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  1. THE TRUTH LIES IN THE PONCTUATION !🙂 By the way, Ben jonson used the same principle in his poem "On Poet-Ape" published in 1616, in his First Folio. (I will also share this in the new topic of Rob about Ben Jonson's Poem) N.B : 77 words from "Poor Poet-Ape..." to "...he slights it." Moreover, "Poet-Ape" count for one word as well as and "after-times" .
  2. Here is my attempt to translate the text for you : Man, this Master of the Earth, Where he is amused by a disappointing Good: Is it a Work made only of glass, Since it breaks to the slightest wind ? And here is my attempt to give it a poetic form : O Man, this Master of the Earth, Amused by a Good with few worth: Is it made of Glass, since with ease It may break to the slightest breeze ? I can't dismiss that "de verre" (of glass) makes me think of "De Vere" but ... Right in the middle, we can read : " MASTER BACON" "lamuse" is interesting because the ' is missing. "l'amuse" means "amuse him" "la muse" means "the muse" And we know that the muse of Bacon was Minerva, the Speare shaker. The french word "Ouvrage" is also very interesting bacause it means "Work" but also "BOOK" So right in the middle we have : MASTER BACON'S BOOK - MINERVA
  3. Thank you Kate ! This is a great work indeed !!! "Hu (ḥw), in ancient Egypt, was the deification of the first word, the word of creation" - Wikipedia "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God" John 1:1 And look what is underlined 😃... Iesus Hominis Salvator
  4. Hi, A.Phoenix ! Thank you again for sharing with us these photographs of the different Title-pages of Shake-speare's Works. Here are my two cents regarding the ciphered message concealed in this one. PATEO - BACON - REX TUDOR PATEO is Latin for "to be revealed" or "to be exposed" 😉 Notice that we can also form the name "TUDOR" with "Romeo" "Juliet" "augmented" "amended"
  5. Hi Kate ! Here is the information given by wikipedia : "Leiden was formed on an artificial hill (today called the Burcht van Leiden) at the confluence of the rivers Oude and Nieuwe Rijn (Old and New Rhine). In the oldest reference to this, from circa 860, the settlement was called Leithon. The name is said to be from Germanic leitha- "canal" in dative pluralis, thus meaning "at the canals". "Canal" is actually not the completely proper word. A leitha (later "lede") was a human-modified natural river, partly natural, partly artificial." By the way, I discovered the interesting work of Lucas van Leyden , a contemporary of ... Albrecht Dürer ! 🙂 The Painter Lucas van Leyden by Albrecht Dürer (1521)
  7. Just in case you missed my preceeding post ! 🙂 Each times, it is about Nemesis (The Great Fortune) And there is also a reverse image of this TITLE PAGE in the 1647 LATIN EDITION OF HENRY VII.
  8. Rob, you are preaching to the choir ! 🙂 I am really happy for you ! These odd moments of joy are invaluable !
  9. 1641 - LUG BATAVORUM 1644 - LUGD BATAVORUM LUGD BATAVORUM reverse cipher is 177 : WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE LUGD BATAVORUM simple cipher (26 letters) is 157 LUGD BATAVORUM Kaye cipher (26 letters) is 287 😃
  10. And is it just me or the 3 guys seem to be the same than the 3 guys on the frontispiece of the German edition of "The Wisdom of the ancient" ?
  11. Rob, thank you so much ! Here is what I found this morning thanks to your post and your reference to pages 157 and 287. Once again 287 is the KEY ! 😉 Achelous and Acteon For more information about the number 222 : https://sirbacon.org/all-is-num2er/ The video "Lord Bacon's Birth-day" (222) Notice that the Chapter XXX about METIS and the birth of Pallas Athena /Minerva, the Speare Shaker, is between the pages 176 and 178 🙂 177 is the simple cipher of both WILLIAM SHAKE-SPEARE and FRANCIS BACON+MINERVA
  12. Rob, this is a great and moving tribute to your friend, and to the Artist !
  13. It makes sense and it is connected with your interest for Albrecht Dürer's "Virgin with Child" painting 😉
  14. Synchronicity, indeed ! 😄 This is Dürer's Night ! For the anecdote, the article of The Guardian was published the 27th of November 2019 . I was 42 years old and it was my Birthday 🙂 ( And I remind you that 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything). Today corresponds to the 402 lines of the Sonnets 😉 And I choose to share my discovery today, because we are the 9/03 or 9/3 with 93 = IC =I see = Eye See = Iesus Christ and 39 = F. BACON
  15. It will be more difficult regarding the text in German if the concealed message is in German. However, I immediatly noticed the Hebrew word "Sod" meaning "Secret" right in the center, and you have the Roman numbers I. II. and III Notice that you do not have a full stop after the III I. + II. = III. and III. III = 33 = BACON And I. II. III = 123 = FRANCIS TUDOR ( "De furtivis" cipher)
  16. One year ago, I made an incredible discovery. Imagine one unknown ciphered text, left by Francis Bacon, that reveals all the truth about 3 births : - the birth of Henry Wriothesley, - the birth of Henry de Vere, - and his own birth. In regard of his birth, Bacon left three essential clues in this ciphered text, namely references to 3 works of Albrecht Dürer, of which MELENCOLIA I (1514) and ... THE MADONNA OF THE CARNATION (1516). https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Albrecht_Dürer_-_The_Madonna_of_the_Carnation_-_WGA7000.jpg When I saw the child Jesus with an apple in his hand, I immediatly made the connection with the portrait of the child Bacon with an apple in his hand. https://sirbacon.org/graphics/childbacon.htm That made me wonder if there was a "Virgin Queen of the Carnation". I did not find the "Virgin Queen of the Carnation" but I find the " Virgin Queen of the Rose", and it went beyond all my expectations ! https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2019/nov/27/long-lost-overpainted-portrait-reveals-young-queen-elizabeth-i The portrait of the young Francis Bacon was commissioned by his true mother, the Queen Elizabeth Tudor ! FRANCIS BACON WAS A TUDOR PRINCE !
  17. And what if this portrait was the one of of our 13-year-old Genius when he was at Trinity College in 1573 ?
  18. HERE IS ANOTHER IDEA. A REFERENCE TO "WILLOBIE HIS AVISA" The fable of Acteon is explained by Francis Bacon in his Book "The Wisdom of the Ancients"(1609). Chapter X Acteon and Pentheus, or a Curious Man Explained of Curiosity, or Prying into the Secrets of Princes and Divine Mysteries PRINCE BACON
  19. Great finding Rob ! And as above ,so below ... This is Shake-Speare, Right ? 😃
  20. Hi Rob ! IWell done with the 2 portraits 😃And indeed, I noticed "Humphrey Mosley" yesterday and I smiled😊. The truth is that last sunday I found another name (in disguise) in the mail I received the 3/03 , the name of someone connected both to Humphrey Mosley and Shake-speare !!! And what i discovered is incredible. I will try and do my best to share my findings with you in the next few days. But there is much to be done.
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