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  1. That you, or anyone in fact, actually reads what is on the site makes all the work worthwhile. I am usually overwhelmed with what I need to do balancing with what I want to do. Either way there is not enough hours in the day, or days in a year. And as we get older we realize there are not enough years in a lifetime. Bacon knew that last idea, and somehow made sure he and his works would be Eternal. 😉
  2. FYI, almost daily another link goes away on SirBacon.org. That's the tragedy of the internet. Websites come and go, people become excited and produce content, then lose interest or die. Even since the B'Hive launched we see links disappearing way too often. As the SirBacon "web guy", it's good for me to know about bad links. Do I have time to fix them? SirBacon.org has thousands of pages since 1997 and even more links on these pages, certainly over 100K links. I would venture a guess that thousands of links are no longer any good. That is a not a good thing at all and hurts our web reputation. Google actually will penalize us for bad links. But it would take a team of volunteers to seek out and research links that work to replace the bad ones, and then the fixes would take countless hours to fix by actual developers. Just this year Lawrence and I have spent so many hours trying to clean up the biblio or other pages. It's putting out fires, like a "Whack a Mole" game. Anyone out there rich like the Oxies who will pay for Bacon's Truth? I'd volunteer my time to lead a team, but I have to scramble to pay my bills from paying clients every month barely getting by. Lawrence busts his behind doing photography and video to pay his bills. We do not have the money of the Strats or Oxfarts. Truth is we are as Bacon was in his lifetime, striving to build a perfect utopia on a slim budget with debtors on his heals. He spent way too much asking for financial help. Bacon/Shakespeare, worrying about his bills when he was the voice of the modern English language? And the rightful heir to the Tudor Crown? Christie, if we had a million dollars, you are my first choice to find and discover the I can't even imagine how many typos on SirBacon.org that we would fix with resources to do so! 😉 This specific forum is moderated, so if there are any replies either Lawrence or myself needs to approve them. 🙂
  3. Celebrate SirBacon.org turning 25 with us in October 2022 Deadline: Midnight October 12, 2022. Purpose: To collect memories, antidotes, or other thoughts from Baconians on how Sir Francis Bacon or SirBacon.org has impacted or influenced you. Your thoughts may be personal, professional, spiritual, none of the above or all of the above. Graphics can be included. If you are a Baconian, as I am, and Sir Francis Bacon and SirBacon.org has meaning or is important for you, please contribute a sentence or two, an essay, or more if you wish. Graphics and artwork will be accepted as well. We’ll try to put something nice together for us all to enjoy. Send contributions to 25years@SirBacon.org For ideas you can view submissions and read the full essays from 2004: A Selection of Contributors answer the Question: "What does Francis Bacon Mean To You?" Please pass on this information to Baconians and fans of SirBacon.org. Thank you! Rob at 007
  4. Ryan: When I read the Sonnets, and sometimes the First Folio, I feel Bacon's pain deeply. I feel like I know the story of his life, and I cannot imagine the agony Sir Francis Bacon lived. Over 20 years I have glanced at artist Bacon's art. I thought, "disturbing," mostly. "Twisted". I like it, enjoy looking at. I'm not scared at all! For those who study Shakespeare and attend plays, you see the actors playing the parts I only read in pieces. But maybe artist Francis Bacon is offering a peek behind the veil to get a visual of how our hero actually felt at times. We have the tragedies; Bacon's life is right there in Light. Artist Bacon does seem to catch an impression.
  5. Thanks for joining Michael! Welcome to the B'Hive!! 🙂
  6. Welcome to B'Hive! You arrive with many fans of your past work over so many years! Thanks for joining. 🙂
  7. First thing to remind everyone are the rules of the B'Hive forum: For the first time since we launched this dynamic and exciting forum 6 months ago, we had to remove an entire thread. The initial post was an eye opener, and it was allowed, and the dialog was great with solid references and links to more information by we who were brave enough to speak up at first. A few seasoned members let it alone, with wisdom, but a few others with valid knowledge and real experience were willing to banter hoping to open minds and provide a valid discussion where others might land here and find what they were looking for. Everybody involved are highly respected members of this online community. Yet, the dialog ventured away from our goal as a Baconian forum and it was obvious some members and visitors were feeling offended, the professionalism and objectivity of the discussion was raising concerns with several viewers. It was hard for some members to not feel they were being attacked on a very serious level, without any provocation. Ultimately as multiple complaints were being made, we took action. Sad that we got to that point, but it has always been expected. And it will happen again. We hope all members involved will still be active and eager participants and contributors to this forum, but we do need to maintain respect and objectivity here on all matters. Politics, Religion, Conspiracy Theories, etc., are sensitive areas. Baconians come from a world-wide range of ideas and even in small sections it is rare that two Baconians will agree on everything. In fact, that is unlikely. And that is something that has held we Baconians back for decades when trying to stand up to Strats who have a single focused claim (Willy Shakie), and Oxies who appears to be a "club" of Loonies making up a reality for their Oxen (gassy) guy. We Baconians do not need to agree on everything, but keeping the dialog on-topic about Bacon and respectful to anyone who reads the forum is KEY. We can and will disagree, and we should discuss ideas when we do. But as true Baconians, we need to listen and learn, with RESPECT at all times, or at least as much as possible. Thank you to those who spoke up to Flag content and contact us with concerns. We are a community, and appreciate that. Yet we are and have been very open to a vast scope of ideas and will always be. As long as nobody feels there are being attacked for what they believe.
  8. Welcome gnusmas87! If you need anything, let us know. If you want to make an intro, please do so! https://sirbacon.org/bacon-forum/index.php?/forum/18-bhive-member-introductions/ It is not required at all, but some of us share who we are. You have found a Gold nugget!! 🙂
  9. Read the new fascinating article on SirBacon.org's What's New page by A. Phoenix! "Both Bacon and Shakespeare (obviously treated separately by orthodox scholars) have very largely been presented as conservative political thinkers whereas more recently several modern scholars have finally begun to partly recognise the republican themes running through both the canons, which completely revolutionises and transforms our understanding of the first philosopher-poet of the modern world." A. Phoenix Archives - Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement of Learning - SirBacon.org
  10. by Richard Wagner "Hamlet’s “To Be or Not to Be” speech is, possibly, the last place people would expect to find a line from Masonic ritual—yet, word-for-word, there it is—hiding like an “undiscovered” treasure as countless actors throughout the centuries have unwittingly spoken the words without gleaning the full measure of their meaning or origin." Read more > A Line In Hamlet’s Speech Taken From Masonic Ritual (sirbacon.org)
  11. I always get emotional on April 9. 🙂
  12. The following was posted in another much more serious thread in the B'Hive by Light-of-Truth (me), inappropriate and totally uncalled for. Member Eric Roberts suggested an "Anti-Stratfordian Cartoon Competition" and this is it. So let's have it and have some fun. Promise there will be more to see and hopefully laugh at! .................................................................... And then there is this little known, never talked about drawing by Willy Shakspur. We have no letters or manuscripts in Willy's hand, and only a handful of real signatures, but we have this drawing of Bacon he did late in his life, 1614 I think, with one more of his signatures to add to the collection: 😉
  13. I just enabled "Signatures" for Members who wish to add a little about themselves or link to a website, book, or whatever. If you go into your "Account Settings" you will see a Signature area where you can create it. I created a quick simple one as Light-of-Truth you can see in the Forums and I will do something a little better soon. But you can see how it works. If you use an image, try to keep at about 80 px high or less to not take up too much space on the page. They can be good for your SEO and helps present who you are. They are set to show on Desktop viewing only right now, but may enable for mobile in the future.
  14. I've been working with Eric for several weeks planning and putting his gallery together for SirBacon.org and I had not seen the YouTube video. I just watched it and Eric has some updated descriptions in the gallery we put up this week: https://sirbacon.org/francis-bacons-portraits-from-life/
  15. A few replies that were here belonged in another thread and I was able to move them. To see them, check here:
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