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  1. G is the 7th letter. Simple cipher 7. G is Kaye cipher 33. 33 is the Simple cipher of BACON. So the letter G is important right out of the gate. G is also 157. Did you know that? G is 7, 33, and 157. The first "Big" A, 157. http://www.light-of-truth.com/keys.htm Freemason? OK, yea. Bacon numbers? More than Freemasonry. Let's just say G is big. 😉
  2. A. Phoenix, you are kind of freaking me out. The Folger Shakespeare Library "finally" opened on April 23, 1932. "368" years after Willy Shakspur was born, as estimated. 1932 was 316 years since his death on that day in 1616. Yea, 316 is a very fun number, and our B'Hive has enjoyed when it comes up. BUT, 1616 is a curious number in the Sonnets. This is Line 1616 in original spelling and is Line 5 of Sonnet 116. http://www.light-of-truth.com/pyramid-GMT.php#Line1616 O no,it is an euer fixed marke One of my favorite lines in the Sonnets. Talking about the Star. Anyway, Sonnet 116 is misnumbered. It's famous, a big clue! Yea? Let me add to that. Lines 1616 through 1619 are all comfortably contained in Sonnet 116, Lines 5 - 8. http://www.light-of-truth.com/pyramid-GMT.php#Sonnet116 Sonnet 116, misnumbered 119. Lines 1616 to 1619 well in Sonnet 116. For you very few who will ever read this far, when you are digging into why Sonnet 116 was numbered 119, understand that the Line numbers are more important than how the Sonnets were numbered. The Sonnet number typo was the clue, but the Line numbers are the solution. I have spent years, and it is about Lines 1616 and 1619. Accept it if you have already wasted time on it. 😉 In the Sonnets Pyramid design with 364 Days, there are four separation points with one at every 91 Days. Basically a 12 hour Clock like we know, or a "Dial" to them back then. Midnight is the Ouroboros. Truly Day 365, both 365 and 0. Big O. 3 O'clock, 6 O'clock, then 9 O'clock. 9 is 4th of the 4 quarters. Every 91 Days, a break. In the Sonnets there are signals. Every break is a real separation. Can be East, West, North, and South. North is always at the top. But the years can be anywhere! LOL The first Line of the 4th section, at 9:00:01 PM, is Line 1619. The final line of the 3rd section is Line 1618. Here they are: Line 1618: It is the star to euery wandring barke, - - - - - - - - - - - - - Line 1619: Whose worths vnknowne,although his higth be taken. OK, there are literally dozens of ideas on dozens of ideas. I need to forget the graphics I am grabbing, notes on numbers, etc. Not the time. It all boils down to this one idea: It is not Sonnet 116 being misnumbered 119, it is Line 1616 being 1619. (Huh ??) I wish I could say everything in a few sentences!! OMG! I have to skip everything, but nobody would understand anyway. April 23, 1932 was 313 years after 1619. Not 316 if we use 1616. But we are supposed to flip 1616 for 1619. I've seen it for years in many ways. Alone, but what you can say? How do you explain? Lonely but fun. 😉 But with the Folger Shakespeare Library opening 313 years after the quiet passing of willy of Startford when 1616 is 1619. Far fetched, but I tell ten years or more I Know Line 1616 and 1619 are changed for significant results. Today A. Phoenix stabbed a Speare into a veil for me. OK, their Speare has been pushing into and bending Light and reflections for a while, but Pierced through today for me. 1619 was the year a William and Mary concept was birthed by Bacon. Seriously. 313 years before the opening of Folger Shakespeare Library. (Sorry I flipped 1616 for 1619). April 23 is Day 113. Day 313 in the Sonnets Pyramid design is the first Day of Tier 13 with in sync with Sonnet 133. Big 13 theme. Oh my, I'm stopping myself at every angle. So many threads! Years in this specific area! But today, whoever A. Phoenix is who we know on many levels, deeply personal even, is opening doors that have been Sealed for lifetimes. Skip to the chase, shocking my mind and years of theories, believing a lot, I feel like I somehow now Know Mr. Folger was in possession of Bacon's "vault" or whatever. Of course! Is the Fra Rosie Crosse telling us the treasure is with the Folger Shakespaere "friggen'" Library lunch time walking distance to the "friggen" Capital of the "friggen" New Atlantis United States of America. Hidden in our "friggen" face. And William and Mary College dreamed of in 1619 by Bacon 313 years before Folger opened on Day 113 in 1932 is one of the clues to solving the Rosicrucian Bacon puzzle! OMG!! As if Shakespeare himself wrote the script!! LOL LOL Remember this: The Folger Shakespeare Library "finally" opened on April 23, 1932. "368" years after Willy Shakspur was born, as estimated. When Line 1616 becomes Line 1619, counting them as years, then maybe the new concept might be that April 23 (Day 113), 1932 could be 365 Years after Willy was born. Symbolic, of course. But hugely symbolic. Folger was in possession of whatever Bacon had to store. William and Mary was involved, as is the Library. We are one step closer!! THANK YOU A. PHOENIX!!!! Thank whoever you Know in the RC! 🙂 Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and laugh at myself. But right now, a Vault has been opened to me. LOL
  3. A. Phoenix: Maybe "Shakespeare" learned about gloves from his Mother? 😉 The Folger's oldest painting is of Queen Elizabeth, 1579 when Bacon was about 18 years old. The Plimpton "Sieve" portrait of Queen Elizabeth I https://folgerpedia.folger.edu/The_Plimpton_"Sieve"_portrait_of_Queen_Elizabeth_I Elizabeth I occupies most of the portrait's frame; above her right shoulder is a globe displaying South America and the western coast of Africa, and above her left shoulder is the royal coat of arms. Her right hand, which holds a tan glove... https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ https://folgerpedia.folger.edu/The_Plimpton_"Sieve"_portrait_of_Queen_Elizabeth_I
  4. Look at the image below. The top half is in Washington DC, the red arrow points to the Folger Shakespeare Library. The bottom half is William and Mary College in Williamsburg, VA. William and Mary College is zoomed in more than Washington DC. Notice the layout of the roads. Neither image is rotated at all. There is a geometric emphasis pointing to or coming from the East. I have a nagging feeling that I cannot shake that Bacon's treasure may be buried somewhere in the above image of William and Mary. I have a favorite spot or two that I have visited and photographed facing the Christopher Wren Building. Now learning of the Rosicrucian connection to the Folger Shakespeare Library and actually looking at the map where it lives sends shivers up my spine. The similarities of these very important places are highly significant.
  5. And the shells? S=18, H=8, so SH is 188. SH SH SH SH SH SH has cool cipher numbers: 144 Reverse cipher which is the Simple cipher of SIR FRANCIS BACON. 102 Short cipher nails it. ONE HUNDRED TWO is 157 Simple and 287 Kaye cipher the same as FRA ROSI CROSSE and WILLIAM TUDOR I. We know 102 and 201 have the same numbers as they have the same letters just rearranged. The address of the Folger Shakespeare Library is 201 E Capitol St SE, Washington, DC 20003. The location is quite amazing, one of the most important spots in the United States. It is basically on longitude -77, even within a few feet to the exact -77. Washington DC was planned, designed, and built by people who knew Bacon was the greatest man to ever live. The Sacred Geometry tells a story. Remember, The United States is Bacon's work. Not Shakespeare's at all. Yet Bacon was Shakespeare, and he has his place on Capital Hill a short walk from the US Capital! It is truly the Folger Bacon Library!
  6. "Because it's bloody stupid" had me laughing out loud when I watched it again as I posted it! Edmo and the gloves! LOL Forget law and everything else Bacon was a master at. Obvious Shakespeare grew up in a home with gloves. LOL And of course the powerful Strat line that we all should just "Shut up!" LOL
  7. Ok, A. Phoenix, maybe we all should plan a trip to the Folger Shakespeare Library and we can wear disguises. Maybe we could try to look like Strats to not attract any attention. 😉
  8. If I make it back up to DC some day, this will be a required visit with the new Knowledge A. Phoenix has offered to us. Funny, in this gorgeous video with names of plays and poets, etc. presented in tile or carved into something, I think I only saw one lower case letter! Makes me wonder... EDIT: Thanks Yann, I missed the OThELLO! 🙂
  9. I've studied and meditated on this poem for many years. It is dark and depressing in some ways, but so easy to relate to. Bacon writing poetry as himself, the Universally loved and admired Shakespeare, but just purely being himself as Bacon for this one. I get it. And I relate. I think we've cipher examined it here? Numbers, anagram, acrostics, etc. But no matter what Bacon's Soul is open to anybody who reads and understands. One of my favorite poems ever.
  10. I've wanted to order some for a very long time. https://www.baconaddicts.com/search?utf8=✓&query=sir+francis+bacon Oh my. Maybe I'll finally order something... https://www.baconaddicts.com/blog/sir-francis-bacon-brittle-toffee-3pc-gift-set I am putting on weight just looking.
  11. Amazing new discoveries! 2nd Part of Henry IV has always been a playground for me. I've considered it was a required Bacon Cipher 101 to be on the First Folio (good pens) team before 1623. 😉 Up a few posts, you mention 1988? 1+9=10 and 1+0=1 and 1 with 88 to make 188. 😉
  12. I keep wondering about the next line after page 103: He was run over. By a rhinoceros. I can see Bacon and then eros which is cupid? Cupid the son of Venus may represent Bacon the son of Elizabeth. No matter what, he was "run over by a rhinoceros"? Eliot was obviously playing and having fun. 😉
  13. It is indeed curious that it turns out Lady Elizabeth's secret son is B. Kaghan (Bacon). 😉
  14. Looking at this play, to me it looks like fertile cipher grounds. Bacon seems to be there on several levels. Every new line starts with an upper case letter. Veiled meanings are obvious. Lot of word play, and of course Lady Elizabeth with a secret son. I'm not reading as I should; front to back. I am jumping around. Sometimes reading back to front. I can't help it, years of bad habits. Sleeping on it last night when I've had time today I have looked to see if TS Eliot was a Baconian. It became evident early in my poking around he may have been a fan of ciphers and "secret writing". Knowledge of ciphers leads to some knowledge of Bacon. Makes sense, I was seeing it last night before I went to bed. Look at page 103 of his play: TS Eliot may have been playing with secret writing for fun to tell the story of Bacon's Royal Birth. EDIT: Just want to add this from The Cryptographic Imagination, page 14: But Poe's generic influence also requires one to consider how particular writers have learned from Poe's fictional practices. This is peculiarly true of cryptographic writing, which always forces one to confront the essential, shocking anonymity of language. And since cryptographic texts lead to a linguistic doubling of reader and writer contained within the imaginative space of the cryptograph, secret writing naturally encourages imitation and plagiarism. Because of the powerful transferential effects of Poe's secret writing, a disproportionate number of his readers have come to think of themselves as Poe's "secret readers," who reproduce his cryptographic paradigm either in their writing or in their lives. Literary cryptography turns out to be, in part, a set of mechanisms for producing these transference effects, and so part 2 of The Cryptographic Imagination examines the effects of Poe's secret writing on his later readers. These include writers and critics such as T. S. Eliot and Jacques Lacan; cryptographers such as William Friedman; and the Boston spiritualist Lizzie Doten, who believed she served as a spiritual telegraph through whom Poe posthumously dictated poems.
  15. I stumbled on this book I was not familiar with. I've skimmed a few pages here and there finding some very interesting tidbits. There is a free download so I thought I'd share a link: https://muse.jhu.edu/book/72709/pdf Here is something that caught my eye: Bacon's cipher satisfies all three of his own cryptographic principles. Not only can the cipher be mastered and translated quickly (given accurate printing) but, best of all, as a steganographic cipher, it disguises that it is a code. Because it relies only on the systematic contrast between two different elements, Bacon's cipher need not be restricted to contrasting typefaces. Instead, it can squirrel itself into a literally infinite range of patterns and images. The rather crude castle in figure 2, for instance, is actually a biliteral cipher of empty and shaded stones. Drawn by a doctor fascinated by Baconianism, the deciphered text reads as follows: My business is to write prescriptions And then to see my doses taken; But now I find I spend my time Endeavoring to out-Bacon Bacon
  16. I'll try to read it. Found it here: https://archive.org/details/in.ernet.dli.2015.547673/mode/2up I had to play. A PLAY BY F BACON T S ELIOT is 100 Simple cipher with the modern 26 letter codes. Did Bacon write this Play? No way. Did Eliot have any clue on ciphers? I am certain he knew of Bacon, as you present. But there is something bigger in the Universe. You have your God, others have their Gods, I'm not sure what I have. But whatever it is there is a connection between every single life form on Earth and into the Universe. Time as a concept is a Joke to the level where time is a Joke. I suspect we as Baconians, some as Christians, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, and EVERYTHING else, should be aware of hints and messages of Truth backed up by Synchronicity on all plains have a purpose that is in sync with Bacon's plan. Bacon was a Virgin Born savior to the Modern World. 😉 For me, Eliot is a faded memory of the past, but I remember the name. Many are long lost... I suspect this is well worth a read with Bacon in mind. Good vs Evil, who wins in the end, I'm curious about how Bacon fits in. EDIT: Just read a first couple pages and all I got was in your face sexual innuendo and humor! I think Eliot is known to have these concepts in his bag of tricks. But maybe it is just me stressed out from computer issues since last night and need a break. And I see Bacon ciphers. Hanging Bacon? 😉 LOL
  17. Never heard of it, sounds interesting! I am slightly familiar with Eliot from many years before I knew of Bacon. When I read Pike after becoming a Baconian I thought I saw a similar style. Not the same ideas and words, but something else. Same, but not. Different, but not. One day everything ends up in a single dot, all the same. 😉
  18. Been thinking "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last" in the back of my mind with the Sonnets. Something that is worth some attention is that the Sonnets may have more than one arrangement. It's been brought up by others, and I see possibilities as well. The Sonnets Pyramid design has 4 sections with its 364 Days. Every 91 days there is a breaking point. (4 x 91 Days is 364 Days). Over the years I've experimented a little with four arrangements. One of the obviously arrangements is dividing the Sonnets into half and flipping the halves. To explain, the first half of the Sonnets ends with Sonnet 77 and the second half begins with Sonnet 78. So we actually begin the Sonnets with Sonnet 78 The "Alpha" first four lines of the Sonnets starting Day 1 in this arrangement are the first four lines of Sonnet 78: SO oft haue I inuok'd thee for my Muse, And found such faire assistance in my verse, As euery Alien pen hath got my vse, And vnder thee their poesie disperse. The "Omega" final four lines of the Sonnets collection are the last four lines of Sonnet 77: Those children nurst,deliuerd from thy braine, To take a new acquaintance of thy minde. These offices,so oft as thou wilt looke, Shall profit thee,and much inrich thy booke. For what its worth, this arrangement has plenty of interesting results. In the traditional arrangement that begins with Sonnet 1 and Day 1 going through to Sonnet 154 and Day 364, Day 33 has a huge Bacon life clue. So what about the new Day 33 if the Sonnets start with Sonnet 78? Turns out the first full line of the new Day 33 is Line 9 of Sonnet 91: Thy love is better than high birth to me Funny I just studied this line a few days ago! And yes there a Bacon hit!
  19. Yann, I am inspired to look at VENVS AND ADONIS. I've yet to spend time here... 🙂 I've seen it mentioned here on the B'Hive that Bacon was Cupid the son of Venus, Elizabeth. VENVS is 102 Kaye cipher, and ONE HUNDRED TWO is a perfect 157 Simple, 168 Reverse, 58 Short, and 287 Kaye cipher same as WILLIAM TUDOR I. I guess that help explain why the Sonnets end with the theme of Cupid. The Sonnets are all about Bacon being the son of Elizabeth. 😉 Bacon Cupid https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-cupid-bacon-character-cartoon-style-171077254.html
  20. Yann (Allisnum2r) presented us with the following (see above posts): Lines 143 and 144 of the Sonnets are lines 3 and 4 of Sonnet 11: http://www.light-of-truth.com/pyramid-GMT.php#Line0143 And that fresh bloud which yongly thou bestow'st, Thou maist call thine,when thou from youth conuertest, Sonnet 11 with Lines 143 and 144 pointed to: 143 is Simple cipher for QUEEN ELIZABETH. 144 is Simple cipher for SIR FRANCIS BACON. 143 + 144 = 287 the Kaye cipher for WILLIAM TUDOR I. See the colored letters above for FR BACON and WILL TUDOR. One could certainly pick an "I" to make WILL TUDOR I. There are 33 words and 157 characters from the beginning of Sonnet 11 up to the word "conuertest" 33 is the Simple cipher for BACON. 157 is the Simple cipher for WILLIAM TUDOR I. By the way, add up the first letters of Sonnet 11 and you have 157 Simple cipher. http://www.light-of-truth.com/pyramid-GMT.php#cipherSonnet011 I know we've kicked the 143 ball around here before and Elizabeth always comes up with Bacon and William. So the above may be a rerun for those with very good memories (unlike myself). 🙂 But a little coincidence for just today as I write this post. We are in Line 1318 right now (GMT) which is Line 2 of Sonnet 95: http://www.light-of-truth.com/pyramid-GMT.php#Line1318 Lines 1318 and 1319: Which like a canker in the fragrant Rose, Doth spot the beautie of thy budding name? Rose? Name? Is there a 143 somewhere? The 11 Letter Simple cipher (Lines 2-12) of Sonnet 95 is 143. Using the modern 26 letter codes we see 143 Reverse cipher. So yes, 143 (QUEEN ELIZABETH) is there. http://www.light-of-truth.com/pyramid-GMT.php#cipherSonnet095 In Sonnet 95 there are 67 characters up to "Rose". 67 is the Simple cipher of FRANCIS. There are 24 words and 102 characters up to "name". TWENTY FOUR is 157 Simple cipher the same as WILLIAM TUDOR I. ONE HUNDRED TWO is a 157 Simple, 168 Reverse, 58 Short, and 287 Kaye cipher for WILLIAM TUDOR I. http://www.light-of-truth.com/ciphers.htm The word "name" appears twice in Sonnet 95 with 33 words between them. 33 is the Simple cipher for BACON. If we don't count two parenthesis we have 157 characters, the Simple cipher for WILLIAM TUDOR I. And of course there is more. It's nice to finally get a break from work today! Yesterday was Day 222 and I so wanted to write about the cool 222 stuff with Kate in mind! 🙂
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