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  1. The entire Sonnets Dedication is framed on the four corners with TO in the upper left, OF in the upper right, then the two T's at the bottom for the lower left and lower right. The initials are three T's and O. The Triple Tau and Circle may be important. 😉 https://masonicshop.com/encyclopedia/topics/entry/?i=1181 The Tau Cross, or Cross of Saint Anthony, is a Cross in the form of a Greek T. The Triple Tau is a figure formed by three of these crosses meeting in a point, and therefore resembling a letter T resting on the traverse bar of an H. This emblem, placed in the center of a Triangle and Circle--both emblems of the Deity--constitutes the jewel of the Royal .Arch as practiced in England where it is so highly esteemed as to be called the ''emblem of all emblems,'' and "the grand emblem of Royal Arch Masonry."
  2. I've been smiling a while on this one. 🙂 If we count the hyphenated words as two, which I do and change their order, we have 32 total words ending with "W. Mr. H." If we take the H (8) and make it FB (6+2=8) then the end refers to "Worshipful Master Francis Bacon" ("W. Mr. F B.") at the 33 count. Notice the only space in the Dedication poem is after the "H." which tells us that is where we should end. 😉
  3. ETERNITIE is 101 Simple cipher, the same as INFINITY. https://www.light-of-truth.com/ciphers.html A magic Eternal/Infinite word I made up is ShaKAshA. The center is KA which is 10 and 1, or 101 if strung together. The entire word would be: 18811011881 SHA is S=18, H=8, A= 1. ETERNITY spelled with a "y" is 110 Simple and 188 Kaye cipher: So maybe you can see ETERNITY in numbers both left-to-right and right-to-left with INFINITY, and ETERNITIE in the middle. Anyway, I want to shift gears a moment. You may be familiar with my Sonnets Dedication solution where I take those same 30 periods and center them on their respective rows using some basic geometry to create the best results. Once arranged they look like the following image. The top row has the periods for the words, "TO.THE.ONLIE.BEGETTER.OF." The bottom two periods are for the two T's at the bottom of the poem, "T.T." An example of how the periods ended up like that is this image: The way this works is you read the Sonnets Dedication in a new order, starting with the two T's at the bottom of the page. Imagine them as Two Pillars you pass beyond on the path through the poem. After passing the Pillars, you start with SETTING FORTH... Setting forth in the adventurer By wishing well wisheth living ever Our poet promised these sonnets To the onlie and insuing eternitie That begetter of all happinesse W Mr H Something I find amazing is that once centered and arranged, the very same three periods that make up the 36°, 72°, 72° in the printed layout design make another perfect isosceles triangle with 18°, 81°, 81° angles. 18 is half of 36. The image below shows the periods, the 18,81,81 triangle which is called a Triangulum Triangle and the blue lines represent the path one takes to read the Dedication words in the new order. The top two periods at 81° each are still for THE BEGETTER and the initials of the three periods are stil FBT. Let's read the numbers 188181 which becomes SHAHA (S=18, H=8, A=1, H-8, A-1). Another great discussion from a couple years ago was "Sonnets 18 & 81". What are the odds of TWO perfect isosceles triangles with the exact same three periods in two totally different arrangements? And they both seem to compliment each other and Albrecht Dürer's Eternal Line in the quest to ETERNITIE.
  4. The two periods with the 72° angles are the second and fourth words of the Dedication poem, THE and BEGETTER. Add 72 and 72 to get 144 which is the Simple cipher of SIR FRANCIS BACON who is THE BEGETTER of the Sonnets. 🙂 The 36° angle is the word FORTH. The initials of those three words can be arranged as FBT, or for me, FRANCIS BACON TUDOR. EDIT: Sonnet 72 is the Sonnet with these words: My name be buried where my body is, We had a great discussion about Sonnet 72 a couple years ago. 🙂 Some more to follow...
  5. I'd like to share some quick geometry in the Sonnets Dedication. Notice the triangle with three angles of 36°, 72°, 72°: It's called a Golden Triangle. One of the cool things about this triangle is that one can create a spiral by intersecting the triangles. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logarithmic_spiral A logarithmic spiral, equiangular spiral, or growth spiral is a self-similar spiral curve that often appears in nature. The first to describe a logarithmic spiral was Albrecht Dürer (1525) who called it an "eternal line" ("ewige Linie").[1][2] More than a century later, the curve was discussed by Descartes (1638), and later extensively investigated by Jacob Bernoulli, who called it Spira mirabilis, "the marvelous spiral". So translated to English, Albrecht Dürer called the spiral an "eternal line". Now what if we create a spiral with the Golden Triangle in the Sonnets Dedication? If we start with SETTING FORTH and follow the "eternal line" we will spiral into the middle letter of the word ETERNITIE. One could literally spiral into the word ETERNITIE eternally! How is that for a hidden Sacred Geometry demonstration? 😉 Some more to follow...
  6. It is an interesting quote I don't know that I have seen. Offering a link to your website below. https://gorhambury.org/public/tune-in-psychically/ Soliloquy to a Decipherer Chapter Ten of M.B.G’s book consists of cherry-picked snippets from E.W.G’s magisterial data dump, The Biliteral Cipher of Sir Francis Bacon, converted to elegant modern English, and illustrates one of the recurring, burning themes identified by MBG. There, the “Secret Letter” of Fr.B exhorts the future person attempting to extract the hidden messages (“My Decipherer”) to keep working on it, despite the hard toil, and overcome the many security features he had himself built into it, in order to make this task extremely difficult. There is a desperate urgency he expresses again and again. He bares his soul, and reveals his motivation for planting this cryptographic hedge-maze of his. Where is this from? Is it by Elizabeth W.G.? https://gorhambury.org/public/exhibits/i-prince-tudor-wrote-shakespeare/soliloquy-to-a-decipherer/
  7. I wonder if anybody has looked for a cipher message in Willy’s Will. I suddenly feel like an obvious place to look has been ignored. But I am following this A Phoenix work as it is dished out here. 😉
  8. Love this review from the very beginning! If you hate Francis Bacon you will love "HOSTAGE TO FORTUNE". On the other hand if you are like me you may be reminded of Dorothy Parker's comment about another book:
  9. "Cervantes and Shakespeare did not die on the same day, although each died on 23 April 1616, according to the computation of his country." I'm glad I know this and look forward to trying to explain this to family and friends who already think I am a nut and are not interested in Shakespeare! 🤪
  10. Don't worry about annoying anyone, but I am confused! I enjoyed Jono all the way through. so please share. We need many more Baconians like him, and many more like you, Kate. I don't know how many more like me, but I hope a lot! 🙂 EDIT: Ah I see maybe the reason of your post. At first I shared that I was shocked Jono did not know Cervantes died on the same day as Shaksper. But I did that on my phone at lunch and after thinking about it I thought I was rude, and removed that thought soon as I got home. Hopefully your response was directed at me! 🙂
  11. That was one quote of a few that I wanted to share and celebrate! “Yea, you know,” I love Jono as a voice for Bacon! 😉 I laughed and applauded repeatedly. Jono will age gracefully as a Baconian voice. ”From the heart” is a great way for all of us to move forward. 🙂
  12. I like "historical" year. 🙂 So what historical year was Bacon born? The latter of 1560/61, so 1561 using historical year.
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