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About Me

Hi. Thank you for visiting my profile. Location: Brisbane, Australia. Background: former arts worker/film maker/occasional writer. Status: married to Michelle Bainbridge, a talented painter who, due to MS, is no longer able to hold a brush or walk. Why am I here in the B'Hive? Due to the encouragement of A. Phoenix and others, I became obsessed with the portraits of Sir Francis Bacon, although I knew next to nothing about 16th-17th Century English portraiture. Thanks to the generosity and web design expertise of Rob Fowler and the kind permission of Lawrence Gerald, my obsession found expression on SirBacon.org: https://sirbacon.org/francis-bacons-portraits-from-life/

Currently, I'm being drawn towards the deconstruction of the vast web of half-truths and outright lies on which the myth of Shakespeare is based. The many falsely attributed portraits said to be of William Shakespeare and presented to the world as authentic likenesses of the author of the plays by powerful cultural institutions are one aspect of the myth where I might be able to make a small contribution towards unravelling the Big Lie. Sorry to be so "boaring".


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