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  1. Here is a little taste 😊 ! In fact, I am not sure that it will be in the 2nd part , so I share it with you here. This is something that I discovered two days ago during the making of my video. But I had not enough time to incorporate it. It concerns the Bacon-Butter Line. With the Apostles in mind, I realised that Nathanael/Nathaniel could be the link between Bacon and Butter. Indeed, Nathaniel Bacon was the half-brother of Francis Bacon and we have already talked about Nathaniel Butter with the Belman of London ... ... but we have also " If you know not me, You know no bodie". Then I discovered that Nathaniel Bacon was a Painter. And what a surprise when I discovered his self portrait painted circa 1620. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/ef/Nathaniel_Bacon_-_Zelfportret_van_Sir_Nathaniel_Bacon_(1585-1627)_-_NPG_L260_-_National_Portrait_Gallery.jpg Could it be one of the origin of the Droeshout Portrait ?
  2. "Hang Hog is latten for Bacon , I warrant you." 😉
  3. https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/Bran_F1/374/index.html%3fzoom=1200.html Stay Travellers, Bacon heere ! 😁
  4. Hi A Phoenix, I just began to read your new academic paper, and on page 21 you mention the last Elegy of Manes Verulamiani and Quirinus. I know that it is not the first time that you mention it, but (and I don't know why) this time, I had to see the original sentence in Latin. And I think that I have found something of interest. 😉 I remind you that if we consider the introduction by G. Rawley as the 1st Elegy, then the last Elegy is the Elegy ... 33 ! This Elegy begins on page 27 (3^3) and the surprise is the 33rd letter of the 33rd line of this 33rd Elegy 🙂
  5. Hi Rob, Hi A Phoenix, My sincere thanks to both of you for your messages that go straight to my heart and thank you for your precious support.❤️ I am very glad you like the video and I look forward to sharing with you the second part of the video that will be the fruit of my research on "Minerva Britanna". I initially planned to share the two videos together yesterday but, having to deal with my persistent headache, I have had just enough time to finish the first part 😅. And before to go back to the editing of the 2nd part, I have the beautiful present about Manes Verulamiani to unwrap !😊 Warm regards.
  7. Hi A Phoenix, I second Kate ! What a marvellous Birthday Gift for the world on this special day! I have not had time to read your academic paper nor to watch the full video yet , but based on your posts and the great 1 minute tailer, I am looking forward to unwrapping this beautiful present ! ❤️
  8. Hi Rob, Here is an extended version, just for fun 😉 : 17712339157332772872162332114441572
  9. Hi A Phoenix, Great short video !❤️ You have managed successfully to present the many facets of the Great One in a very entertaining way. Congrats. I think that it's about time, for me, to take the plunge !😊
  10. Hi Kate, Great finding. 🙏 I did not know the top one from Richard Smith. Regarding the differences, I can say that the differences between the 2 images in the center are not an artistic license. https://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bpt6k840749j Richard Smith based is printer's mark on one of the two Printer's marks of the French Printer Conrad Badius. Its first appearance seems to be in William Whittingham's 1557 New Testament : https://www.insightoftheking.com/1557-geneva-new-testament.html Now, the second printer's mark of Conrad Badius (1557) seems to be inspired by the one of Richard smith (1554). Here is his printer's mark before 1557 : https://www.e-rara.ch/gep_g/ch16/content/zoom/873300
  11. Thank you for sharing Peethagoras. Your question about the "star" pattern in the dedication is, I think, for Light-Of-Truth 🙂
  12. Here are some old research/ideas on this passage, almost two years. 😅
  13. It seems that all roads lead to the ROSI CROSSE 😊
  14. Hi Rob, Great finding !❤️ And for me , this is not a coincidence. 😊 Here are two slides from my video "Mediocria firma". Notice, that if at the end of "The Tempest" we have "Free", at the end of the left column , we have " I, Francis " ( or Francis I) on the right column with the F of FINIS and the S of "Spirits". And all the Spirits are gathered on one page ... the 33rd page of the First Folio. Thus, I think that this passage was chosen judiciously because it was on the 33rd page of the First Folio,. It was rearranged for many reasons, one of them being to have 157 letters in total (Fra Rosi Crosse simple cipher). And now, I think that Shakespeare pointing to "Temples" is a reference to leaf 287 for the reasons explained previously. The fact that "lay his fingers" can be found 100 lines further "Solemne Temples" is very interesting and, I think, another great finding, especially since the passage mentions a "Hogshead of wine" and that the Roman God of Wine was ... BACCO ! 😉
  15. Great article with the light thrown on the different "Bacons" in past films and Series !❤️ Indeed, we need, and the world need to see the Authentic Bacon on screen ! 🤞🎇
  16. Hi everyone, I would like to share with you something that I found this morning by "error". I was looking for something in the First Folio that I deciphered few years ago, and I remembered that it was on a leaf in relation with one of the "Fra Rosi Crosse" ciphers. I chose the wrong one and it led me to page 574 of the First Folio that is on the 287th leaf. 287 = FRA ROSI CROSS (Kay cipher). Once again, this could be something that has already been disovered, but just in case, I share it with you. I immediatly thought about Shakespeare's Monument ... https://sirbacon.org/gallery/west.htm We know that the number of letters adds to 157 = FRA ROSI CROSSE (simple cipher). "his finger on his Temple(s)" is a reference to the 287th leaf of the First Folio. 287 = FRA ROSI CROSSE (Kay cipher) Ang guess what ? "Finger" is the 33rd word of this passage 😉 Joy 😊 EDIT 1 : Interestingly enough, there are 68 words in total in this passage. It gives us 67 words + the 33rd one that is "finger" FRANCIS BACON Please note that in this case I am not sure that it was intended by Bacon/Shakespeare but it could have been the reason of the choice made by the persons behind the making of Shakespeare's Monument in 1740.
  17. Hi A Phoenix, Thank you for sharing! The WOW is for two reasons, the first one being because the Statue is superb, the second one because I am about to post something that I have just found, related with another well known "finger" 😉 ... https://sirbacon.org/gallery/west.htm
  18. Hi Rob ! Many Thanks my friend !❤️ However, it appears that I only remembered the "BACON TT" part of your post ! I did not remember the rest of your demonstration nor the thoughts that I shared with you at that time !😅 So, thanks for the reminder too! 😉 Following my research on Sonnet 74, I made some very interesting discoveries this morning that I will try to share with you this evening in the "Sonnet 72" topic in order to keep this topic dedicated to "Podcasts".
  19. Hi Eric, Here are some ideas ... The "BACON - TT" in acrostic has already been mentioned by Rob (Light-of-Truth). "My name be buried where my body is" I wondered if "my body" appeared elsewhere in Shakespeare's Sonnets. Indeed, "my body" can be found in Sonnets 24, 72 , 74 and 151. 24 + 72 + 74 + 151 = 321 and 3 + 2 + 1 = 6 => F. BAC. ? There is only one Sonnet in which his body is dead, and that is in one Sonnet that is on the same page, the Sonnet ... 74 ! 74 is the simple cipher of WILLIAM and TUDOR. Interestingly "My life hath in this line some interest" is the 26th line of the page and "memorial" is the 26th word of the Sonnet. My life : "My" is the 16th word and "life" the 17th word - 16+17 = 33 = BACON And we have BACON in acrostic just above. The second "life" of the Sonnet is the 74th word. Finally, "my body being dead" is on the 33rd line/verse of the page. Thus "My name be buried where my body is " on the 6th line and "my body being dead" on the 33rd line give us ... F. BACON
  20. Hi A Phoenix, Many thanks for your kind words an thank you for the reminder ! 🙏 I remembered that you presented some very interesting information in one of your academic papers but I did not remember which one !😅 Warm regards ❤️
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