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  1. My fault ! Lacking of time, I took shortcuts. I am perfectly aware of the Grotesque Masks and Italian Grotesque Heads. https://archive.org/details/workesofbenjamin00jons/page/n227/mode/2up?ref=ol&view=theater "An Aery voluble tongue." (Another one of my bad syllogism 🙂 ) The devill is an Ass by Ben Jonson. The two pages 97 of the plays are very informative.
  2. Hi everyone, Here is a short video about a message concealed in the First Folio, that I deciphered this afternoon. My last research brought me back to the misnumbered page 88 of "The Comedie of Errors" that is the 104th page of the First Folio ( 104 is the simple cipher of PALLAS ATHENA). And I am so happy !!! This is the very first time that I find a hidden reference to Francis Bacon's Foster Mother : Anne Cooke. 😊 M&B.mp4
  3. Hi Eric, You're welcome. I totally agree with you. Sadly, all the pages of the First Folio are not available in the Brandeis University's edition, that is the reason one sometimes I used the New South Wales' edition (that is complete) instead. https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/SLNSW_F1/index.html
  4. Hi everyone, Here is something that I noticed few years ago. I was waiting for a better explanation than FOX = 666 (that explains the face of a devil at the top right). https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/Bran_F1/7/index.html%3Fzoom=1200.html In regard to the great presentation of A Phoenix, it could be a reference to Volpone/Fox and the "Sly Fox", Ben Jonson. It could be another clue indicating the involvment of Ben Jonson in the writing of "To the Great Variety of Readers".
  5. https://www.mypokecard.com/en/ https://www.mypokecard.com/en/Gallery/Pokemon-Sir-Francis-Bacon-1 I have just discovered this site and here is my creation ! 😁
  6. Hi A Phoenix, I had already watched and "like" your videos on youtube few days ago. I have just watched them a second time with still the same delight !😍 Great editing, straight to the point, brilliantly articulated ... and it is always a real pleasure to listen to you. Thank you again for bringing my daily dose of Baconian History.❤️ Congrats.
  7. Hi Marvin, I guess the "Sloan(e)" of your third alias is a reference to Sir Hans Sloane and the Sloane Manuscripts , and being in the topic BACONIAN/FREEMASONIC/ROSICRUCIAN Question, I would guess that you changed it to Haines following an event in the masonic sphere that inspired you at the beginning of your 10th grade. Or could it be a reference to the engraver and painter William Haines ? https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ https://www.lookandlearn.com/history-images/YW000272VEL/Francis-Bacon-Viscount-St-Albans https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Haines_(artist) It is said that W. Haines "worked with Scriven and others on the Boydell-Shakespeare plates." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boydell_Shakespeare_Gallery
  8. Hi CJ, Corect me if I am wrong but If I recall, you told us that for you "ALL IS SUGGESTION" with some suggestions that you accept and some that you reject. Thus, if you "had to ask about it and be explained the nuance" it means that someone gave you his opinion/suggestion/analysis and you decided to accept it because you accepted his reasoning. So, you only makes his opinion/suggestion yours. 😊 Regarding Bacon and the number 33 here is the famous acrostic in Love's Labour's lost. (Please note that the acronym can be found in the First Quarto published in 1598 during the lifetime of the author) https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/SLNSW_F1/161/index.html%3fzoom=1275.html What are the possible explanations ? 1) This is just a coincidence, 2) William Shakespeare knew BACON and tells us that the cipher of BACON is 33 3) Someone else that William Shakespeare who knew Bacon and who is the true author of LLL tells us that BACON =33 4) BACON himself is the author of LLL and he tells us that BACON =33 This is the context of the play and other conceal'd messages that allow to make our choice between these possible explanations. And talking about "Tea Leaves" Reader, I think that happily, I am one of them !😊 (Or am I a "Tea Tea Leaves" Reader? 😄)
  9. Hi CJ, Sorry but this is your point of view and it is, for me, far from the truth. It is possible to cipher and decipher with gematria without involving any divine revelation. Here is one exemple based on your previous post mentioning the number 100 (Francis Bacon) ... The first four verses of Ben Jonson's poem "Lord Bacon's Birthday" contain 33 Roman words (Bacon) and one Italic word "Genius". GENIUS, BACON It echoes the 3 words in Italic : Bacon, England's Genius And these 4 verses hide an interesting feature if we don't take in count the first "H". Indeed, there are 33 letters on the first line ... 33 = BACON There are 67 letters on the first two lines ... 67 = FRANCIS There are 100 letters on the first three lines ... 100 = FRANCIS BACON There are 136 letters on total . This number 136 seems important in this specific context. What can be the word behind the number 136 ? Could the letter H be the clue ? In "The English Grammar" Ben Jonson talks about the letter H and tells us : "And though I dare not say, she is, (AS I HEARD ONE CALL HER), the QUEEN MOTHER of consonants". If H is the QUEEN MOTHER, we can guess that the number 136 is linked to his son : The fact is that PRINCE TUDOR = 136 BACON, ENGLANDS GENIUS The first time that I dicovered the 3 words in Italic with "All is Number" is mind, I noticed that the letters added to 177. I had learned that 177 was the simple cipher of William Shake-speare, and some said the simple cipher of "FRANCIS BACON + MINERVA". Was it just a coincidence or was it intended ? Then, I discovered that by counting from the title (and by counting Birth-day as one word) Genius was the 6th word Bacon was the 65th word Englands was the 106th word 6 + 65 + 106 = 177 It seemed that, at least, whatever the meaning of the number 177, it was intended. But as you know, "All good things come in threes". I wondered if a third reference to 177 was concealed. INDEED ! Still by counting from the title, but by counting this time "Birth-day" as 2 words , I noticed that "English" was the 88th word and "Weale", the 89th word. 88 + 89 = 177 And "FAME AND FONDATION OF THE ENGLISH WEALE" can be seen as FAME AND FONDATION OF THE ENGLISH "WILL" or FAME AND FONDATION OF THE 177 From there I had to choose between "WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE", "FRANCIS BACON MINERVA" or "LOOK WHAT I'M CAPABLE OF"😊 WILLIAM SHAKE-SPEARE seemed to be well-suited ! Whatever the word(s) behind the number, it seemed that 177 was an important number for Ben Jonson. This is the reason why I decided to investigate the pages of the First Folio related to the number 177. And this is how I discovered "Bacon" concealed between Scylla and Charybdis (that represents the middle way, the motto of Bacon's Family) on page 177 of Comedies. https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/Bran_F1/195/index.html%3fzoom=1200.html I do not see any divine revelation. There is a logic. And a lot of fun ! 🙂
  10. Wow ! Another great fing Rob ! Here is something else that I have just noticed thanks to your post, echoing a part of the video I am working on. Through my research, I discovered that Francis Bacon used tne "n" as an inverted "u" in TUDOR as a subterfuge to easily concealed "Tudor" and his "public" name. I will keep the other exemples for my video, but here is, in my view, the message concealed in sonnets 115/119 , here is what IC 😉 ...
  11. Great find Rob ! ❤️ I immediatly recognized something I have worked on by the past. I have never explored the book of Gustavi Seleni. This part comes from De furtivis Literarum Notis by Porta (1602). And here is what I noticed and suggest ... F.B. (Francis Bacon) Q.E.(Queen Elizabeth) In Cryptomentices, this part of the ciphering system could have been placed on page 157 on purpose, in order to add another layer of meaning.
  12. WOW ! 😮 Great work Marvin ! For our friends of the B'Hive which would not have noticed it yet ... FRANCIS BACON IS WILLIAM TUDOR - FREEMASONRY - ROSICRUCIANISM ... a beautiful way to conceal the number 33 ! I noticed that "am" in "I am" is the 33rd word : I AM BACON. The number of words of the odd lines is also 33. And talking about the number 61, I would guessed that having read the different topics of the B'Hive, you may choose this number because 61 is the simple cipher of the two-headed JANUS. And this is probably a coincidence, but I like the fact that "un/seen" are (if I am right) the 33rd and 34th syllables. 33 = BACON 33+34=67=FRANCIS "FRANCIS BACON" UNSEEN Once again BRAVO.
  13. I love this one, Rob ! ❤️ Is it what we call the Foole Moon ? 😊
  14. Could it be because of its Kay cipher ? 😉 Bacon knew what he was saying when he wrote " It is impossible to Love and to be Wise". (Of Love - Bacon's Essays) Indeed, LOVE = FOOLE = 50 (Simple cipher) 😊 For the anecdote, few years ago I decided to visit the famous Chateau de Dampierre sur Boutonne , well known for its alchemical gallery. Before arriving at destination, I decided to stop at a service area not so far . And before leaving the service area, I took a look at my phone and noticed on google map that the "Chateau" was exactly 33 km away and that I had to take exit 33 !!!😊 Once at destination, I was welcomed by Leda and his Swan ... The first "Room" that I visited was the Red Room in which could be seen a Painting by ... WILLIAM BREAKSPEARE ! And right after that I discovered the main room with a french sentence engraved on the Chimney .. TEL QUI NE PEULT AIMER ACCEPTE D ETRE SAIGE ET QUE SAIGE NE PEULT SERA SANS DOUTE AIME (THE ONE WHO CAN NOT LOVE AGREES TO BE WISE, AND THE ONE WHO CAN NOT BE WISE, WILL UNDOUBTEDLY BE LOVED) I like to think that Francis Bacon discovered this inscription while in France, and that it was the source of his inspiration. "IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO LOVE AND TO BE WISE"
  15. Don't tell me that it is a Photograph of the Son Of Wisdom at his wedding ?
  16. Hi Lawrence, Here is something I have just noticed thanks to your great photograph (and photomontage 🙂 ) (I really do not remember if someone already shared this in another topic) LORD, WHAT FOOLES THESE MORTALS BE ! Worshipful Master Francis Bacon !
  17. Hi Rob, WOTTON = 100 Cipher and Kay cipher !!! I like that ! 🙂 Strangely, Wotton seems to write from right to left. I wonder why ?
  18. Hi A Phoenix, Great finding ! I am late in the game ! 😅 Interestingly, the two numbers you're talking about are the 7 and the 2 of his age : 72 72 + 31 words = 103 = SHAKE-SPEARE 😊
  19. Hi Kate, Ecclesiastes 3:1 says : "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven". I think that here is a time not for flattery but for praise. What an incredible Work !😍 Wonderfully written and marvellously illustrated, your article is a true delight !❤️ I only can imagine the numerous hours of hard word in order to achieve this. Congrats.
  20. "I by Letters shall direct your course" ! 🙂 Happy GARdening, Brother Rob . 😊
  21. Lol ! Rob, What a good timing! At this exact moment, I am on page 53 of Histories facing Bacon and Eggs ! 😁 https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/SLNSW_F1/373/?zoom=850
  22. Hi A Phoenix, I swear that I was not testing you. I knew that you and Rob would find the F Bacon anagram. This time, I just wanted to share with you the exhilarating feeling facing the light of the simple veritie 😊
  23. Hi A PHoenix, Indeed ! 😊 That is also the reason why I shared it with you ! I wonder if the word used originally was not warlike but war-like. Thus, there would be 33 words between the two Cambden in Italic, "simple" and "veritie" being the 16th et 17th Roman words, with 16+17=33=BACON (The simple veritie 😉 )
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