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  1. Kate

    First Folio

    “No! At the distant hour when you felt banished” surely refers to when Bacon’s name was traduced in the bribery scandal?!
  2. Ryan, Freemasonry is a system of morality, veiled In allegory and illustrated by signs and symbols. It is concerned with natural philosophy and the moral improvement of Man. Being a Mason doesn't mean you have or necessarily will, reach any great state of enlightenment, as it is the human condition to battle with one's higher and lower nature throughout life, but, for those who haven't entered for any reasons of perceived power and control they might obtain, they are at least showing a willingness to want to learn about life and to improve themselves. One answer for your query is here https://qr.ae/pvPyMT another here https://qr.ae/pvPyum Also there is mention that it was a long running joke to use the goat because of the acronym GAOTU. Lucifer is the word for Light Bringer Luciferus in Latin. As with many things, its true meaning became misappropriated. It refers to Mercury and Venus in their morning star state (ie rising before, and not after ,the Sun) but when they set on the western horizon it meant the Sun would soon be setting too and thus this was their 'fallen state'. As the two states of man lie can at either extreme between good or evil, fallen state became equated with darkness, hence Lucifer as a symbol of evil arose. (Note: Venus is the brightest planet in the sky, so some cultures revered Venus (feminine) as the Morning Star over Mercury, but it can apply to both). 666 is a number that pops up in many places including in Gematria but, as with everything (and many things in the Bible - see 3:14 which is Pi), it refers to an aspect of nature and our planet's geometry. The Arctic circles are 66.6 degrees. You may say no they are not, it is 66.5 degrees but one has to understand the changing obliquity between 22.1 and 24.5 causes the great circles (Tropics and Arctic) to gradually shift. At the time the arctic circle was likely calculated at 66.6. Even if they didn't have a name for the arctic circle when this first arose it is simple geometry that was known even to the early Egyptians as all you needed to do was watch the Sun and shadows (again, light and dark). The poles are at 90 degrees to the equator, obliquity when 23.4 means 90-23.4 = 66.6 degrees. Currently the obliquity is decreasing. It is a 41,000 year cycle overall. There is much talk about how the climate changed the landscape some 8000 years ago with floods where now there is desert etc. It is approx 8000 - 10,700 years ago that the Sun's rising and setting positions would have been most extreme due to obliquity. Climate change is clearly real but much of it is cyclical. Obliquity affects where we see the Sun rise and set and the location of the tropics and Arctic and Antarctic circles. Precession affects where we see the stars in any given era
  3. Kate

    First Folio

    Thank you! The reference to Don Quixote too
  4. Thank you. It's long so I'll read properly later, but I see it begins with mention of 33 parchment leaves!
  5. Kate

    First Folio

    Hi Yann et al, What do we know about Vladimir Nabokov? Second stunning coincidence of the day, I came to post what I’m about to post here earlier and decided not to as I don’t know who to credit. I had screen shotted a tweet with 2 pages of Nabokov entitled Shakespeare, but didn’t note who posted it. Anyway, I had seen the word genius in it and then thought I saw Bacon’s name. I don’t know anything about Nabokov though or if he’d be doing this(?) The coincidence is that I just checked my Twitter feed and the first tweet to meet my eyes was from a guy who AP and I know who is caught between de Vere and Bacon (but tends to side with de Vere) asking who wants to talk about Nabokov! Anyway, here’s the screenshots (I will remove if there’s an issue about no link). What caught my eye as we’d been discussing ‘genius’ was the lines: ”concealing for all time your monstrous genius beneath a mask” F Bacon is in those words.
  6. Oh yes, I recall the FAST now. Gosh!
  7. Reading this one AP, should we be looking more closely for F St A in (throughout) the First Folio?
  8. This is SO synchronistic words fail me. I just logged in to post this image and saw that Ryan had just posted the above and this is a forum topic that has largely been unvisited for months - at least by any of us who regularly post. What are the chances? Anyway the above is fascinating and I was going to write to say I take it all back about deciding there was only a slim chance, due to the printing press procedure, that they were using sacred geometry on the cover and dedication of the sonnets: look at this. It’s in a book I just purchased today. It should/must be credited to Wooden Books and the author Adam Tetlow. Here is where you can purchase your own copy of Harmonic Geometry and others in their amazing series. https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=wooden+books&crid=1HRISVPB10R4M&sprefix=wooden+books%2Caps%2C67&ref=nb_sb_ss_ts-doa-p_2_12 This method dates to the 1200s!
  9. A reference I saw to Bacon talking about the ‘middle way’ and the word ‘wreck’ in The Wisdom of the Ancients’
  10. Kate

    First Folio

    Hi, Can I put out the suggestion that we perhaps begin to pay more attention to the number 22, if not doing so already. I'm coming across repeated synchronicities pointing me to this number. The esoteric reason behind it would be two-fold (surprise, surprise); the number 11 is a visual representation of the two pillars and also the Gemini glyph which correlates to Mercury and duality, as I explain in Part One of the 3 part video. Double 11 is 22. 22 was Bacon's birthdate and the other reasons for 22 is explained in my ebook. In the chart for the founding of America there is some good reason to suspect that the time for the birthchart is not as the Ebenezer Sibly engraving suggests (there's a whole hoo-haa around that anyway) but is actually 2.22pm. We saw that in the First Folio (FF being double Francis which is interesting as to why that name has stuck over others so determinedly) that the 2b or not 2b is the iconic line which links to Ben Jonson's use of Two and To and the B woodcut with a cipher of 2 but page 222 was of great interest. I think maybe the next pages to examine are the 11's and 22's . I have also just seen a tweet about the Double Eleven society (?) Editing to say I've just watched a video by a chap, J. Antony, where he explains it as the Twice 11 Brethren of the Rosy Cross. I don't understand why these guys insist that De Vere wrote Shakespeare rather than just seeing that he may have been, prior to his death, part of the wider group of Rosicrucians (albeit the black sheep of the 'family') that had Bacon at the helm and were all working to the same ends. K
  11. Sorry to post this in two places, but then again duality is part of the human condition! I did another short (9 min) video.
  12. Well I'm hoping that the restructuring is because the truth has come out and people flock to see what you and those involved have been saying for the past decades! x
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