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  1. Kate

    First Folio

    Fascinating! Thank you for researching this
  2. “copied them from an earlier register that no longer survives”. 🧐 Lines like that are enough to turn anyone into a conspiracy theorist! “Although dated 1564, the entry, and all other entries before September 16, 1600, are in the hand of a professional copyist who transferred them from an earlier register that no longer survives, in compliance with a 1598 regulation that parish authorities should acquire new parchment registers and copy all existing entries into it. The copyist either miscopied "Johannis" as "Johannes" or copied a mistake made by the original scribe. We may never know the exact day of Shakespeare’s birth. According to The Book of Common Prayer (1559), it was recommended that infants should be baptized on the next Sunday or holy day following their birth, to allow the greatest number of people to witness the sacrament” A small square fragment at the bottom right corner of the page was removed at some point before 1897, when Richard Savage noted it missing https://shakespearedocumented.folger.edu/resource/document/parish-register-entry-recording-william-shakespeares-baptism
  3. Kate

    First Folio

    So pondering this a little more, it’s a book on weapon handling from 1618 https://wellcomecollection.org/works/aqacg7t3/items?canvas=5 and the symbolism of the (warrior-Mars) spear shaker is clear. Can anyone read that language (German?) Does it say anything about the neckwear? John Davies also died in 1618 but in 1610 penned the famous “To our English Terence, Mr Will. Shake-speare” (so while Shakespeare was alive).https://oxfraud.com/index.php/SL-john-hereford But Babington also wearing one is pre 1586 and plotted to kill QE1. It must be worth exploring more about why Droeshout would have used this ruff. Was it just to symbolise a spear shaker and ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ or is there some other connection to uncover that might provide a link not yet explored? What was the link of John Davies to FB? The English Terence was in a Eulogy to FB wasn’t it? Who wrote that, I forget? 🕵🏻‍♀️😄 Hmm, just found a whole topic thread on The English Terence and Yann had unearthed some great info but still wondering about the ruff.
  4. Kate

    First Folio

    That’s amazing! Thank you for sharing and solving the mystery!
  5. Kate

    First Folio

    Collar of a warrior? Not sure what that is. Can you enlighten. We did discuss somewhere in the last year how the ruff is the shape of a spade which has significant occult symbolism esp in combo with Apollo’s rays. We’ve also discussed how certain words may or may not be concealed in some of the swirls on the doublet. However, completely synchronistically, I just opened Twitter and the first post I was greeted with was the Droeshout portrait and I immediately noticed something on the forehead. Now I should just say this is far more likely to be something where someone has written on a piece of paper years ago using the folio as a base and therefore a slight indentation is showing up, rather than it being anything in the engraving itself - but you never know. So I see a line of letters. Some of which appear to be rake or brake or even tarakenth or etarake??Take a look. I’ve used filters to try and define. Probably nothing. This portrait must surely must have been studied by experts using microscopes and modern technology multiple times. Rob, I love the Klingon observation!
  6. Kate

    First Folio

    Went along to a free 20 min talk on the First Folio at the Bodleian Library yesterday. They had the Malone version on display and some global translations. Took a few pics. The lecturer addressed the authorship question by saying there were unanswered queries about why this folio was the first ever to feature the author’s picture on the cover, and she compared it to Ben Jonson’s Folio which has the normal type of architectural image cover of that era. She did mention the fact the engraving had to be redone as his head appeared to be floating, but she didn’t mention FB or EdV and instead trotted out the usual lines of attributing the Folio in its entirety to a vast number of printers and people trying to ensure Shakespeare’s plays were presented in the best possible way to make it a commercial success. So in that regard it wasn’t totally his. Nothing about Rosicrucians! As far as why we should care about it. She spoke about how, for a man who was hardly eulogised after his death and for whom only one pictorial likeness of him has ever been put forth, the Folio made him the most famous playwright ever, and influenced our language etc. I think AP should get in touch and engage her in conversation 😄 Have to say that she seemed like one of those people who would listen respectfully, rather than being ‘sniffy’ about it. There’s a very strange pic on the one translation (see below).
  7. Ha! Great minds think alike. I just found this link too and already made two short videos to share. Here they are IMG_2489.MOV for these you just type in the word English. IMG_2492.MOV
  8. I’m putting this here, as well as in a thread, because it’s such a treasure. I hope everyone who visits this forum can find the time to sit and watch it. There are no direct Bacon references, (although there is a Beehive one!) but please don’t let that put you off. This will spark all sorts of explorations and treasure trails if you watch it right through. 😍 It is 1hr30mins. Joost Ritman is a Rosicrucian. I’m booking a ticket to Amsterdam! 😀
  9. I have got an absolute gem for you. Someone sent it to me. You have to watch all the way through. Touches on everything. We need to get in touch with this man, Joost Ritman- a Rosicrucian - and find his thoughts on FB and what treasures he’s got in his VAST collection. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/4LIy16Ikq9Y
  10. Oh this one is superb. It’s about the life and works of astrologer and sage, John Dee. What a great find this Embassy of the Free Mind channel is. I see Dan Brown is involved with them too. https://embassyofthefreemind.com/en/plan-your-visit https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bibliotheca_Philosophica_Hermetica
  11. OMG, this was fabulous. What a great presenter. Thanks for sharing ♥️
  12. Here’s a bit more to add to the above for you Peethagoras. The-Secret-work.com All the answers you seek are in here. The T - Tau - means mark and RC’s earlier ref to the cardinal signs alludes to the fact that the ‘mark’ the Sun makes is a T. This is because, if you stand facing South, the stem of the T points in that direction and the crossing at the top points to your left and right; East and West. The shape of Man with his arms outstretched mirrors the T. This is why crosses are such a ubiquitous religious symbol. Nothing to do with Jesus! The journey of the Sun is: rise to the East, culminate South, set West but it never travels to due North hence there are only 3 points on the T. The number three is sacred for this reason and ultimately this reason alone. Nothing to do (originally) with Father, Son and Holy Ghost. That came later. All references, as RC points out, are about Nature and universal truth. The Sun is “God”. TT has many symbolic meanings but at source the 33 is Thirty Three ( ie Two Threes) and alludes to the duality of life. Light/dark, up/down, Male/Female, AsAbove/SoBelow, Microcosm/ Macrocosm. Everything is dual. Kate PS ThirTeen (13) is sacred (amongst other reasons) due to the annual movement of the Moon.
  13. Ah, I didn’t know you were discussing this book on this thread, I’ve just been talking about it on the Monarchicke Tragedies topic. What a gift this book by Khunrath is. 🙏
  14. I used Tineye to search for the same endpieces. This above is from the previous Christian Cabala link The same ones appear in this book in German and Latin https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=uiuo.ark:/13960/t52f8c541&view=1up&seq=4 Published 1606. There’s some sort of trail to be pursued here. I just changed the link as it didn’t point to the front of the book - it does now. Here’s the first page. Familiar dolphins eh!
  15. I think this is really interesting. It’s like a symbolic way of conveying that all the secrets and information Man needs to enter ‘the Temple’ can be found in Shakespeare (by Francis Bacon and his fellows). Just follow the stair/pathway to enlightenment (Mercury).
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