Systema Integrum Cryptographiae Authore Gustavo Seleno.


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Book 1
CHAPTER THE FIRST. - Containing a General Introduction, wherein is treated the Origin and Value of this Art, together with the Earliest Writers on the Subject; as well as the Present Author’s Plan.
CHAPTER THE SECOND. - Containing a Definition of the Term Cryptography, and the Explanation of the same.
CHAPTER THE THIRD. - Treating of the Subjects cognate to Cryptography and the Place of Cryptography among them.
CHAPTER THE FOURTH. - On the Distribution of the following Treatise.
Book 2
CHAPTER ONE. - Which touches on the Modes of Cryptology properly called.
CHAPTER THE SECOND. - Which touches on Cryptography proper and treats of its Fundamental Principles.
CHAPTER THE THIRD. - On Hidden Writing by Position of Letters.
CHAPTER THE FOURTH. - Treating of the Disarrangement of Order, and the Modes depending thereon.
CHAPTER THE FIFTH. - On Inverted Writing, in general and in particular.
CHAPTER THE SIXTH. - On Direct Ordinary Strewing of Letters, Saliently accomplished.
CHAPTER THE SEVENTH. - On Direct Ordinary Scattering of Letters, of the second and third kinds; also on Oblique Scattering and Inverted Scattering.
CHAPTER THE EIGHTH. - On Arbitrary Strewing of Letters, or Strewing by the Use of a Key.
CHAPTER THE NINTH. - On Artificial Transference or Strewing of Letters, or Transference by the Mediation of a Table.
CHAPTER THE TENTH. - On the Superinduction of Non-significant Letters by the Preparation of Real, False and Mixed Speech.
Book 3
CHAPTER THE FIRST. - Containing a General Introduction to Trithemius’s Steganographia.
CHAPTER THE SECOND. - On the Steganographic Process in general, its three more general Modes, together with their Subdivisions.
CHAPTER THE THIRD. - On Simple Preparation of Words, all Consignificant, or the First Mode, called Pamersiel.
CHAPTER THE FOURTH. - On Simple Preparation of words, one Consignificant and one Non-significant alternately used, or Modes Camuel and Padiel.
CHAPTER THE FIFTH. - On Simple Preparation of Words, one Non-significant and several Consignificant, or Mode Aseliel.
CHAPTER THE SEVENTH. - On Preparation of Words, Specially Modified by a kind of Deviation thereof, or Modes Barmiel, Asiriel, Malgaras, Usiel, Raysiel and Symiel.


Book 4
(Wherein is provided a further Outline of the Steganographia Modes And a Plan of the Polygraphia ModesTable containing a Synopsis of this Book.)
Chapter One. - On Preparation of Words, as yet generically considered.
Chapter Two. - On Preparation of Real Words. Both the Simpler Preparation and Altered or Newly-Qualified Preparation.
Chapter Three. - On Preparation of Words such as is clothed in Real Discourse, considered with reference to the Initial letter.
Chapter Four. - On the same Preparation, Considered with reference to the Last Letter.
Chapter Five. - On the same Preparation, Considered with reference to Indeterminate Letters of the Word.
Chapter Six. - On arbitrary Preparation accomplished by means of a Key; also on Fortuitous Preparation accomplished by means of an Instrument.
Chapter Seven. - On Preparation of Fictitious Words and Discourse.
Chapter Eight. - Wherein is contained an Estimate and a Defence of the Term Polygraphy and of the name of him who originated the same.
Chapter Nine. - On Preparation of Words Artificially constructed.
Chapter Ten. - On seeking a Cloak for this Mode.
Book 5
Book 6
Book 7
Book 8
Book 9 - Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement of Learning