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  1. Hi Eric, I think there are grounds for thinking it might have something to do with the Folger! And no, you are not being paranoid! The Stratfordian Machine have been suppressing evidence relating to FB's authorship of the Shakespeare works on a massive industrial scale for centuries!
  2. 150 Years of Systematic Suppression & Misrepresentation #TheBacon-ShakespeareManuscript #ShakespeareAuthorship #FrancisBacon #Shakespeare #NorthumberlandManuscript #RichardII #RichardIII
  3. The Discovery of The Bacon-Shakespeare Manuscript at Northumberland House, London. #TheBacon-ShakespeareManuscript #ShakespeareAuthorship #FrancisBacon #Shakespeare #NorthumberlandManuscript #RichardII #RichardIII
  4. THE BACON-SHAKESPEARE MANUSCRIPT In 1867 an astounding Elizabethan document (c. 1596) was discovered at Northumberland House in London. It should have had the most extraordinary impact on the literary world as it reveals the true author of the Shakespeare works. Instead it was misleadingly named The Northumberland Manuscript and quietly either ignored or misrepresented for over 150 years. Why? The manuscript belonging to Francis Bacon contains copies of his early writings and originally his Shakespeare plays Richard II and Richard III. The contents page reveals explosive information. The names of both Francis Bacon and William Shakespeare are scribbled repeatedly all over its outer cover. This is the only contemporary Elizabethan document in the world that features both the names of Francis Bacon and William Shakespeare. Why then is it not the most famous document in the world? Because the Bacon-Shakespeare Manuscript contains a world changing truth. . . Francis Bacon is Shakespeare. For the full story about ‘The Bacon-Shakespeare Manuscript’ see: PAPER: https://aphoenix1.academia.edu/research VIDEO: https://youtu.be/QDn8gdBqnIM #TheBacon-ShakespeareManuscript #ShakespeareAuthorship #FrancisBacon #Shakespeare #NorthumberlandManuscript #RichardII #RichardIII
  5. Hi Lawrence, Thank you for your very kind and over-generous response and evaluation of our latest Baconian project The Bacon-Shakespeare Manuscript (hitherto known as The Northumberland Manuscript). We completely agree with you that the day the Bacon-Shakespeare Manuscript was discovered should have marked the end of the transparent charade that the illiterate/semi-illiterate William Shakspere of Stratford was the author of the greatest literature in the history of humankind and that he was nothing more than a literary mask for the incomparable philosopher-poet Francis Bacon. For anyone familiar with the mountainous overwhelming and irrefutable evidence that FB is the author of the Shakespeare works have no doubt asked themselves and have many times been asked by others why is the rest of the sleepy foolish world still ignorant of the fact. The answer to this simple question is easily stated. Leaving aside the fact that FB's secret life and writings have always been and still are jealously guarded over by his Rosicrucian-Freemasonry Brotherhood would anybody but a total simpleton believe for a nano-second that the Stratfordian/Shakespeare Industry estimated to generate around one Billion pounds a year in revenue (supported by the spineless and/or deluded schoolmen) would in the face of the Truth throw up their hands and accept it. Obviously, for anyone who knows anything about human nature the idea of it is simply laughable. The Truth about FB's secret life and writings will be revealed to the world when and only when his Rosicrucian-Freemasonry Brotherhood decide to reveal it. We and our fellow Baconian travellers look forward to the day!
  6. We have just completed a paper on The Bacon-Shakespeare Manuscript (formerly known as The Northumberland Manuscript) along with a video (Part 1), a synopsis, a one minute trailer, and for fun how it should have been reported, but wasn't! FOR THE FULL STORY ABOUT ‘THE BACON-SHAKESPEARE MANUSCRIPT’ see: PAPER: https://aphoenix1.academia.edu/research VIDEO: https://youtu.be/QDn8gdBqnIM NORTH TRAILER.mp4 NORTHUMBERLAND MS SYNOPSIS.pdf
  7. Hi Eric, I am not aware that FB carried a sword and considering his Incomparable Grand Philosophical Mind I have never imagined him doing so in everyday life but of course he might very well have been required to carry a ceremonial sword on various state and/or royal occassions.
  8. Hi Eric and Rob, I assume one of the reasons for the discrepancy and confusion surrounding Essex's date of birth originates from the secrecy surrounding it and not to mention all the lies and charades relating to the royal births of Essex and FB which still continues to the present day.
  9. Hi Eric, Brilliant sleuthing and in such a short amount of time! Great to see the original painting. Thank you for all the other all information and commentary. We concur with your provisional opinion-a definite maybe!
  10. Francis Bacon, The Tempest & the Creating of New Worlds #FrancisBacon #Prospero #Shakespeare #ShakespeareAuthorship #TheTempest #Rosicrucians #Freemasons #NewWorld #America #NewAtlantis #Republicanism #ProfessorJordan
  11. Francis Bacon, Prospero & The Tempest #FrancisBacon #Prospero #Shakespeare #ShakespeareAuthorship #TheTempest #Rosicrucians #Freemasons #NewWorld #America #NewAtlantis #Republicanism
  12. Francis Bacon & Cymbeline #ProfessorWayne #Cymbeline #FrancisBacon #Shakespeare #ShakespeareAuthorship
  13. Hi Rob, There are more revelations on the way-hopefully should be with you in the next day or two!
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