B074 I don't know the date, but I still should have seen it by now.
  5. I wonder if that is the original cover? I have a 1625 copy of the Essays, but the cover is missing. Were they embroidering book covers in 1625? Pretty fancy work. EDIT: Found the answer: https://publicdomainreview.org/essay/pens-and-needles-reviving-book-embroidery-in-victorian-england
  6. No doubt he is part of the Oak Island group and his fan base is from there. I read the intro and first two chapters of his book so far. Since it appears his discoveries are from his initial biliteral decryption from Shakespeare's monument which I believe is not repeatable by anyone else, all of the rest of his findings are on shaky ground. I'll try to read more, but he very well could be using clever deception to promote the Oak Island concept which I do not accept at this point.
  7. Here is a link to the image in Eric's gallery. https://sirbacon.org/bacons-portraits-from-life-image-7/ From his extensive research, this is what he wrote: Although damaged and discoloured, this is perhaps the most accomplished of all the portraits we have of Sir Francis Bacon. Art historians have yet to identify the artist who painted it. Moreover, Art UK, Alamy and Wikimedia all assert that it dates from c.1590, which is clearly impossible. Francis is wearing the robe of the Lord High Chancellor while holding the purse of the Great Seal in his left hand, so the picture must date from between 1618-21.
  8. MR. WILL is 33 Short cipher with 26 letter codes. The colon is a clue usually when I see it, a "separation" of sorts. As if "Mr. Will" is different than "Shake-speare."
  9. I meant to post this earlier. A note of the sundrie Poemes contained The line is 32 letters. Is there a 33rd? If the "d" is a backwards "b", then we might have 33 letters if the "d" is also a "b".
  10. On page 99, are those nine 99's on the right of the page? I can't see clearly by the image. If so, that means ten 99's on the page. 990 I I and 0 Maybe they are right quotation marks that look like 99s?
  11. Kate, what have you seen as far as Oxenguy using hand drawn hands? Going back a ways in this thread, but I am intrigued. I understand they are a "print" thing, I'm an old school marketing pro, I even remember actually cutting and pasting with glue onto pages for print even into the early 80's. Yet I feel like some of what we are seeing is not about a paragraph break, but actually pointing at something. The paper you linked expresses the "index" finger, but this week I've seen the middle "bird" finger hand drawn in my poking around. 🙂
  12. Synchronicity lately has been out of this world! Something is happening here. And not only here. May sound silly, but it is crackling and the energy is high. Bacon and Dee have been waiting for us. 😉
  13. Hey Yann, funny I did not realize Sonnet 11 was 144 in Reverse. I added the extra columns in my spreadsheet when someone emailed me that Day 287 reversed was in Sonnet 33 and it blew my mind a couple years ago. Sonnet 126? Reversed is Sonnet 29, a very important Sonnet as far as cipher numbers and very Key to the Pyramid design. That's a hint and just something to poke around. I could give clues, but the Discovery is part of connecting with Bacon. 😉 Not a quick lesson, could take weeks to see it all. I bet you will experience at least as much as I did years ago. So many levels! Invigorating beyond imagination!! Thanks Yann!!
  14. Jake, if you are serious about your discoveries and having a direction in the immortal Shakespeare world that will live as long as society knows who Shakespeare is, you need to share with those whose names will be and already are immortal. Debate with substance, present your opinions with examples, and allow everyone to challenge and question. This is an opportunity with great value for you. If your ego allows you to accept being off base as we all have done repeatedly, you may achieve your goals. If you prove we all and the rest of the world is wrong, I'll be the first to say, "Damn, I was SO sure!" If you are just looking at being popular with Oak Island TV fans who know nothing, that is another direction and you may have a Star status while you are alive. But isn't that merely a spark in Time? How do you want your good name to be remembered into the future centuries, if anyone even remembers who you are? I suspect you are not getting rich on your book or podcast. In fact, the numbers of views on your podcasts even after being up a while are dismal. Soul search, Jake. I do believe you have potential. You are young. Just Sayin'
  15. Two things: I have to try to stay on topic in threads. The past 20 years in my own head have been all about the Sonnets and the Sonnets Pyramid, so I can't help but share what I have seen in that design. So much to share. And William Tudor I is a huge part of that. But I know I tend to HOG a BACON conversation when I get excited. I promise to try to stay a little more on track. Second, you Yann (Allisnum2ber) have offered me a new perspective, and I believe whatever skills and Bacon connections I was born with, you are the the best we have as far as what we do. In my mind I would pass that Dee Lantern to you, but in Truth you already had it and it I was merely enjoying the Light of that flame. I am so proud and happy you are looking at the tool I made in Excel. I feared I would die and nobody would be alive to pick up the pieces. Now I am happy. I plan to live a long time and contribute, but the Globe is off my self-imposed Atlas image I had of myself. LOL I am pleased to be a part of the Allisnum2er energy and I am learning and Will continue to learn from you. You know how many years I have studied Sonnet 11 and never saw "Herein lives Will Tudor". But I see it and it is there. Thank you, Yann. Thank you!
  16. A note of the sundrie Poemes contained If the "d" is a backwards "b" and go backwards to the "A" at the beginning back to "con" we have Bacon. POEMES is 33 Short cipher.
  17. I read quite a bit last night too! I'm not a good reader, too many years reading backwards, up, down, and across with numbers in my head. But she put a lot of work into it. I agree she is seeing from a traditional scholarly viewpoint limited by walls of academia. This is what she says about the handwriting. Unfortunately this pdf does not copy/paste well. She does state it (the manuscript) was arranged and meant to be read in order to understand the complete picture as it was put together for King James. Her argument sounds pretty solid. Here is volume 2 of her same work: https://qmro.qmul.ac.uk/xmlui/bitstream/handle/123456789/1617/REARDONTheManuscript2007_VOL2.pdf?sequence=2
  18. WILL TUDOR is 126 Simple and 99 Reverse cipher. Only TWO Sonnets do not have 14 Lines, they are Sonnets 126 and 99. Sonnet 126 with 12 Lines, first letters are "ODWTIASMYSHA" and add up to 157 Simple and 287 Kaye with 26 letter codes. First two letters, OD, or O=14, D=4, or 14 and 4. 144 is Simple cipher for Sir Francis Bacon. Next letters, WTI, or William Tudor I Next letters, ASMY, or "as my" Then, SHA, or Shakespeare Sir Francis Bacon, William Tudor I, as my Shakespeare. Who wrote Sonnet 126? I suspect Dee, but the sonnets reads as well if Elizabeth wrote it. Or Bacon writing to and about himself maybe, but sounds more like Dee to me. "Her Audite (though delayd) answer'd must be". O Thou my louely Boy who in thy power, Doest hould times fickle glasse,his fickle,hower: Who hast by wayning growne,and therein shou'st, Thy louers withering,as thy sweet selfe grow'st. If Nature(soueraine misteres ouer wrack) As thou goest onwards still will plucke thee backe, She keepes thee to this purpose,that her skill. May time disgrace,and wretched mynuit kill. Yet feare her O thou minnion of her pleasure, She may detaine,but not still keepe her tresure! Her Audite (though delayd) answer'd must be, And her Quietus is to render thee.
  19. Ok, an old dog learning a new trick. 🙂 Back to my old tricks... 157 characters up to "conuertest". There are 22 words up to the word "bloud" which has the "b" to spell Bacon. Add 22 to the 11 on top of the Sonnet, you get 33 the Simple cipher of Bacon. Counting the characters, the "b" of "bloud" is the 92nd character, and 92 is the Reverse cipher of Bacon. Original spelling: AS fast as thou shalt wane so fast thou grow'st, In one of thine, from that which thou departest, And that fresh bloud which yongly thou bestow'st, Thou maist call thine, when thou from youth conuertest, Herein liues wisdome, beauty, and increase, Without this follie, age, and could decay, If all were minded so, the times should cease, And threescoore yeare would make the world away: Let those whom nature hath not made for store, Harsh, featurelesse, and rude , barrenly perrish, Looke whom she best indow'd, she gaue the more; Which bountious guift thou shouldst in bounty cherrish, She caru'd thee for her seale, and ment therby, Thou shouldst print more, not let that coppy die. What about the "I I", the eleven of Sonnet 11? Two ones? Two A's? A Double A? I = 9 Simple cipher. 9+9=18 9x9=81 <--1881--> This Sonnet about Bacon and William Tudor is "Sealed" with 157 as the first letters, "AIATHWIALHLWST" which add up to 157 Simple cipher. The eleven is "I I", two pillars. Funny how 11 and 157 appear together so often in the Sonnets, but that's another topic for another day. Plus the magic "Time" number 1881, if you Will, to connect past and future as one.
  20. A thought... WIT could also be short for William Tudor as Wi T, as Francis Bacon could be Fr B. Thing is, until Bacon had a son and was King, he wouldn't quite be William Tudor I. That, I believe, is why Bacon was so very careful to not have a child until he was King. He waited and waited, being very careful to not mess up the plan, so to speak. Sonnet 11, the final Sonnet of the first Tier which has letters to add up to 157 Simple cipher tells part of the story, especially at the end: As fast as thou shalt wane, so fast thou grow'st, In one of thine, from that which thou departest; And that fresh blood which youngly thou bestow'st, Thou mayst call thine when thou from youth convertest, Herein lives wisdom, beauty, and increase; Without this folly, age, and cold decay: If all were minded so, the times should cease And threescore year would make the world away. Let those whom nature hath not made for store, Harsh, featureless, and rude, barrenly perish: Look, whom she best endow'd, she gave thee more; Which bounteous gift thou shouldst in bounty cherish: She carv'd thee for her seal, and meant thereby, Thou shouldst print more, not let that copy die. Listen, "She carv'd thee for her seal, and meant thereby, Thou shouldst print more, not let that copy die." She named William Tudor to be her 157 and 287 Seal, just as the RC and Bacon had done with their works for Strength and Permanence. But, he needed to have a son after he was King to fulfill her "Will" to be William Tudor I to have those cipher numbers. William should "print" more, not let his name die. "Print"? Curious how close that is to "Prince." PRINT is 73 Simple cipher. PRINCE is 72 Simple cipher, so needs 1 added to be Print. PRINCE + 1. William needed to "Prince" more by 1 to become William Tudor I. So WIT may be Wi T while waiting and hoping to be WTI. Just a thought.
  21. There is someone's interpretation of "0 thou prodigious monster moste accurst" here starting on page 35: https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/30695702.pdf "Shake Singleton" is mentioned on page 39. The woman who turns Singleton's ballad against him is standing up for the 'Westerne ladds' against Singleton's 'Suffolk weessells' and ends by daring him to write again: 'And so good Singleton go hang I if thou wilt not a due'. Written underneath, by way of further insult to Singleton, is 'by me Shake Singleton. And dare to be sold at the signe of The shipp called ye quittance,' followed by: 0 let not passonelessshame vnto the first beginner for shehathbyn andshewilbe a fallinge pleasantsinner. fire neweandyefirst mintage. Might be some good info in this PDF. Bacon is mentioned 35 times sometimes as having credit for an anonymous work in the manuscript.
  22. 77 is also the last Sonnet of the 7th Tier which is the end of the first half (154/2=77) of the Sonnets. It ends with Day 182, and we know... ONE EIGHTY TWO is 157 Simple and 287 Kaye cipher. http://www.light-of-truth.com/pyramid-GMT.php#Sonnet077 So we may have the Seal numbers that show up everywhere important. 😉
  23. Jake said: So Jake has found an undeniable and repeatable cipher that will reshape 400 years of Baconian and Shakespearean "facts". He has become so convinced himself he is in public promoting his claim. His book has been out and there is no shock-wave happening in the world. He is welcome to demonstrate here, but so far all he does is tell us how wrong we are and that he is right. In fact, he is the only person in the world who is right. (Kind of scary when someone thinks like that.) So far nobody has supported him that we know or he would tell us. I'm waiting for his cipher demonstration that will Shake up the world. I suspect, if we ever see anything, it will be very weak and we'll see what he missed. 😉
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