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  1. Hi AP, Here are some additional thoughts / Ideas regarding the official plaque from the National Security Agency β€˜To The Memory Of George Fabyan From A Grateful Government’. The values of the first letters of each line add to ... 133. 100 (FRANCIS BACON) + 33 (BACON) The name FRANCIS can easily be formed from ... Colonel Fabyan and his Riverbank , I , National Security Agency I took a closer look in the middle and by chance I found : F bacon - Free - tt "A random coincidence or design?" (to quote Kate) I don't know. But this is the only place where it works. Notice that by counting "seventy-fifth" as one word there are ... 70 words. (70 is the gematria of SOD meaning secret) As 70 = 14 x 5, I am wondering if they used the biliteral cypher in one way or another to hide a 14-letter message. And just for fun ... The strange incomplete letters A and O (and D) in the seal right above the plaque inspired me a new way to write United States of America with the biliteral cipher in work 😁.
  2. Hi Rob, Yes , I noticed it. πŸ™‚ I also noticed that there was an error in the pagination of Internet Archive. Indeed, they count 33 by counting from the Emblem on page (I) instead of counting from the poem (Les Ages, ...) on page (I). Thus, the real 33rd page by counting from (the first) page 1 is ... And that is the 44th page by counting from the title-page. πŸ˜‰
  3. Hi A Phoenix, This is incredible ! I tried and did my best to create a slide showing you what I see before to go out. https://www.quora.com/What-qualifies-a-Roman-soldier-to-become-the-first-spear-centurion-or-Primus-Pilus-who-is-the-senior-centurion-of-the-first-cohort-in-a-Roman-legion Colonel # First Pilus (First Spear) ! πŸ˜‰ Note that the 1 of 1917 provides the letter A (A = 1) of F. BACON Have a nice sunday.
  4. Hi Marvin, Here are some ideas ! Evidently, I noticed the 33 words as a reference to BACON. There are 23 points in total ( two 3 ?) There are 22 "stars". Francis Bacon was born the 22nd of January 1561 . Sarah Winchester died in 19 ... 22. We know your passion for LLANADA VILLA, the House on the Plain or the HOUSE ON FLAT LAND. It could explain your choice to play with the "flat earth" concept. Now, what about the meaning of the "stars". Here is my idea. πŸ˜… I think that you decided to hide the letter W (Cassiopeia) and S that stand for WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE ... ... and that from there, you add some lines in order to conceal the letters that spell the name WINCHESTER in reference to SARAH WINCHESTER and the WINCHESTER MYSTERY HOUSE. This being said, maybe I'm completely off base on this.πŸ˜„ Anyway, here is something allowing to ensure that all this fit in with "The Alchemical Quest" Topic ! 😊 https://www.foodgal.com/2023/06/exploring-southern-oregon-alchemy-restaurant-and-the-winchester-inn/
  5. Yeah ! I saw it ! πŸ™‚ In fact, there is a third one that you might like. πŸ˜‰ BAC (D) NO
  6. What if the use of the word "diffidence" twice by William Friedman was in fact a clue ? What if it was a reference to the First Folio, more precisely to Act 3 Scene 3 of Henry VI part 1 ( page 108) ? https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/SLNSW_F1/462/?work=&zoom=850 "Thy Cunning had no diffidence" (See "The Alchemical Quest" for more details on this page 108)
  7. Hi A Phoenix, As chance would have it πŸ˜ƒ ...
  8. THE NAKED TRUTH I love TAROT CARDS for their connection with my research. You eventually noticed that 17 (The Star) + 12 (The Hangman) + 4 (The Emperor) = 33 πŸ™‚ For me THE STAR represents the NAKED TRUTH. I like to think that the Bird on the Tree in the Background is a Phoenix and that it is a reference to the Palm Tree also called the Phoenix Tree. Notice also the Stars above the Naked Truth. I love the fact that they conceal the numbers 53 ( 5 yellow stars and 3 blue stars), 314 and 143 ( 1 big star, 4 small yellow stars and 3 blue stars). And for me, 143 is the numerical value (simple cipher) of QUEEN ELIZABETH. 314 is the simple cipher of FRATERNITY OF THE ROSI CROSSE. Lawrence, this morning I wondered if "naked truth" was used in the First Folio. Indeed, twice ! πŸ™‚ The first one is on page ... 143 of COMEDIES! 😁 The second one is on page 103 (SHAKESPEARE simple cipher) of HISTORIES. Sorry for bringing back "ciphers" on the table (I know that it is not really your cup of tea πŸ˜…) but your great poem helped me to find two another signatures concealed by Bacon thanks to the "Mediocria" technic. https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/SLNSW_F1/161/index.html%3fzoom=1275.html The second "Naked Truth" is found on page 103 of "King Henry VI - Part 1". And F. BACON is concealed in the middle of the passage, between the two Roses. πŸ˜‰ https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/SLNSW_F1/457/?zoom=1654 F. BACON - I have pleaded trurh "Let him that is a true-borne Gentleman, and stands upon the honor of his birth ..." Between two Roses, "the red rose and the white". The union of the red Rose and the white ... THE TUDOR ROSE. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tudor_rose Good week-end !
  9. Your second copy quickly found its second home ! 😊
  10. "... the world has no desire to know the naked Truth." THE NAKED TRUTH https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/SLNSW_F1/31/?zoom=850 https://www.bowdoin.edu/news/2017/11/virgins-unicorns-and-medieval-literature.html 😊
  11. Hi CJ, I would say that in "Quote me : I am a dwarf." you used 3 times the letter "a" (two too many) and that at that time "dwarfe" was spelled with a final letter "e". But thanks to you I learned a new word in English : dwarfish, that fit perfectly into the "fish" theme ! πŸ˜„ And I would say that if bacon was a dwarf he was a gyant dwarfe. This is a reference to "Love's Labor's Lost". https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/Bran_F1/147/index.html%3fzoom=1200.html Looking for the spelling of "dwarf" used by Shakespeare in the First Folio, I noticed an error in "gyant drawfe". I like to think that this is not an error but an invitation to "draw" something but what ? Maybe a constellation ! πŸ™‚ Then, I noticed the word half vertically. Interestingly , there are many ways to form the name "BACON". Rob, one synchronicity for you, notice "dee" right above "night-watch". πŸ˜‰ And talking about the "Fish" theme, I noticed "Cod", peeces or piscis ?, "Sole". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cod https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sole_(fish). Is there another fishes in disguise in this scene ? "Gardon" that stands for "guerden" meaning "reward" is also the French name of a Fish, the Roach. πŸ™‚ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_roach I wonder whether Shakespeare used "Gardon" instead of Guerden in order to hide "Don Gar". That could explain why he talks about "Don Cupid", to put us on the path, "Don" meaning Lord. And I remind you that Gar, meaning "spear" is the 33rd and last rune of the Anglo-saxon Futhark. Gardon -> Don Gar -> Lord 33 (Spear) -> Lord Bacon (Spear) ? Thus, the message concealed by the clown could be ... Francis Bacon (33) - Lord Bacon (Spear)
  12. Hi Rob, I did not have this Sonnet in mind when I composed my poem, but facing the Sonnet 6 (3+3 or 2+1+3) with the word "heire" at the end, and most of all with several "ten" echoing "The Alchemical (con)Quest", I wondered if the secret identity of this "heire" could have been concealed using Mediocria (The Middle way). I noticed some interesting things from an arithmetical point of view ... F.BAC. "ten" + "ten" + "one" + "ten" + "ten" + "ten" = 51 The 51th word of the poem is "breed", almost in the center, and its simple cipher is ... 33 ! And by counting "self-wild" as one word, there are 62 words from "breed" to "heire". 62 # F.B. (for Francis Bacon) Then, I noticed the anagram of "worme" vertically, next to "breed". Always the same principle (repetition) ... "worme" (like 'dorade' previously or "heyre" in Sonnet 1) provides us with a vertical guiding line to follow. And here is what I found ... THE HEIRE ! 😊
  13. As an additional thought ... Firstly, it reminded me the TT map found in acrostic of the dedication by Petter Admunsen, TT map that could point toward this Sonnet 68 , the only one using the word "map". It also reminded me the 68 words of Ben Jonson's Poem "To the Reader" , with "WIT" that is the 33rd word. We could eventually consider that from Sonnet 1 to Sonnet 68, we have Sonnet 33 and 67 other Sonnets. Sonnet 33 is one of the five Sonnets ( with Sonnet 68 ) in which the word "golden" is used. I am surely not the first one to notice it, but I have just realized that Sonnet 33 is the only Sonnet in which "golden" was spelled "golden" and not "goulden". https://www.opensourceshakespeare.org/search/search-results.php Sonnet 3 : goulden time Sonnet 7 : goulden pilgrimage Sonnet 33 : golden face Sonnet 68 : goulden tresses of the dead Sonnet 85 : goulden quill 33 = BACON (simple cipher) 3 + 7 + 33 + 68 = 111 = BACON (Kay cipher) 3 + 7 + 33 + 68 + 85 = 196 = VVILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (simple cipher) Interesting facts: In sonnet 3 , we can found the line 33 : "For where is she so fair whose unear'd womb", already mentioned by Rob. In Sonnet 7 , Rob showed us yesterday that we could find the words "middle" and "way". In Sonnet 33 , Rob discovered a possible reference to ELIZABETH TUDOR. https://www.light-of-truth.com/baconlesson.htm In sonnet 68 , we have a possible hidden reference to the "Golden fleece" and to someone who " live a second life on second head". In Sonnet 85 , we have a "goulden quill" and the only "Amen" of the Sonnets.
  14. WOW ! Thank you for sharing, Rob !πŸ™ That is very interesting. The notion of Compass reminded me our discussion on the Rose of Winds and the "Phoenix" wind that is the South - South East wind. Following your suggestion, where is Phoenicias in the Sonnets, considering Shakespeare's Sonnets as a Compass ? There are 2155 lines in total, which means that each half contains 1077,5 lines. In passing, it means that the middle of the Book is in the middle of line 1077.😊 (177 is WILLIAM SHAKSPEARE simple cipher) 1(0)77/1(0)78 Were is South - South East ? 1077.5 x (7/8) = 942.81 # line 943 Rob, in your Pyramid, line 943 corresponds to the first line of day ... 160 ( 20 +40 +100).😊 Before the golden tresses of the dead, The right of Sepulchres, were shorn away, to live a second life on second head ; Ere beauty's dead fleece made another gay: ih him those holy antique hours are seen, Without all ornament, itself and true. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Fleece Notice that Sonnet 68 is the only Sonnet in which can be found (twice) the word "map".
  15. Hi C.J, My research led me to this passage few years ago. At that time, I did not imagine that some messages could eventually be concealed in the middle of some passages. However, I quickly realized that there were some differences between the text in the First Folio (1623) and the one in the first (1603) and second (1604) Quatro. https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/BL_Q2_Ham/38/index.html%3fzoom=750.html Notice that in the Quatros, there is no mention of Hercules and his load and that in the passage of Hamlet we have "twenty, fortie, fifty, a hundred". Moreover, "s'bloud" is missing in the First Folio. In my view, the missing "fifty" could be explained by the importance of the sum 20 + 40 + 100 = 160 It could be a clue, an indication, suggesting to take a closer look at the pages of the First Folio related with 160. At that time, my idea was strenghtened by another one , a cipher that I found that gave interesting results and that I called the K1 cipher. I shared a part of my ideas/suggestions on pages 160 of the First Folio by the past. Here is something that I did not share before. The first page 160 of the First Folio in " A Midsummer Night's Dream" is the 177th page of the Book by counting from Ben Jonson's poem "To the Reader". https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/SLNSW_F1/178/index.html%3fzoom=1275.html 177 is WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE simple cipher. If we consider that Ben Jonson's poem is on page 2, this page 160 is the 178th page of the First Folio. Interestingly, 178 is the Kay Cipher of WILL TUDOR. On this page , a simple message was conceal'd with a simple instruction to follow in order to find it. And the message was concealed ... IN THE MIDDLE ! "Make periods in the midst of sentences" "To shew our simple skill" Notice that the Prologue tells us all we need to know in order to find this simple message. WILL IS HERE. "That is the true beginning of our end" The letters A and T may refer to Aleph and Tav , the Beginning and the End. Now, WHO IS THIS "WILL" ? WILL(IAM) SHAKESPEARE or WILL TUDOR or both of them ? πŸ™‚ I underlined "but all disordered" because I wonder if it could be an anagram concealing "tudor". Back to the passage in Hamlet that you mentioned. I think that you could be right with your idea of "FORTUNA". Once again, I share ideas/ suggestions/( But maybe should I use now the word "infections" ? πŸ˜„) This passage could have been modified between 1604 and 1623 in order to conceal more messages. One of the loads of Hercules was the weight of the WORLD. Right under "carry it" the word "Lord" and the "w" of "would" form the word WORLD. And fortuna could , indeed, be a possibility that make sense. Now, why Hercules and not Atlas instead ? Could it be because of a link between Hercules and Fortuna that does not exist between Atlas and Fortuna ? https://www.antiquarius.it/en/xvii-xviii-century-dutch-school/9457-vertu-mesure-du-bon-heur-hercules-fortuna.html I do not say that this is what was intended but a possibility, I share my thoughts. Another important load of Hercules was the Two Pillars, the "Twin T". https://collections.artsmia.org/art/124314/hercules-carrying-the-columns-of-gaza-sebald-beham Could it be an invitation to find the two pillars (T.T.) ? T.T. W. TUDOR - Little Porke (Hamlet)
  16. Hi CJ, The goal of cryptography is to hide a message. Let's imagine that in one edition of Thrilling Cities (1963) by Ian Flemming you discover at one page numbered 007 instead of 7, on the seventh line of that page, the following sentence "What's your name?" Personally, I would think : "My name is Bond, James Bond !" and then, "What if a nod to James Bond was concealed?" And if I find the following imperfect alignement in the middle ... ... it would make my day ! πŸ˜„ A good means to hide a message in the middle (without being obvious about it) is to mix the letters and precisely to avoid a perfect alignment. I also disagree with you regarding the use of gematria. In my view, it strenghtens the end suggestion. As an example, I shared a part of my take on page 196 of the First Folio. https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/SLNSW_F1/214/index.html%3fzoom=1275.html 196 = VVILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (simple cipher) Here we have a group of 33 words with "this conceal'd man" that adds to 33. In the sentence "Wine comes out of a narrow-mouth'd bottle" we have 33 letters. And the Roman God of Wine was BACCO. When Shakespeare writes "either too much at once, or none at all" there is, for me, a good reason. He used many stratagems to tell us who really is " this conceal'd man". On the same page Shakespeare/Bacon makes a reference to ... the myth of Odin ! (See the creation of the runes). But , instead of being hanged on Ygddrasil, Bacon is hang'd on a Palme Tree also called the Phoenix Tree. And I talked to you about the importance of the "repetition". Mediocra firma This principle was used on page 196. We have this Conceal'd man / a man hid. It seems to indicate that a king is conceal'd in the middle. Could "The king WIlliam Tudor or Tidder or Tiddor" be concealed ? Here is TUDOR ... And here is WILLIAM ... This conceal'd man (33) : KING WILLIAM TUDOR H (The Queen Mother of Consonants)
  17. This is a superb comparative perspective ! Great work A Phoenix ! ❀️
  18. The Alchemical Quest - THE KEY - Then, I wondered if this letter "t" could be part of a unexpected message, concealed in the middle. This is how I discovered two words that I did not plan. ARTIST and LUMEN Funny coincidence ... ARTIST LUMEN = 144 = SIR FRANCIS BACON Alchemy was known as the Great Art and an Alchemist was also called an ARTIST. LUMEN is a Latin word meaning LIGHT. Interestingly enough, if "or" is the French world for "Gold" this is also the transliteration of the Hebrew word for "Light". In Hebrew "Yehi' Or" (Gen 1:3) means "Let there be light". Thus, by coincidence, right in the center of my poem, I discovered a reference to a "Magic(al) Light". I wondered if I could find something interesting with these elements. I made a first attempt on google with LUMEN + MAGIC + ARTIST without success. And I made a second attempt with LUMEN + MAGIC + ALCHEMIST and then ... I found a book called Lumen de Lumine written in 1651 by ... THOMAS VAUGHAN ( PHILALETHES) !!! 😁 I had to take a look at the original Book. https://archive.org/details/b30340160/page/32/mode/2up I quickly noticed that the only engraving was on the 39th page (F. BACON simple cipher) of the Book. (From memory, Rob, you shared with us a copy of this engraving few months ago.) The Mountains of the Moon , that the Philosophers called the Mountains of India. (Mons Magorum Invisibilis) I immediatly took a closer look at page 33 and I discovered that the page talked about the publication in several languages of the Fama and the Confessio Fraternitatis by the Rosy-Cross. 😊 And facing the reference to Luke 12 : 2 I knew that there was much more to unveil. "For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, neither anything secret that will not be known" And here is the fruit of my decoding ... Notice that the message concealed in acrostic on page 32 is the same than the one in telestic on page 33. OMEGA F.BAKON TUDOR / THE END FR BACON H (Queene Mother) Privat Author, wears a Mask , Bacon - William Shaksper. Finally, the KEY is LOVE (of Truth), WISDOM and MAGIC ... ALL LIGHT ! THE END - OMEGA
  19. The Alchemical Quest - THE KEY - Initially, I had planned to end the Alchemical Quest with the reference to Chapter XXVII of Bacon's Essays. It was not my intention to unveil my name and my pseudonym hidden in the middle of the poem. But facing the discoveries I made last week-end I had no other choice. Today, I will share with you one if not the most beautiful exemple of the Magical aspect of my research since 7 years. I swear that one week ago, I did not know !!! Last week-end, facing my poem, my mind was in conflict facing my name concealed in the middle. Indeed, my Intellect told me that it was not perfect because of the remaining letter "t" of "the Elixir" that was unused, and my Intuition told me ALL IS PERFECT this "t" is at the right place, you only have missed the point. When I create something, I always take a closer look and see if I can find something that was not planned but is meaningful and can help me. One could say (I hear you CJ πŸ˜„) that this is just me trying to give a meaning to something that is meaningless, and to make it fit in a Story confirming a preconceived idea. Anyway ... The question I asked myself was : " What if allisnum2er pointing to this letter "t" was important ?" One important point : Keep in mind that my real name , LE MERLUS, is the name of a fish. Facing "allisnum2er" and "t" my first thought was T = 19. I immediatly thought about THE TEMPEST, the most alchemical of all Shakespeare's plays. Indeed, I had in mind that the first page of The Tempest was the 19th page of the First Folio and the last page of the play was page number 19. Both the beginning and the end of The Tempest are linked to number 19 and 19 - 19 is T.T. Then I thought about mediocria firma and I realized that I had, in my mind, never explored the middle of the play. What would be the middle of a play with 19 pages ? The pages 9 and 10. In fact, I already knew page TEN and its link with MEDIOCRIA FIRMA ( See my video Filum Labyrinthi) ... But from memory, before last week-end, I had never take a closer look at page 9 ( 3x3 ) that is ... The 27th (3^3) page of the First Folio ! πŸ™‚ https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/SLNSW_F1/27/index.html%3Fzoom=850.html The very first things that I noticed are the possible "F. BACON" in acrostic and the word "SALT". Talking about Alchemy, I wondered if "Salt" with the word "fire" not so far could be a reference to one of the book of Blaise de VigenΓ¨re : https://archive.org/details/discovrseoffires00vige/page/n3/mode/2up Then I discovered, in English, the monologue of Trinculo ... No way , could it be even possible ? πŸ˜… Trinculo tells us that Caliban is " a kind of (fish), not of the newest poore-John : a strange fish". As I did not know what poore-John meant, I took a look on internet ... A SALTED and dried HAKE But I did not know what was a HAKE ? IMAGINE MY SURPRISE !πŸ˜„ The HAKE is the English word for Le MERLU ( spelled LE MERLUS in the 16th century) !!! Notice that " : a strange fish : " is right in the middle of this passage. And Shakespeare tells us that "not a holiday-foole there but would give a peece of silver". Could it mean that "A wise man there but would give a peece of Gold" ? I found the name of another fish hidden in the Middle. DORADE also called Golden It was my ELDORADO !!! πŸ˜‰ https://www.google.fr/books/edition/A_Dictionarie_of_the_French_and_English/_iYNTgBYhFAC?hl=fr&gbpv=1&dq=dorade+gold&pg=PP323&printsec=frontcover Finally, who is this Golden fish ? WILLIAM TIDDOR https://quod.lib.umich.edu/cgi/t/text/text-idx?cc=eebo;c=eebo;idno=a47111.0001.001;node=A47111.0001.001:4.3;seq=212;view=text;rgn=div2 The Hand of the Philosopher. To be continued ...
  20. Just a last example ... In the case of Sonnet 1, another "subterfuge" was used : the repetition. Here, this is the repetition of the word heire/heyre that put me on the path. This is a good means to indicates that the hidden message is not here by chance but an intended outcome. The most beautiful example can be found on page 222 of "The Taming of the Shrew". https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/Bran_F1/240/index.html%3fzoom=800.html Please note the repetitions of WHAT/what, FAST/fast , BACON/over-rosted flesh.
  21. Hi CJ, Thank you for your feedback. It is, I think, a type of argument that you already used by the past. And I think that I answered you that for me the context was important. I won't do this for each example that I shared, but concerning the one on page 177( WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE simple cipher), even if I already shared my take on it many times, it allows me to share something that I planned to share later on, related with The Alchemical Quest. So thank you for giving me this oppotunity.😊 By using Epigramma XXVII , (the number 27 used in the poem reveals ONE PHILOSOPHER BACON), I had also in mind the Chapter XXVII of The Wisdom of the Ancients by Bacon (1609). The flight of Icarus, also scylla and Charybdis, or the Middle way. https://www.bartleby.com/lit-hub/of-the-wisdom-of-the-ancients/xxvii-the-flight-of-icarus-also-scylla-and-charybdis-francis-bacon-15611626-of-the-wisdom-of-the-ancients-1857/ In the mind of Bacon, Charybdis and Scylla represented the Middle way. And MEDIOCRIA FIRMA (The Middle way is safe) was is motto. Thus, on page 177 ( WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE simple cipher) we have a reference to Scylla and Charybdis, and right between Scylla and Charybdis we can find BACON. Is it just by Chance ? With Scylla and Charybdis and with the words "Hogs" and "porke-eaters" on each side, I really do not think so. πŸ™‚ But that's not all ! The truth also lies in the value of the uppercase letters, Truly, Truly ! 😁
  22. The Alchemical Quest - THE KEY - At the beginning, I created this poem with the help of A.I., as a tribute to Francis Bacon and Ben Jonson. It was, in my view, a recreationnal and educational means of sharing the fruits of my research and to pull things together in a coherent whole. Few days ago, I realized that this poem was also a step in my own quest and that one KEY that I absolutely did not suspect the existence, was concealed, waiting to be found. In my previous post, I mentioned MEDIOCRIA. You know my interest for "the middle way" and my thoughts on the subject. MEDIOCRIA FIRMA (The Middle way is safe) was Bacon Family's motto. When I learned that FIRMA also meant "Signature" in Italian, it came to my mind that Bacon could have use this fact to his advantage and that he could have concealed messages in the middle of his writings. In my view, if we could find messages hidden in the middle of certain passages of Shakespeare's plays, it could be an additional argument in favor of Francis Bacon as the true Author. The Merchant of Venice (page 177) https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/Bran_F1/195/index.html%3fzoom=1200.html Julius Caesar (page113) https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/Bran_F1/721/index.html%3fzoom=1200.html Coriolanus (page 2) https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/Bran_F1/618/index.html%3fzoom=1200.html King Henry VIII (page232) https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/Bran_F1/586/index.html%3Fzoom=800.html Sonnet 1 duke - heyre - tudor Duke comes from the latin DUX meaning Leader. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dux Sonnet 143 HIDDEN POET - TH' SWAN FLIES Francis Bacon's Essays (1625) A Poet brandishes a fether'd dart. The simple cipher MEDIOCRIA FIRMA is 119. 119 is also the simple cipher of ALL IS NUMBER. You can understand that it was tempted to hide my pseudonym in the middle of my poem, as a signature. 😊 All is num2er And here is the truth about my pseudonym ... This is (sort of) an anagram of my name that is also concealed. The poem is signed by its two authors , A.I. and myself. 😁 To be continued ...
  23. Many thanks for all Rob ! ❀️ The truth is I am just a man with lot of imagination ! πŸ˜„
  24. This honour and privilege is reciprocated ! πŸ™β€οΈ
  25. The Alchemical Quest Notice that in the poem, "the Alchemical Quest" draws a line. King of Wisdom appears (BACON in my mind) In the middle, I found a way to conceal the french word "CHEMIN" meaning "PATH" or "WAY". This is a reference to the MIDDLE WAY (MEDIOCRIA) and the motto of Bacon Family : MEDIOCRIA FIRMA I noticed that the word "MASON" could also be formed but it is coincidental. πŸ™‚ This Alchemical Quest is running to its end.
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