presents: Manes Verulamiani (Shades of Verulam)

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Showing contemporary opinion of Francis Bacon as Author,
Statesman, Upright Judge, Philosopher and POET

Manes Verulamiani

(Shades of Verulam)

32 Elegies written on the Death of Francis Bacon by his
Colleagues of Cambridge and Oxford. 1626

Published in Latin by Bacon’s Chaplain, William Rawley 1626

Transcribed into English Verse 1927 by Willard Parker,
President, Bacon Society of America

* Electronically typed and edited by Juan Schoch (
for educational research purposes.
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119 E. 19th St., New York City
Price 50 cents

Reprinted from American Baconiana No. 5, November 1927
Copyright 1927 by Willard Parker

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