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  1. Read the new fascinating article on SirBacon.org's What's New page by A. Phoenix! "Both Bacon and Shakespeare (obviously treated separately by orthodox scholars) have very largely been presented as conservative political thinkers whereas more recently several modern scholars have finally begun to partly recognise the republican themes running through both the canons, which completely revolutionises and transforms our understanding of the first philosopher-poet of the modern world." A. Phoenix Archives - Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement of Learning - SirBacon.org
  2. by Richard Wagner "Hamlet’s “To Be or Not to Be” speech is, possibly, the last place people would expect to find a line from Masonic ritual—yet, word-for-word, there it is—hiding like an “undiscovered” treasure as countless actors throughout the centuries have unwittingly spoken the words without gleaning the full measure of their meaning or origin." Read more > A Line In Hamlet’s Speech Taken From Masonic Ritual (sirbacon.org)
  3. I always get emotional on April 9. 🙂
  4. The following was posted in another much more serious thread in the B'Hive by Light-of-Truth (me), inappropriate and totally uncalled for. Member Eric Roberts suggested an "Anti-Stratfordian Cartoon Competition" and this is it. So let's have it and have some fun. Promise there will be more to see and hopefully laugh at! .................................................................... And then there is this little known, never talked about drawing by Willy Shakspur. We have no letters or manuscripts in Willy's hand, and only a handful of real signatures, but we have this drawing of Bacon he did late in his life, 1614 I think, with one more of his signatures to add to the collection: 😉
  5. I just enabled "Signatures" for Members who wish to add a little about themselves or link to a website, book, or whatever. If you go into your "Account Settings" you will see a Signature area where you can create it. I created a quick simple one as Light-of-Truth you can see in the Forums and I will do something a little better soon. But you can see how it works. If you use an image, try to keep at about 80 px high or less to not take up too much space on the page. They can be good for your SEO and helps present who you are. They are set to show on Desktop viewing only right now, but may enable for mobile in the future.
  6. I've been working with Eric for several weeks planning and putting his gallery together for SirBacon.org and I had not seen the YouTube video. I just watched it and Eric has some updated descriptions in the gallery we put up this week: https://sirbacon.org/francis-bacons-portraits-from-life/
  7. A few replies that were here belonged in another thread and I was able to move them. To see them, check here:
  8. Rick Wagner has offered another fascinating post. Maybe one of his finest yet. Shakespeare Sonnet 55 : Francis Bacon's Ode to Hiram Abiff Well worth the read! I did not know FIFTY-FIVE adds up to 103 Simple cipher same as SHAKEAPEARE, it also is 259 Kaye as is SHAKESPEARE as well. That raises new and answers many old questions I have had over the years! Hiram Abiff is a concept I know, and countless hours with Rick on the phone he has taught me much on that theme alone. Read it, you will enjoy I am sure. 🙂
  9. by Richard Allan Wagner The word that seems to have loomed most prominently in Francis Bacon’s mind was the 27 letter Latin word honorificabilitudinitatibus (Act 5, Scene 1 of Love’s Labor’s Lost). Although the word had been toyed with by many of Bacon’s predecessors, it was destined to be his magical word—his, and his alone. We can see evidence of his tinkering with roots of the word in his Promus: honoris, honores, honorem, honorificabo, and in his parchment folder (now known as the Northumberland Manuscript) we see honorificabilitudini. Why was Bacon so drawn to the word? What special properties did it possess? Read more… https://sirbacon.org/honorificabilitudinitatibus-bacons-magical-word/
  10. How would you like the page to be named? 🙂 It will be done. (Private message Lawrence or I)
  11. B'hive was something exciting for we at SirBacon.org. There is such a need for a place for Baconians. Our initial impression is we are very surprised at the activity! We figured it would be a slow start, then grow. That is typical in the world of new online communities, at least when there is not a ton of money pushing ads and promotions. Yet, in just two weeks, for the regulars it is already a lot to see the latest activity! Plus, we have some of the highest quality Baconian participants in the world reading and posting. There are a few who have joined and not posted yet, but obviously reading now and then. I won't mention their names, but when ready we hope they will jump in. 😉 Our stats show nearly 250 visitors reading about 3,000 posts and replies so far since this started. The time spent on the forums is well over 5,000 hours, and that is just the main Forum home page. Some of us have spent a few hours every day when awake checking for the latest replies. I am guilty more than anybody I am sure! Some thoughts... Everything we share, post, reply to, is here forever. Years from now a new visitor may search or read a post we make today. Google, our valuable modern day Baconian "Chariot", is indexing and promoting every word. We who are here at the beginning are setting the stage for the future. 2022 is now, but as this grows, figuring countless years ahead, Sir Francis Bacon might be sitting in his home over 400 years ago feeling a vibe and energy from us inspiring him to claim his legacy for future times knowing we and his Biliteral cipher will somehow set off an explosion of Knowledge about him and everything else. Imagine Bacon with a PC and the internet of today! Thank you for joining, thank you for reading, and please share and join if you have not, and participate. Anyone may leave their permanent mark on the Bacon story here. You may have only one thought regarding Bacon, you can leave it here for the future. This is only a half a moon cycle in since we launched, just the very Birth of a movement!!! 🙂
  12. Here's a link to all of Jono's videos on SirBacon.org. Jono Freeman – Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement of Learning – SirBacon.org Truly fun and powerful!
  13. When Lawrence and I discussed a Baconian forum, there was a purpose. Baconians are all over the place, different ideas, we share some concepts, disagree on others. It's hard to say what the common ground is. Plenty of us, but spread out, no cohesive community. Admiring Bacon's mind is one thing we agree on, his works another. Did Bacon write Shakespeare? Not all agree. Was Bacon born a Prince? Not all agree. Was Bacon brilliant, changed the direction of Western civilization? We all agree? Maybe not even on that. Yet a vast amount of research and well documented work has been done in the name of leaving Bacon's legacy for the future ages. And continues today. In the meantime, Bacon-haters pump out lies and false information, often backed by very fat budgets and selfish agendas trying to hide the Truth about Bacon and his life, whatever it is. When I started it was "Avon" that was the money-making entity to overcome. Now it appears to be a crazy rich Hollywood clique who wants the Oxy laughing gas limelight. (Sorry...) So here we are, a brand new Baconian forum hoping Baconians from all thoughts contribute. The dream is we all stay open minded, learn from each other, love each other, and ultimately offer to the internet and the future of humanity what we know collectively. Or at least what we believe. We've never had a place we can all share our thoughts and research without being attacked by the vicious Strat and Oxie wolves who have skilled experience in scaring and intimidating we Baconians who have no community to support us. Lawrence and I will ban offenders, so we are free to talk about Baconian things. Believe that, it is rule number ONE. That said, among us, as much as we agree and disagree, let's have it. Make a claim, back it up. Dispute a claim, back it up. This is about discussion, and it needs to be free for us. We may argue among ourselves, agree and disagree, maybe when productive come to agreeing ideas after discussion. Come to an answer! Make sense? We are at the beginning of something that is needed, and hopefully none of us feels we cannot say what we think. Whatever we say may be challenged or questioned, which is expected. Sometimes we may hit the mark and have applause. The goal is the give Bacon his due, on whatever level is his. Long overdue for sure. This IS the place. 🙂
  14. Welcome to your second home Forums! You may consider us your second family if you wish! Lawrence and I have been honored and thrilled to promote your work. We've had several conversations regarding the quality and importance of what you are doing. If you ever need anything, let us know. We all look forward to your contributions. 🙂
  15. Hi Kate! This is definitely the favorite image of Bacon for many of us. The artist was Paul van Somer sometime near 1618 I think. If my wife would allow, I'd have a full-sized framed canvas print in my home. But, you know, one Baconian at a time in a house is already pushing the boundaries. LOL That said, as a photographer, graphic designer, artist, web developer, etc., copyright is a serious topic. A painting painted in 1618 is not under any copyright laws. However, modern replications might be. This image is everywhere on the web in various qualities and image sizes, definitely on SirBacon.org for many years, so likely no risk of a lawsuit or any penalties. Today's copyright law, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is no joke. It is very real and is to protect anyone who produces digital media today. That can be images, verbiage, and everything one may put out there. One does not even need a copyright notice, you create it and put it online, it is yours by law. You as an author, if someone was to use your words, and image from you book, or whatever, and put into a web page or use in a paper, you would want credit. Ideally you would want permission first. But it seems these days even getting credit is more than most ever get. When I was in college, copyright was nailed into us over and over. But so many people are producing content now without any education or any thought whose intellectual property they are stealing. Sometimes the thieves may be making profit on stolen content when the creator is not making a dime. I used to chase down and demand my images and content be removed, then contact Google/Bing/Yahoo to remove the property if they ignored which was the norm. Now I only do that with high-res photos or something that was paid for by a paying client who totally owns it. So, to be safe, an image like this when they come up, give credit if you can. Where did it come from? Give credit. Is there a link? Offer it. We, including myself, can be guilty of using a quick screen capture or copying/pasting text from a website, especially when passionately writing a reply to a post on a forum or an social media. But as professional, with Bacon's integrity, we should try our best to give credit where it is due. I'm planning to use an image that is all over the web, but the one I will use is on Peter Dawkins website. So I'll link to his essay on his page and give credit. Even though an image created in the 1600's, he gets an SEO valuable link to his website, anyone who wants to know more will check out his website, and maybe he'll sell a book or two from a link in my post. That is how things how should be. That said, please share anything and everything we want to see, and when possible, provide a link or give proper credit to the owner of the image, content, whatever. Thank you for sharing! It is a beautiful painting of Bacon. I believe there are articles about the symbolism in the painting as well. 😉
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