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  1. View this video by A. Phoenix that illustrates the presence of Baconian ciphers on the title page of the 1623 Shakespeare First Folio cryptographically confirming that Francis Bacon is Shakespeare. https://sirbacon.org/folio-ciphers/
  2. The 4 idols is a very popular area of SirBacon.org with colleges and universities around the world referring to them in their courses. Here are two of our most visited pages on the 4 Idols: The Four Idols of Francis Bacon & The New Instrument of Knowledge The Four Idols of Sir Francis Bacon by Ben Chambers and Zeb Dahl Bacon's 4 idols are: Idols of the Tribe Idols of the Cave Idols of the Marketplace Idols of the Theater Do any of these have special meaning to you?
  3. A great starting resource and a popular page on SirBacon.org is the "Evidence" page: Baconian Evidence for Shakespeare Authorship The page has a list of evidence and several important links to more information. This page can be updated. Please feel free to offer a suggestion of what may be added. Together we can build a supreme Baconian Authorship introduction for people who are just beginning to ask the question about who wrote Shakespeare.
  4. This is a forum for Baconians, by Baconians, to discuss the vast range of topics about and related to Francis Bacon. This is NOT a public forum to debate Shakespeare Authorship with proponents of candidates besides Francis Bacon as there are other venues for that to take place. Only Members may create a new post or reply to current threads. All posts and replies will be moderated to ensure an appropriate and respectful environment for discussions. Everyone is invited to read the posts and replies, anyone may join to become a Member. We will absolutely NOT tolerate trolls, spammers, disrespectful comments, or any Member who does not follow our rules. Moderators reserve the right to hide or delete comments or posts that violate our policies. A warning may be made to the offending Member, or in some cases the offending Member may be immediately banned and all their content deleted. Topics and replies must stay On-Topic. Posts created that are not related to Francis Bacon or his works will not be approved, and any replies that are not appropriate or related to the approved discussion will be removed. Members may post topics that are questions, theories, concepts, ideas, discoveries, and anything related to Francis Bacon. Please try to keep posts in the proper Forum category. A Moderator or Admin may move a post to another category if deemed appropriate. Disagreements, debates of an idea, and arguments among Baconians is allowed as long as they stay respectful. No two Baconians agree on everything, and we offer this forum for dynamic discussions to take place. Non-Baconians, Baconians-to-be, and Bacon-curious may post and reply as long rules and policies are followed. Education and enlightenment is encouraged, open minds are invited. Rules may be modified and new rules may be added as the community grows. Please check back and read this post again as time moves forward. Thank you and enjoy the discussions.
  5. Our "Official" Launch date for this Forum is February 3, 2022. This is a brand new Forum for Baconians, and it will take a while for activity to grow. Please join and be a part of the beginning and check back often for new content. Participate freely, enjoy the discussions, and help us honor Sir Francis Bacon and his accomplishments. Bacon left his name "to mens' charitable speeches, and to foreign nations, and the next ages." Well, here we are and that is all of us to carry out his work and announce the truth about who he was and the valuable treasures he has left the world. It is free to Join and become a Member. In time we will offer optional paid membership levels with more features and larger upload limits, etc. But the free membership level will always be allowed to create posts and reply to discussions. In this forum category you may ask questions about the Forum, how to do certain things, make suggestions, offer tips, request support if you have problems and so on. Make sure your read and follow the Rules and Policies. This is the first post that Members can reply to. Enjoy!
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