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  1. Hi Rob, Just for fun ( I do not remember if one of us already considered this possibility ) ...
  2. Hi Kate and Rob, Last year, I only mentioned M.B. and the number 42 once or twice. I also remember talking about "Marrow and Bones" in Ben Jonson's Masque "Neptunes Triumph". https://archive.org/details/workesofbenjamin00jons/page/n365/mode/2up?ref=ol&view=theater The fact is that in 2021, I found a page of the First Folio that, in my view, mentions HIRAM and the MM word, and I have spoken with you, Rob, last year. This can be the reason why you think that I shared a slide about it ! 😊 But that is not the case, and to be honest, this is something that I decided to keep for myself. Regarding Sonnet 122, I like the fact that it is the 33rd one by counting from the end. And regarding the cartouche of Sylva Sylvarum ... ... for me, what we have on each side looks like an inverted A ... Regards.
  3. Hi Eric, My apologies for this late response. That seems very interesting. I will take a look at it.
  4. And here is a last suggestion for today ... https://archive.org/details/partheneiasacrao00hawk/page/266/mode/2up To be continued ...
  5. Talking about THE ROSE, here is the first page of Chapter II (TWO) that is the 33rd page of the book ... I wonder if the latin motto "Casto perfusa rubore" was chosen on purpose. Notice "bore" on the right that could be seen as the old spelling of "boar". To be continued ...
  6. I also found an error in this page. Indeed, this is not page C iiij but page B iiij. For me, this "error" serves a double purpose. With the letter C of "DISCOURSE" it gives us CC # 33 = BACON (Simple cipher) And it is an invitation to take a closer look to the real page C iiij. ROSE & CROSSE To be continued ...
  7. The Chapter 22 (THE SHIP) is also linked to the Chapter 11 (THE STARRE). With 22 + 11 = 33 = BACON ( Simple cipher) Those are the only two chapters of the book with an Emblem depicting a Ship. For me, the next step was, naturally, to explore the chapter II 🙂 And once again ... what a surprise !!! https://archive.org/details/partheneiasacrao00hawk/page/114/mode/2up Facing the mention of the "purple Mantle" and then of "the statelie Mask in Court" my first thought was ... Gesta Grayorum, or, The history of the high and mighty prince, Henry Prince of Purpoole https://quod.lib.umich.edu/e/eebo/A33253.0001.001?view=toc It sounded too good to be true. Then I noticed the minumbered page 11 ( instead of 115). WAS IT ANOTHER CLUE ? I decided to take a look on page 11 of the book ... What a wonderful surprise !!!! 😁 A reference to the Garden of the Temple but, most of all, a reference to Grayes-Inne Walkes which were laid out by Francis Bacon in 1608. https://www.graysinn.org.uk/the-inn/history/the-walks/ https://www.researchgate.net/publication/273108843_'The_Chief_Ornament'_of_Gray's_Inn_The_Walks_from_Bacon_to_Brown To be continued ...
  8. But there is much more ! https://archive.org/details/partheneiasacrao00hawk/page/234/mode/2up I noticed an error in the numbering of the Chapters. Indeed, the chapter XXII (22) is numbered XXI (21). I took it as a clue, the fact that the Ship was linked to the Sea. Each chapter begins with the letter "T" giving us "T.T." (Moreover 21 is the gematria of eyeh the Hebrew word for "I AM") With THE SEA, THE DOLPHINS, THE SHIP and THE PILLARS we have all the visual elements of a very well-known title-page 🙂 https://archive.org/details/nby_231406 To be continued ...
  9. Few months ago, thanks to a discussion about the "Gulf of Charybdis", Light-of-Truth found and shared with us a link to a very intringuing book, Partheneia Sacra, written in 1633 by a Jesuit called Henry Hawkins, in which he found "Bacon-33" hidden in the Title-page. https://archive.org/details/partheneiasacrao00hawk/mode/2up I explored the book and here are the fruits of my research. Right before the title-page there is an engraving depicting the Virgin Mary surrounded by angels with 3 pillars on each side. The number 33 can be linked to the Christ but also to BACON = 33 (Simple cipher) The Title in Greek "H PARTHENOS" means "THE VIRGIN". Interestingly, PARTHENOS is also one of the epithets of Diana and of ... The Virgin Athena (The Spear-shaker, Francis Bacon's Muse) Parthenon means THE HOUSE OF PARTHENOS. And here is the Title-page ... F.BACON - 33 - CC - HID Then, I decided to explore the Beginning and the End. "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last." Revelation 22:13 - King James Bible I AM ALPHA M (12) + W (21) = 33 = BACON (Simple cipher) I also like the idea that M and W are the first letters of Middle Way. And by starting from the first numbered page ... WTI is the anagram of WIT And following Light-of-Truth's Theory to which I adhere, it can be the acronym of .. William Tudor I What a surprise when I explored the end ! I AM OMEGA BACON Notice that the letter N is on page 257. 257 = 100 (FRANCIS BACON) + 157 (FRA. ROSI.CROSSE) I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA BACON - WIT To be continued ...
  10. Crowned with Laurel, he Wield the Spear !😊
  11. Hi, Rob ! I smile because I read this post after having watched your last incredible video and having took a look to your Sonnets Pyramid to see that we were on line 911 ! 😊 I was sure that you had left no detail to chance ! 🙂 Once again, great work !❤️
  12. Mesmerizing ! 😮❤️ This in an Incredible video, Rob ! I watched it 3 times in a row !😊 I am so happy that you decided to present your point of view for others to consider. Great work !
  13. Hi Rob, Here is "almost" the same made by an NAI from the 17th century 😊 (Notice the Beard ) More about it very soon in another topic. 😉
  14. A fun coincidence 🙂 ... Trying to find if "DIV E MO DROIT" could mean/hide something, I have just find that "DIEU ET MON DROIT" is the anagram of ... ET IN MEDIO TUDOR (And TUDOR in the middle).
  15. Hi Rob , just one word : Astonishing !❤️
  16. Hi Eric, I think that the damaged inscription said "DIEV ET MO(N) DROIT" EDIT : Guess what !?! I have just found the confirmation on page 42 of the article I shared with you yesterday !😁 "Above the window still remains a splendid achievement of the Royal arms, France modern quartering the leopards of England, sculptured in stone and being very curious in having the words DIEU ET MON DROIT contracted to DIU.E.MO.DROIT. "
  17. Hi everyone , Yesterday, I came across the following article about Gorhambury . I have not even read it yet, but on the face of it, it seems very interesting. https://www.stalbanshistory.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/1932_02_with_copyright_notice.pdf
  18. Hi Kate, and thank you. Indeed, M Osborne talks about it and he also mentions the 7 roses in his video 🙂. My question was more about the interesting link that can be made with the Kay ciphers of FRANCIS and BACON.
  19. Do you know if someone already suggested it ? Just an idea ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shakespeare's_funerary_monument#/media/File:Monument-ht6.jpg "ALL IS NUMBER" Shakespeare's Bust is the third Pillar, between the two Pillars (I I) Jakin and Boaz : III = BACON ( Kay Cipher) 7 Roses between the two Pillars : I7I = FRANCIS (Kay Cipher)
  20. I told you that interestingly, in this order revealing in acrostic "I AM MASTER FRANCIS BACON", the word "Son" was 33rd from IRIS (The goddess of Childbirth that can be linked to The Rainbow Portrait of Queen Elizabeth) and 33rd from Gonzalo who is the "honest old Councellor" of the Play. I also told you that , for me, "I AM" was a reference to the Christ, the Son of the Virgin, and a reference to Rev. 22:13 "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last." This morning, I wondered if Bacon could have made a link with his Essays, knowing that "Of Councell" was one of them. Shakespeare's First Folio was printed in 1623 by William Jaggard. I decided to take a look at Francis Bacon's Essays printed in 1613 by John Jaggard, Wiliiam's Brother. https://archive.org/details/essaiesofsrfranc00baco/page/44/mode/2up Talking about an "honest old Councellor", what a surprise on pages 33 ... I smiled when I discovered the end of "Of Councell " that I had forgotten. Then, I decided to take a look at the 3rd and last edition of his Essays, published in 1625 and to spot the differences. One sentence has been added in "Of Great Place". In "Of Councell", thanks to two slight modifications, in the reference to the Christ (his blessed Sonne, The Counsellor), "Counsellor" is the 100th word that is FRANCIS BACON simple cipher. "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace" Isaiah 9:6 (King James Bible) (PRINCE OF PEACE = 111 simple cipher) And as if by chance, the sentence talking about "Actors upon the Stage" that begins on line 170 in the 1613 edition, begins here on line 177 that is precisely the simple cipher of ... WILLIAM SHAKE-SPEARE ! And it is important to mention that "Of Councell" also talks about the birth of PALLAS, that is the SPEARE-SHAKER, Francis Bacon's muse.
  21. Hi Kate, I think that thanks to the link you provided to a high resolution image of the Northumberland Manuscript, I've just made a discovery !!! https://archive.org/details/cu31924029601378/page/n7/mode/2up This is the first" By" of "By Mr Frauncis" right after his four praises. Notice the B that looks like 2 3 and that could be a way to hide two 3 or 33 (BACON simple cipher). Here is another one ... And here is a letter written in 1619 by Francis Bacon to Lord Zouch. https://inlibris.com/item/bn49034/ Notice the word "Bill" on the 10th line !!! "23ill" By the way , in this letter, the stylised "c" at the beginning of the words "content", "concerning" or "customes" are also very similar to the ones in the Northumberland Manuscript ! Asmund and Cornelia Leycesters Common Whealth
  22. I also noticed the second type of "m" by Bacon in the first letter that I shared with you. But, contrarly to the letter "m" of Bacon that begins almost on the line, the letter "m" of the handwriting on the left, begins under the line. I admit that the small double "l" is intriguing. Here is something else of interest ! 😉
  23. Hi Kate, I totally agree with you. I had watched only 30 min of the video when I shared the link with you, so I had not watched this passage nor learned about his point of view about the Authorship Question yet. And this is the first time that I see this image of shakespeare's coat of arms with "shakespeare's handwriting" that indeed looks like a copy of the original. In regards to the fact that the "original" handwriting looks like the one on the Northumberland Manuscript (aka the Bacon-Shakespeare Manuscript - Thanks to the incredible work of A Phoenix on the subject) it is, for me, difficult to say. But in my view, the handwriting on the sketch of Shakespeare's Coat of Arms is not the one of Francis Bacon. As an example, take a look at the difference between the letter "m" in "my" on the left and the letter "m" in the word "may" written by Bacon ... I also agree with you about the misinformation around about the sequence of events that led to the granting of Arms. Thank you for the great links ! 🙏 ❤️
  24. Here is a very interesting video from the SRIA of London, that I am watching ...
  25. Hi everyone, Here is something about "The Taming of the Shrew" that I shared last year in one of my videos (Sapere Aude -Part II). In my view, the "weee'le" with three "e" is a clue, and here is what I found around him. Is it just a coincidence or is it deliberate ? I leave you judge.
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