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  1. You tend to blow my mind with your skill to "see" and also to connect what you "know." Ever impressed!!! Love it! You are aware these few Sonnets are very familiar territory for me, and still you shared things I had not seen yet even after so many years, plus your expanse of wisdom on other connections I have little awareness of. Bravo, Mighty Yann! πŸ™‚
  2. I think with the first link you need to be logged in with an account. The second link works for me! πŸ™‚ Here is an interesting image of the title page on another site: https://collections.library.yale.edu/catalog/2004515 Thank you, Christie!!
  3. I'm fairly certain Peter Dawkins was the first source of where I heard of it. I've had it on my list of images I want to see for a long time. Years ago I'd search microfiche and as far as I remember I never found it. I was hoping, excited even, totally ready to be embarrassed if someone to posted a link of the image that would trigger my mind and I'd say, "Oh yea! DUH! I forgot!" It is somewhere, below the Rose... πŸ˜‰ Thanks for looking Eric! I know you are a Master at research! πŸ™‚
  4. Another happy thing in the show is how a Beekeeper and his hives became important. He goes on to say about bees: Then: LOL! That is who we are and what we do as Bees in the B'Hive! πŸ™‚
  5. I don't think I have ever seen a photo or facsimile of this word pyramid. I've seen the text version for about long as I have known about the Sonnets Pyramid (21 years?), and obviously have always taken a huge interest. Has anyone here seen an image? Maybe I have and forgot? I'd love to study the original and even try the amazing technique Mighty Yann (Allisnum2er) does so well while teaching us how to do it. Thank you, Yann!!!! I've played with an HONORIFICABILITUDINITITABUS pyramid about a third of my life. I tend to get slightly different results depending on where my knowledge and skill is when I do it. In 2001/2002 I was able to use every letter in a perfect reflection of current events syncing with the Sonnets Pyramid. Today I am down to the last three letters in the puzzle, oh well can't always hit 100% on target! The bulk of the solution is always exactly the same, but there are enough loose letters that they leave room for synchronicity and interpretations that are in-the-moment yet the puzzle also becomes eternally significant; every day, week, or every year. So far every century? The Sonnets Pyramid is very similar. Every Line, every part of the Design is in a perfect creation. The stand out stuff on one level is about the numbers 157 and 287. It is Sealed impressively. The words Bacon wrote tell his life. Once we get it, looking in the Sonnets aware of the Seal structure, we see beyond the Veil. Some days a line you read is where we are in the moment, everything makes sense. The line you never understood before with conviction suddenly clicks maybe with something really weird going on in the World, whatever. I read a lot of the sames lines every year and every year I see and learn something new! LOL OK, the following is my today version of the word pyramid (not Bacon's, but mine). Start with this word: HONORIFICABILITUDINITITABUS Take out BACON and TUDOR: BACON TUDOR HONORIFICABILITUDINITITABUS Now you have these letters: HIFIILIINITITABUS The last few times in this puzzle I've taken the first letter, the H, and like with the final letter (...W. Mr. H.) of the Sonnets Dedication Poem in the middle of the Star. Remember also that Yann taught some of us about the letter H last Spring: In his "English Grammar" (1641) Ben Jonson tells us that the letter H is the " Queen Mother" of Consonants. For the Dedication poem and here today I know H (8) as a hint at FB (2+6). If I apply what Yann has shown us then H is the Mother and FB is the Son? HIFIILIINITITABUS Now we have these letters which hold the BIG clue from Bacon on his Sonnets: IFIILIINITITABUS Let me put in some spaces with the first nine letters: IFI ILI INI Do you see Pillars with something between? Imagine the I's as Pillars. IFI, ILI, INI. Makes perfect sense!! The β€œI” are Pillars marking each level where a seeker/initiate/follower/fool or whoever goes from one place in the Sonnets Pyramid to the next β€œhigher” plane. Do you see? IFI F = 6, we pass the 6th Tier to achieve the 7th Tier and Day 157. The first level goal for a new person. ILI L = 11, we pass the 11th Tier to finally, after a lot of work and study to find ourselves in the 12th Tier where Day 287 begins. INI N = 13, and we pass the first 13 Tiers where for those of us (just me?) who have play in Bacon’s Sonnets know that this is where the capstone floats off the bottom. So happens today we are in the first Sonnet of the 14th Tier, Sonnet 144. Here are the next and the rest of the letters: TIT A BUS Well, T I T we all know, the Two Pillars, Thirty Three, with an I (EYE) between. Did we just earn (learn) our way through the first 13 Tiers and are now in the first Day of the 14th Tier, where we find TIT in the long word puzzle. This is the Tier in the Dollar Pyramid where there is an EYE is in the center of the 14th Tier. Bacon's eye? Next letter is A, a final confirmation that we accept the Pyramid. Darn, I have three letters left over. BUS I could reshuffle and try again, but three letters left is OK. LOL OK, I'll say this with those letters: I am totally on the BACON BUS for Life! πŸ™‚
  6. It's comical to me how "modern" science seems to deny Dee could have communicated remotely in space and time. I understand, our limited knowledge and experience of today offers no conceivable explanation on how someone could tap into the past or future. Time is "linear", right? LOL There are quantum physics ideas being tossed around about string theory or a holographic universe, etc., and one day science might confirm the possibility. Perhaps time is only linear in our tiny minds. πŸ™‚
  7. I watched a couple episodes of Wednesday with Theresa. It is a fun and curious show. Anything Tim Burton does is going to be "different", of course. Maybe it's just me, and the way I experience the World, but I felt like the movie gave me a "wink". About 15 minutes into the first episode Morticia gives Wednesday a necklace saying, "Oh, I got you a little something." Here is a GIF of the next lines: W... M. Our Initials. It's made of obsidian, which Aztec priests used to conjure visions. It's a symbol of our connection. If I see or hear "W M" I always get Worshipful Master, and also that WM is 33 Simple cipher. I got that immediately. When I heard "It's made of obsidian," Dee popped right up in my mind, of course. The next line confirms Dee, "which Aztec priests used to conjure visions." https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/magic-mirror-used-by-queen-elizabeth-is-court-astrologer-has-aztec-origins-180978830/ Then, "It's a symbol of our connection." In the show it refers to the connection between Mother/Daughter, Morticia and Wednesday with the initials W and M. What I received was the creators of the movie are winking at anyone who has eyes to see as they are presenting a symbol of their Rosicrucian/Freemason connection with Bacon and Dee. But that's just me. πŸ˜‰
  8. My goal for today or this weekend was to create a powerful interpretation regarding the transition of the 13th Tier to the 14 Tier of the Sonnets Pyramid with Sonnet 143 (Queen Elizabeth) moving into Sonnet 144 (Sir Francis Bacon). In the GMT time zone right now there are a couple hours left in the last line of the 13th Tier, Line 2001 of the Sonnets. http://www.light-of-truth.com/pyramid-GMT.php#Line2001 Again my personal life has taken priority so I am barely able to even mention that we are leaving the lower 13 Tiers and entering the 14th Tier with Sonnet 144 at midnight tonight. It is a Big deal. I'll say stay tuned next year as 2022 must be too soon to reveal what I planned. πŸ˜‰
  9. We missed you Yann! Hope your headaches have gone away. I've thought about you and your skills several times recently whishing I could do the same. LOL
  10. I took this clip as it demanded my attention: Thinkeinge alsoe with howe good will The idle tymes whiche yrkesome be You have made shorte throwe your good skill In readeinge pleasante thinges to me. Whereof profitte we bothe did se, As wittenes can if they could speake Bothe your Tullye and my Senecke. Nicholas and Anne knew the secret as much as Elizabeth. I'm sure they were paid well to raise the possible next King of England without telling anyone. Do we think they did it for free as a nice neighbor. LOL He was raised learning what he needed by the Bacon's. I'd like to see a facsimile of this poem.
  11. Fascinating! So many loose-ends coming together. At first I was scrambling to write notes and trying to grab screenshots in my excitement! Whew! Too many tangents to chase tonight! Seriously this presentation weaves together several concepts I've been aware of yet never had a full picture. Plus I have never experienced the Essex disaster and now I have just "seen" the movie! Wow! I never knew what happened even though hearing about it for decades. The name "Arundel"? The "2nd Earl of Arundel" in particular. I don't remember the name before April 9 this year on the B'Hive. I did some research, he is a very Key player. I spent time in Arundel's Manuscripts learning about day to day life a few months. He was a "collector of antiquities" if I understood correctly. Bacon left this plane on April 9, 1626 in the Arundel home? With beautiful gardens, ancient statutes, old and close friends near by. I'd leave my treasures there, if I were disappearing. I'd have a party! Darn chicken. Salmonella is annoying with raw chicken, especially on a cold wet day. Even if frozen you better wash it off before cooking and eating.
  12. And they have celebrated the book The Shakespearean Ciphers Examined which was very popular to them. At least until A. Phoenix destroyed their fantasy with The Fraudulent Friedmans this summer. πŸ˜‰
  13. Today I was in a meeting with a creative and marketing team I work with in Tampa. Movies and TV came up and the hot show some of them were excited about was "Wednesday" on Netflix. I saw an email the other day promoting it, but have not watched it. Those who saw it were excited so I'll recommend it to Theresa who seeks good shows. I did check out the trailer. One phrase in the clip is, "secret societies, secret libraries". Also, "I won't stop till I find the truth." LOL https://www.netflix.com/title/81231974 Is this a Baconian series? Doubtful, but see the trend, "secret societies, secret libraries", looking for Truth as a passion. As if we are in the "End Days" of poor old Willy who has held his Shaking horse all this time.
  14. QUEEN ELIZABETH is 143 Simple cipher using the traditional 24 letter numbers from 1609. http://www.light-of-truth.com/ciphers.html Sonnet 143 is all about her in one of Bacon's most bold and powerful public statements. A Sonnet about Queen Elizabeth. Have you really read it? If you have a moment where you can read slowly and think about the things Bacon has been telling us for 400 years, give this one a try: LOe as a carefull huswife runnes to catch, One of her fethered creatures broake away, Sets downe her babe and makes all swift dispatch In pursuit of the thing she would haue stay: Whilst her neglected child holds her in chace, Cries to catch her whose busie care is bent, To follow that which flies before her face: Not prizing her poore infants discontent; So runst thou after that which flies from thee, Whilst I thy babe chace thee a farre behind, But if thou catch thy hope turne back to me: And play the mothers part kisse me,be kind. So will I pray that thou maist haue thy Will, If thou turne back and my loude crying still. I hear Bacon sharing his life that we know already. "Whilst I thy babe"? How do Strats explain this one? LOL Bacon is begging his birth Mother to "play the mothers" part. "So will I pray that thou maist haue thy Will"? Bacon says this so overtly in Sonnet 143. His name was "Will." EDIT: I keep editing but nobody has seen it yet. LOL If you add up the first letters that start the 14 lines of Sonnet 143, they are 177 Simple cipher which is the same as WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. http://www.light-of-truth.com/pyramid-GMT.php#cipherSonnet143 143 is QUEEN ELIZABETH 177 is WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE 177 is also TUDOR SHAKESPEARE I know, simple math miscalled simplicity, but how cool when you read the words! William Shakespeare was Queen Elizabeth's "neglected child". His name was "Will", he spent months in her womb as she focused on her Will to bring forth the son she loved and had great dreams for. He would be her "Seal", if he would have a son one day. The greatest literary genius to ever live with the scientific and mathematical mind who Will be King of England and change the World. Her Will.
  15. Ok, Friedman who had the goods to nail Bacon as Shakespeare suddenly lied, and then went mad. Spedding? I always thought he was a Baconian hero! Still do. But when he could have put the finale on his life work, he said nothing. Like Friedman. Now Spedding also went mad. That pretty girl probably gave him a sincere and bright smile one day. That was more important than Bacon? No. But his tongue was cut off. No reason to do any more Bacon work. Like Friedman, they were told to shut up, "now." A pretty girl is always nice. He had nothing else to live for. Bacon was dead. Sonnet 66, hmmmmm, something about Art being tongued-tide by Authority. That would drive many people mad. These are Bacon's words, in a special "place". That line has meaning. He knew he was born to be King of England and he was William Shakespeare. Oh my! Tongue cut off. Bacon was stronger than Friedman and Spedding, and Bacon still had hope for the future. The other guys were convinced by however means to keep the old secret hidden. So far, we are breaking all the rules here on the B'Hive that existed in the World not too long ago as we are sharing even secret secrets, maybe we today are the leak in the dam...
  16. We who fall into the Ocean passing the Pillars and swim for our lives, learn to enjoy the Dolphins! Funny how they keep nudging us to stay above water. πŸ™‚ All this talk of Truth and Lies and where we are in the Grand Baconian Plan, on a whim I looked up the ciphers of ELON MUSK. I could have guessed, 103 Simple cipher the same as SHAKESPEARE. Am I dreaming all this? Is this all a dream? It is too amazing to be real. One day I will snap out of it and say, "What a Long Strange Trip" this has been!
  17. Signals of Hope... In the early 1900's "FRATRES ROSEΓ† CRUCIS" gave us a very important clue. It was talked about, yet much of the "fragile" Baconian establishment has only looked at this perfectly timed "public release" as a curiosity, or even a distraction from the purpose at hand. The Friedmans who A. Phoenix exposed recently as total frauds delayed the importance of this critically significant book even to this day: We learn of the numbers 157 and 287. Is that important to you? UNITED STATES is 157 Simple cipher and 287 Kaye cipher using the 26 letter alphabet. Is that a coincidence? If you have never read this quick read, it is worthwhile. But I know people tell me "math" is not their thing. Even being numbers turns people off. I've tried to share some cool parts of this book with family and it falls flat. LOL One version of the book is here: https://openlibrary.org/books/OL6284320M/Secret_Shakespearean_seals When the day happens when Bacon gets his due, the numbers 157 and 287 will be a Key part of the revelation along with everything else. The Sonnets Pyramid will finally get received. These two numbers are no joke. πŸ˜‰
  18. Hard to say Queen Elizabeth II passing away recently is a "signal of hope", but I considered her living as something that had to end before Bacon's Truth could be told, unless she spoke it. I suspect William knows the whole story. πŸ˜‰
  19. It would seem. LOL The 1609 Sonnets Dedication linked with Freemasonry on the first line: F R E E O
  20. For me, A Phoenix is a powerful signal of hope. I often wonder if A Phoenix may be the voice of the Bacon RC. πŸ˜‰
  21. Thank you Eric and A Phoenix for you very kind words! They make for a wonderful way for me to start the day. πŸ™‚ I can't describe my passion for being a part of all this. It is my purpose in life beyond all other aspects. Being with others who also share the passion is a gift from Bacon himself. πŸ™‚
  22. I actually used that "Confused" face emoticon not because you confused me, but more like, "Yea, why do they do that?" What you described is something I have thought about many years. I started to write a reply last night but took it down as I went to bed because it started to drift away from the topic at hand. You know how I am when I start writing! LOL In a nutshell, I feel like Bacon and his friends designed a plan using secret and mathematical Knowledge from Dee for the Universal Reformation of the Whole Wide World where Bacon's New Atlantis (United States) is a big part and player of it. I'll give more details in a few days as a moment is coming soon in the Pyramid Design that is important. So anyway, we are 400 years into this plan. Timing is critical. We see hints of Truth and wonder why the lie still persists. It makes no sense, and that the RC may be hiding (or delaying) the Truth is confusing. I am impatient, I want it all now. But I do believe the plan is unfolding in the time on schedule as it was supposed to. There is a battle going on today that Bacon mentions in Sonnet 144 and the end is not certain. However, the work we do as Baconians is most critical for bringing Truth to Light and winning the battle. If it wasn't for SirBacon.org, A. Phoenix, and all of us working together past and future for Bacon the Truth could possibly fade away and die with nobody caring one bit, or even missing it. I hope 2026 is the year all the Truth about Bacon is unleashed on the World and we are alive to see it, maybe on April 9th. But it might be as far away as 2155.
  23. If that is the Truth, which is easy for me to believe, then I'd suggest there is a day in the future already known to them when all Will be revealed.
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