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Chronology related to Francis Bacon's life.

Bacon's personal notebook The Promus is one of the most important pieces of evidence linking Bacon as Shakespeare.

Manes Verulamiani ("Shades of Verulam") consists of 32 eulogies written by his peers honoring Francis Bacon as a "supreme poet & dramatist." Published in 1626.

The Shakespeare Sonnets Unmasked

The Man Who Made Shakespeare & Stratford Famous

Edward Johnson's The Shakespeare Quiz, or 99 Questions for the Stratfordians to Answer.

The Shakespeare-Bacon essays of Mather Walker

Insight into Timon of Athens

A Bond for All the Ages: Sir Francis Bacon and John Dee,the Original 007

The Northumberland manuscript is the only Elizabethan document containing the names of both Bacon and Shakespeare. By far the most interesting Shakespearean document ever unearthed.

The Prince of Purple and the Ten Links

The Study: Francis Bacon and the "Stages" of his Life

A 1904 animated cartoon of Max Beerbohm entitled "Shakespeare, his Method of Work."

A letter by Mark Twain discussing his research on the authorship of Shakespeare.

Mark Twain's book Is Shakespeare Dead?

Hollywood on Shakespeare and Bacon

A song called "Destiny" (about Francis Bacon) by Maryellen McCabe

Listen to a Rap Song on Shakespeare

The Four Idols of Francis Bacon by Manly P. Hall

Francis Bacon's visionary essay The New Atlantis

How to become a member of the Francis Bacon Society

Jean Houston On-Line: Dromenon Web Ring

A Bacon Web Ring

Short biography of Peter Dawkins, author of Francis Bacon: The Herald of the New Age and other works.

Francis Bacon and Gray's Inn.

The Astrology Charts of Queen Elizabeth I and Francis Bacon

"Plus Ultra"

A view of Twickenham Park where Bacon lived and wrote some of his great works.

Gorhambury, the Bacon family, and the eight Shakespeare Quartos.

The Gorhambury Theatre of Masques

Francis Bacon's tomb.

Alfred Dodd's Biography of Bacon.

Numerological Cypher Chart by Alfred Dodd

How Bacon left his mark at the end of The Tempest

William Herbert, the Mysterious W.H.?

Karl Hollenbach's book Francis Rosicross.

Ben Jonson and Francis Bacon.

The title page of Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queen.

The title page of Henry VII

Article on a manuscript in Bacon's handwriting of a scene similar to one in Henry IV.

Quotes of Francis Bacon

Quotes about Francis Bacon

Find out about the Cypher on the Shakespeare statue in Westminster Abbey.

The Secret Bard

Francis Bacon and the King James Bible from Baconiana.

10 Questions for Baconians

Discussion of the Elizabethan mural(Venus & Adonis) of St. Alban's by T. D. Bokenham.

Francis Carr on the 1986 Discovery of the St. Alban's mural

Point-Counter Point: A Debate with a Stratfordian

A Transcript from a British Radio Show concerning the Authorship Issue

Francis Carr on Cervantes, England & Don Quixote

Francis Carr on the legal links between Don Quixote and Shakespeare.

Dr. R. Langdon-Down's article on Shelton's Don Quixote from Baconiana.

More on the mystery of Don Quixote Authorship

Francis Carr's table showing similarities between Don Quixote and the works of Shakespeare and Bacon.

Deborah Belle Forman's review of Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum.

Amusements Gallery I

Amusements Gallery II

Amusements Gallery III

Amusements Gallery IV

Amusements Gallery V

Amusements Gallery VI

Amusements Gallery VII

Amusements Gallery VIII

A 1916 New York Times article on a judicial decision that Francis Bacon was the true author of the "Shakespeare" plays.

A new website with special reference of the publication of Gustavus Selenus' "Cryptomenytices et Cryptographia", portions of which are already made available to the public. The primary purpose of this site is to provide the world with working copies of every book by Bacon, or attributed to Bacon. For those interested you can join the email group which will focus on cryptography in Baconian works.

Virginia Fellows on Bacon & Shakespeare Cyphers

An Authorship Analysis:Francis Bacon as Shakespeare

Penn Leary's Website is an Excellent Overview on Cyphers and Cryptography in Shakespeare

Astrology & Shakespeare

Mystical World Wide Web

To e-mail someone a Shakespeare sonnet

Aldous Huxley on Shakespeare

Shakespeare Portrait with Bacon Portrait Superimposed

Spearshakers of the Globe

Morphing at the Globe Theater. These four Elizabethians have a hidden connection: Francis Bacon, "Shakespeare," Queen Elizabeth and Cervantes. See an animation of them morphing together. Click here to see a version that will fit on smaller screens.