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  1. Well done Rob ! 😊❀️ You're right. Here are the missing elements. I am very proud of my FBCANAW that is indeed 177 Kay cipher and ... 47 simple cipher. 47 is the simple cipher of ATHENA, the spear-shaker, Francis Bacon's muse and the Goddess of "Wisdome". Thus, the W of Wisdome gives the final count of 47(ATHENA) / 177 (WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE) "Wisdome" with a final "e" was also on purpose , giving a total of 155 letters ( WILL SHAKESPEARE simple cipher). Before "Wisdome" there are 148 letters ( WILLIAM TUDOR simple cipher). "Corde incipite" is the motto of "Saint FRANCIS International School" And "Apply thy heart unto Wisdome" is a reference to one of Bacon's Prayers. "Teach us, O Lord, so to NUMBER our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom; make us ever mindful of our last end, and continually to exercise the knowledge of grace in our hearts, that in the said divorce of soul and body, we may be translated here to that kingdom of glory prepared for all those that love thee, and shall trust in thee." https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Works_of_Francis_Bacon/Volume_2/Bacons_Prayers There are also references to your post: In your post : "Try" is the 33rd word (33 = BACON) " needed" is the 100th and last word (100 = FRANCIS BACON) "language" is the 55th word (55 = WILL) I thought it was a good "example". πŸ˜‰
  2. All the World a Sphere ... and so is my Mother ! A speciall and particular resemblance of her Maiestie to the Roundell (or Spheare) So is the Queene of Briton ground, line 33 Beame, circle, center of all my round. line 34
  3. Free we are to try. But in order to succeed, patience and perseverance are needed, As well as good knowledge of the hermetic language. "Corde incipite " Never forget ! Apply thy heart unto Wisdome. πŸ˜‰
  4. That Apple or that Pomewater πŸ˜‰ ! https://thetudortravelguide.com/tudor-apples-fritters/
  5. Hi Peethagoras, The counts in acrostic (62) and telestic (33) are interesting. You've made a mistake in your count after the comma : "wind and raine" => W(21) + A(1) + R(17) = 39 So, following your idea, it gives us 91 + 86 + 39 91 + 86 = 177 = WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE 39 = F. BACON Interestingly, 86 + 39 = 125 = 5^3 = 5 x 5 x 5 91 + 86 + 39 = 216 = 6^3 = 6 x 6 x 6
  6. I do not necessarily subscribe to the idea that Francis Bacon was given initials FB to allow for this coincidence, but I am open to the possibility that Francis Bacon might have played with this coincidence. "Should we think that Bacon's parents saw him as a Christ figure?" 6 years ago, I did not have preconceived ideas, even if I had heard about the Tudor Theory. What I think today is based on my research. Few years ago, they led me to decipher one passage of a play in which I found a reference to one painting and two engravings by Albrecht DΓΌrer. I only knew one of the two engravings ... Melencholia I. The second engraving was the following one... And the painting was The Madonna of the Carnation. This painting of DΓΌrer with the Child Jesus holding an apple, reminded me the painting of Francis Bacon as a child. In the same passage I found a reference to the Phoenix Nest, and I learned that it was the title of a book dedicated to Robert Dudley( known to be the lover of the "Virgin" Queen) with a poem telling us that he lived "as a God". https://archive.org/details/bim_early-english-books-1475-1640_the-phoenix-nest-_s-r_1593/page/n11/mode/2up From there, I connected the dots. In passing, there are some medals from the 16th century related with the Fall of man and the Crucifixion. https://subastas.monedalia.es/en/lot/900/alemania-1536-germany-medal-1536-the-/ https://www.coinworld.com/news/world-coins/1557-gold-medal-tells-bible-story-of-adam-and-eve.html
  7. https://www.trendhunter.com/trends/star-trek-spock
  8. And after the F you have SHA ! πŸ˜‰
  9. Indeed ! πŸ™‚ Here is another idea , considering the C of Counsaile instead of the C of Complaint. (After all, Francis Bacon was a counselor !) O (line 1) B (line 3) C (line 7) N (line 10) F (line 17) A (line 24) 1 + 3 + 7 + 10 + 17 + 24 = 62 # F.B.
  10. Hi CJ, As it seems that you have a special feeling for AdonaΓ― / YHVH 😊 ... The gematria of YHVH is 26 (B.F. ?) There are 26 verses on the first page of A Lovers Complaint. Let's take a look at the 26th stanza ... Notice the w in "vovv". This is the only "vv" in all the poem, on line 182 (This is for you Rob πŸ˜‰). VV # 55 that is the gematria of ... Adon ! πŸ™‚ I remind you that in L'Envoy to β€œNarcissus” by Thomas Edwards in 1595, Shakespeare is called "Adon". And this can be a coincidence, at any rate it works only on this page ... F. BACON
  11. Hi Rob, I just had the idea to explore the 33rd stanza of A Lovers Complaint. Here is the result 😊 ... The 33rd word of the 33rd stanza is ... raise ! One more time, we have TUDOR (74 simple cipher) hidden in the middle (mediocria firma) The first Capital letters add to the number 123. 1 = A, 2 = B, 3 = C with 1 + 2 + 3 = 6 = F => F. BAC. In passing, "Their distract parcels, in combined summes" is the 231st line. And the "combined summes" of the value of the Capital letters (123) and the number of words (54) is ... 177 = WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (or FRANCIS BACON + MINERVA)
  12. Bad luck Rob ! This is the Millenium FALCON (Star Wars)! πŸ˜„
  13. Hi A Phoenix, I have just noticed another secret signature in King Lear. I wondered if it had already been mentionned in this topic but it does not seem to be the case. Someone else has probably noticed it and talked or wrote about it in the past, but just in case ... https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/SLNSW_F1/803/?zoom=850 F. BACON Sow T.T.
  14. Thank you Eric. I did not know this representation of Bacon's classification,far more appealing than the original one πŸ™‚. Here is another Tree of knowledge derived from Bacon's classification. Tree of knowledge, This sets out a genealogical relationship between various arts and sciences; the left, middle, and right branches are influenced by the threefold classification in Francis Bacon's "Advancement of Learning" (1605). Source : Frontispiece of the 1780 edition of the EncyclopΓ©die. Author : ChrΓ©tien Frederic Guillaume Roth.
  15. Hi A Phoenix, I must confess that I was waiting for your posts about this Elegy to share with you some thoughts, one of them involving a number dear to Rob's heart : 188 😊. The sum of the capital Letters in acrostic is : 188 And here is the page 188 of Minerva Britanna : https://archive.org/details/minervabritannao00peac/page/188/mode/1up?q=minerva And I admit that it may sound a bit far-fetched but if we do not take in count the titles and signatures of the Elegies, only the verses, including the introduction by Rawley : "Sed quasi de cerbro nata Minerva Jovis" is the 165th line. If we add the 12 lines of the Title-page, it gives us 165 + 12 = 177 177 = WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (Simple cipher)
  16. Thank you for your feedback, Eric !❀️ I know that the cryptic aspect of my research may be a turn-off. This is my path and I try to deal with it πŸ˜…. So, I will continue to "dig deeper and deeper" and to share my thought and the fruit of my research despite the poor image of this field of research. There are so many things that I could and would add on the subject, but they are parts of the "special video" I had planned for the 400th Anniversary of the First Folio. I completed the first part but I decided to share it only when all the other parts will be completed in order to not spoil 5 years of research. I believed it would a video in 2 parts ( I am editing the 2nd part), but after my recent discoveries (the ones that led me today to the great seal of the United States and other ones that led me to the Northumberland Manuscript and the Amsterodamum monogrammon) I think that the video will be in 4 parts. I find that the most difficult and time consuming aspect is to create my videos, trying to make my research as accessible as possible (and with the less typos as possible πŸ˜„) in the language of Shakespeare. This being said, I have to go back to the editing of part 2 πŸ˜‰. Time does fly ! Kind regards.
  17. Thank you A Phoenix. As often, I see it as a collective work. I would have been unable to make this connection (despite the fact that I have a copy of "Manes Verulamiani" and that I read it before) without your great posts which highlight Francis Bacon's Work and Legacy !πŸ™β€οΈ
  18. Hi A Phoenix, Here is the reason why I am in awe. Right before to read your last posts, I was following an idea based on a discovery made yesterday evening that led me to the Great Seal of the United States with the famous "Annuit Coeptis". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Seal_of_the_United_States This is another great coincidence ! πŸ™‚ In this Memoriae we have "Coeptis" and "Saecli" (Saeculum / Seclorum). I wish you a great day.
  19. Here is something that poped into my mind this morning as I woke up. This is very probably the fruit of Lawrence's post and our discussion about anagrams in another topic ... All THE WORLD 's a STAGE ! (Slide from my video "Filum Labyrinthi" - Special Baconiana nov.2023)
  20. Every Friday at work, we share music with colleagues via "Teams". This morning, I was looking for a song with the word "Gave" in the title. Among the first suggestions from YouTube I had this one : You Gave Me Something (And Everything's Alright) by The Fantastic Four. Imagine my surprise when I saw the next suggestion 😊 !
  21. Rob, we are behaving like children ! 😊 And I think it is important to never lost our inner child.
  22. Hi Jon, Please, let me disagree with the fact that anagrams can mean almost anything. I agree with you regarding the anagrams with several letters like the example given by Rob (Light-of-Truth) But this is not the case when you have a few letters. Here is a recent discovery I shared two days ago in another topic. FALCO (Falcon) - PILUM (Spear) - OLOR (Swan) - ODARIUM (Song) - ARTES (Artes) - BACON FALCO has one anagram : FOCAL (From FOCUS - Fireplace, Hearth) Interestingly, in Irish FOCAL means WORD. (In the beginning was the Word ... John 1:1 ) PILUM has no valid anagrams (I do not consider I, PLUM or I, LUMP as valid anagrams in this context). OLOR has no anagrams. ARTES TEARS and A REST are interesting as well as ASTER that is the Latin for STAR. ODARIUM What does the "SONG" of the SWAN (OLOR) tell us ? "OUR MAID" COULD IT BE THE "VIRGIN" QUEEN" ? Notice that in fact, in the middle (Mediocria firma) we have the letter O D A R I (T) UM. ODARITUM has 193 anagrams but almost all of them are meaningless except, in the context, this one ... I AM TUDOR And yes, I suggest that the author of this unsigned first Memoriae could be the Great One in person. 😊
  23. Hi Marvin, I did not know the answer but I think that I found it. Trying to respect your request to not spoil it for everyone, this is my answer in the form of a riddle. πŸ˜‰ I will give the answer whenever you like. πŸ™‚
  24. I must admit that NO ! I heard "HINT" and "BACON" and it seemed to be confirmed by the subtitles but I do not think that "BACON" was really a part of the sentence. πŸ™‚ And YES ... Strange small world ! 😊
  25. Hi CJ, This is very interesting. Thank you for sharing. Just for the anecdote. πŸ™‚ On June 18, 2023, as I was deciphering one passage of the First Folio, I noticed the word "HINT" in the middle of this passage and a reference to Bacon. 30 min later, I decided to take a break and to watch a video on youtube. Amongst the notifications, there was the first episode of Star Trek : Strange New Worlds. At that time, the full episode was available on youtube. I decided to watch it, remembering that the last time that I had decided to take a break to watch one Star Trek film that I had never seen, when I turned on my television I came across the following scene ... What was waiting for me in the first Episode of Star Trek : Strange New worlds ? (I watched it a second time with subtitles just to be on the safe side and I took some screenshots to keep some souvenirs πŸ˜„) 😊
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