Law Sports at Gray's Inn
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Including Shakespeare's connection
with the Inn's of Court, the origin
of the Capias Utlegatum re Coke
and Bacon, Francis Bacon's
connection with Warwickshire,
together with a reprint of the
Gesta Grayorum

By Basil Brown

Author " Notes"on Elizabethen Poets,"
" Supposed Caricature of the Droeshout
Portrait of Shakespeare," etc.


Copyright 1921
By Basil Brown

Privately Printed by the Author

To Gray's Inn

"Old Purpulii Britain's Ornament"
the Author Dedicates this humble offering



Shakespeare's Connection With the Inns of Court

Shakespeare's Plays Controlled by Bacon's Friends

Why Queen Elizabeth Neglected Bacon-That Capias Utlegatum

Origin of "Capias Utlegatum" Insult Offered to Bacon by Queen
Elizabeth's Attorney-General, Sir Edward Coke

Francis Bacon's Connection With Warwickshire and the Forest
of Arden

Bacon's Connection With the Burbage's

Sir John Fastolf and The Bacon Family

You Would Pluck Out the Heart of My Mystery

Shakespeare's Lodgings in Silver Street

Bacon's Warwickshire Kinsmen and the Underhill's

Was Anne Cecil the Prototype of Helena in "All's Well"

Appendix A
History of the Manor and Ancient Barony of Castle Combe.
Re Sir John Fastolf's Ward

Appendix B
Edmund Tilney, Master of the Revels

Appendix C
List of Lands Owned by the Cooke's, Lords of Hartshill

Reprint of the
Gesta Grayorum
(printed 1688) - Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement of Learning