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  1. I agree, Peethagoras. What have I just waded through? RC, I dislike being so overtly blunt as I have empathy and consideration for how one’s words can affect others and like to be kind, but let’s be clear here, something needs to be said. Your repetitively long, contradictory and tangential soliloquies, some of which contain inaccurate information, are not conducive to any thriving forum. The big red flag should be that we repeatedly see people leaving the threads as they are being dominated or undermined by your interjections. I’ve certainly all but given up. Also I notice interesting people join B’Hive but very quickly we never hear from them again, or - worse still - people don’t sign up, and so we don’t get to hear their fresh insights or they feel they might quickly get buried under the weight of lengthy posts. Perhaps they feel there’s no space for them to speak and be heard? Contrary to your belief, I was the one advocating that you be allowed to remain when this came up last year, as free speech and benefit of the doubt is vital. However, the whole purpose of forums having moderators is to enforce good forum etiquette. Moving excessively long posts -(especially when they are immediately followed by yet another from the same poster), to an "off-topic" section is one fair solution. This hijacked topic of mine was History of Cryptography. It now has six pages or more of ‘word salads’ unrelated to that. Love your big heart Rob, but this ‘bromance’ should really have its own topic now.
  2. This was inspired by AP's brilliant investigation into the Friedman's refutation of there being any ciphers in Shakespeare. I started researching a few things for myself and came across some old links that have just been posted by AP in the Fraudulent Friedman's section. (BTW, I have to admit to not being too comfortable with the word "fraudulent" as we don't know what pressures may have been brought to bear on them by the US or UK Govts). This video is not the best quality. I'm still in the freebie trial phase but if you subscribe you get access to far better quality pics - but it gets the point across in a modern way via AI. My only aim in making these things is to try and get people interested in the SAQ topic who aren't already, so the truth can be unearthed - wherever that may lie. Kate I can see it is rendering as a massive screen but can't see how to shrink it, which is further adding to the problem of grainy images. I'll post it anyway. The reference to Looney in 1920 was completely independent of any knowledge that Lawrence and AP were in any 'cross-fire' with Alexander Waugh, which I have only just read in another topic up above. It's amazing the way the collective unconscious works! What made me decide to mention him? I had seen an article by a Stratfordian, talking about the impossibility of De Vere having authored Shakespeare due to many factors, not least the use of the word 'equivactors/equivocation' used in reference to the Gunpowder Plot in Shakespeare which occurred after De Vere's death! He, therefore, could not have known. invideo-ai-720 Unraveling Fabyan's Bacon-Shakespeare Th 2024-02-17.mp4
  3. Thanks for posting them up. I am pushed for time and I find that if I miss a few days and then log in here I end up spending ages catching up on all the posts and the day has gone. I will just post the short video I made about Fabyan, but I'll put it in the cipher section. Oh I see there is a link to it above. I'll still try but it may be too large for the site.
  4. So there's obviously this ongoing belief that has spread around that AP is one and the same person as narrates. Again, for anyone reading from the outside, I can categorically confirm that they are a team, and AP is a man.
  5. Mystery solved. We all know that codes and cipher may sometimes appear as acrostics, sometimes page numbers or word counts in names, text length, symbolism etc., etc., and it’s fun speculating but, for the record, seeing codes and cipher absolutely everywhere in the Shakespeare plays is not something I can get onboard with. I said I have a healthy level of scepticism. Perhaps healthy level of critical thinking would have been a better expression. It has to make sense to me why something would have been ‘encoded’. Here though, buried away 3000+ lines in, within a massive compilation of plays, I choose to think the 0000s are literally just oooos, as in ooohs and aaahs, hence the small s. I almost wish I hadn’t raised it now! Nothing against everyone else engaging in speculation. It’s interesting to read. Just want to make my personal position clear.
  6. Hi I’ve no idea if it is anything ‘encoded’ or not. I have a very healthy level of scepticism. I was just drawn to notice it by the Twitter conversation that it pointed to De Vere, (which is clearly rubbish). Re the cycles, there are only actually 3 so I think we can dismiss that (Axial tilt and orbital inclination are the same thing ie Obliquity). Who knows! It’s a mystery!
  7. Amazing analysis Yann. Re the picture it’s obviously a different version and I am not sure if the words on the picture are even on Durer’s, I’ll have to look, but here, not only are they arranged to display a TT but they sum to 22, and there’s so much other hidden symbolism in the picture. Thanks for sharing all this - and for your kind compliment. One thing I’d add is that this motto surprised me because immortality was their big thing. So I don’t know that they were ‘disturbed’ by death as much as disturbed by people’s fear of it, which gives it a whole new context. I did a quick search and came up with this, (Wiki of all places) which perhaps fits better?
  8. There's a great Acrostic Extractor in there to play around with.
  9. If anyone does ever want to delve further down this Robert Dudley Jnr path, here is the family. If Fr Bacon was Dudley’s son then he was half-uncle to the ones listed in Immediate family, including Alice.
  10. This is Amazing! (Capital A) Have a scroll right down this page and look over the entire massive site. https://www.dcode.fr/symbols-ciphers On Twitter I just saw that apparently Alex Waugh has spoken about the last line spoken by Hamlet in Hamlet. Of course they see a 1740 De Vere connection, because of 17 characters then the 4 zero’s. I think that’s really stretching something to fit, because they are counting the full stop to make 17 but then ignoring the commas and small (almost imperceptible) s (if it is one?) around the 0,0,0,0s but I have to say it does stand out as unusual. Does anyone know if the 0000s phrase appears elsewhere in Shakespeare - or anywhere else?
  11. Great link Yann - thank you. You are right!
  12. Wow. Look at this: https://www.christies.com/en/lot/lot-6245182 Near identical flourishes done here by Sir Robert Dudley Jnr also appear on the Northumberland Manuscript and he just happens to have been the self-styled Duke of Northumberland!
  13. Thanks for your responses, Yann. ❤️ Look at this from your link. Seems like we may be getting closer to those flourishes on the Holinshed and Northumberland! I circled the one that seems closest - it is obviously not the same, and the book is 1645 so way too late (plus they were probably quite common in the era) but it’s interesting. I wonder if Robert Dudley drew these maps himself?
  14. This 1916 book uploaded by FBDecipherer seems important to keep posting. https://gorhambury.org/2023/03/22/the-keys-for-deciphereing-the-greatest-work-of-sir-francis-bacon-2/#flipbook-df_8041/5/
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