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  1. It is curious. Coincidence there is an A in the center of the map? https://www.captainjohnsmith.org/1612-map-of-virginia Here is a higher resolution map: https://encyclopediavirginia.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/744hpr_24d5af2b9837969-scaled.jpg
  2. One difference that caught my eye were the creases in the drape and how they relate to the subject's heads. I wondered if they held a message.
  3. That is usually neglect, as if whoever created the page and script moved onto other pursuits. Not always, but typically that is one sign.
  4. Yet a few slight differences. The pressure he felt to distinguish the two twins from each other must have been incredible!
  5. That's your way. But people who have a passion, whether based on Truth or Myth, are the ones who will ultimately find the Truth so everybody can know whatever. You are phobic of ideas. You preach that being creative is not what Bacon left us. What scares me is the total apathy of the masses who could care or less about anything but their paycheck, streaming TV, and 1 or 2 and a half kids in happy easy schools. I understand that I really need to check my eagerness to believe what I want. I'll keep an eye on myself, a little bit anyway. On the other hand, you don't care if there is any importance on who wrote Shakespeare, you poopoo it all as a waste of time. You say "historians" do this or that, yet I am not reading very much about the history of the Newport Tower by any of your type of historians. I have read some different theories going back to 1100's which adds to my curiosity. And you'd suggest these theories not exist as they might be misleading a bunch of fools? And then we'd have an old tower of rocks falling apart and nobody would care. We have writers and story-tellers keeping history alive, and we have horrible apathy waiting for our history to die. No matter the real history of the Dee Tower in RI, if I am ever up there I will go visit it and the museum. 🙂
  6. I think this guy is cool! He may be on to something. Vikings, Templars, someone built this tower. Egan has a great argument for Dee as the architect, or creator anyway. I just read a fun article about Jim Egan and his passion (linked below). Hey, I get it! Its possible he did figure out the Newport Tower story and he knows it. Dee might have a way of sharing the past. I totally get it! 😉 https://www.newportri.com/story/lifestyle/magazine/newportlife/2019/07/15/true-story-behind-newport-landmark/4579786007/ Screen capture of the beginning of the article:
  7. The river was named "Dee" on an old map or something? The Dee concept keeps coming up not only with Jim Egan in the video. Just because it is a theory does not mean it is wrong. I do not know. I love the idea of a John Dee Tower in the US. What can I say. So now there is yet another mystery for someone to solve. I swear Life on Earth provides infinite and eternal Treasure Hunts for real seekers who need, or at least would benefit from a passion. If Dee did not design this tower, whoever did had the same skills as Dee. But as we know, those skills go back a long time. Dee taught me this time number thingy that seems to work for connecting past and future: <-- 1881 --> 🙂
  8. WOW!!!!! 🙂 I plan to go see the Dee Tower someday.
  9. I guess I am on a stroll down the "Roger Williams" path for a little while tonight. looking for Bacon connections, but also just strollin' along. I came across the following in a SirBacon.org submission by R.E. Kretz I forget about (pages 5 and 6). https://sirbacon.org/downloads/Camelot.pdf ...Once Elizabeth assumed the throne as the “Virgin Queen”, it was a relatively easy astrological matter to sell her on the idea that as Cassiopeia was the “Virgin Queen of Heaven” she was the “Virgin Queen on Earth”, reflecting the axiom “as above, so below”, and that Cygnus, as Apollo, over North America, in concert with the Arthurian legend connection and voyages of St. Brendan and Prince Madoc, gave England, or as Dee coined it, “the British Empire”, the right to colonize and expand its realm. Thus, Dee was able to gain the support of the crown and financial backing for his endeavor. A simple “slight of mind”. How do we know this? Rhode Island! In a letter to King Francis I of France in 1524, Giovanni Verrazano called the harbor at the mouth of Narragansett Bay “Refugio”. Verrazano’s cartographer on the 1524 voyage, Viscount Maggiolo, included Refugio on his map of 1527. John Dee renamed the bay and river flowing into it described by Verrazano the John Dee Bay and Dee River in 1583. It wasn’t until 1634 that the bay was renamed Narragansett. If you recall, one form of Merlin’s either prison or grave could have been a magic tower. According to Jim Egan in The John Dee Tower of 1583: A Renaissance Building in Newport, Rhode Island, Dee also had the Newport Tower, that functions as a Horologium, constructed in 1583. Newport is a town Camelot in southeastern Wales adjacent to Caerleon where Dee’s ancestors were from. In 1637, a year after the founding of Providence, Roger Williams in a letter to John Winthrop, a Puritan lawyer and Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, refers to “…Aquidnetick called by us Rode Island …”. In 1644 the name of Aquidneck was officially changed to “Rhod Iland” (Rhode Island or the Isle of Rhodes). The name of the island comes from the ancient Greek Rhódon (rose), and is sometimes called the island of roses. Rhodes is famous for the Colossus of Rhodes, a statue of the Greek sun god Helios, later known as Apollo, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. According to myth, Helios was a Titan, a primordial god, who drove a chariot daily from east to west across the sky and sailed around the northerly stream of Ocean each night in a huge cup, a route similar to that taken by European explorers to the New World. In Pindar's ode, the island was said to be born of the union of Helios and the nymph Rhodos, the goddess and personification of the island and Helios’ wife. According to Diodorus Siculus, one their three sons, Actis, travelled to Egypt where he built the city of Heliopolis and taught the Egyptians astrology. The statue of Colossus collapsed during an earthquake in 226 BC. The Colossus of Rhodes inspired French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi designer of Statue of Liberty, who made his first sketches of the statue while visiting the artist John LaFarge at his studio in Newport, Rhode Island. The Isle of Rhodes is also home to the Acropolis of Rhodes with the Temple of Pythian Apollo and an ancient theatre and stadium. Furthermore, Dee conceived the idea of the Rhode Island symbol as the a fouled anchor with the word “hope”, known as the “anchor of hope”, based on his Monas Hieroglyphica of 1564. (see John Dee, Governor Benedict Arnold, and the Anchor of Hope by Jim Egan). Naming the colony “Rhode Island” may well have been Dee’s idea. It would have played into his “slight of mind” deception whereby he has people thinking it’s named after the Isle of Rhodes when in actuality it’s named for his ancestors, Rhodri ap Merfyn and Merlin. A further idea is that the double “A", or “AA”, may be another of Dee’s “slights of mind” and in a different interpretation may represent the letter “M” for “Merlin”.
  10. I believe the Six Degrees of Francis Bacon can be edited by anyone who signs up. So as interesting as it is, I wouldn't count on it to not have historical mistakes. 😉
  11. I'm not sure how up to date the owner keeps this, but it is interesting. http://www.sixdegreesoffrancisbacon.com/?ids=10000473&min_confidence=60&type=network
  12. Here are Bacon's words from "Of Plantations" (XXXIII): https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Works_of_Francis_Bacon/Volume_1/Essays/Of_Plantations ...If you plant where savages are, do not only entertain them with trifles and gingles, but use them justly and graciously, with sufficient guard nevertheless; and do not win their favour by helping them to invade their enemies, but for their defence it is not amiss: and send oft of them over to the country that plants, that they may see a better condition than their own, and commend it when they return. When the plantation grows to strength, then it is time to plant with women as well as with men; that the plantation may spread into generations, and not be ever pieced from without. Bacon's words, to me, do not align with "Indian Killers." However, his words do not align with modern thinking either. Yet in his day he may have been pretty modern to the Churches. Modern thinking even when I was a kid was a lot different than today. 400 years ago I am sure we would all be shocked by the norm, even in best situations. Roger Williams sounds pretty cool. Separation of Church and State makes sense to me. And he knew Bacon according to this: https://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/22/books/review/roger-williams.html ...The book is about the genesis of the idea of separation of church and state and the linkage between freedom of religion and freedom itself. Therefore it goes into detail about the influence Edward Coke and Francis Bacon had on Williams. Coke was the greatest jurist in English history, the man who ruled “the house of every man is as his castle,” and the leader of parliamentary opposition to the expansion of royal power. He was also Williams’s mentor. Bacon, the father of the scientific method and whom Williams also knew personally, had a comparable impact on how Williams thought, on how he looked for evidence. EDIT: Further dialog on Williams and Bacon's possible influence: https://www.nybooks.com/articles/2012/10/25/roger-williams-his-own/
  13. Is this the same Henry Percy in the Hilliard? (Sorry for being a little behind the curve...)
  14. Oh my! Eric, did you read this link in the link you shared? My first time through it sounded to me like this is a miniature of Shakespeare (Bacon). https://www.shafe.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/07-The-Secrets-of-Tudor-Art.pdf I see Bacon's hat, his "book", and those so very rare "cheveril gloves" that some goofball I've seen in video claims is proof Willy wrote Shakespeare! LOL
  15. Maybe 20 years ago a Baconian lady who used to email with me was convinced this was a painting of young Bacon. I haven't heard from her in many years, but I still see Bacon. There was another one like this where he was standing by a tree with reddish hair. EDIT: The image below is the main one Genevieve was so sure was Francis Bacon. I'm not as sure if she thought the Henry Percy above was Bacon, but I am very sure the one below was Bacon to her. I don't remember anybody else making that claim, but it stuck with me enough to be curious. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Nicholas_Hilliard_-_A_Youth_Leaning_Against_a_Tree_Among_Roses_-_WGA11424.jpg
  16. Thank you, Barry, for being a voice for Bacon. 🙂 For any kids just joining, "SAQ" means "Shakespeare Authorship Question." And I am not the one to define "Oxfordian" right now. 😉
  17. This is interesting (bold my emphasis): http://www.newportalri.org/items/show/13484 Description An oil on canvas portrait of Lady Elizabeth Drury (English, 1595-1610) painted by Dutch artist Paul van Somer (1576-1621). Lady Elizabeth is depicted reclining on a gilded Jacobean daybed, her right hand leaning against a white silk pillow and her left hand holding a black book. She wears a heavy gold embroidered red silk dress over a flowered silk blouse accented with red bows, and her stiff lace collar frames her pale white face. Her blondish-red hair is beneath a lace and silk veil. Dark draperies frame the interior scene in the background. Inscribed on the lower left with "Eliz: Daugther of Sr. Robt. Drury Died 1610 Aged 15" and the lower right with "Her pure and eloquent blood / spoke in her cheeks, and so distinctly wrought / That one might almost say her body thought. - Upon the untimely death of Mistress Elizabeth Drury / by Doctor John Donne Dean of St. Paul's School London."
  18. She died at 15 years old? Why did she die so young? Was this painting sharing a moment when maybe she could not stand yet was dressed up fine? "Elizabeth Drury died in 1610 at the age of fifteen. The portrait was commissioned posthumously by her mother, Lady Anne Bacon Drury, Sir Nicholas Bacon’s granddaughter, and Francis Bacon’s niece." I could Google it, but still finishing my day. 🙂 EDIT: Here is a more recent version engraving: https://www.npg.org.uk/collections/search/portrait/mw133757/Elizabeth-Drury?LinkID=mp89947&role=sit&rNo=0
  19. The first two full lines of March 25 in the Sonnets: https://www.light-of-truth.com/pyramid-GMT.php#Day084 So shall those blots that do with me remaine, Without thy helpe , by me be borne alone.
  20. https://www.earlystuartlibels.net/htdocs/monopolies_section/Mii8.html Starts out: When you awake, dull Brittons, and behould What treasure you have throwne into your mould; Your ignorance in pruning of a state; You shall confesse, and shall your rashnes hate: For in a senceles furie you have slaine A man, as farre beyond your spungie braine Of common knowledge, as if heaven from hell: And yet you tryumph, thinke you have done well. Further down we read: Wow!! This poem IS important!! It ends with: Which long-liv’d records to enseuinge daies Shall still proclaime, to your eternall praise.
  21. More coincidence fun with numbers: ANNAPOLIS ROYAL LODGE does not produce any cipher totals that grab my attention, yet how to add #33? The hash or number sign is not in our Baconian codes, and one way to add 33 to the Simple cipher results is to add BACON since it is 33 Simple cipher. ANNAPOLIS ROYAL LODGE #BACON does produce some numbers that grab my attention. https://www.light-of-truth.com/ciphers.html The Short cipher is 100 and the Simple cipher of FRANCIS BACON and also the Kaye cipher of TUDOR. The Simple cipher 235 relates with Day 235 in the Sonnets which begins the 10th Tier as Sonnet 100 begins. https://www.light-of-truth.com/pyramid-GMT.php#10 Let me emphasize and share the original spelling of the six lines that begin Sonnet 100 and are almost completely contained in Day 235: VVHere art thou Muse that thou forgetst so long, To speake of that which giues thee all thy might? Spendst thou thy furie on some worthlesse songe, Darkning thy powre to lend base subiects light. Returne forgetfull Muse,and straight redeeme, In gentle numbers time so idely spent, I love Sonnet 100 as I understand it from Bacon's eyes (pen). So much more here, but my eyes are starting to close for the night. 🙂
  22. I was reading some local news here in Florida when I saw an article about a local Freemason Lodge giving out meals on Thanksgiving. I clicked the link to go to their website and poked around. Nobody I know or recognize, almost all of the guys in the photos are a bit older than my old self. In the handful of links on their website they have one to the Nova Scotia Freemasons. Thinking of you, CJ, I clicked and went to it. Poking around there a while came across Annapolis Royal #33 which has some history. https://www.annapolisroyallodge33.com/history/freemasonry-annapolis-royal-ns/ We here at Annapolis Royal Lodge #33 have a rich history of Masonry and are proud of the fact that we are the Home Of The First Duly Constituted Lodge In Canada. So "The First Duly Constituted Lodge In Canada" is numbered 33. CJ, you can and have demonstrated some fascinating math about the number 33, and since Bacon was alive he has always been the 33 guy for some of us. And Lodge #33 is Canada's first? Cool coincidence, huh? You may suggest it is a merely a random thing that my mind is trying to make into something significant with an esoteric purpose. LOL
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