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  1. Fascinating video, Eric! Thanks for sharing
  2. Yes, thank you! I only have to stay away for a few days and when I come back another huge selection has been added! They all get a ❤️ from me. Thanks for sharing, AP
  3. ? Are we talking at cross purposes, Rob? Unless he had a hand in Mary’s demise I agree he’d have very, very likely had a hand in the date of her coronation, but couldn’t have planned her accesssion of 17 Nov. Anyway here’s a pic of the two Queens together in Parliament. What do you think is going on with Elizabeth 1st’s left hand?! Saw this pic on this link https://mol.im/a/11456933
  4. Yes, I feel sure we are probably looking at something FB handled. It’s an amazing thought isn’t it! It won’t have been a date chosen by Dee though as it was the day Queen Mary 1 died. Like when QE2 died Charles immediately became King.
  5. Today is the anniversary of when Francis Bacon’s mother became Queen, 17 Nov 1558. (Francis born 1561) Here’s a Bible presented to her in 1584. Zoom in. I took the photo last week in Oxford.
  6. That’s super impressive, Yann! 👏👏
  7. This is a synchronicity. Last night I wondered why Samuel Clemens (who we all know believed Bacon to be Shakespeare) chose the name Twain. Turns out Twain means twins. As per my video (which most of you have seen, so only adding this for new readers), Twins are a sign of the Invisible College and Brotherhood. Also is Vickers by any chance related to Hugo Vickers, Royal Historian? Kate ps This is the “accepted” version.
  8. That’s a fabulous quote in here ‘of truth’. I feel compelled to tweet it!
  9. If it’s a Shakespeare Birthplace Trust event it’s hardly going to reveal what we want it to reveal ☹️
  10. This is 5-years old but just came to my attention. I have seen the very entertaining film about Oak Island featuring this guy, but not the TED talk. Obviously I prefer my video on this same subject but the Oak Island, as above, so below, twist is intriguing!
  11. Thought you might like to see these pics of QE1. All credit to LivingLondonHistory.com
  12. That is a synchronicity! Share away! I’m intrigued. You’ve shown up my ignorance here, I’ve never even heard of the Duke of Cumberland. Where did you find it?
  13. Hi Eric, It was recorded. Hopefully it’ll show up sometime K
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