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  1. What an amazing article. Thank you so much and the footnote links are fascinating too. 🙏 https://www.folger.edu/shakespeare/first-folio/diy-first-folio?_ga=2.219015898.212856757.1646568461-1319687977.1646568461
  2. As it’s Sunday and everyone reads the Shakespeare Sunday hashtag, I’ve just asked the question on Twitter, as someone may be reading who knows the measurement of the original copy. I have a very low number of followers on that account so if anyone reading could RT (the feed is @TheSecretWork) then maybe we can get more eyes on it and obtain an answer - even if from the Oxfordians or Stratfordians! Thank you
  3. Is it documented anywhere what the exact measurement of the pages are? Like we have A4 and A5, was there a size? Does anyone know? Thank you
  4. It’s a fascinating thing to play around with. I could do this for hours! Look at this one. The line through the word Sonnets is astounding as it exactly aligns with the cross bar in the E and underlines Shakespeare. I “constrained” the grid in settings so presumably this does show the proper proportions. K
  5. I found a very crude way to do it on my phone. I think to know exactly which letters may be being highlighted, or isolated, one would have to know the exact proportions of the page but here’s some more to generate lightbulb moments! The second puts the circle over the O in Sonnets and does result in a near perfect match of the parallel lines on the front page. Has anyone ever noticed that ake on is near sounding to Bake on (Bacon)! Just a coincidence in this case I think.
  6. Here’s some more grabbed from Google - some are licensable so just showing for generating further ideas. This is exactly the kind of thing Dee would have been working with. Kate
  7. Has this been done before or did you just, very kindly, do this for me? I was thinking after I posted maybe this is common knowledge. It looks like you’ve performed your wizardry and done it for me, thank you 🙏 What do you think? K
  8. So as stunning synchronicity would have it I’ve been pondering all week as to why the front page is centered but the dedication page is so far to the left? Then I log in here and see this... Here’s what I had come up with and been playing with in the week I sent this exact image to someone on Wednesday! The front page appears positioned according to divine proportion. The image on the right just needs to be properly overlaid but I can’t find a way to do it exactly (i.e., in exact divine proportion). If it turns out that the parallel lines align with the front page lines (and the small circle is perhaps over the O in Somnets) then I’m on to something and it may be that the same proportions overlaid onto the dedication page demarcate lines of code. Not sure about the other pages Anyway, here’s another version of it
  9. Sorry, I forgot to include the quote that would give my post better context. It was from what Christie said. K
  10. I’m just catching up with this thread. I agree with the assertion that evidence and revisiting things that are commonly thought to be true (because no one questioned or double checked) is important. Further down in the thread above, Alan Green is mentioned. I had heard of him but never really looked into his work. The other day when watching the video I posted with Waugh about De Vere, he mentioned Alan Green so I decided it was a good juncture to finally seek him out. I found and listened to this lengthy podcast https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hQfBIZ9xZzI&list=PLKIWNoNC5tuQ52ndJf00lNznae8bpUAzQ&index=8 This in turn led me to his website where I read this: This is not accurate, for while there may not have been widespread dissemination of information about the pyramids to the ‘common man’, the world was not in complete ignorance. Henri De Beauvau set out, with others, on a continental trip in 1604. This trip included Cairo and his notes about the pyramids and maps (from sketches made) were published on his return. There are also other maps (showing the Egyptian pyramids) from 1574 which are not artists’ impressions. That’s not to cast aspersions on the work of Alan Green, I am still working through his comprehensive website and I do hope he joins this forum as he’s clearly put a great deal of effort into the Shakespeare authorship question. I just wanted to wholeheartedly agree with the need to double check established and widely held assumptions/narratives. K
  11. Ah I watched this https://youtu.be/XpJzi3Junuc it’s the same thing but the full documentary Kate
  12. I watched this and absolutely loved it. Best thing I’ve seen in ages. Petter and Robert make a great team - really engaging. I loved the fact that they kept moving to various locations, it was a true treasure hunt. Thanks for the recommendation!
  13. https://youtu.be/GPdIY6ObKJU From the National Security Agency Doesn't mention Bacon but may spark ideas about how to decode the dedication in the Sonnets
  14. It’s a definite possibility. I just played around with it. Close-up the lantern handle looks like a Masonic G, I wonder if the shape of the moon is the O as it could have been drawn as a crescent? You are a super sleuth AP!
  15. Thank you! (Sorry seems I missed this yesterday, apologies) K
  16. I wanted to play around with this image from Jacob Cats of John Dee and Bacon to see if any mirroring was in this one. Rob kindly did some of his tech trickery and it resulted in these two images below. I don’t find this conclusive proof of anything but what is interesting is that in the lower resolution image, the act of mirroring gives an arrow type shape and ‘halo’ above the lantern. This is not discernible in the hi-res. This is baffling. It’s also interesting how the lantern takes on the image of the twin pillars or Gemini glyph. I’m just not sure that this was intentional though. I’m much more excited about the Marshall Engraving but will leave it for you to decide. Here they are. Thanks Rob Kate and Hi-res below
  17. Well done, Rob! That’s really clever
  18. Thanks for doing this! Yes, with a thin mirror it looks slightly less comedic! but that’s the general idea. Thank you
  19. Thank you. Fascinating as always AP. I was just thinking that I bet not many people have a small mirror to hand. Mine’s only 5x5 so very easy to line up exactly. What’s also apparent is the forming of an A symbol underneath his hands on the side showing FB - likely denoting Apollo How clever was this!
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