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  1. If that is the Truth, which is easy for me to believe, then I'd suggest there is a day in the future already known to them when all Will be revealed.
  2. Just watched the video a little while ago. VERY exciting! So much new Knowledge for me. I've been aware of the The Bacon-Shakespeare Manuscript many years, by another name, and never thought about it more than the image we see. I have known it is important, but now am blown away! The surprises have me thrilled! EDIT: I skipped the Trailer and watched the full "The Bacon-Shakespeare Manuscript Part 1" video (below) first. Now I saw the Trailer and it is good! But do not confuse the two, the full video is about 50 minutes long full of information.
  3. And the audience says... "Robert Devereux" and "1565" gives 16,300 results. "Robert Devereux" and "1567" gives 15,000 results. (Incredibly close!) 67 seems to have the bigger names even if outnumbered. Yet I still do not see a grain of evidence to look into anywhere. https://www.britannica.com/biography/Robert-Devereux-2nd-earl-of-Essex Robert Devereux, 2nd earl of Essex, (born Nov. 10, 1567, Netherwood, Herefordshire, Eng.—died Feb. 25, 1601, London), English soldier and courtier famous for his relationship with Queen Elizabeth I (reigned 1558–1603). While still a young man, Essex succeeded his stepfather, Robert Dudley, earl of Leicester (died 1588), as the aging queen’s favourite; for years she put up with his rashness and impudence, but their relationship finally ended in tragedy. Where are the documented mentions, praises, rumors, whatever else of a new boy in England? 1567 or 1565, where is the paper trail? The 2nd Earl of Essex doesn't just appear when he is ten or twelve years old. He had his MA in 1581 with proof? 14 years old if born in 67. Could be. But I know I know NOTHING about him! I admit. This is on wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Devereux,_2nd_Earl_of_Essex On 21 September 1578, Essex's mother married Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, Elizabeth I's long-standing favourite and Robert Devereux's godfather.[4] Well, there ya go...
  4. OK, Googling "Robert Devereux birthday" in many variations led nowhere, tons of one or the other dates as facts. No evidence that I saw. So I searched the dates, "November 10, 1565" and "November 19, 1567". Thought I was being a sleuth! Surprisingly little came up. Almost made me sad. Nobody has cared enough to make his birthday historic whenever it was. Well, he did not die a hero, so who cares. Bacon did, another sad thing.
  5. Yet another respected source with no source to back up what they say. Someone's birth date? No footnote? That is what I am seeing just playing around on both sides. There is a 1567 camp, but 1565 appears to have a few hints. Any document before '67 that suggests Robert Devereux was alive should be looked at carefully. I am confident someone who cares can nail it. I care, but my plate is full. 🙂
  6. Nov 10, 1565 or Nov 19, 1567? Day 314 or Day 323? Robert Devereux as Bacon's brother was introduced to me very early on in my Baconian travels. I was like, "OK, cool, I accept it." I never took interest much beyond that. Bacon was first. The day Robert was born? I had no reason to think it was not a definite date, never a thought before the other day. By coincidence I am tinkering with genealogy tools to see who we are in our family. England is very good about making and keeping notes as long ago as the 15th and 16th centuries. My Dad's side can trace with a paper-trail back to "Whyte" ancestors in the 1400's. So that Robert D's birth was not recorded for anywhere? Shouldn't it be easy to find? His family is well documented! A mystery. Two possibilities, right? 1: He was born in secret to Elizabeth. They kept it hush, and within his first few years appeared as a Devereux. 2: He was born as a Devereux, but it was not worthy or important enough for attention or even for historical records to be made. I like the 1565 date, but my "OO7" mind is barely into it. It is important for Bacon's story. When was his brother born? Hey, we know who Bacon's mother was, and his birth date can still be researched and the date proven. Baby brother? Elizabeth to "baby daddy", "Francis seemed to get too much attention too fast, let's keep this baby very quiet, as if he never happened."
  7. On Thanksgiving Theresa and I met a nice young girl from Theresa's daughter's new in-law family. Maybe 21 years old; pretty, bright, and sharp as a tack. She is going on a 14 day tour soon with a group to England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. Stonehenge, Strawberry Fields, etc. are on the agenda. Stratford on Avon did not come up. We connected a bit during dinner on a few topics, she gave me a hug "Nice to meet you!" as we were leaving. I told her in front of everyone, "Always remember, Bacon wrote Shakespeare". Her eyes were like a deer's in headlights. I repeated, "Never forget that, Bacon wrote Shakespeare" as we were heading out the front door, smiling at the poor girl who may never be the same. She may forget what I said in time. She may not go anywhere with it immediately, but I hope it is on her mind on her 14 day British tour coming up. 😉 Theresa's daughter is well aware of my Baconian passion, so if Katie was curious enough to ask after we left, Angie would have told her that Bacon my "thing" in life. 😉
  8. 400 years after Bacon’s life and deciphering Truth today in 4 or 40 hours is a much a mystery as 400 years ago!!
  9. I don’t see Van Somer style. But I am on my iPhone at a sports grill eating lunch. 🙂
  10. I did an Ancestry.com search and Nov 10, 1565 comes up with references, but Nov 19, 1567 has a lot of family trees that like it. Too bad Bacon doesn’t have descendants.
  11. Yes! That image! it’s been here before but I couldn’t find it quickly. Guess it doesn’t help with the birth date. And the child in the shadow?
  12. Over two years of possible dates. I can only assume nobody has taken a serious look to nail it down. Were there no letters that mention his birth? No reference to him in his early years with a clue to how old he was at a certain time? This is highly curious. 😉 What was the year of Elizabeth painting that hints at two small children near her??
  13. "Meanwhile, it now seems certain that one box of papers of 'no importance' remains at the British Museum..." Look anywhere in the museum except that box of unimportant papers, please. Do not pull back that curtain. "...a sealed bag of papers..." That tells me 157 and 287 seal it, and must be sealed blatantly to be mentioned. Knowing who Bacon is, opens many doors into who he was. Then it all makes sense. Bacon was not born as Francis Bacon. EDIT: Dodd is a good one to read for sure. Here is one good read by Dodd: https://sirbacon.org/downloads/Dodd-Alfred-Shakespeare-Creator-of-Freemasonry.pdf
  14. LOL Truth is I disabled auto-correct (I think) as it is too much for me to try to correct myself! I write with my mind swimming. I then read and fix a ton of typos and add more as my mind expands on every thought. Depending on my schedule I may submit a post with a bunch of typos or missing words. The next time I read it if I have time I see most of them. I'll edit usually, hit save and move on. Typos still. In contrast in life my financial security is based on my programming skills. Syntax is everything. One character not perfect, my code will not work. It's math, binary "Baconian" indisputable Truth. On my off time I am a Baconian on a forum where we share our thoughts, art, ideas. I make typos in words, but it is not math, they are words. Like Shakespeare. The meaning still comes through, nothing breaks. For those who read this in our community while this similar topic is being brought up in another forum thread; suggestions, corrections, requests within ourselves that do not contribute to the goals of a thread on the forum are best addressed by using the private Messenger feature of the B'Hive. I've received and replied to countless messages from almost everyone who posts here, often about a typo that I fix only saying, "Thanks!" I am quicker to fix a typo in a private message as once it is public my fear of anyone seeing it already over. LOL Sometimes I really don't care. I gave up on being perfect. The older I get, the less perfect I know I am. 😉 "Makes me wonder how many dimensions I am obvious to that all connect there! " Maybe that is what I meant. 😉
  15. Your post motivated me to look into our Fowler past. Yesterday being Thanksgiving, my regular access was restricted to family. But I could look into our family history with tools others built! Our Fowler line loses paperwork (sources) in the late 1600's in Rhode Island. Funny a "Robert Fowler" is the last name before anything that has been documented. He was born in c1645 and hints of England, but no records. My paternal grandma was a Hale. We can trace our Hale line to Jamestown in the early 1600's, but the real person who is the last name in the line is not solved, "George Hale." The popular version is he was the "George Hale" who was a drummer on the ship called "Supply" in 1620. But the problem is the George in England who also possibly came over was a prominent land owner or something, and the George in Jamestown was doing pretty good with position and respect, but the 13 year old George on the ship is documented as an "indentured servant" so could not be either. New mystery for me... 😉 Whytes go back into the 1400s with records. It is interesting how these two Pyramids grow. Like an "X" design. If we look at where we came, to go back to the 1600's we have 1 to 2,000 "Grandparents" in that generation, or more. That is ten generations for families where people make into middle age or so. For these same individuals from hundreds of years ago, they have many times more descendants than grandparents. The math is Baconian, "binary". 2 parents, 4 grand parents, 8 great grand parents, 16 great great grand parents, 32 great great great grand parents, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1028, 2056, so on... Imagine families that have 5 or more kids! 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, We know these Baconian binary numbers? 128, 256, 512, 1028, 2056 (2K). We who are older anyway. Dialup speed in 1997 was 128K if you were lucky. Floppy's were 512K and that was the most you could put on any movable medium! LOL aaaa is 0, aaab is 1, aaba is 2, abaa is 4, baaa is 8, same pattern forever, infinitely. What did Bacon describe with his cipher? How to solve Shakespeare? Or how to solve the future logistics to manage billions of people and all that goes with it?! Going back, if we could? We are all connected at one point, or instance (as best as we in our ignorance can describe it) that was and is infinite and eternal. Big Bang? Describe a point in time/space where all is one, yet is infinite in space and eternal in time. Makes me wonder how many dimensions I am obvious to that all connect there!
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