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  1. This is a part of your work I was aware of, with your great take on Bacon's Bilateral Cipher in the Sonnets. https://www.light-of-truth.com/bacons_biliteral_cipher.htm Two GREAT discoveries! Indeed, your graphic is a beautiful solution and you get my attention ! 😉
  2. Here is the medal of my dreams ! This is a personal artwork based on the medals of Skakespeare and Bacon from the "British Worthies" Series by Jean Dassier (c. 1733). For more informations about the original medals : http://www.historicalartmedals.com/MEDAL WEB ENTRIES/JEAN DASSIER'S SERIES OF BRITISH WORTHIES/SHAKESPEARE-BW372 HIGH.htm http://www.historicalartmedals.com/MEDAL WEB ENTRIES/JEAN DASSIER'S SERIES OF BRITISH WORTHIES/BACON-BW046 HIGH.htm
  3. Thank you very much A. Phoenix . I completely missed the number 103. In fact, this single's stamp says it all ! With the inverted "Z" that is the 53rd letter and LORD BACON - THE GUIDING SPIRIT IN COLONIZATION SCHEME - SIX CENTS = 53 letters, 53 being the simple cipher of SWAN and POET , as well as the cipher (De furtivis) of TUDOR, this stamp tells us that : LORD BACON, THE CONCEALED POET , WAS SHAKESPEARE, THE SWEET SWAN OF AVON , AND THE PRINCE TUDOR !
  4. WOW !!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us ! What a great and very interesting discovery ! I do not believe in coincidence ! This afternoon, I wondered if I should share or not my work on the number 160, which is the gematria of CAYIN (Caïn) meaning SPEAR. Using your link https://goo.gl/maps/DRAES1ADELefYaFw5 and zooming out ,what a surprise discovering that the road going from the West to the East and crossing the road 183 is the road ... 160 ! And this road 160 goes from COLUMBUS (KANSAS - Portrait (HE KNEW)😉) .... - Christopher Columbus - ... to TUBA CITY ! TUBA -Road 160 = TUBA - Road CAIN The road of TUBA(L) CAIN ? And the Roads 160 and 183 share a segment ... between Roads 1 and 34 🙂 AND WHAT ANOTHER GREAT FIND YOU HAVE MADE THANKS TO YOUR PYRAMID SONNETS TOOL ! Regarding the misprinted Sonnet 116/119 : 119 is the simple cipher of MEDIOCRIA FIRMA (THE MIDDLE WAY IS SAFE) , Francis Bacon's motto ( and also the simple cipher of ALL IS NUMBER 😁) L Et me not the marriage of the true minds Admit impediments. Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds Or bends with the remover to remove O, no! it is an ever-fixed mark, That looks on tempests and is never shaken; It is the star to every wandering bark, Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken. Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks Within his bending sickle's compass come; Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, But bears it out even to the edge of doom. If this be error and upon me prov'd, I never writ, nor no man ever lov'd. The OWL is one of the symbols of MINERVA the goddess of WIsdom (WIT). (By the way , there is also the word LAW in acrostic, that can be seen as a reference to BACON the Lawyer) As you probably know, the Capital letters in acrostic add to 173 a reference to the Rosy-Cross ( R=17 and C=3). Interestingly enough, LEA is the name of the first wife of IACOB ( which is the anagram of I,BACO) The fact is that Leah is mentionned by Shake-speare only once in the First Folio ... on page 173 of Comedies (The Merchant of Venice). And on this same page 173 , TUBALL is mentionned 8 times. Now, take a close look at page 173 of Histories and you will find ... CAIN ! I'm looking forward to reading one day your post on Bacon's Vault! .
  5. Thank you dear Janus-like Moderator for your feedback ! 🙂 I must admit that my nights were also shortened since a few days ! But it is for a good reason. "If Rosicrucian, I'd expect more. I would have made it the 3 cent stamp so 3 3 would be on it. Or had some count come up to 157 or 287. But they chose 6 cents. Why?" YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT ! You just do not have the BIG PICTURE ! Just for the anecdote, as I was looking for the Type "2" Stamp of Francis Bacon, three years ago, I found a seller who selled 4 stamps of Newfounland together : 1561 !!! I took it as the sign that I was on the right path, and that something was concealed in these stamps. We are talking about the "GUY TERCENTENARY" Series. Let's take a look at the "JOHN GUY" Stamp ... HERE IS THE 33 !!! And as if by magic, the "GUY TERCENTENARY" Series become the " 33(BACON) TERCENTENARY" Series And John Guy is mentionned in a second stamp ... This is the only stamp of the Series with the number appearing three times. Notice the line forming the number four-4-four and the PYRAMID (444). ALL IS NUMBER and 444 is the gematria of MIKDASH : THE TEMPLE. "I have seen where the letter "I" has different possibilities, one is it could be "EYE" which is 33 Simple cipher. "I (eye) in the pyramid", etc. I have spent many hours years past looking at where the letter "I" is centered in various places and could have importance." Do you see the EYE right in the middle of the Pyramidal Temple (444) ? You need to rise above the situation ! 😉 And the fact is that BACON used the same principle to hide the Pyramide and the Eye in the Frontispiece of his "Novum Organum" published in 1620. To be continued ...
  6. Newfoundland stamps were issued on 1910 to commemorate the 300th Anniversary of the Colonization of Newfounland. One of the stamps of the "GUY TERCENTENARY" series depicts LORD BACON and proclaims him as : THE GUIDING SPIRIT IN COLONIZATION SCHEME BUT THAT'S NOT ALL ! 66 is the simple cipher of FRA. BACONI. 6*6 = 36 - = T = 19 and .-. = R = 17 19 + 17 = 36 THE GUIDING SPIRIT IN COLONIZATION SCHEME = 36 Letters Perhaps a reference to the 36 "Invisible Ones" ? What do you think ? Is really the inverted "Z" of COLONIZATION an error, or is it a clue (knowing that it is the 53rd letter by counting from the N of Newfounland) ?
  7. YEEESSSSS !!! Great skills and Great job indeed !!! You have managed to transform the Evangelical House of Shakspur into the Evangelical House of "Baconites" ! 😆
  8. I believed that the precedent post would be my last thought of the day, but thanks to your incredible tool I have just made an interesting discovery. In the poem Ben Jonson composed in 1620 for the 60th anniversary of Francis bacon, he wrote: "Give me a deep-crown’d-Bowle, that I may sing In raysing him the wisdome of my King." Bacon was born in 1560 and was 33 years old in 1593. Thanks to your Sonnets Pyramid tool, I discovered that the 1593rd line was : "And my great mind most kingly drinks it up". Is it just a coincidence ? 🙂
  9. A last thought ... The end of Sonnet 33 and the beginning of sonnet 34 correspond respectively to day 78 and 79. And 78 + 79 = 157 It reminds me "The Hekatompathia" (1582) in wich only two Sonnets begins with the famous VV : The sonnets 78 and 79 !
  10. Let me tell you that this is not a five but a 33 stars presentation. I was aware of a part of your work but not of the Sonnets Pyramid nor the Two Tables with the Key cipher ... SUPERB ! What a huge work ! I will need to watch the two part of your video a second time in order to integrate all the informations. I love your work on the 157/287 seals, and the part when you show the link between line 33, sonnet 33, and day 33 using your Sonnets Pyramid research tool. It is a beautiful demonstration. And a lot of things came into my mind along the way. I will try to share with you some of my first thoughts. Regarding the KEY with K=37 E=57 and Y=77, did you notice that KEY = 37 + 57 + 77 = 171 = FRANCIS (KEY CIPHER) in relation to the emblem 171 of MINERVA BRITANNA ? When I saw the G=157 ,the O=287 and the L=365, I immediatly thought that with the D=79 we could form the word GOLD. And 157 + 287 + 365 + 79 = 888 the isopsephy of JESUS (ΙΗΣΟΥΣ). Thanks to your tool , I found that the day 79 corresponds to the Sonnet 34 which works with the Sonnet 33. 33 (BACON) + 34 = 67 = FRANCIS (SIMPLE CIPHER). I also noticed during your presentation that the sonnet 33 corresponds to day 77 that is the simple count of MINERVA. Moreover "A torment Thrice three fold thus to be crossed" appears in sonnet 133. 133 is the simple cipher of ROSI-CROSSE. And the line corresponds to day 314 that is PI (3,14), the gematria of SHADAI (The almighty) and the simple cipher of ... FRATERNITY OF THE ROSI-CROSSE ! Best Regards.
  11. You don't need to apologize . All good things come in threes ... or Thrice Threes ? I am not sure of anything !😃
  12. Thank you Light_of-Truth. The page image is an artwork of mine, a "Why should you make it easy when you can make it difficult ?" process, with a lot of "cut and paste" !😄 The idea was to share my work in an original way ! (The book is THE ENGLISH REPLICAS - WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE SONNETS -1927)
  13. Ben Jonson's Second Folio is a goldmine. On the same page 102 of Timber, or Discoveries Made upon Men and Matter, we can found another treasure. I have ever observ'd it, to have beene the office of a wise Patriot, among the greatest affaires of the State, to take care of the Common-wealth of Learning ... ... This made the late Lord S. Albane, entitle his worke, novum oraganum. Which though by the most of superficiall men ; who cannot get beyond the Title of Nominals, it is not penetrated, nor understood : it really openeth all defects of Learning, whatsoever ; and is a Booke. Qui longum noto scriptori porriget ævum. Ben Jonson quotes Horatio (De Arte Poetica), but he makes an obvious mistake. Indeed, he uses the latin word "porriget" instead of "prorogat" Qui longum noto scriptori prorogat ævum. "PORRIGET" comes from the verb "PORRIGO" meaning TO EXTEND in the sense of " TO STRETCH". "PROROGAT" comes from the verb "PROROGO" meaning TO EXTEND but in the sense of "TO PROLONG". This is all the more surprising in that Ben Jonson's translation of De Arte Poetica, with the original Latin text , can be found in this Second Folio, and we can read : Et longum noto scriptori prorogat ævum. So, this is not a mistake but a clue ! Ben Jonson invites us to take into account his translation. And here is his translation : The Poëms void of profit, our grave men Cast out by voyces ; want they pleasure, then Our Gallants give them none, but pass them by : But he hath every suffrage can apply Sweet mix'd with sowre, to his Reader,so As doctrine, and delight together go This booke will get the Sofii money ; This Will passe the Seas, and long as nature is, With honour make the farre-knowne Author live. Notice " A COB " in acrostic, the anagram of BACO. Casto(u)r and Very Sweet are Castor and Pollux (from the Greek Polydeuces, meaning very sweet) : The Divine Twins. But why "porriget" instead of "prorogat"? ALL IS NUMBER. By using the simple Elizabethan cipher or the Classical Latin alphabet (23 letters) cipher : prorogat = 104 but porriget = 103 = the simple cipher of SHAKE-SPEARE Moreover : Qui longum noto scriptori porriget ævum = 459 (if we admit that the value of æ = a = 1) 459 is the gematria of the "Perfect Ashlar". https://www.masoncode.com/movable-jewels/ This number was also concealed by Ben Jonson in the poem he wrote for the 60th anniversary of Francis Bacon, a poem published for the first time in .... his Second Folio ! Lord Bacon's Birth-day HAile happie Genius of this antient pile! How comes it all things so about thee smile? The fire, the wine, the men! and in the midst, Thou stand’st as if some Mysterie thou didst! Pardon, I read it in thy face, the day For whose returnes, and many, all these pray : And so do I. This is the sixtieth yeare Since Bacon, and thy Lord was borne, and here; Sonne to the grave wise Keeper of the Seal, Fame and foundation of the English Weale. What then his Father was, that since is hee, Now with a Title more to the Degree; Englands high Chancellor : the destin’d heire, In his soft Cradle, to his Father’s Chaire, Whose even Thred the Fates spinne round, and full, Out of their Choycest and their whitest wooll. ‘Tis a brave cause of joy, let it be knowne, For ‘t were a narrow gladnesse, kept thine owne. Give me a deep-crown’d-Bowle, that I may sing In raysing him the wisdome of my King The sum of the value of all the capital letters is ... 459 ! Let's take a look at the 459th page of Shake-speare's First Folio, counting from Ben Jonson's poem "To the Reader" The first part of Henry the Sixth Act 3 -Scene 1 (page 106) Uncles of Gloucester and of Winchester, The special watchmen of our English weal, I would prevail, if prayers might prevail, To join your hearts in love and amity. This is the only page of the First Folio where the expression "English Weal" appears. And here is, on the same page, the Truth about Francis Bacon, the Prince Tudor. My Lord, we know your Grace to be a man Just and upright; and, for your Royal Birth, Inferior to none but to his Majestie: And ere that we will suffer such a Prince, So kind a Father of the Common-weale, To be disgraced by an Ink-horne Mate, Wee and our Wives and Children all will fight And have our bodies slaughtered by thy foes. (The letter W can be seen like the Greek Letter Sigma Σ)
  14. When I saw the article, earlier this evening, I read just a few lines and I smiled when I learned that as a "Baconite" I was an evangelical of the ruler class! It made my day ! 😄
  15. Thank you for your kind words Rob. No, my videos are not on YouTube. The truth is that I posted my very first video on YouTube one year ago for Francis Bacon's Anniversary. It was my first take on Ben Jonson's poem (Lord Bacon's Birth-day) and its secrets. But Youtube banned me few months later for "False information". Like you, I had ditched Facebook over the years, but this is the reason why, I finally decided to create a Facebook page.
  16. ALL IS NUMBER ! 🙂 And in my opinion, a part of the Truth lies in the number 143 . 143 is the simple cipher of : QUEEN ELIZABETH. Let's take a look at page 143 of the First Folio, and at Sonnet 143. Always in my opinion, the " three-fold love" BACON talks about is a clue ! And finally, here is my take on the famous Sonnet 143 . BACON tells us that he is Shake-speare and the Son Of the Widow !
  17. Thank you very much Rob ! Indeed, I am aware that 84 is the simple cipher of ELIZABETH and moreover 39 (93) is the simple count of F. BACON. This is a part of the ACT II in progress 😉 Thank you for the link .I will take a look at it. And thank you for the photos of your medal ! I did not know that this medal had been made in silver. Here is a link to the video I shared for Bacon's anniversary, with some of Francis Bacon's medals and a reference to your remarkable work on the emblem 171 of Minerva Britanna https://fb.watch/b15S0bbkfs/ http://www.sirbacon.org/ResearchMaterial/emblem_171.html
  18. Thank you Rob ! This is a personal photomontage of the two bronze medals of Bacon and Shakespeare from "The British Worthies" by Jean Dassier (c. 1730). You have the B.C.S. Francis Bacon Medal with the coat of arms of Bacon ? This is a beautiful medal.
  19. Could the 33rd eulogy simply be the Introdution by W. Rawley ? What my Lord the Right Honourable Viscount St. Albans valued most, that he should be dear to seats of learning and to men of letters, that (I believe) he has secured; since these tokens of love and memorials of sorrow prove how much his loss grieves their heart. And indeed with no stinted hand have the Muses bestowed on him this emblem (for very many poems, and the best too, I withhold from publication); but since he himself delighted not in quantity, no great quantity have I put forth. Moreover let it suffice to have laid, as it were, these foundations in the name of the present age; this fabric (I think) every age will embellish and enlarge; but to what age it is given to put the last touch, that is known to God only and the fates. Or could it be the writing in the scroll of the Shakespeare Memorial at Westminster Abbey ? The Cloud cap’t Tow’rs The Gorgeous Palaces The Solemn Temples, The Great Globe itsel Yea all which it inherit, Shall Dissolve; And like the baseless Fabrick of a Vision Leave not a wreck behind. It quotes Prospero in "The Tempest" , page number 15 ... the 33rd page of the First Folio ! 😉
  20. Indeed, Francis Bacon and Tob(e)y Matthews, two alike ! 😉 As I recall, more about the number 53 is exposed in the 2nd part. Interestingly, the poem Ben Jonson wrote for Bacon's 60th Anniversary, and that was published for the first time in his Second Folio, is the 53rd poems of "Under-woods" https://fb.watch/a-FVVXV-uG/
  21. Yes. I watched the 3 videos 3 years ago ( and NO, the 33 is not deliberate ! 🙂 ) This is a superb and captivating documentary ! I am sure you will enjoy it.
  22. Ryan, Thank you, for your very instructive post. I would add that "COB" is per se a reference to Bacon, "A COB" being an anagram of "BACO". In my opinion, this is confirmed by Sir Francis Bacon in "A Midsommer nights Dreame". There is an interesting exchange between "Cobweb" and the Clown on page 157 (Simple cipher of FRA ROSI CROSSE) of the First Folio. Clowne. Mounsieur Cobweb,good Mounsier get your weapons in your hand, & kill me a red hipt humble-Bee on the top of a thistle ;and good Mounsieur bring mee the hony bag. Doe not fret your selfe too much in the action,Mounsieur;and good Mounsieur, have a care the hony bag breake not,I would be loth to have yon over- flowne with a hony-bag, signiour. Where's Mounsieur Mustardseed? "A Midsommer nights Dreame" Act V -Scene 1 Notice the "n" of yon instead of a "u" in order to conceal his name. And we can read in acrostic, from bottom to top, "ATOM(W)", a reference to Democritus, the Father of the Atom, and to Cupid. (See Francis Bacon - The wisdom of the Ancients - Chapter XVII - Cupid ; or the Atom). Cupid/Eros (Bacon) is the Bastard sonne of Mars (Dudley) and Venus (Queen Elizabeth) Here lyeth Love, of Mars the Bastard Sonne, VVhose foolish fault to death him selfe hath donne. The Hekatompathia - Sonnet 100 (Simple cipher of Francis Bacon) And always on page 157 , Oberon tells us : When I had at my pleasure taunted her And she in milde termes beg'd my patience, I then did aske of her, her changeling childe; Which straight she gave me, and her Fairy sent To bear him to my Bower in Fairy Land. And now that I have the Boy, I will undoe This hatefull imperfection of her eyes. Oberon talks about Titiana (The Fairy Queen/Queen Elizabeth I) and her changeling child (Francis Bacon). By the way, Ben Jonson mentionned a COB in his EPIGRAMS (Ben jonson's Works - 1616) EPIGRAMS LXIX : TO PERTINAX COB. As if by chance, TO PERTINAX COB is the anagram of PROTEXIT BACON. And PROTEXIT is, in latin, the 3rd person singular perfect active indicative form of the verb "PROTEGO" meaning : to cover, to protect and, by extension to hide, to conceal. PROTEXIT BACON means : HE CONCEALED BACON ! Regards, Yann
  23. Hi Rob, It is not strange at all !!! We are all connected to the same Source, we are ONE ! And we just have to follow our D(ee) reams ! 🙂 I recently created an Instagram account (allisnum2er) if it can help you. ( So far , I only posted short videos I made for Bacon's Anniversary.) If not, here is a link to one of my videos to give you a taste of my work : https://fb.watch/a-uuJnu91V/ (I think that you can watch it without Facebook account.) Thanks.
  24. Hello ! My name is Yann and I am French. I became interested in Francis Bacon 5 years ago, in an unique way, thanks to Oracle Cards that inspired me a story revolving around John Dee, Lord Bacon and the Rosy-Cross. I let the Oracle be my guide, and while writing and researching for this story, I came to realize that this process was an initiation. My research led me to the First Folio and, as crazy as it sounds, all seemed to be saying to me that I had a role to play in its deciphering. From here, I started taking a real interest in the role of Sir Francis Bacon in Shake-speare's Works. Particularly inspired by the writings and videos of Peter Dawkins, as well as the videos of the Francis Bacon Society, I took the plunge and began my own investigation. Many thanks SirBacon.org for the work you have done ! The B'Hive Community is a great and marvellous idea ! I am looking forward to discussing with passionnate members, and to discovering what will emerge from sharing what each has to offer. P.S : I apologize in advance for typos and mistakes. I have still progress to make in the language of Bacon. Best Regards. Yann https://www.facebook.com/Apate-and-Aletheia-100838089081255
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