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  1. Glad you liked the synchronicity RC. I read this and thought great, you have decided to continue to post. Super Then I continued scrolling down your posts and saw the dig at people who believe in astrology and then the bit about " individuals who have already unconditionally accepted." I don't think the latter was aimed at me. I believe it was another of your digs at others on here, but that in itself was so disappointing. I thought better of you. For the record I personally have not unconditionally accepted many things about Bacon or things posted on here, so please could you desist in publicly casting your views about those who post on this forum as if you know what is in others people's minds, and indeed that you know everything and are unequivocally right. Did you know Dee personally? You write as if you did. I fear you are not acting like a much needed counterweight now, but more like a troll - one who is deliberately setting out to upset and rattle. Re the astrology bit. It's perhaps vaguely analogous to the medical profession. There are quacks and charlatans who get basic qualifications and set themselves up as practitioners, and the GPs and surgeons who studied in med school for years are appalled at their lack of knowledge and skill, but no one tars a whole enormous profession based on the actions of some. Bacon, Kepler, Brahe, all of them practised astrology. Astrology and the study of cyclical activity far precedes astronomy. Read Isaac Newton's books. Please don't try and belittle me in that way again because I had called you out on your rudeness to others and rather curmudgeonly ways. Please consider self - reflecting and practicing loving kindness.
  2. I'll tweet this too. Thank you and thanks Christie
  3. This is amazing Yann. I have tweeted (and obv credited you) Here you can see from Mashable and many other sites it says 434 years but today many outlets are suddenly saying 437 years. So we need to broaden the range.
  4. I've also been catching up on the posts from RC. RC/CJ you are indispensable for providing the counterweights Don't leave. I've always said you are needed to play devil's advocate. You have a lot of wisdom to bring to the pages. I do have to say through that the 'Don't make me do this' was perhaps a tad melodramatic wasn't it 😉 Yann has been so good natured in his responses. Do you think it might also be a good idea to try and check any passive aggressiveness. Saying things like 'there are certain people on here' is not straightforward - just come out and say who and what and clear the air publicly or privately, so we can dialogue about it and all get along. You are intimating that if we have promoted a book on here that is the only reason we are here. That is simply untrue and unfair. I agree wholeheartedly with many things you say. Particularly that 33 is not always going to mean Bacon and that there can be multiple words generated from gematria etc etc. 33 is more likely to be pointing to the 'Brotherhood/College' as a whole on many occasions where it is automatically assumed to be Bacon. However, I think you need to chill a bit and let people put their views and findings and try not to be so curmudgeonly, as it just alienates. Give and take. You have your views, we read them. Others have their views. Overall everyone presents fascinating findings for all to contemplate. Smile. Lighten up. People will think what they want anyway. Hope you stay.
  5. OMG, look at this. I carried on catching up with the posts and Yann has been on the same website. That's extraordinary. I didn't go looking for it, it came up in a search when I put in what happened in 1589. I love these runs of synchronicities. This one s bizarre. Out of all the websites that 1589 could have returned on Google and all the threads on here!
  6. That's another coincidence. I just linked to a History of Parliament website in my post on the Comet. While there I clicked on this picture and thought, oh look at that cushion. I then come here and you have been speaking about the cushion (the woolsack)
  7. That's slightly coincidental. Look what I have been looking at today, not knowing about this post above. Albrecht Durer. Way before Kepler. https://archive.org/details/albrechtdrersun01peltgoog/page/n1/mode/1up?view=theater
  8. If any sign was needed from the sky here it is. Comet Nishimura C/2023 P1 is putting in an appearance. Discovered on 12 Aug 2023 with an observation arc of seven months, the last time it would have been seen was around 434 years ago (I'm not sure how precise NASA can be with comets) However, most news outlets are reporting it as "for the first time in 400 years". It is obviously 400 years since the printing of the First Folio, and ultimately there are no coincidences in life. 434 years ago was 1589. Look back and see what you can find. It's currently in the constellation (not sign) Leo, moving to Virgo by 17 Sep. I need to check it exactly but brought down to the ecliptic that should put it in the astro sign of Virgo - Virgin Queen/Virginia moving to Libra. Comets blaze forth the death of Princes (more precisely "When beggars die, there are no comets seen; The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes")is a bit of a misconception these days , but they are definitely still seen as (correlate to) heralds of something. This is a link to check what was happening with QE1 in parliament at that time http://www.historyofparliamentonline.org/volume/1558-1603/parliament/1589 Picture credit: StarWalk2 app
  9. It’s a really good question. It’s amazing how we don’t think of these things, we just accept. First balloon flight wasn’t until late 1700’s. How did we get all those maps? I’ve got one from the 1300s. They just used the faculty of spatial awareness, I guess
  10. Wince, wince, wince, In my view, sadly in the first half it's another embarrassing, blinkered 'Masons are all devil worshippers', 'Franklin was secretly debauched' and 'Rosicrucians try to turn lead into gold' narrative, only saved by Peter's presence. It's 2 hours 45 long and the second half is well worth watching for lots of Peter and a far better take on things. Unfortunately most people who we'd (I would) like to understand more, won't watch past the first hour, so it just ramps up the 'Secret group intent on World domination' conspiracy theories. It's great that this was ever made as it's totally about Bacon, (thanks for sharing it AP) but sad it's now so dated and full of the word occult, pictures of Alistair Crowley, devils with horns and the use of the word Lucifer - eye roll. I notice one of the guys who is an 'expert' is a former Mason. Hmmm Don't let me put you off though. It's worth a watch. Anyway, I'm really popping up to say that, in this film, when the guy from the Shakespeare birthplace comes on, he says: a) that Shakespeare actually existed can be seen by the fact that after his death his friends erected a monument that looked like him. Well we all know this not to be true, as the monument they show is the new one, but also b) he mentioned about Shakespeare's father being a glove maker. I'd forgotten about that. Considering Bacon's work is Kabbalistic (cabalistic) did you know gloves are related to concealment. I checked with AI just in case I had got it wrong. I wonder if this is just a coincidence or if they went as far as to give his father this fictitious job and background? Anyone know how much genuine, indisputable evidence there is that he was a glovemaker?
  11. Thanks for all the books AP. I’ve read all those before but I loved this second book Eric, I just mentioned it in another thread. I don’t recall ever reading it or seeing it before today I was totally blown away and somewhat upset by the Bibliography though. How can SO much have been written on this subject for so long, (well over 100 years), and still we are no further forward? I thought I’d video the Bibliography so visitors can get a sense of the weight of material suggesting Bacon as Shakespeare. One can always pause the video to take notes of books or periodicals to use in research - but really, let’s use AI and get this sorted, it can’t go on until we are all dead too! I think the biliteral cipher has been ‘under-researched’. I’m sure if the right info and prompt is used Rob, we can get AI to scan books and decipher using the Biliteral. Bacon Bibliography.mp4
  12. So what a weird day I’ve had. It started with me catching up and scrolling past this and all the other Terence mentions above. Then I clicked on a different thread and saw Eric’s link to this book So set about reading. Various things within that (great) book, (btw, I see he lined up the three Shakespeare monuments exactly like I did for my article) anyway it took me off down all sorts of roads, before I ended up searching for the poet, John Davies. I’m missing loads out here, but the upshot was I ended up completely by chance on Alex Waugh’s video channel and found myself facing this (again) Talk about synchronicity. Suddenly realised when Waugh was deciphering the famous epigram 159 that was referred to earlier, that I could see ST A twice (St Alban?) so decided to listen in. Waugh’s lines are in red so I used blue. When he spoke about the line that says raile and rayling I decided to use ChatGPT to see if and when Bacon may have used these words and sure enough, while using the same words is proof of nothing, it’s interesting that Bacon uses ‘Rayling’ in Counsels,Civil and Moral’ in a passage about masks half torn off - see ‘Of Wisdom for a Man’s Self’ Also Chat GPT says a companion at this time means a Knight. I think ChatGPT is the tool to use to search for words and phrases that perhaps before we might have tried to figure out for ourselves. It could unlock lots of things if we revisit them. The interpretation by ChatGPT of plaid some Kingly parts in sport was interesting too - it said, playing a significant leadership role. I’m sure there’s more to explore, (not least how interesting poet Sir John Davies is - not the John Davies of Hereford - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Davies_(poet,_born_1569)) It felt like I was being led to something. Not sure if I found it (yet!)
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