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  1. Using the great tool of Rob (Light-of-Truth) it seems that CESARIO share more than just the same simple cipher with "FRANCIS" 🙂 In this case, it is easily understandable as the E and the O of cEsariO transform themselves into the F and the N of FraNcis. EDIT : Did you notice the reference to Sir Toby on the same "line" ? https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/Bran_F1/275/index.html%3fzoom=1200.html Another hidden reference to Toby/Tobie Matthews, Bacon's best friend and alter ego ? https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/Bran_F1/20/index.html%3fzoom=1200.html (Sorry for the lack of references but I do not know who noticed these acrostics in the first instance.)
  2. Hi CAB, Thank you. Personally, I was not familiar with this one. https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/Bran_F1/423/index.html%3fzoom=1200.html Here is something interesting. If the last line has 33 letters, the previous line has 27 letters (3^3). And these two lines are lines 16 and 17. 16 + 17 = 33
  3. Hi Eric, Personnely, I pushed the "WOW" button after reading the incredible story of this painting, thanks to the link you provided. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.🙏
  4. About Adam's skull: https://golgotha.site/adams-skull/ I see a link with page 277 of Hamlet. 277 = 100 (FRANCIS BACON) + 177 (WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE) https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/SLNSW_F1/785/index.html%3fzoom=1275.html And I have already shared my thoughts and the fruits of my research on this page and its link ,in my view, with Shakespeare's monument, in another topic. About the harrowing of Hell : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harrowing_of_Hell "For just as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the sea monster, so for three days and three nights the Son of Man will be in the heart of the earth." Matthew 12:40
  5. Here is a reminder, something that Kate shared with us two months ago in another topic ... Those are a R and an S that stand for Richard Smith, the printer.
  6. Hi A Phoenix, I wonder if Thomas Rhodes could have written his Eulogy with the First Folio in mind. "Caesar struck by one blow fell" https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/SLNSW_F1/735/index.html%3Fzoom=850.html By one blow or ... 33 wounds ? And here are the two pages of Troylus and Cressida to explore... https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/SLNSW_F1/613/index.html%3Fzoom=850.html https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/SLNSW_F1/614/index.html%3Fzoom=850.html
  7. I think that there are far more things hidden on this page 365. https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/SLNSW_F1/873/index.html%3fzoom=1275.html "Looke him i'th'Face" is line 33 (33 = BACON). Interestingly, if there was not this contraction of "in the Face" then Face would be the 33rd word by counting from "Pray you ... ". Right below "Looke" we have a hanged HOG in acrostic. And as you know HANG-HOG is latten for BACON. But can we find the word "hang" ? Indeed ! On line 67 🙂 (67 = FRANCIS) One last idea ... "Royal Queene" is on line 39 (C.I.) that is the simple cipher of F. BACON
  8. Great find CAB ! I also C BACON 😊 https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/SLNSW_F1/873/index.html%3fzoom=1275.html
  9. Thank you again CAB ! I love this one too. 😊 https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/SLNSW_F1/865/index.html%3fzoom=1275.html Notice that by counting from "To let a Fellow ..." , "were" is the 33rd word. Thus "And plighter of high hearts. O that I were" has 33 letters and ends on the 33rd word. Rob, yesterday you asked me to find TUDOR bu t I did not find one that satisfied me. But today, I found an interesting one thanks to "Kingly Seale" 😉 W. TUDOR And here is another possible reference to Anthony Bacon a few lines earlier ... I am Anthony BAcon
  10. To be honest, I really do not remember !😅
  11. Yes, Indeed ! I noticed the possibility of "Lord f bacOn" with the "f" of "farre" and the "c" of respect. Edit: But I just noticed the C of Cap 😅
  12. Hi Rob, here are some ideas ... https://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/facsimile/book/SLNSW_F1/261/index.html%3Fzoom=850.html 243 = 100 (FRANCIS BACON) + 143 (QUEEN ELIZABETH) The maiden Diana https://www.nationaltrustcollections.org.uk/object/996344
  13. Thank you for sharing CAB, Here are some thoughts regarding the passage you mention ... I f we take the two "Count" in count 😊 ... They provide us with two letters C : CC # 33 = BACON "Countriman" is the 6th word "Count" is the 20th word 20 + 6 = 26 # B.F. Moreover, "eare" is the 30th word and "heares" is the 32nd word 30 + 32 = 62 # F.B. The 26th word ot this passage is "one" Is there a link between "one" and "twenty-six" ? Indeed! In hebrew the letter A(1) is Aleph (ALP = 1 + 30 + 80 = 111) It is said that the letter aleph א is made of one letter vav(6) and two letter yod(10) Thus Aleph = 1 but also 26 and 111(ALP) And here is another possibility ... His name I pray you ? baCon
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