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  1. We just created a new Forum under Baconian Entertainment called "Baconian Books."

    This where members who are authors can post and promote their books. If you have written a book for Baconians, please share and feel free to give your sales pitch and links, videos, or whatever you have to use. 

    If you are not an author, but have a Baconian book in mind you feel is important or has been influential for you, please share. 

    Thank you!

  2. Quote

    Thanks so much, Rob! I've been so excited about all this "buzz" about Bacon, I couldn't sleep!

    Myself as well. It's not uncommon that I wake up at night, roll over and check my email on my phone for website emergencies that is common in my techy world. But last night night waking up to see the latest activity on this forum every couple hours or so was a bit much for my wife who would give me a slight punch in the arm letting me know I was waking her up! LOL

    Imagine a year or two from now, when we may have hundreds of members all passionate about Bacon!!

    We'll have to force ourselves to get some sleep. ūüėČ



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  3. Welcome Yann!

    Funny with me, Bacon is the "subject" and the person of my passion, yet somehow I feel it has been a connection with Dee somehow that brought me into this. Hard to explain, I've had dreams where Dee has actually told me stories and offered me clues that have led to discoveries. Strange, huh?

    Hey, I'm one of the millions of people who have ditched Facebook over the years. I know most people are on it and Facebook is a part of their lives, but there are many of us who are not. Is your work available in other ways? Please share if so.


  4. Welcome Christina! I was hoping you'd join. ūüôā

    Allow me to post the URL to your website so that it is a link (just need to paste a full URLūüėě


    I'll also add your page on SirBacon.org since you are a "Featured Contributor":


    Also, thank you Christina for being an incredible proof-reader over the past few years letting me know my typos and punctuation booboos. ūüôā

    Hope we hear from you often. Please feel free to share your works and knowledge here!



  5. Great new article submitted by R.E. Kretz:

    The origins of modern freemasonry are, of course, rooted in the distant past and shrouded by the mists of time, appearing as a mystery wrapped in an enigma. In Act 2 Scene 7 of Shakespeare‚Äôs play As You Like It, Jaques says: ‚ÄúAll the world‚Äôs a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.‚ÄĚ It would seem that there is as much vigorous debate about the origins of modern freemasonry as there is about who is to be credited for Willam Shakespeare‚Äôs writings. When we peruse Shakespeare‚Äôs writings and the rubric of freemasonry, we find several of the same players involved, having their exits and entrances, and one man, Sir Francis Bacon, in his time playing many parts.

    Read more:


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  6. Welcome Ryan!!

    Your PDF was announced on the What's New page this week. You definitely put a lot research into it!


    In the intro you wrote:

    If  we  are  still  here,  the  400th  anniversary  of  Bacon’s  De  Augmentis 
    Scientiarum will probably also pass unnoticed in 2023. This book 
    introduced the first binary code; Bacon invented it whilst a teenager in 
    France, well over a century before Leibniz, who is commonly credited 
    today (e.g., at Wikipedia).2 Bacon wrote prophetically  

    Neither is it a small matter these cypher-characters have, and may perform: 
    for by this art a way is opened, whereby a man may express and signify the 
    intentions  of  his  mind,  at  any  distance  of  place,  by  objects  which  may  be 
    presented to the eye, and accommodated to the ear: provided those objects 
    be capable of a twofold difference only.

    That was indeed VERY prophetic of Bacon to say considering how the binary code has allowed today's Information Revolution which is allowing the Bacon's works and life to continue.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Jake_Roberts said:

    Hi all. I too first became interested in Bacon as a result of reading Hall's The Secret Teachings of All Ages, eventually leading me to this website, the work of Peter Dawkins and Petter Amundsen.  I've been an English teacher for nearly 30 years and as such, a fan of the Works of "Shakespeare." I have a website and podcast called "The Ghosts of Bacon," the title being a nod to Dr. Rawley's Manes Verulamiani. My first book is called The Holy Trinity Decryption: The Hidden Autobiography of Sir Francis Bacon, where I documented my discovery and decryption of a series of cipher texts encrypted within the plaque adorning the Funerary Monument of Shakespeare in Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon. I recently published a condensed and simplified book focusing specifically on the information about the Oak Island, Nova Scotia mystery, called The Oak Island Treasure Map. I am currently working on a follow-up book, also called The Ghosts of Bacon and in it, I document the traces he left behind - aliases and masks used by Bacon, the membership of the Fra. Rosi Crosse, and a shocking secret about Sir Walter Raleigh. Thanks for making me aware of this forum! I'm very excited to learn from you all and participate in the discussion.

    Welcome Jake! 

    Your podcasts contain tons of great material! 

    Podcast and Videos | The Ghosts of Bacon

    A "shocking secret about Sit Walter Raleigh"? I'm very intrigued!

    A while back when looking for the letter "J" in print during Bacon's like I came across the facsimile of History of the World (1614). The first page I looked at was page 287 as that is almost always the first page I look at in anything produced in Bacon's life. The letter "j" was the first letter on the page and I had to wonder if somehow it was there for Bacon. I wondered if Bacon was promoting the idea of using "J" as part of the future of English language. Just a thought, doubt there we'll ever know something like that. But it does seem sometimes "287" has hints of Bacon in those times. Even those first three lines on page 287 have some connection to Bacon to me.


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  8. 10 hours ago, North Cascadian said:

    Thanks to all of the Baconians who have kept this web site going strong.   I first ran across the real scope of Francis Bacon while reading first Tony Bushby's  The Bible Fraud  and then Manly Hall's  impressive Secret Teachings of all ages.   My conviction of Bacon's authorship of Shakespeare, and much else came from reading  Bacon's Essays  in particular the essay on setting up stage effects for plays.  I live in Portland, Oregon, and would love to connect with others nearby.  Carry on! 

    Welcome to the B'hive!

    It would great in the future for a few gatherings to take place. Every year near Bacon's birthday I bring up the idea of a Francis Bacon Birthday party at our favorite local English Pub and Restuarant. Every year they are excited for that to happen. ūüôā

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  9. "The fact of Francis Bacon's Parentage--the legitimate son of Queen Elizabeth and therefore the legal heir to the Throne---is indubitable, supported as it is, not only by a mass of circumstantial evidence but by such direct testimony as Leicester's letter to King Philip of Spain, which Mme Deventer von Kunow discovered among the Spanish State Archives, begging King Philip to use his influence with Queen Elizabeth to secure his public acknowledgment as Prince Consort........No one can possibly follow Mme D. von Kunow's revelations and remain unconvinced." --Williard Parker in the Foreword to Francis Bacon, Last of the Tudors

    From the Bacon's Royal Parentage page on SirBacon.org.

    What do you think? Was Bacon born to be a King only to be denied his due?

  10. I'm Rob of 007 Computer. I'm an Admin and Moderator of this forum, and also the developer who is building it for SirBacon.org. So you may consider me the Tech Support contact if you have any issues or questions. You can use the B'hive Information and Help forum to ask questions or message me from my member Profile.

    Lawrence Gerald of SirBacon.org introduced me to Francis Bacon and his mysteries in 1997 when SirBacon.org was brand new. At the first moment I knew I was introduced to something very important I did not know I was even looking for. It was as if I was already a Baconian just waiting for the introduction. In fact, I'd go as far to say I felt like I had known about Bacon for several lifetimes. Bacon was an immediate familiar face, and old friend, someone I had known forever it seemed. Knowing Bacon has totally changed my life.

    From the beginning I have participated on various levels with the growing SirBacon.org website as well. Lawrence was not my first website client back in the 1990s, but today there is no doubt he is my longest lasting website relationship at nearly 25 years and counting. Lawrence is also a great friend who has continually fed my appetite for Bacon knowledge. He has provided books by Alfred Dodd, Penn Leary, Peter Dawkins, copies of old Baconiana, and countless articles on a wide range of Bacon topics. My passion for Bacon only becomes stronger as I learn more. Thank you, Lawrence, and thank you SirBacon.org.

    I took a quick interest in Bacon ciphers, became obsessed, and have spent hundreds of hours over many years studying and seeking hidden Bacon treasures. It took me a few years to make a real discovery, but during 2001 I had a series of breakthroughs and made some important discoveries. The first major breakthrough came to me in a dream. When I awoke I tried the technique I had dreamed about and within an hour had opened up a world of clues and connections that led to my biggest find, the Sonnets Pyramid design. I'll explain design it as time goes on.

    I will also be sharing some old discoveries and new ones here in the B'hive under the Ciphers forum. 

    People ask me, "why the 007", believing I am a big James Bond fan. But no, the 007 is based on John Dee's "oo7" that some of you are familiar with. If you are not, check out this page on SirBacon.org: Francis Bacon & John Dee


    This is an exciting moment for all Baconians to begin this Forum. I am proud to be involved and will be very active here. Bacon would be proud of us as well.


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  11. Navigating the Forums is important to learn. One of the important tools to be familiar with are the Breadcrumbs. 


    By looking at the Breadcrumbs you can see where you are, and you can click the links to get back to Home or any other place listed.

    It is simple and quick, and something you should be aware of. 

    Thank you!

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