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  1. does she prefer a man who can cook (and bake, i used to work in a Bakery)

  2. we would enjoy coffee in bed served to us every morning
  3. https://gorhambury.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/ShakespearesWords.com_.pdf she will never be mine
  4. There is no earthly Award i could hope for, but to sleep in her womanly gracile arms every night
  5. Please see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luddite Is she Married?
  6. I've haven't been open and honest until now, but I detest all forms of Social Media except for this website.
  7. As mentioned, the Bank permanently burns their official corporate name onto the clear lacquered wood (probably Maple) of their complementary 18-inch Rulers here, a sly covert advertising campaign...which could have residual value stretching into Decades. But I often wonder, what else do they use that Corporate branding iron of theirs on? The employees?
  8. Please see my Experiment One, which offers extensive historical background and provides demonstration/proof using the Python computer language.
  9. She is our muse Athena, and only briefly once did she doff her magical military Helmet of Invisibility: the pre-publication of the new issue of Baconiana arrived, which she single-handedly brought back to life after several years of it being silent and derelict. It took a Woman to re-birth it. For a brief while a picture of her appeared there, same as all the other Authors, along with their known-to-the-world "Exoteric" names. I intentionally have forgotten hers, blanked it out of my mind, except that I remember her exoteric 'given' name is S___. Then, apparently, they-all came to their senses and censored all the Author Info for all the authors. But she told us already what her true, Spiritual name is: she is A Phoenix. That's all I know about it.
  10. Of very special interest in my research of the Word Cipher I have looking high and low for an article from 1981 from the Detroit Journal, I looked for anything about the discoverer of the Word Cipher, Dr. Orville Owen, and had a surprising discovery of an article about the technology startup he was at the center of, a propulsion system for Flying Machines! [Wright Bros. : De. 1903] So the fundamental idea can from Fra Bacon again?
  11. apparently "Positioned" on Earth close to the Orville Owens document in Gardiner, MT where it is unlawfully kept by The Church Universal and Triumphant, which disallows access to researchers.
  12. Why? 1. Introduce the Python-on-Colab library of 50+ routines for studying anomalous Word Clusters in the text of the First Folio. 2. Present to the public the Data Portal for viewing and downloading the results of this Experiment. https://gorhambury.org/public/experiments/experiment-seventeen/
  13. I'm the only member of the team, now stationed in the desolate badlands of Wyoming, USA. The landing page of my website provides a concise overview of the project: https://gorhambury.org/ "Our" Experiment One is about our approach to the Biliteral Cipher: https://gorhambury.org/public/experiments/experiment-one/ This forum is my first choice of places to present interim results. There is a massive dump of Python computer code imminent...who are you?
  14. I made a new Exhibit on my website for the Sephiroth Word Occurrence Analysis: https://gorhambury.org/public/exhibits/sephiroth/
  15. Petter Amundsen had so much to say about the five occurrences of "Mercy" in the first folio spanning two pages -- it's the key to locating the entry point to the treasure under Oak Island. Who here can note where he demonstrated that, you draw a circle over you photocopy of the two pages. I would like to recreate that.
  16. Ths same site allows auto-fitting your word cloud into any silhouette of your choice. Have fun with it!
  17. View finished prototype at https://wordart.com/mshoaooncg04/sephiroth, above is just a large thumbnail image
  18. Or else you could make a visually pleasing Word Cloud which hosts links to the preferred reference page, shakespeareswords.com. Three of the Sephiroth words were among my Shakespeare Nightmare Words already: Crown, Justice and Beauty, which made it easy to post a partial cloud: https://wordart.com/mshoaooncg04/sephiroth If you want to fill in the rest (see .csv file actually in use) I can provide you with guidance. First you would set up a free account at wordart.com. Then you would use the research aid you had created and infer what the keyword occurrance pattern is, by which you would discern the Embedded Message, which in turn will tell us what Fra Bacon was trying to say to us all along (to everyone's astonishment) Sephiroth.csv
  19. The first column appears to my intuition as red-hot candidates. So a useful Web service for you would be to be able to upload them in a spreadsheet file and have a html page returned to you. I will put this on my to-do list, Thanx.
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