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  1. Omg, love this. Let’s get ‘Make America Bacon Again’ trending🤣
  2. Has anyone ever compared the two in minute detail? Just wondering if there are any ‘clues’ left for posterity in the Folger one (left). I think the light and dark differences on the face are probably just a factor of the light on the day?
  3. https://sirbacon.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Reports-Greatly-Exaggerated-Pt-1-7-13-22-corrected-8-8-22.pdf Excellent, Christie. Really enjoyed reading it.
  4. Which one would you vote for? These are my two favourites. I voted for the first. See them all, and vote, here: https://shakespeareoxfordfellowship.org/sof-video-contest/vote-now/
  5. Ah drat! Thought I was on to something there. Thanks for looking that up and explaining, Yann. I know AP has done lots of slides on parallels of words used by Bacon in his various writings and those in Shakespeare, and there is the long word on the Northumberland Manuscript, I was just hoping there might be something in the Bible preface which wasn’t seen in Shakespeare until after 1611, but I guess someone would then just assume he must have read the KJV in that period before 1616, so there’s no way of proving anything. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks Yann, This is the chronology from Brittanica.com The Tempest was 1611 - the same date as the KJV Bible. If there was no use of majesty/majestie in a play written earlier than 1611 (even if it appeared after The Tempest in the First Folio) then if academics agree that Shakespeare invented or introduced this word to the world, then they would have to agree he either wrote the dedication on the cover of the Bible, or had sight of it and took the word from there Can you see my line of reasoning? The front of the Bible ties the translator - or one of them - to Shakespeare (both being Bacon). Or am I missing or misunderstanding something?
  7. What I notice, as a bit of further synchronicity, is that I posted earlier about the words that it has been agreed by Academia were words coined by Shakespeare - and one of them was Majesty. Yet... When did WS first use this word in a play? Did he translate the Bible too!
  8. Kate

    First Folio

    Here we go. Just one overt example. This story broke yesterday as the Sun triggered the fixed square: For the more discerning reader see: https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/are-students-really-too-fragile-to-read-shakespeare- Same story in tabloid form: https://mol.im/a/11098359 All very ‘woke’ (Uranus) and ‘shocking’ (Uranus) - will Will eventually be cancelled?! 🧐🙄 A quick sweep on Twitter search also yielded this yesterday https://twitter.com/E2EShakespeare/status/1556942440686288896/video/1 BTW Frank Skinner is a comedian (debatable?!) from Birmingham and
  9. I found these two articles interesting: https://www.litcharts.com/blog/shakespeare/words-shakespeare-invented/ Franciscan, Majesty, Well-bred, Moonbeam, Olympian and approx 1,700 others https://bookriot.com/how-many-words-did-shakespeare-invent/
  10. As if by magic, I just happened across these words after writing this post and they convey exactly what I meant when I said about the First Folio being a twin to the KJV: ‘If the Bible is the book of God, then Shakespeare is the book of man on Earth’
  11. Kate

    First Folio

    I think this link takes you to the topic thread of Bacon and America https://sirbacon.org/bacon-forum/index.php?/topic/200-francis-bacon-and-the-united-states-of-america/&do=findComment&comment=2302
  12. Kate

    First Folio

    Okay this is a bit weird. I’m putting it here as it’s about the First Folio but before anyone hyperventilates at the sight of the word ‘Astrology’, please go and read my thread on Astrology to understand what it is. So the Sun moves through 360° in one year, today it is at 16° Leo which is 136° in absolute longitude - so 136° of its annual 360° travel. We (astronomers and astrologers) also measure the movement of the Sun in minutes of arc (and seconds). These minutes change at a rate of roughly 1 minute of arc every 15 mins of time. (Don't confuse this with 1° rising every 4 minutes) After posting about the Bible earlier, something spurred me to look at the chart of the First Folio. No idea why. Completely coincidentally out of 360° the Sun today is at the degree of Uranus, which itself is opposite Mars and part of the ‘Fixed cross’ (see red lines in a cross) of Sun/Pluto/Mars/Uranus. It’s this that keeps the First Folio one of the most important books, ‘fixed’ in world history and likely to impact society even more than it has done already. Here’s the extraordinary thing though. I just happened to look at the chart when the Sun was at 16°47’. This has a roughly 15 minutes (of time) window in one year! See they were both at 16.47 when I looked at 10.32am BST Statistically that is mind-blowing. What it means, besides the extraordinary chances and synchronicity of this, is that today (each year) is a day we may find something unexpected about the First Folio is unearthed. We could see more energy and interest - even arguments- about the authorship ensue. Not on B’Hive but globally. Sometimes we see nothing overt but behind the scenes something connected to the First Folio occurs that we only hear about later. Symbolically it causes the spotlight to fall on the book and its mystery, more so than other days. This is more so in 2022 due to the fact that the planet Uranus is now in an on/off angular relationship to the ‘birth’ of the FF, it means things are hotting up re surprise revelations as we move towards 2023/2024 when the major shift happens. Pluto is now at the return to its position in 1776 (birth of America) then moves into Aquarius, Bacon’s birth sign. The general public are going to start hearing far more about Bacon, his hand in the founding of America and the Shakespeare link now. It’s a good day and time, overall, to get posting links to APs work and videos about Bacon and America on Facebook, Instagram and other social media.
  13. Has anyone done a thread on Bacon’s hand in the Bible? Has it been noted before that the inclusion of the words Authorised Version gives the Rosicrucian AV? Here’s a link to the exact reprint, page for page, of the 1611 edition %7C0%7C637956102937719501%7CUnknown%7CTWFpbGZsb3d8eyJWIjoiMC4wLjAwMDAiLCJQIjoiV2luMzIiLCJBTiI6Ik1haWwiLCJXVCI6Mn0%3D%7C3000%7C%7C%7C&sdata=WUkPYQtbMk9xHkE3Nyo9B1wG7AE3rqHDIL%2FNoRr9v74%3D&reserved= Part of preface explaining the copy: Couple of things: This shows the Crown, rose and thistle but notice the light and dark and upside down Rosicrucian ‘mark’. There’s also a lengthy ‘To The Reader’ which may be worth looking at through ‘eyes that see’. I’m also noticing the ornate first letters in the Bible itself are all letter As with the occasional N and T. This goes on for pages and pages, so is unnatural, but in the midst there’s a stray L. Much later there is the start of the introduction of other letters such as W, H, I, Y , O and S and a distinct lonely G but they are far exceeded by the A, N, and Ts which seems odd. I notice some are light, some are dark. I haven’t scrolled all the way through but I’ve only come across 3 B’s so far and they are connected to Solomon and the twin pillars! Anyway, this version is worth casting your eyes over. It’s my understanding the First Folio is the twin (of sorts) to the KJV. It’s all part of the Great Work.
  14. Shakespeare, America, Freemasons: Hoping this by-passes or doesn’t contravene the ‘no conspiracy theories please’ directive that Rob sensibly added to the forum, I want to tell you about a podcast I listened to yesterday by a guy called Robert Frederick. I left a comment on it but I don’t think it has gone through/been accepted, but I’m posting the link to the podcast here to show you that, outside of the wild extremes of that despicable man, Alex Jones, there are people who sound very persuasive, are probably quite nice people and have lots of correct facts about Bacon and Shakespeare but they are interweaving them with complete ignorance and fiction. I really enjoyed the production of this and his smooth voice etc but was tearing my hair out - and you’ll easily hear why. It is Episode 3 that I listened to, I can’t bring myself to do any more. I think it’s a public service to advise people just how cleverly riddled with persuasive misinformation (albeit unwittingly, I’m sure he believes he has the facts) this is. My reason for posting besides interest in Bacon is I hope through search engines people land on this as my comment didn’t go through on the podcast and are able to read the threads above and on B’Hive that put out the truth. The podcast is called THE HIDDEN LIFE IS BEST. Listen on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-hidden-life-is-best/id1567752130?i=1000541118438
  15. Hi Michael, As well as AP’s papers I have a whole chapter on the USA and Washington DC (includes dollar bills) that you may find interesting at The-Secret-Work.com. It’s available as a flip book or to download as a PDF Here’s a screenshot of just two of the pages that cover money. You’ll have to zoom in to read. It carries over from the previous page so the reference to 153 won’t make sense but I can’t post them all as it’s on sale not free (£9 for 366 pages).
  16. I’m still interested in dolphins and squirrels!
  17. Well this is mighty interesting, “On 8 November 1610 the Virginia Council of London entered on the Stationers’ Register a second similarly entitled document “ has anyone ever noticed that the First Folio was dated 8 Nov 1623. This is from the Folger website Shakespeare400
  18. Some more secrets about Love’s Labour’s Lost are also surely yet to be discovered in Love’s Labour’s Won! Did you know the word love can represent the word God. It’s all linked to Jove and the interchangeable I (like in Ben Ionson), so Jove becomes Iove. Also three L’s in LLL in Gematria is 30, 30, 30 so the three times 3 is symbolised when the zero is a null and that all links back to the Triple Tau and eventually further back to Plato and geometry of the Earth, so God’s handiwork (Nature). I totally agree that Anthony may have been more involved than first thought.
  19. Could well be. Seems dolphins are connected to Delphi. I’ve seen this referenced in many places, here’s just one https://alunsalt.com/is-delphi-really-connected-with-dolphins-d60b7fddbf8c With this headpiece reversed I see both the Aries ♈️ symbol and also Fallopian tubes and a babies head emerging. So a womb-like depiction, but that could just be a coincidence.
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