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Francis Bacon Statue at Gray's Inn



Shakespeare Play:

The Mysteries 

The Tempest


Two Gentlemen of Verona

Fallen Angels

Measure for Measure

The Academy

Love's Labour's Lost

Ancient Cosmology

Midsummer Night's Dream


Merchant of Venice


Taming of The Shrew


The Winters Tale

Ancient Custom

Titus Andronicus

Astrology & Alchemy

Romeo and Juliet

Witchcraft & Superstition 





King Lear


Antony and Cleopatra



The Golden Age

As You Like It

The Philosophical Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing


Twelfth Night

Orphic Allegory

Comedy of Errors

T he Holy Grail

All's Well That Ends Well

Dianic Cultian

Merry Wives of Windsor

The Dying God

Julius Caesar


Book : The Secret of the Shakespeare Plays






Plus Ultra :
Francis Bacon's Secret Design in his "Shakespeare" First Folio








The Tempest - Francis Bacon's Miracle of Art

Mining Bacon

Francis Bacon's Formula of Interpretation

 Francis Bacon and The 1753 Leland Manuscript

End Game : The Final Denouncement Bacon 101-7


The Masonic First Folio

Francis Bacon's Secret Doctrine in 'Shakespeare's' Julius Caesar


Book Review : Who Wrote Don Quixote?


Francis Bacon and The King James Bible


A New Discovery : Muses Welcome


A New Light on The New Atlantis

Wisdom of the Ancients : Appendix to the Troilus & Cressida Puzzle

The Troilus and Cressida Puzzle and the Design of The First Folio

Part II
Part III
Part IV

Reflections on The Story of The Learned Pig

What does Francis Bacon Mean To Me?

Was Francis Bacon a Masked Musician?


Compeers By Night Part I
Compeers By Night Part II : Francis Bacon and the Secret of the Rosicrucians
Compeers By Night Part III

Part I. FrAncis BAcon & the Secret of the Ornamental Devices 

Part II.

Part III.



Bacon 101-1. Metaphor, Allegory & Allusion
Bacon 101-2.
Bacon & The Art of Discovery


Bacon 101-3. The Deep End of the Ocean
Bacon 101-4. Mapping a Miracle


Bacon 101-5. The Tempest : Finding Bacon's Discovery Device
Bacon 101-6.
The Tempest as a Chess Game

Essays on Don Quixote

PART  ONE : The "Madness" of Don Quixote Eyed Awry

PART TWO : Carrying Coal to Newcastle : Second Takes & Hidden Allusions in Don Quixote


Book Review : Kingdom for a Stage

Mark Twain : The Greatest Baconian

What evidence points to Bacon as the author of the Shakespeare Plays

The Stratfordian and Baconian Theories : In the Light of Science

Resurrecting Marley (Christopher Marlowe)

Deja Vu All Over Again : Resurrecting Marley : Take Two

Edmund Spenser : The Man On the Stair

The Secrets of the First Folio

The Authorship Question and Beyond

Shakespeare's Other Side of Midnight

The Fifth Idol

World Enough in Time: The Two Faces of the Tempest

36 Plays a Synopsis

The Evidence of Bacon's Mind in Shakespeare

Messages from The Man in The Moon

Francis Bacon and the Paranormal Part I

Francis Bacon and the Paranormal Part II

Book Review : Hostage to Fortune

Book Review : The Bacon-Shakespeare Question by Nigel Cockburn

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