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  1. My last thoughts before to join the arms of Morphรฉe ... With the first letters we can form the words "SIFR" (Zero/Chiffre/Cipher) Pi and Phi ! "The Arabic numeral system spread from the Arabic world to Europe in the Middle Ages. In this transition, the Arabic word for zero ุตูุฑ (sifr) was adopted into Medieval Latin as cifra, and then into Middle French as cifre. This eventually led to the English word cipher (minority spelling cypher)" - Wikipedia Regarding "SIFR" I invite you to take a look at Rob's great discovery in the Sonnets : https://www.light-of-truth.com/bacons_biliteral_cipher.htm Moreover, if we take in count the R of AMSTERODAMI and the L of AMSTELODAMI it gives us S+L= 28 It makes me think about the lunar cycle, echoing the image , and talking about eclipses maybe we should looking for references to saros or metonic cycles ?
  2. https://archive.org/details/ned-kbn-all-00003479-001/page/n10/mode/2up
  3. I think that you have, indeed Galileo on the right, but I don't think that it is Copernic on the left. I would say that it is Kepler https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johannes_Kepler#/media/Fichier:JKepler.jpg A reference to SN1604, Kepler's supernova, and the famous year 1604 with the discovery of the tomb of .... Christian Rosenkreutz ! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. I think that it can be a way to hide the famous number 106 , a reference to Christian RosenKreutz ! Indeed, AMSTELODAMI = 106 (simple cipher)
  5. OHHHHHHH !!! I just noticed a another difference between the 2 texts : "AMSTERODAMI" on the left , " AMSTELODAMI" on the right ! Another clue !๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  6. Indeed, I was making the same count ! ๐Ÿ˜„ This is the same text than the one on the right , only the date format is different. So, we have also 103 characters if we don't take the date and th final point in count, and 108 with 5 last characters ! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  7. Well done ! And I think that Rob will have some thoughts to share with us regarding the number 110 ๐Ÿ™‚ Regarding the image to the left,here is a link to a higher quality image : https://otago.ourheritage.ac.nz/items/show/10672 Bacon is pointing to the sky , like to tell us to look at the moon . But is it a quarter moon or the beginning of a solar eclipse ?
  8. Between the S of Scripta and the S of Sophia we have the word VERITAS and it points to MINERVA, the Spear-shaker !
  9. I have "The English replicas" facsimile and the measurement of the pages is 22x16 cm. But the Sonnets were first printed in 1609 in a quarto volume that means approximately 10 inches (250 mm) tall by 8 inches (200 mm) wide. Here is an interesting site about "sizing Shake-speare's Sonnets": https://collation.folger.edu/2020/01/sizing-shakespeares-sonnets/
  10. This is just an idea , something it could be interesting to work with ... I love the kind of "Vitruvian man" inside the Heart ! ๐Ÿ™‚ Notice that he is on the TOP of the Great Pyramid, above kind of a Vescica Pisces and he seems to look into the sky, the inverted Pyramid !
  11. By the way, on the left we can see that the diagonal is passing through the letters H,O, and D and HOD is the Hebrew word for GLORY !
  12. Here is something I worked on yesterday night , and that I planned to post this morning. it seems that you have been quicker than me ! ๐Ÿ˜„
  13. Because all comes full circle, I would like to share with you few lines of a story that I began to wrote 5 years ago, the story that led me to FRANCIS BACON. ( I did not know anything about the Shakespeare Authorship Question at that time.) Finally, the last place to explore, was a place at the end of the Apollo/Michael ley line : Skellig Michael, in Ireland. When I discovered the photography of the Island, I immediatly recognized it. It was familiar to me. I had already seen this Island in a film : STAR WARS ! That was the island where Luke Skywalker, the Jedi Master, lived. I learned that Skywalker is the english translation of the name Dakini, a Tibetan feminine Deity, represented by a naked woman, whom the iconography is very similar to "THE WORLD" Tarot Card. Judith Simmer-Brown, in Dakini's Warm Breath says :"The primary emblem of the feminine in Tibetan Buddhism is the dakini, or "Sky-dancer" a semi-wrathful spirit-woman who manifests in visions, dreams, and meditation experiences." One of the roles of the dakini is a Wisdom protector. "She is the one who conceals, or the one who recovers spiritual communications, textes and other objects called terma." As I was intringued by the concept of terma, I looked for a more accurate definition: "Terma is a Tibetan word reffering to texts or sacred objects believed to have been hidden for safekeeping until the time is right for their recovering and utilization for the benefit of sentient beings. Someone who actually finds a material object of this nature, or who by virtue of inspiration, memory or other means, reveals an inspirational text is known as a terton. What could I say ? The definition fit perfectly with the story of my Oracle, and I really felt like a terton !
  14. < 1881 > <Time to go ... go to Time > ๐Ÿ˜‰ When I said yesterday that , It could be just a coincidence, I did not believe it ! ๐Ÿ™‚ I experience too much of this type of "Coincidence or Synchronicity" every day, to still believe that all happens only by chance. I mentionned a mail talking about Dee, 365 and Moseley , but after a 2nd reading yesterday , it appears that the mail also refered to ... The COMPASS ROSE !!! And I did not notice it , at least consciously ! But subconsciously, I think that the mail did his job during the night and that the following morning I was ready for unveiling one of the mystery of the Droeshout Portrait. I also learned to follow my intuition and to keep the tiniest crazy idea that came to my mind. For example, yesterday, regarding the Title page of "The History of the De(or Dee?) - fendors of the Catholique Faith" and the motto above Queen Elizabeth, P O S U I D EU M ADIUTOREM MEUM Which means "I have made God my helper", I noticed that the first letters of each word formed the name PADME, that is the name of the QUEEN AMIDALA in Star Wars, the mother of LUKE SKYWALKER, THE CHOSEN ONE ... yeah a crazy idea !!! ๐Ÿ˜„ But it is Time going backward and forward ! And this morning, thinking about your post on "The Taming of the Shrew" with the concealed Pyramid ... I noticed that with the letters A, R , I, T, A, C, H and B we could form AT BACHIR BACHIR is the transliteration of the hebrew word for Chosen and, I read that AT (The first and last letter of Hebrew Alphabet , the Alpha and Omega) can means "THE"? And if this is the case AT BACHIR would mean ... THE CHOSEN ONE !?! I do not know if this is exact (I don't know the Hebrew language) and if it is the truth, I did not know if it was intended , but it is interesting right after my crazy idea of yesterday ! And regarding Star Wars , do you know where The Chosen one died ( but is not buried because he became one with the Force) ? At SKellig Michael, the island with the B'Hive Huts ! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  15. Maybe ! This afternoon, following "Moseley" I discovered the Title page of "The History of the Defendors of the Catholique Faith" https://www.britishmuseum.org/collection/object/P_1868-0328-791 CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ Notice that Queen Elizabeth's left hand invites us to look above her head. Does she ask to take a look at the motto or at the person above her ? Above her, we have the young King Edouard VI. But take a look at the text on his right ... I see BOW, another symbol (with the Harp) of Apollo ,and f(endor) B(y) C(hristopher) O(bservations) N(ostrum) Knowing that A and W(heareunto) are interchangeable ( I AM A AND O) ... I SEE ... BOW AND F BACON But it can be just a coincidence !
  16. Thank you again for sharing, A. Phoenix ! This is the very first time that I see the Title Page of the 1594 edition of "The Taming of the the Shrew". And I am really sorry but, you know, I see codes everyhere ! This is just an idea but, maybe that the name of Shake-speare does not appear on this Title Page because the play is the fruit of "The Pleasant Harp of Bacon", our Apollo ?
  17. Incredible ! Without going into detail, yesterday I received a mail connected to another of my passion but "curiously" the mail delt with Dee, the number 365 and ... Humphrey Moseley, a name that I did not know! I felt that it was kind of a "sign" and that I should follow "Moseley". And this is what I have just made ! I have discovered that Humphrey Moseley " was a prominent London publisher and bookseller in the middle seventeenth century." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humphrey_Moseley And I have just learned that he published Sir Francis Bacon including ... The natural and experimental nature of winds (1653) !!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I did not find an archive of this edition but here is a link to a bookseller website, who sell the book and where you have photographies of the Title page and of the dedication. https://www.milestone-books.de/pages/books/002724/francis-bacon/the-naturall-and-experimentall-history-of-winds-c-written-in-latine-by-the-right-honorable-francis In this edition, the 53rd and last word of the first page of the dedication is "WIL" in place of "WILLING" , and by taking in count this "WIL" and the final "THE" on the 2nd page of the dedication, we have 173 (R.C.) words in total !
  18. I am not sure if it is against regulations to do that, but if we count the "St" of St Alban as one , then from "which" to "Alban." we have 141 characters in total : 141 is the simple cipher of FRANCIS TUDOR, but also the simple cipher of his father ROBERT DUDLEY and the reverse cipher of his mother ELIZABETH ! And if we add the 3 characters of "THE" we have a total of 144 characters, the simple cipher of SIR FRANCIS BACON ! ๐Ÿ™‚
  19. Yes I noticed it this morning, and I noticed something else maybe just a "coincidence" ... "Mustard-Seed" one of the character of a Midsummer nigth's Dream appears, with "Cobweb " on the 171th page of the First Folio ( 171 is the Kaye cipher of FRANCIS ), the misprinted page 151 ( instead of 153) 153 is 100 + 53 , with 100 the simple cipher of FRANCIS BACON and 53 , among other things, the simple cipher of POET, SWAN , SOW (Son of Widow / Son of Wisdom) .
  20. Because 157 and 287 "are the Keys both of Sciences and works" ๐Ÿ˜‰
  21. Yessss !!! Well done, Rob ! Kirkios means circle or ... RING ! And it is a reference to a kind of Hawk or FALCON who flies in circle ! ๐Ÿ˜ https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ฮบฮฏฯฮบฮฟฯ‚
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